Bishop Malzaire's statement of solidarity with the Bahamas
Extasy Band & Marie Pascale - Away (Official Video)
Tony Anthony - Today I'm gonna try and change the world
Ophelia Live at WCMF 2016
Gordon Henderson World Tour
Midnight Groovers at Dominica World Creole Music Festival
Gordon Henderson World Tour (Part 5)
Gordon Henderson World Tour (Part 4)
Gordon Henderson World Tour (Part 3)
Gordon Henderson World Tour (part 1)
Gordon Henderson World Tour (Part 2)
The "WHISTLE LIKE A BIRD" Competition is an annual event organised by the Dominica Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division as part of the Caribbean Endemic Birds Festival (CEBF). The Caribbean Endemic Birds Festival (CEBF) is an initiative of the Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds (SCSCB). The Festival normally runs from Earth Day (April 22) to World Biodiversity Day (May 22) each year.
Official audio for "Holding on to Mama" by Carlyn XP. Artist: Carlyn XP Title: Holding on to Mama Produced by: Cornell Phillip, Carlyn Xavier-Phillip Writer: Carlyn Xavier-Phillip Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Imperial Publishing by Cornell Phillip
This is a great cover of Jerusalem written and composed by Alpha Blondy of the Ivory Coast. Ophelia's performance was at the 2016 World Creole Music Festival. Listen to the scintillating guitar solo by Bird Bellony.
OPHELIA's Concert at WCMF 2016. Highlights from the Best Concert the Festival has ever had!!!
Dominican Reggae crooner Devinesongz romances the object of his affection in this dedicated video. He leaves no room to deny that she truly is, "The Best Thing" that has ever happened to him.
Song title: “You” Singer: Marsha Augustine Written by: Marsha Augustine, Derric “Rah” Peters, Nekoyan Bain, Grace Richardson Produced by: Mark Cyrus This project “Regional Song Writers Camp” was held in Dominica, May 9-11, 2014, it was funded by the OECS Commission through funding from the 10th European Development Fund Economic Integration and Trade of the OECS Region and coordinated by Island Network Inc. It involved the three day Camp and the production of an eight track compilation created by the song writers and producers during this very successful Camp.
Dominica’s carnival came a long way from last year! Thanks to everyone behind the scene who came together to make this work and to everyone who came out to play mas and made this year’s carnival so unforgettable.
Signal Band x Wawa x Starsha x Delly - THE BEST LIFE - Bouyon 2019
Carlyn XP - Bouyon Army (Champion Riddim)
Bouyon music explores the power of advocacy! A once comfortable artist, Shelly, embarks on a journey of Local empowerment, which he claims to have been triggered by a “shifted energy.” The moment for LOCAL is now and beyond! Charity begins at home!
Carlyn XP - Carnavalist
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