Sculptures by Roger Burnett
Cadence-lypso Tribute Festival
VIDEO: Reflexion Vocal Band - Isle Of Beauty [Dominican National Anthem]
Sway (Official Audio) | Carlyn XP X Bambi | Bouyon 2022
Christmas Entertainment Shodo Dec 22nd 2021
Christmas Memory (Official Video) | Carlyn XP | 2021
Old Christmas Songs 2021 Medley - Top 100 English Christmas Songs Of All Time - Merry Christmas 2021
Best Christmas Songs Of All Time
Tasha P & Peter - Jing Ping Shell Christmas (2021)
Raising Resilience Ambition: Leadership from Small Islands
St. Johns Academy Children Quadrille 2013
The Bele Dance of Dominica
National Cultural Gala Advert 2021
Simeon Joseph delivered a poignant and revelatory look at the life of the Dominica's last Premier and First Prime Minister.
Hurricane Maria - Dominica Charity Single
The Dominica Youth Business Trust (DYBT) - support for young entrepreneurs
Surviving Storms | CCC Inaugural Symposium | Morne Bruce, Dominica | 6th May 2021
Naked Feet - Prodigal Son
Creole Heartbeat Play Cadence Lypso Day Mix 2
Creole Heartbeat Play Cadence Day Mix 1
CADENCE-Lypso: 'How it all Began' panel discussion (part 1)-presenter: Sobers Esprit
CADENCE-LYPSO: 'How it all began' panel discussion (part 1) - presenter: Gregory Rabess
CADENCE-LYPSO: How it all began panel discussion (part 1) - presenter: Tim Durand
CADENCE-LYPSO MONTH: Exile One - Nous travail pour ayen
The late Patrick Roland John speaks with Alex Bruno in 2006 (part 1)
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ROSIE DOUGLAS: Fearless Fighter for Freedom (Irving Andre)
ROSIE, the Fearless Rebel
Tasha P & Machel Montano in Trinidad (Come Back To Me 2017) short clip
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