The Office of Disaster Management (ODM) wishes to advise Residents and Mariners that the execution of precautionary measures should by now be completed or nearing completion as a tropical weather system approaches.

The approaching tropical system continues to show signs of development and should begin to affect Dominica Tuesday night into Thursday.

THE ODM is advising the public that whether or not Dominica is placed under a storm watch or warning, the expected heavy rainfall and strong winds could present a life-threatening situation.

The public is, therefore, being advised to pay strong attention to the hazards of flooding and strong winds that could also induce landslides and rock falls.

Continue to monitor the weather into tomorrow and onto Thursday:

•Take all necessary precautions to protect life and property from possible flooding and strong winds.
•All must pay attention particularly to unsafe areas. If you think you live close to, on or below slopes, waterways like rivers and ravines or in areas where you can be affected by falling boulders and stones, you should be ready for quick action or plan to move. Know where the shelter for your community is located and the safest route to get to the shelter.
•Fisher folks should particularly take note and seek to secure all boats and fishing gear by this evening. Small crafts should not venture from port due to possible dangerous seas and strong winds.

Residents and mariners are advised to continue to listen to local radio stations for weather information from the Meteorological Service and advisories from the Office of Disaster Management.