Gun and Ammunition Amnesty extended; two illegal firearms surrendered to police

Rayburn Blackmoore

National Security Minister Rayburn Blackmoore has announced that a total of two illegal firearms have been surrendered to the police so far following a ‘Gun and Ammunition Amnesty’ which came into effect from the period October 1 – 31, 2023.

This is in a concerted effort to address the pressing issue of illegal firearms and related criminal activities.

“It is very interesting to note for the period October 1 to the 31, two illegal firearms were surrendered to the Police,” he revealed. “We want to accept, while it is true, by saying that number is very small, but my response to this is that these are two illegal firearms that are off the streets that could have been used to commit a crime.”

He told those who are still processing whether they should surrender their firearms that are illegal or unregistered, “that if for some reason you do not feel comfortable or trust the police, you can bring the illegal firearm or ammunition to a Priest, a Pastor or an Attorney.”

“And I am confident they will do the honourable thing by bringing the illegal firearm or rounds of ammunition to the police,” Blackmoore stated.

He made it clear that once the period for this program expires, the government will quickly go to Parliament to further amend the ‘Firearms Act’.

“And if one [is] found with any illegal firearm or ammunition that person will go to jail for a very long time,” Blackmoore warned.

Meanwhile, he revealed that the ‘Gun and Ammunition Amnesty’ program has been extended to December 1, 2023.

“This extension in my view is important and will further demonstrate that element of good faith by your government to rid the streets of illegal firearms,” he said.

In an earlier report, Blackmoore said that over the years, substantial strides have been made to enhance the capabilities of the police force to include training, equipment provision, and active policing plans in an effort to rid the streets of illegal firearms. The Minister further averred that legislative changes have also been introduced to impose stricter penalties and a broader range of consequences for those found in possession of illegal firearms and ammunition.

“However, the fight against illegal firearms and the use of those firearms to cause harm and bring death to others is not one that can be fought by the authorities alone,” he stressed, adding that while remaining vigilant, the government aims to adopt innovative strategies to curtail and discourage the use of illegal firearms.

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  1. Righteous
    November 8, 2023

    For those of you on here lambasting this very serious issue, what are your solutions. Some of you may even know the people who possess those illegal firearms and remain silent. You look up to these criminals and even celebrate their foolery and criminal activities. We all have to be part of the solution and stand up to these gun-boys, turn them in the police-man. Turn the tables on them. Stop hiding them because one day they will turn their guns on you.

    One Love Dominicans #OLD

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  2. Shaka Zulu
    November 7, 2023

    Blackmore a young expectant mother who took drugs while pregnant was charged for endangering an unborn child. Life does not start at birth. It starts at conception. Did you or did you not beat an expectant mother causing her to lose the child? Austrie was heard in public talking about protecting you. Did you not also see a minister on video shoplifting at jolly pharmacy? blackmore have you in capacity as minister instructed the police to take action or inaction on any matter? Have you used you position and office for sexual or other favors? Are you aware of racketeering at labour division and were you involved in the hatian passport scam? Are you willing to take a lie detector test?
    you need to answer these questions before you pass laws o set rules on criminal activities including illegal firearms.

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  3. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    November 7, 2023

    Anybody who believe that two guns were surrendered would have to be ignorant as the liar!
    What that liar is doing; is utilizing cheap psychology: he believe when he lie about it by claiming that two guns are surrendered, there will be an influx of follow-suit turning guns in!

    Rayburn, the people with guns and ammunition knows there is going to be an insurrection, or civil war in the country. They are getting prepared, so that when you and Roosevelt turn your goons on them as you did in Salisbury, shooting at defenseless old women and children; the youths with guns will serve as militia, and defend their old mothers and family with some fire-power!

    Slowly, but surely Rayburn; it is going to materialize.

    I like to see the fear in you, it takes fire to fight fire; that is what you all deserve!
    People have to be armed to defend against your Chines takeover: there will be a civil war!

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    • Mark
      November 8, 2023

      Francisco, instead of encouraging the criminals to turn in their illegal weapons, you choose to advocate for violence. What is wrong with you man? This is the height of ignorance.

      I believe an apology to the Dominican public is in order. Think about it.

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      • Francisco Etienne-Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        November 9, 2023

        Mark boy, it will take a revolution to get things straight in our country!

        What is the difference in having criminals posing as government ministers, fleecing the country; living high on the hog, while the majority of our people suffer in poverty, and hunger; and the criminals they say have illegal guns?

        So, here is a question Mark: when last you personally saw a criminal walking down any street, or village road in Dominica with an automatic or semiautomatic high powered gun in their hands; eh, eh?
        Mark, Rayburn, and Roosevelt in the past has willfully and wantonly, and unrestrained attack defenseless young boys, women, and girls: old women and men in the village of Salisbury; they shoot at random with intention to kill!
        That will happen again on a wider basis, hence; there must be a buffer; a militia need the firearms and ammunition to defend the defenseless from the tyrants Roosevelt, and black-boy Rayburn!

        • Mark
          November 9, 2023

          Francisco, you talk about the “criminal” ministers. I can survive “white collar” crime because these white collar criminals are just stealing your money and you can always bounce back but the criminal with the gun wants your money and your life, you know like no witnesses so there’s no comparison between the guy who steals your money and the guy who takes your money and your life. Bottom line, we need to get these guns off our streets. Let’s return to the days when we didn’t have to worry about getting shot by some idiot.

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      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        November 9, 2023

        So Mark; the kid not finish yet on this one!
        You know I live in a State where there are usually plenty of fire every summer, and one of the methods used to fight some of these fires, is that they set another control fire as a blocker, the time the raging inferno get to the blocker it simply burns itself out!
        Mark there is most definitely a Chines take over in Dominica; Roosevelt don’t know these people very well. In the Rodney King era; during the riots I saw Chines on roof-tops with dressed in war attire, armed with automatic fire power shooting down people.
        Mark there is a great probability that will happen in Dominica, we don’t know what these people are bringing into the country in sealed cargo containers, some militia must be ready to defend the nation when the annexation begins!
        One may contend that’s not reality, but I contend it’s my premonition!
        I was a Boy Scout Mark, and our Motto still remains ” Be Prepared” (Robert Baden-Powell).
        English Solider, founder the…

        • Mark
          November 9, 2023

          Francisco, I am now convinced that you’ve lost your mind by referring to these criminals as a militia. These illegal guns will never be used for any uprising so don’t bank on it. The folks who possess these illegal guns are gang bangers and drug dealers, a far cry from patriotic so again, don’t rely on these folks when your so called revolution begins. Haven’t you noticed some of the characters that have been killed this year? Do they look like anyone you would like to associate with? I bet not.

          Now with your obsession with the handful of Chinese workers in Dominica, they are not taking over. I will get concerned when I see “FAMILIES” coming in by the plane loads. Until then, no need to panic. You notice the US is panicking like yourself. I guess that’s where you get your fear of the Chinese.

          Rodney King’s situation is different. The Chinese were simply protecting their businesses from a mob of looters and vandals. They reacted like any normal citizen would.

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  4. Iamanidiot
    November 6, 2023

    Allu know where the guns are, you dunno ? lemme give you 2, 50 of allu, go by Garage and the Prominade on a Friday night, there they lie down.

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  5. Jonathan Y St Jean
    November 6, 2023

    There’s a saying that to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result is MADNESS. It’s madness to expect those who were facilitated in accessing illegal guns and ammunition, reference barrels with guns walking out of the “secure” port compound to now turn them over. It’s a flawed program to simply focus on the turning in of guns as the solution to lawlessness in the country. A comprehensive and unified approach is what’s needed. The reasons which contribute to people seeking guns need to be obtained, analyzed and solutions tailored to addressing those causes implemented. Also if there are two armed guys with a beef between them, would one turn in his gun and leave himself vulnerable to being killed? I don’t think so. Therefore the need for an approach which includes conflict resolutions and poverty reduction among other factors. Then what about the armed Navy seals that Melissa bragged about? Are they and their guns above the law?

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 26 Thumb down 1
    • Mark
      November 7, 2023

      Jonathan, you say a comprehensive and unified approach to determine the reasons people seek guns and then tailor the solution to address those causes. You further went on to say that the approach should also include conflict resolution and poverty reduction. Nice things to say but in reality, how effective is such an approach? We don’t need any more studies or programs to determine what’s driving the gun problem.

      Criminal activity in Dominica is the driving force for obtaining those guns. Yes criminal, not hunting, not personal protection, not any form of sport shooting like going to a gun range. We will continue to experience gun violence/issues until society gets serious and start sentencing those criminals accordingly. No more slap on the wrist as punishment. We have to send a firm message that we’re not going to accept this behavior anymore.

      I’ve been involved in prison ministry before so I know what works. Hard Time in the penitentiary will BREAK most persons.

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      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        November 10, 2023

        ‘I’ve been involved in prison ministry before so I know what works. Hard Time in the penitentiary will BREAK most persons.”
        My friend have you ever heard the term “hardened Criminal?”
        Hard time in prison does not necessarily break someone sent to jail.
        Whereas jail is suppose to be deterrent to prevent crime, it most of the time have very little effect on the convict; if anything, Jail creates lots of hardened Criminals; define as:
        Someone who has developed a way of dealing with bad experiences so that they no longer has normal human feelings. The term is often used to describe someone who is less affected by extreme criminal acts due to their own experience as a criminal. One may call someone a hardened criminal if they believe that the person will not stop their criminal activity. Going to jail in Dominica, is like going on a picnic.
        Mark you seem to be scared, just stay out the way and let the Militia do the job when the revolution gets started…

  6. dissident
    November 6, 2023

    what an embarrassment!!!!!!
    Blackmore himself used to be a police officer! In another country Blackmore would be sacked!
    2 illegal firearms surrendered?
    will skerrit blame Lennox Linton and de opposition?
    that is laughable!!!
    you think we outside there doh know some bad man/gun man well protected by people in position?
    that is a mockery of security in Dominica!!!
    our reality is dat Chinese running Roseau, Skerrit ducking questions about CBI revenue by singing nasty business putting election campaigning in full gear, some tourist sites not properly prepared to receive visitors
    Skerrit and his dynamic team at work …..what do they accomplish from am to pm

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 37 Thumb down 3
    • November 6, 2023

      @disident, instead of playing your politics of divide, why can’t you encourage individuals to turn in illegal guns. Embarrassing?? It is unfortunate that only two firearms were handed in.

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      • dissident
        November 7, 2023

        you must be feeling embarrassed

        Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0
  7. Ibo France
    November 6, 2023

    This gun amnesty is just a ploy to deceive the country into thinking that the government is doing something about crime.

    It is not a novel idea. Many countries throughout the Caribbean have tried this and it has spectacularly failed every time. Hard work and strategic planning will put a dent in gun crime ad robberies.

    Crime always escalates because of idleness and basic needs that are not being catered to. Unemployment and poverty are the drivers of crime. Presently joblessness and indigence are at unparalleled levels.

    Government should stop looking for deception and the easy way out of this unprecedented crime phenomenon. This ruling regime needs to improve the economic climate of the country which would in turn create more job opportunities for the over 50% unemployed youth population.

    Having Rayburn Blackmoore as Minister of National Security, is like putting a janitor to fix a fuel leak on a spacecraft just before takeoff.

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    • November 6, 2023

      @ibo France, just repeating your usual political rubbish.

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      • ???
        November 7, 2023

        And in a conceited way too. Usual political crap!

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