COVID-19 statistics as of 17th August 2021

Dr. Shallaudin Ahmed national epidemiologist revealed the latest figures in a live Ministry of Health presentation moments ago.

Dr. Ahmed shared that over 80% of the cases are asymptomatic.

Over 75% of all active cases are unvaccinated and 90% of the symptomatic cases are unvaccinated. Dr. Ahmed went on to affirm:”…that this is to say vaccination works.”

Graded COVID-19 distribution of cases by colour across all health districts. Darker colours represent a higher concentration

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  1. Lin clown
    August 20, 2021

    I too,like Elizabeth endorce PETER DICK’S comment 100%.

    • Peter Dick
      August 21, 2021

      Thank you for endorsing my thoughts.

      Covid is not about politics. It’s about our health. And there are times when we all need to take responsibility for our health and the health of our families, neighbours and friends.

      I am not a medical expert. But I do read a lot. I consider myself fairly well informed. And I was vaccinated at Portsmouth hospital five or six months ago. And, in my opinion, we the vaccinated need to try and persuade those who are not vaccinated to accept the overwhelming evidence and get vaccinated.

      No. This isn’t a cunning plan by our leaders to change our DNA, to make us impotent or to make us robots. It is simply to boost our immunity to the virus. And live.

      So please try to persuade our Brothers and Sisters on Dominica to get vaccinated. Sooner rather than later.

  2. I tested positive for covid
    August 19, 2021

    Oh my God I can’t believe some of all you in that place how can you say you don’t think it is real. Come and take a walk in my shoes am at portmouth right now frighting for my life. I almost die on Monday night, my people please don’t take covid for a joke, I can only talk about what am going though I have covid I didn’t take the vaccine my husband took the chines vaccine and he doesnt have covid. If you think Covid is not real come and walk a minute I not even giving you a day come and walk a minute in my shoes right now. I can bit you will change your mind.

    • August 19, 2021

      But it is unfortunate for you, that you had to get infected to warn others against the wrath of this virus. Your husband is a smart man, why did you not follow his moves?

    • Bwa-Banday
      August 20, 2021

      Sorry for your misfortune and wishing you a very speedy recovery. Thanks for coming here and sharing the dangers of contracting this dreaded disease and encouraging Dcans to get vaxxed.

      Unfortunately it is my understanding that we do not have the theraputics like regeneron for COMMON folks like you. I am yet to hear the so called experts here even mention these theraputics. I wonder why! :twisted: :twisted:

  3. Badbaje
    August 19, 2021

    Hello Dr. Shallaudin Ahmed, DNO Admin and staff.
    Good morning to you and yours. I hope you are all doing well, staying safe, and following the protocols.
    Will someone please tell me, pretty please. If I was to look at this chart, without this heading from DNO.
    “COVID-19 statistics as of 17th August 2021”
    How would I know what date this chart refers to.
    How would I know how many people tested positive for that day.
    How could I do a comparison with a chart from another day, and know what dates / days I am comparing, how many days elapsed between the two reports, if the number of positive cases are decreasing or increasing from one date to another.
    This is something basic I should not have to ask. Are we really serious about informing the public? Or, are we just talking to be saying something?

    Possunt Quia Posse Videntur.

  4. Badbaje
    August 19, 2021

    I think The chart is missing some very important information. The date of the report should be at the head of the chart, so people who look at a chart a week from now will know what date that information refers to. This way real comparisons can be done to show the increase over time.
    For example, looking at two chart for comparison, someone can see how the rate has increased or decreased from one date to another date, be it a one day span, a 4 day span, a 2 week span, etc.

    An entry showing the number of people reported positive for the day, and the ratio of male / female infections for that day.
    For example: Number tested positive today 10. Male 6 / Female 4
    This can be done by adding a mere two or three lines of information
    This way information is more relevant. People will make less errors in comparisons.

    I hope this is not seen or taken as negative criticism, but rather as a constructive suggestion.

    • August 19, 2021

      @Badbaje, why do you want a chart that is posted a week from now, when you have one that is for the present date. The chart that you are looking at is for the most recent date and so will be the one that comes after it–what more do you want?

      If you had seen a chart a week from this present chart, you would not have seen a death reported because no one had died through the virus then, I have a lot of trouble understanding the foolishness of you people.

  5. Ibo France
    August 19, 2021

    I hope by some miraculous divine intervention the high number of coronavirus cases would be drastically reduced. However, it would take the collective efforts of every man, woman and child in Dominica for the present mammoth number of cases to abate.

    There are real and grave concerns that many businesses will go under; most residents will become seriously malnourished; the already badly infirm economy will come to an abrupt halt.

    In light of this, It is absolutely imperative that the farmers, fishers, vegetable and cooked food vendors, mom and pop shops, bus divers, truckers, barber shops, hair dressers, small businesses and the unemployed be given the financial assistance they need to keep them afloat. For the government to have access to billions of dollars belonging to the people and stubbornly refuses to provide this essential help to the ordinary people in dire economic state is a criminal act.

    If ever the time is right for the MOTHER of all protest in Dominica is NOW.

    • Peter Dick
      August 19, 2021

      We were offered “Devine intervention”.

      It’s called a vaccination.

      Sadly about 60% of the adult population of Dominica decided they knew better than the experts.

      While the vaccination does not stop anyone from catching COVID, I believe there is enough hard evidence that people who have not been vaccinated are twenty times more likely to catch it, have a worse experience and are more likely to die from it.

      It is, of course, beyond my understanding as to why the microscopic number of issues gets the publicity on social media while the vast overwhelming of successes are not publicised.

      So I ask everyone in Dominica: please be vaccinated.

      • August 19, 2021

        @Peter Dick, I endorse your comment to this person Ibo France. You are so right to say that: “We were offered “Devine intervention”. It’s called a vaccination”.

        This Ibo France person is no more than a hypocrite speaking about “devine” when all he/she is interested in is standing against the Government.

        That individual does not care a damn about what “divine” means, otherwise he/she would not use that idea to go on and on about his/her negative rubbish against the Government.

        • Ibo France
          August 20, 2021

          You’re a pathetic octogenarian. Stop slavishly worshippingpot. an ungodly, semi-illiterate, moronic narcissist. History would not be kind to you for handcuffing yourself to an infidel.

      • Ibo France
        August 20, 2021

        One of the reasons why some people are reluctant to take the vaccine is because they have been lied to so many times by the relevant authorities and supposedly ‘reputable’ organizations. There is a lack of trust.

        What many successes are you talking about? Are you delusional? If the successes are so numerous as you claim, every resident should be wearing a permanent smile on their faces.

        Can Dominicans smile about the public library; the many dilapidated public buildings; the high unemployment; the growing vagrancy; the lack of feeder roads, the widespread poverty; the police brutality; the corrupt electoral system; the bogus criminal charges; a notorious, lying squatter in the highest office of government; the political tribalism; the awful mishandling of government revenue; the madhouse we have as a parliament; the potbelly cabinet of invertebrates; a country regarded as a pariah nation in the international community?

        Take off your rose-colored glasses

  6. Blue
    August 19, 2021

    I personally believe that these covid statistics are all lies. It might just b a scheme to get people to take a vaccine they don’t want. Funny enough covid cases rising but cruise ship expected to dock. Are you going to risk us getting the delta variant?? Funny enough no talk of suspension on the reopening of schools. Funny enough boarders still wide open. When we had just one case everything shut down but now we have more we’re open…hmmmmmmmm

    • Bwa-Banday
      August 19, 2021

      @ Blue..
      Come on man! I Despise everything the DLP Cabal has done to put us in this situation but lets not start propagandizing the numbers. If anything it is alleged that they are actually reporting lower numbers than the true findings. In the meantime if you are not vaccinated GO, ALLEZ get your shot right now.

      The dictator incharge must now prepare to give stimulus, not STIMULESS money (not little grocery bags) to every single Dcan. Dont give people little sac mahyule of food because you have no idea what is their dietary needs. Rasta doh eat notting with chocho so he must buy his own goods to avoid defiling his body.

      Again I say because the minister of finance has no idea of what finance really is, I suggest he start by giving everyone a check equivalent to a month salary of a police constable in the manicou gang. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: . Or else, time for boots to hit the ground.

    • Ibo France
      August 19, 2021

      You have brought up some pertinent issues. However, your personal belief that the high Covid-19 cases in Dominica might be bogus I strongly disagree. In most countries not only in the Caribbean but around the world there has been a rapid and constant rise in the number of people getting infected with the virus. That’s the unmistakable trend.

  7. Waiting for Airport
    August 19, 2021

    All these statistics except the one we want… the people that keep dying especially the young ones that were previously healthy… were they vaccinated? That is the statistic we want… that one above only serves the blind sheep, those of us who still use our eyes, want more comprehensive statistics. The priest, the woman fond at jean, the one that die I. Quarantine and all the other ransoms deaths … were they vaccinated??? We can never take all you serious when all you refuse to show us basic respect for our intelligence … what is the statistics on vaccinated deaths???

    All you friad that statistic cause it will expose too much truth!

    • Bwa-Banday
      August 19, 2021

      “The priest, the woman fond at jean, the one that die”…..careful there eh before DNO ban you :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      • Waiting For Airport
        August 19, 2021

        Yo sa ban mwe si yo vle… all that in it, so it go… in the meantime, those who putting the statistics together need to stop taking the population for fools…

        Healthy people are dying suddenly, we want to know if they were vaccinated. Why are the authorities refusing to acknowledge and address this concern?

        We really going to let this carry on with heads buried in the ground? Then in five years they will ‘apologise’ and say they didn’t know? After how many people lose their loved ones?

  8. AA
    August 18, 2021

    Now is time to find the High risk People and treat Them correctly rather tHan sending Them to Portsmouth. My friend would have been alive had you all een wise enough to know the difference.
    I am certain that half of these positive antigen tests are People who were affected earlier,
    Please stop taking People from their homes and sending Them to centers. Focus on the elderly and those who have underlying medical conditions as you all say.
    You all failed this family.

  9. Channel 1
    August 18, 2021

    Dr Ahmed, this assertion (in the Dominica context) that “vaccination works” based on the percentages of unvaccinated persons infected is flawed. About 70% of the Dominican population is unvaccinated. Logically, the unvaccinated would constitute the larger pool of infections.

    A more accurate assessment could have been done if at least a near equal ratio of vaccinated & unvaccinated persons existed & all had similar probabilities of being randomly exposed to the virus. From that balanced ratio, the percentage of infected persons & symptomatic ones in each group could be properly compared.

    The fact that the US is looking to roll out boosters in September (a year ain’t even pass as yet since the vaccine roll out started) and highly vaccinated countries eg Israel are experiencing surging Covid infections – even among the vaccinated – are some indicators that the ‘vaccines’ are not working as well as was hoped.

    ADMIN: Vaccination and Covid-19 data from Israel with graphical charts:

    There was a drastic drop in cases, hospitalizations and deaths at the peak of vaccination with a recent spike in all three previous indicators. Bare in mind that other important factors such as adherence to mask wearing, social distancing etc are not reflected in the charts.

    The charts can also be set to display data from all over the world not just Israel.

    • Channel 1
      August 19, 2021

      @ADMIN – Pleasant morning ADMIN. The link you posted with the graphs are strengthening the point that the vaccines are not working as well as was hoped.

      Israel, due to its very high vaccination rate, is among the gold-standard of nations for observations as to how well the vaccines are doing in containing the virus at the moment.

      When the vaccine roll out began in Israel, the cases did drop. Maybe the vaccines had an impact on the covid variants that existed at the time. Other unexplained factors may also have been at play as we have also seen the COVID case numbers drop after COVID surges in countries eg India with low vaccination rates.

      The report in this link will provide additional context to the Israeli situation especially the covid infection data among its highly vaccinated population –

    • Bwa-Banday
      August 19, 2021

      @Channel 1
      “The fact that the US is looking to roll out boosters in September (a year ain’t even pass as yet since the vaccine roll out started) and highly vaccinated countries eg Israel are experiencing surging Covid infections – even among the vaccinated – are some indicators that the ‘vaccines’ are not working as well as was hoped.”

      Hogwash I must say! I don’t ever recall anyone saying the vaccines work 100%. If you did then tell me who said so. Hence the reason why these vaccines are touted as having a % efficacy. Dcans keep hiding behind what you just said not realizing NO vaccine is 100%. What has always been touted is reduction in the effects and hospitalization if you catch covid. STOP hiding behind this BS statements and go get vaccinated for your own good. The government has failed us so now its up to us to get thus thing under control before its too late.

      • Channel 1
        August 19, 2021

        @Bwa-Banday – Okay, you can’t recall. I can recall though that when the vaccines were first rolled out, I heard ‘De Experts Dem & their propagandists’ on various mediums say that “the vaccines will prevent one from being infected with the virus”. (After all, that’s the very foundation of vaccines & immunology)

        When they realized that narrative was flawed, it was then switched to “the vaccines will prevent the development of serious Covid illness”.

        When that narrative was also found to be shaky, the narrative then became “the vaccine will prevent cases of serious Covid illness from deteriorating.” Now that this is also appearing to be debatable, the new incoming narrative is “take the vaccine booster shots.”

        Come on now.

  10. Do We Copy That?
    August 18, 2021

    Some trends are too costly to copy. While it’s true that we cannot simply hide at home forever, it’s very clear that temporary lockdowns work well in taking the pressure off the health system, and allowing more time for vaccination. So why does it seem that we’re going with the trends in way bigger, better-resourced, more populated countries – of avoiding a proper lockdown at all costs? Do we have the means to support that approach, and what do we stand to gain or to lose? Also, in going with the US’ focus on personal rather than collective responsibility, some officials seem to be scapegoating the non-compliant. That’s not Kosher. The crux of public health campaigns is getting the ‘public’ to buy in, so if something isn’t working it’s better to reexamine and reorient the approach instead of blaming the public.

  11. Facts
    August 18, 2021

    Population of Dominica: 72000. People vaccinated with two jabs is: 19920, which is 27% of population. 25% from active cases are vaccinated. The chances do not get Covid with vaccines only 2% better. First registered case of Covid death in Dominica was vaccinated. DNO you can check that information yourself via contact their relatives.

    ADMIN: Dr. Mcintyre stated via DBS radio that she was, in fact, not vaccinated.

  12. Ibo France
    August 18, 2021

    The coronavirus is definitely on the destructive path. It’s happening in most countries with devastating effects on the economy and generally on people’s lives.

    Most governments are putting financial measures in place to cushion the hardships of the people brought on by this destructive disease. However, the Chinese and the Arabs in Dominica are mostly insulated from the economic difficulties brought to bear by the virus. , Mr. Skerrit has turned a blind eye to the heart-wrenching suffering of the locals. His foreign confidants are weathering the storm mostly unscathed.

    This is the right time for the citizens of Dominica to get the benefits of the CBI billions. Foreigners are benefitting why not the born and bred Dominicans?

  13. Bwa-Banday
    August 18, 2021

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I know covid is no laughing matter but they finally published “a” higher number after a few days. I see pressure does burst pipe.

    You and your cabal already messed up the country but your habit of lying have “others” doing the same thing for you. Keep it up bro because one day the truth will reveal and let me see how many of the same public servants will continue to lie on your behalf. Fire burn wicked one!

    • Colonbo
      August 19, 2021

      Really.”… COVID 19 is not a political game. This Vitus doesn’t choose Party. Stopped spouting nonsensical comments. Are you so ignorant? Be constructive at this time and help with to educate people that think like you with your blame game to score cheap political points. The vulnerable folks are the one’s that needs sane comments.

      • August 20, 2021

        I could not agree with you more. These UWP HOOLIGANS and their antics have now become doctors without a medical degree. They even know more than the doctors knows. All they do is try to play the blame game as you have mentioned and blame everything on Skerrit and his Administration. They are making a mountain out of one death after almost two years. It is sickening and pathetic when other countries have their own people dying everyday. Suddenly, they know more chemistry, more biology, more physics, more maths, than the doctors themselves. They could not learn a damn in high school back home back then, luckily, America has saved their as..

    • Da Girl
      August 19, 2021

      You sound so ignorant. 8-O

    • August 20, 2021

      For Bwa-Banday, Skerrit has already messed up the country. How did Skerrit mess up the country, I don’t have a clue. All that garbage talk because someone has now died of covid after almost two years. And they keep sending their fake condolences to the young lady’s family just to spite Skerrit. Bums. Well, Mr. Bwa-Banday, Lennox Linton is not fit for a King.

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