Bishop of Roseau: Message of solidarity with our neighbours in the US

Bishop Malzaire

Full audio of Bishop’s message the text is below

It is not usual for a bishop in the Caribbean to address an issue or a happening in the United States of America or any of the metropolitan countries.  However, the protest action in the United States which ensued from the brutal murder of the African American, George Floyd, in Minneapolis the last couple weeks, has triggered an outrage and social unrest of epic proportions. It has attracted support in every state in the United States of America and many other parts of the globe. It has done so for the simple reason that a great wrong has been done, not only to the black race but to the entire human race.

As president of the Antilles Bishops Conference, I feel compelled to make this short statement on behalf of all the English, French, and Dutch speaking bishops of the region, expressing our outrage and denunciation of this blatant injustice to George Floyd and to the African Americans in America.

As a part of the human community, we feel the pain of anyone who is discriminated against for reasons of colour, creed, class or religion.  For us in the Caribbean, many of our people have their residence and relatives in the United States, and frequently travel to there for business or pleasure.  We stand in solidarity with their pain over the injustice meted out to Mr. Floyd which led to his death. We stand in solidarity with the millions of people of all races all over the United States and all over the world who are incensed by such act of brutality towards a minority in his own country.

We stand with all our brothers and sisters in the United States begging that justice be served to the guilty law enforcement personnel.  To overlook the seriousness of this crime is to perpetuate the long-standing disease of racism which cries for redress. A refusal to attend adequately and speedily to such a situation which has attracted universal attention is to overlook the initial accomplishments of the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King, jr.  It is clear that the entire community of conscientious Black, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish and White people in the United States are saying clearly that enough is enough as regards racism in any of its forms.

We believe that the United States of America is at a significant crossroad regarding racism.  A crossroad which provides a unique opportunity to do something different, significant, and to do it right once and for all.

While we lament the brutal homicide of George Floyd and express sincere condolences to his bereaved family, we are certain that, if his death is to mark a real turning point in the history of United States, then a real conversion would heal the long-standing wounds of racism, and his death would not be in vain. We sincerely pray for this grace for the sake of our children and their future. We pray for this grace for the entire human race.

I thank you.

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  1. 72nations72elements
    June 9, 2020

    But on the ground he says nothing. What about the foot on the necks of dominicans. On the economy, on our social development and upliftment? He minces words with vague statements when on the podium to try to seem on the side of right but yet not offend certain people. Pray for strength my dear Bishop. Pray that we one day we may get up and rise once more. I know you arent Dominican, so you hold no real allegiance to the nation, but for your sake, first, pray for strength for yourself, to grow a backbone.

  2. din
    June 8, 2020

    To all those calling George Floyd a criminal,Columbus was one also,and Dominicans are praising him.

  3. Jonathan Y St Jean
    June 8, 2020

    Where was the Bishop with his solidarity when the people of Marigot and Salisbury were being discriminated against by the Labour Party government in Dominica? The current deputy prime minister admitted that there was discrimination against these two communities. I guess because the George Floyd murder is an international piece of sensational news, that the Bishop felt compelled to speak up even when he knows that what he says won’t have any effect on the outcome, yet when members of his flock in Dominica are suffering at the hands of a corrupt regime he remains silent. Jesus warned us about those Scribes and Pharisees who wear long robes and appear to be so pious in public. I expected the Bishop of Dominica to be just as concerned about his suffering flock as suffering people in distant lands.

  4. Bob D
    June 7, 2020

    As Africans continue to be Murdered by the system that the Catholic Church been Historically part of, i wonder if the good Bishop have read the Churches past history. Mr Malzaire today is the face of the institution that was directly involve in the En-Slavement of the African, isn’t that a paradox?. It has been over a thousand years since the last African head of the church, and that in itself is Racism. The Bishops’ duty on behalf of the Church, is to continue pacifying the generations of Slave descendants, while at the same time condemning the Spiritual weakened, to the HELL created by Dante Aligieri of the Catholic hierache. This is what the Ancients call Spiritual Wickedness in high places , An African, representing his oppressors Doctrine to the highest order, in the name of Religion, the Bishops’ color makes him prime to being the next George Floyd. Its been 400 years of continuous terror for the African in the Americas, what is new? “KNOW THE PAST,SHAPE THE FUTURE”.

    • Afflicted
      June 10, 2020

      I too hold these truths dearly. HOTEP

  5. J.John-Charles
    June 7, 2020

    I have not heard or read of a single person, who is not outraged of the action of this policeman.I don’t know whether his deed was based on racism, or he was just wicked.Only God can tell.
    I noticed some people are taking the opportunity, to blame my president and called him racist.But when B.Clinton signed the Crime Bill, and by so doing,thousands upon thousands of blacks find themselves languishing in prison.I am just wondering, did the learned Dr. called him racist.?I don’t think so.

  6. Take warning
    June 7, 2020

    When I listen to the Bishop and others like him, I understand why 1 Peter 4:17 says this: “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God”

  7. Toto
    June 7, 2020

    Yes bishop Malzaire, what does Skerrit And his tonton macout have on you that you can not speak up for the oppressed in Dominica. Must be something for a man to stay silent like that, that is if you are a man of course.

  8. jason
    June 6, 2020

    Maybe we could get the good bishop to organize a protest for justice and economic empowerment in DA. Good use of time. The problem in Black society is that religion is what’s keeping the people from progress…leave it to God. Been saying that for decades while the politicians sell out the country and use religion to keep the people docile. Dominica needs a revolution after so many years. But then again, you give people a t-shirt and get them to think party over self and what do you think you will get? The Black people in the US are fighting the corrupt system, maybe something closer to home. Bishop, in the Name of the Living God, I guess, let’s start the fight of justice and transparency!

  9. Nkrumah Kwame
    June 6, 2020

    Certainly NOT what brother Germain former principal of the SMA did during the May 1979 upheaval!!
    I couldn’t agree more.

    • 72nations72elements
      June 9, 2020

      I heard the good Brother brought his students down to witness the revolution. ensured they were safe on the sidelines with good distance and he joined the fight for change. Fox was always a real one.

  10. June 6, 2020

    All of these 15 comments here, at this time, is certainly from the carnal-minded individuals. It is shameful that those individuals are Dominicans like me.

    You all are extremely carnal, in that you do not know the difference between reverence to God and blasphemy against Him; in other words, you all are possessed by a dead conscience, where Satan has decided to make his home, which should be the Home of the Holy God in all you.

    Not one of you here had one bit of respect for the Bishop, your words consist of all sorts of disrespect, rudeness, and senselessness, how can you all compare what happened to George Floyd with the incident of Gon Emanuel, for example?
    Human beings will be who they are all over the World; the police are not perfect, more so for the individuals, they have to deal with. How can you people expect the Bishop to go against all the works of the Police in Dominica, is that not asking him to go against the Laws of the nation?

    • Jonathan Y St Jean
      June 8, 2020

      Elizabeth, you are entitled to your point of view and if you want to consider the Bishop can do no wrong, and as we were taught long ago that the Pope as head of the Catholic Church and the representation of Christ is infallible, go ahead and believe what you want. Some of us look at the sexual abuse by priests, Bishops, Cardinals and by implication the hierarchy of the Church, and know that there is justification for criticizing the leadership of the Church when we see they go wrong. The Bishop of Dominica is no different.

    • Frank N Stein
      June 8, 2020

      Here comes the chief carnal minded Make way for Elizabeth Xavier, carnal minded in chief

    • RoRo
      June 10, 2020

      Xavier, you should talk…! You are the biggest hypocrite on gods earth. Blasphemy YOU dare talking about? Go away, you are a nasty piece of work and all in the name of YOUR PM. Shame on you!

  11. Sense out of nonsense
    June 6, 2020

    Where are the letters and support and solidarity for the family of David Dorn who was killed by rioters? An actual innocent black man who was just doing his job. Floyd was a career criminal who supposedly turned his life around but was using counterfeit cheques while on drugs and resisting arrest to the point that he fell out of the police vehicle and on to the ground resulting in the video that everyone has seen now. The perpetrators involved in Floyd’s death have all been arrested but Dorn’s killers are still on the loose. But nobody cares because he wasn’t killed by a white person (that we know of).

    • Frank N Stein
      June 8, 2020

      Jeeeez!! This one is a BOT, not a human. Bye bot

    • Just asking
      June 8, 2020

      Oh oh another one of them. white supremacists had enuff time with the evidence they’ve updated you with the spin? Was it Fox, OAN (Trump owned), or Breitbart ? 8)

  12. June 6, 2020

    George Floyd suffered a death of extreme anguish, in broad daylight, in the presence of a very large crowd. Everyone heard him begging for his Life crying out “I can’t breathe”, to the point of calling to his mother “to help me please”. As a mother myself, I cry to imagine hearing those words from my dying son

    But you all sounded as if the Bishop was speaking blasphemy because you say, he did not react against the police about whatever happened in Dominica. Let it be known that the Bishop knows when it is his place to interfere and when it isn’t

    I hate to say this, but in as much as George Floyd did not just end up under police brutality which took his death, it is the same with the Dominicans who got themselves involved in police disciplinary situations, which may have ended unfairly.

    There would be no need for police, soldiers, and the rest of them if mankind was disciplined to obey and follow the Laws of the Land, in the first place.

  13. mountain
    June 6, 2020

    Let the truth prevail. The most horrible crime I know of is, raping a woman. In Portsmouth about a month ago, a man raped and killed a 70 year old female French national at her home. If you are a labour long time supporter you are above the law. Courage people courage

  14. Afflicted
    June 6, 2020

    Thank you bishop. But it’s the same Romans.
    I still don’t know what you doing propping up their white jesus and take up their image. It is about color.

    That’s why they are careful not to take down nor stop using the white images and leave you with that Stockholm Syndrome; so that YOU know your place. They don’t play around. :twisted:

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      June 7, 2020

      I do not like that man Malzaire or whatever his name: Indeed he is in a false religion; preaching a roman doctrine which is not of God.

      They worship idols of clay, worship so called saints; there are no saints in heaven alive, however there are Angeles in heaven.

      Psalms 37:28. ” For the Lord loveth judgment, and forsaketh not his saints; they are preserved for ever; but the seed of the wicked shall be cut off.”

       The Bible views every Christian as a saint, as someone set apart for God’s work.

      Ephesians 4:12 teaches that the spiritual gifts are given “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ.”

      Clearly, the “saints” are ordinary Christians involved in service and worshiping God.

      Nevertheless; in spite of their idols which a white representation they claim of Angels and saints is total nonsense: I don’t believe they ever came out and said Jesus Christ is white.

      Understand no pope can make one saint!

  15. Josh Shaw
    June 6, 2020

    This is a worthless site! The admin keeps deleting my comments. Crap dno

    ADMIN:Your comments were not deleted…if you don’t see them you can try resubmitting them or emailing us at [email protected] for further assistance.

    • J
      June 7, 2020

      I Totally AGREE WITH YOU! They are censoring our comments and Spam you, delete your comments if they don’t like what you say…no freedom of the press practice here! DO NOT BELIEVE THE ADMIN RESPONSE…they spam you.

      Why waste time on this site typing to be taken down. I guess communist China mentality of control media has gotten to them.

      ADMIN: If we simply deleted comments we don’t agree with or don’t like we would definitely delete yours.

    • mountain
      June 8, 2020

      Mr. Shaw , you are not alone, worst it taking place on this site, than what happen about the law in the USA. America is the police for the world, do you expect a president to deploy the army for every black person on the street ,or a black person should have respect and manners for other people country and obey the law?

  16. Dr Clayton Shillingford
    June 6, 2020

    A necessary statement at this time especially since many of Trumps supporters and themselves racist are among the Christian Evangelicals in the US

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      June 7, 2020

      Clayton, never forget that the so called roman catholic instigated, and support racism from its inception.

      They the Roman Catholic hierarchy supported and uphold and condone slavery; and they used the Bible and word of God to support their theory why there was nothing wrong with Slavery!

      Yes indeed we read about the bond and the free in the Bible, but that sort of slavery was totally different than than forced slavery perpetrated on our forefathers.

      The christian evangelicals in the United States in many ways promotes racism, to this day; most of their congregation are all white.

      Nevertheless, one must never forget the damage Catholicism has done to the world the poverty in which our country finds itself are all due to roman catholic doctrine.

      They used scriptures such as ” the poor will always be among you.”

      They used that to justify poverty, and another; “money is the root of all evil.”

      The bible said ” For the love of Money” is the root of all evil; see…

  17. mountain
    June 6, 2020

    Babel Tower at its very best. Pride, Jealousy and Cowardice brought Jesus to the cross and we all have it in us. Person is enlisted to the police force, the oath goes like this:- OBEY THE LAW,PREVENT CRIME AND BRING CRIMINALS TO JUSTICE. This particular policeman was not adequately trained to carry out his duties without fair or favour, malice afforthought.The world is asking a President to deploy the army for every foreigner on the street. The police only intervine with people in the public when they break the law or need information.Stop prediducing the case let the assaillant gets a fair trial.

  18. The Watchman
    June 5, 2020

    My Bishop, why do you embarrass me with you so called message? My Bishop don’t you think it would have been better for you to continue to behave as if you don’t see, don’t hear and don’t know? My Bishop, as I read your message this verse from the mouth of Jesus comes to mind : ” You hypocrite! First take the log out of your own eye, and then you will be able to see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye” Matt. 7:5.
    My Bishop to my shame I say this to you as a bedo Catholic because I know you have seen or heard of the same things in Dominica and you opened not you mouth! You heard of the death of Joshua Ettiene while he was in police custody and you said nothing. You heard of the firebombing of GON Emmanuel on Christmas day, yet you said nothing! You heard PM Skerrit telling his supporters to boil water and throw it on his opponents and you said nothing! You heard PM Skerrit telling his supporters that if they vote Lennox Linton the nation’s blood will be on them…

  19. Marlon Xavier
    June 5, 2020

    The bishop should first be in solidarity with the thousands of people here in Dominica whom the DLP has knelt down on their throats for so many years. These people in this country want to fix other countries before fixing theirs. Shameful, disgraceful and distasteful people!

    • Nkrumah Kwame
      June 6, 2020

      It should be noted that the Bishop is in pain when people are discriminated against for their COLOUR, CLASS, CREED or RELIGION.
      NOT when the CONSTITUTIONAL rights of citizens are VIOLATED by the government of Dominica.

    • lin clown
      June 7, 2020

      Marlon Xavier,how is the DLP kneeling on DOMINICANS neck?You are behaving like a TYPICAL UWP JACKA.In December more than 23,000 voters,voted DLP 18-3.DLP is kneeling on your LYING,UNEDUCATED NECK not the Majority of DOMINICANS.The time is passed when the CLONES OF BABOONS could fool Dominicans NOT ANYMORE.LAZY.

    • J.John-Charles
      June 7, 2020

      Is Trump a racist?
      It is racist Trump who undo the Bill Clinton The Crime Bill,by signing the alternative…Criminal Justice Reform.effectively giving blacks a second chance in life.It is racist Trump who granted Alice M.Johnson (Black) clemency, after she was sentenced to life in prison.For a first time nonviolent drug offense.Now she is free.
      It was racist Trump who caused Mr. Charles (Black) singing the praises of Trump, because he was the first beneficiary of the First Step Act.
      It was racist Trump who gave millions of $ to the United Negro College Fund and the first president to signed an executive order so that the UNCF will continue to received millions from the U.S Gov.
      Again Under racist Trump, black unemployment was the lowest in U.S. history ..before the coronavirus.
      Under racist Trump billions of dollars was given, so that black entrepreneurs can open their own business.This one falls under the management of Dr.Ben Carson (HUD)

  20. jason
    June 5, 2020

    Thanks Bishop. But where you when in that same city 15 Black males were murdered by other Black males. Where were you when over 250 black people were murdered in Chicago by other Black males. Imagine the other cities with higher number. You’re fake just like the others. You’re not a man of God! You’re political. This was not a race thing but police training. Where were you when all Black police officers murdered Gray in Baltimore. You and all the other liberal racist white democrats and black democratic elites are fake and have misled the Black community.

    • din
      June 6, 2020

      To Jason,when they will come for you,hope you ask where were you Uncle tom.A fool at any age is a fool for life.

      • Sense out of nonsense
        June 6, 2020

        Well if he is not a career criminal, drug addict or have a bad attitude towards police he has little to fear. I have yet to see a single one of these events (police killings) that involved an actually INNOCENT black person. Every single time they are painted as innocent but when you dig deeper you find that they are the same kind of people we ourselves would be calling the police on. Black people are just hypocrites.

        • Jonathan Y St Jean
          June 8, 2020

          Sense out of nonsense, you should realize that even if someone has a criminal record he has his rights under the Constitution to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. There is no place for vigilante legal system. He must be brought before a judge for a trial who will examine the facts of each particular occurrence. Chauvin decided to be the judge, jury, and executioner. All banks accidentally accept fake currency which they send to the secret service when they discover it later. He who has no sin let him cast the first stone. There isn’t anyone who hasn’t done something wrong in their lives, so get off the almighty high horse of morality and stop pointing fingers. The legal system doesn’t operate on the premise that because one isn’t caught for wrongdoings in the past that they aren’t guilty of their charges.

      • jason
        June 6, 2020

        It’s not a matter of them coming for me Din. Please dispute what I said, you can’t. Obama/Biden has been in office for 8 years, they did nothing. Blacks, Democrats and liberal whites have been in power/charge of all these cities for over 40 years and nothing has changed. They control the police, education, health, everything and year after year they promise to make it better and it gets worst. At some point you must say enough is enough. Trump has been in office for 3 years and all of a sudden it’s him. Where were the mass protest when police (black and white) murdered other Black by the Black elites, Democrats and liberal racist white when the GOD Obama/Biden were in power, no protest because he is a God and Black so be quite. Dumb and Stupid! Biden has been in officer longer than I was born and now the same dumb and stupid black people are going to vote for him again. Something he could’nt do when he was VP or in the Senate..Democrats are the problem. See a jack…, you ride…

        • din
          June 8, 2020

          To Jason,A fool at any age is a fool for life,try to understand.

    • Nothing new
      June 7, 2020

      You see Jason, it’s not simply a police training thing. That’s what fox TV want you to think because they deem you incapable of doing your own research so they crunch and spin the data for you. We’re don’t care for Democrat nor Republican. Ask Fox tv to give you the raw data(simple Google search) you will see white on white crime is off the roof compared to black on black crime which is also too high.

      It is systemic racism that people are standing up to. South Africa apatrthied was powerful but was dismantled, still working on the remnants, but dismantled. We will keep standing up to u-all till we achieve CRITICAL MASS or till whites get more humane, for their own good and the future of their children, as their numbers are dwindling. You may be Black but I’m addressing you as white because there are many of you Blacks who do not research and believe all told to you by fox and mainstream media. We will keep standing up to both you and white racists.

  21. L C Matthew
    June 5, 2020

    Pure hypocrisy!! Its ok to speak out on injustice in the US but you guys sound lime you happy to highlight the racism in US. It is an open book. Likewise speak about the death and slow pace of justice for Joshua Ettiene in possi. A young guy who lost his leg after being shot when he was under a bed, the false imprisonment and charges against folks who does not share views of oppression. Just like trump try use bible to appeal to Christian conservatives so to do leaders in Dominica make donations to church hold gospel concert and elevate themselves to demi gods to fool the people. Organize a march against injustice in Dominica, against corruption, and immorality. That would do you better. How are you trying to bring the people back to church? Take a page from bishop Tutu, rev MLK, Rev Jessie Jackson. March and speak out forcefully against injustice at home then you will sound credible. Bishop i hate to say it but that 500k was to cover roof and tie your mouth. Diabolical at best!!!

  22. Pipo
    June 5, 2020

    Dear bishop sorry to say you are a weasel. Yes, the thing that happened in the USA with George Floyd is terrible of course and we must condemn it. But we also have our own problems here at home with police brutality and ignorance of the law, a veritable dictatorship on our own doorstep with a man behaving like Trump And worse but you are silent on that, not a word of protest. To say I am disappointed in you is being mild. I am a member of your church bishop Malzaire but jumping on the bandwagon for George does not cut it for me. You have no influence in the US but could make a difference at home where we are equally brutalised. When are you speaking up about that?

  23. Anansi
    June 5, 2020

    But sir, this is a two-faced move. Where were you to call for solidarity against the corrupt results of the 2019 elections?

  24. Heyk
    June 5, 2020

    Hey bishop where can I find your message of solidarity on what happened to the elderly citizens and babies in Salisbury. They were tear gassed in the early morning while they were still asleep people were tear gassed and shot while they went about their business waiting to get their groceries etc., and I didnt read any solidarity message from you, correct me if I’m wrong though maybe you made a solidarity speech and it’s out there somewhere. Can you tell me where to find that speech? Then I’ll have jo problem taking back what I just wrote. God will rebuke you if you turn a blind eye to the victimization and abuse of the citizens of Dominica and then claim you’re in solidarity with the same thing happening in the US. Do you really think Martin Luther King would be in support of you being selective in which atrocity against the Black population you pick and choose to support? And God is not happy with you either.

  25. Frank N Stein
    June 5, 2020

    Bishop you need to stand in solidarity with the innocent black brothers our police force keep arresting without reasonable cause. Clean the beam from your eyes before you check the neighbor.

    • Observer
      June 6, 2020

      Maybe you should do some eye cleaning yourself. What type of person would attack a bishop who is addressing an issue people all over the world are supporting? What type of person would try to attack and tell the world that a Bishop who is standing with black people who are struggling for equality in America to be quiet. Your ignorance is so disrespectful is just unbelievable.

      But what does one expect from an individual who refers to itself as Frank N Stein (Frankenstein)

      • Frank N Stein
        June 8, 2020

        Observer the Bishop deserves NO RESPECT! if he did he would be getting in from all Dominicans. He is a hypocrite and thats that! You must be in the same boat with him, you will see your child getting violated but you will give support to the neighbor child, RUBBISH! You think respect is something people just dash anywhere on anybody?

        Frank N Stein

  26. June 5, 2020

    Bishop it’s all well and good to be concerned as to what is happening in the US.
    But what about at home?
    I’m not gonna mix my words here. You guyscondone, cover up ,tern a blind eye, find all sorts of excuse,accept all kinds of bribe,say nothing,keep your eyes ,mouth & ears shut,fail to condemn all the nonsense that’s happening in Dominica. The young man from Portsmouth was KILLED in police custody and more atrocities were committed by this same mercenaries and as if nothing happened.
    Look at GON EMANUEL and other serious crimes,BABY SARAH,Skerit instructing his house slaves to ” dash ” the opposition with HOT WATER,yet you the bishop said nothing, for that matter you CONDONE it.
    Thats why I’m saying that the most high will deal with you all false prophets.

  27. Oppressed
    June 5, 2020

    As far as I’m concerned the Bishop statement is hypocrisy. You can’t be publicly speaking of oppression in the US and right in Dominica where you are residence you turn a blind eye on the oppression of opposition forces. My brother oppression is oppression and if that’s your principle chant it down where ever it is or continue keeping silent

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