Reopening of Zeb Kweyol herbal store is timely because of COVID-19 says Herbal Business Association

Some of the Zeb Kweyol products on display

Treasurer of the Dominica Herbal Business Association (DHBA), Catherine Ormond, has said that the reopening of the Zeb Kweyol herbal store, at the Old Market Plaza, is suited for this time especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The reopening of the shop will provide the people with local herbs and products that can help fight the flu and the virus and these products  are locally made,” she stated.

The Zeb Kweyol store which was closed after being damaged by Hurricane Maria, was finally reopened in  December of 2019 but was shut down three months later because of the pandemic.

“We have been closed since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and we believe now is a good time to be open for Christmas so that our people can buy our products and can also be great Christmas gifts this year,” Ormond remarked.

The purpose of the herbal shop, according to Ormond, is to promote local products made by entrepreneurs in Dominica, with locally grown products. A section meant to highlight works of art, craft and literature produced by local artists and writers, has been added.

Cedric Phillip of Campbell Business Machines and Supplies which started the initiative, said it also provided the opportunity for local artists and painters such as Earl Etienne to showcase their work and have it available worldwide.

“We take paintings from local artists and ask them permission and also to sign and number their work of art and produce it so that it is available for purchase,” Phillip explained.

He said the paintings are not expensive and can be found online at Campbell’ and can be purchased and shipped anywhere in the world.

In addition to herbal medicines, teas, herbal spa and beauty products and arts and craft, Zeb Kweyol also offers jewelry, local chocolate, drinks and many other items.

The Dominica Herbal Association has been in existence for about 14 years and has 22 members.


Catherine Ormond

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  1. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    December 24, 2020

    “Let the people business roll and shut it if you can’t support local. I rather my plain bush but I will still support . Everyone trying a ting”

    I don’t know from under which rock you came; but, that in the quote defines your intelligence? You have confirmed that even if something has no significant value; serves no useful purpose you will support it.

    They say ignorance is bliss; nevertheless, there is a difference between happiness and bliss; devote your time and ponder on the following:

    What’s the difference between “Bliss” and “happiness”?

    Bliss has nothing to do with the ever-changing reality.

    Bliss is a state of supreme awareness and gratitude.

    Happiness streams from our mind’s satisfaction, while Bliss is the permanent state that shines from our higher self, the ultimate observer that cannot be affected by our mind fluctuation.

    If you believe just because you support nonsense gives it credence or value I pitty you!

  2. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    December 22, 2020

    I did not graduate medical school, I am a dropout, but in the short space of time I went; I had a few lectures and studies regarding treatment to boost the immune system.

    There is a medical treatment called immunoglobulin therapy which consists of antibody proteins needed for the immune system to fight infections. It can be injected into a vein through an I.V. (intravenous) line or inserted under the skin that is “subcutaneous infusion.”

    Intravenous treatment is required every few weeks, while the subcutaneous infusion is required once or twice per week. Let us also talk about interferon-gamma therapy; interferons are naturally occurring substances that fight viruses, and stimulate the immune system cells.

    Interferon-gamma is a synthetic substance given as an injection in the thigh or arm three times per week; it used to treat chronic granulomatous disease, one form of primary immunodeficiency.

    Will continue:

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      December 22, 2020

      In conclusion, I must mention Growth factors, and that is when immune deficiency is caused by a lack of certain white bold cells, growth factor therapy can help increase the levels of immune-strengthening white blood cells.

      Note: the immune system is a network of a biological process that protects an organism against disease.; it detects and responds to a large variety of pathogens, from viruses to parasitic worms, as well as cancer cells, and even objects such as wood splinters, distinguishing them from the organism’s own healthy tissues.

      Many species have two major subsystems of the immune system; the innate immune system provides a preconfigured response to broad groups of situations, and stimuli; the adaptive immune system provides a tailored response to each stimulus by learning to recognize molecules it has previously encountered.

      No Dominica bush doctor teaches that eh!


  3. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    December 22, 2020

    Name the herbs you have or know in Dominica that can be used to boost your immune system: name one, and I will pay you!

    Here is your problem; your name is a wise woman; yet you are so ignorant you post the photograph of some ole white woman making a fool of yourself, pretending that old wench is you.
    I am Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque, out of Wesley, and I can tell you if there is a bush in Dominica you can boil and drink the water to boost your immune system, it has yet to be found!

    Ignorance is bliss they say but if the snake oil sam recipes of bush water could work wonders there would be no diabetic amputies in Dominica, because many of you drink all sorts of crap, to cure diabetes, while dying from the disease.

    The following is FYI only!

    Global cases
    Updated: Dec 22 at 12:42 PM local Confirmed cases: 77,556,703 +608,082

    Deaths 1,706,513 +10,907

    Recovered 43,785,189 +393,727
    Doost everybody in Dominica immune system with the crap they selling all of you…

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      December 22, 2020


      Our people are so ignorant we fall and believe everything we hear!

      We are not in the primitive days when our ancestors in the jungles of Africa got sick, and they send for the witch doctor, who came along with his drums, beating, and dancing around a fire mumbling hogwash talking about driving sprits out.

      We are in modern times, where modern medicine is utilized to treat illnesses; research are conducted to find cures.

      Nevertheless; there are people in Dominica who cannot read their own name, yet they know all sorts of a bush cure for every disease, even COVID-19 discovered in 2019, for which there is no particular treatment.

      Any kind of leaf (bush) picked from any try and boiled; the result (color) water will be the same, all leave releases the same chlorophyll which is green, and will turn sort of brown: Results good BM!

      How can people who never had medical training, most never went to secondary school, knows nothing about human biology, nor anatomy know…

  4. En Ba LA
    December 21, 2020

    It was time – I am talking about December 2019 where was I ? I missed this. Now congratulations on your reopening. I hope I get some Bazalic tea bags and semencontwa tea bags also bayleaf teabags, rosemary tea bags and the mix of rosemary and bayleaf combination for my cacoa. It is time we see these things on shelves outside Dominica and I hope the hotels will at least get the contracts for tea bags going and restaurants. Support local

  5. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    December 21, 2020

    Just another bunch of bull crap!
    What effect will that crap have on COVID-19? The impression you are trying to create is that you have a cure with the snake oil nonsense you peddle; there  is no treatment for COVID-19 as of this day!

    There are two approved vaccine, which the medical establishment are not sure if they will provide immunity that will protect one from becoming infected.
    So, why create this false impression which is a lie hatched in hell?

    If you have a cure for the COVID-19 virus, than you should also have a cure for the common cold; hence you would be the richest person on the planet.

    Note: “More than 200 different viruses are known to cause the symptoms of the common cold.

    An estimated 30-35% of all adult colds are caused by rhinoviruses.

    “COVID-19 is not a common cold!

    In people with asthma, particularly children, rhinovirus infections are also frequently associated with flare-ups. Scientists had previously identified 99 distinct rhinovirus…

    • Wise Woman
      December 21, 2020

      Herbs can help to boost the immune system. A strong immune system will help your body fight any illness. No one is claiming to have a cure for Covid19 but many will rely on a strong immune system rather than taking an experimental vaccine.

      December 21, 2020

      Son i think i agree with you on this i am sure your grand mother would do better with some worm grass and some of the other grass my mother picked up in the yard. By the way this is your fathers’ name sake Merry chrismas

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        December 22, 2020

        Power House boy, our people are something else!
        Right now they are all convinced that they have some miracle cure for a virus that still baffles medical scientists.

        Right at this moment, the virus is muting; ( that is changing into different strains), so how can one say that their portion came just in time for COVID-19.
        You know; there are people from Wesley who died from Diabetes which is a treatable diease, but rather than seeking medical treatment they induldged in drinking bush.

        If I remind you of the one we called Bedswore, I was told they had to amputate both his legs: that fellow next to your dad house, name starts with an R, surname with a W, he worked at a place in Antigua with me when I was kid, I found out then he was diabetic, he knew also, but rather than going to the doctor the man ran back to Dominica, believing people obeah him so, he went home to the obeah-man.
        Somone informed recently they amputate both his legs, and he is also blind!

        Will continue:

        • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
          December 22, 2020

          Power, I think you Remember Alfred also he lived in St. Croix, he also legs were Amputated, long before he died.

          But look here now; my very own sister Barbara literally took herself out you know, this lady was diabetic she was hospitalized for the problem, and complication from the disease, all of a sudden she checked herself out of the hospital, went home and the same night died in her sleep.
          My friend I was born a diabetic, however, I was not diagnosed until 1997 or there about, I went to the doctor, and from the day they confirm I am hyperglycemic (diabetic) and told me what to do to change my lifestyle, I did it.

          It is a progressive disease, because of that they went into my heart twice: I’ve had two heart surgeries because of that.

          Mind you I began drinking source bush; in patior tweff, if I continued with that I’d be dead!

          As for my grandmother, they say she was an obeah woman, cause Mathias got constipated, she gave him some bush tea; he had a BM, so that made…

          • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
            December 24, 2020

            “drinking source”
            So, that word should be serrocee; in Jamaican dialect, in Antiguan, its maiden-blush; Dominica patior it is called tweff.

            Like or Dislike: Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0
    • Race
      December 23, 2020

      Now you the one.talking crap they never mentiomed.cure for covid. Read blind bat it’s a place one can showcase local products available. Let the people business roll and shut it if you can’t support local. I rather my plain bush but I will still support. Everyone trying a ting but there are always someone to criticise

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