CBI funded resorts and spa under construction continue to generate growth for the economy – Tourism Minister

The construction of seven new hotels and resorts funded under the Citizenship By Investment (CBI) programme, is expected to result in a total investment of approximately EC 950 million dollars, while creating 470 construction jobs and 791 permanent jobs when these accommodations begin to operate.

That’s what Minister of Tourism, International Transport and Maritime Initiatives, Denise Charles reported during a cabinet press conference held on March 17, 2021.

Charles stated that the government of Dominica’s vision to further expand the economy through the reengineering of the CBI option concession facilitated by the Invest Dominica Authority as well as financing from the AID bank, has resulted in the creation of both short and long term jobs and luxury resorts, to cater to a new niche market and attract a high-end clientele.

“An important activity which directly impacts growth and employment is the construction of accommodation facilities. These last construction projects have the potential of creating short term jobs during construction, for various skill sets and levels,” Charles noted. “Upon completion, long term employment is created for staffing these facilities in various fields. This is where Dominicans benefit the most as the livelihoods of so many are positively impacted.”

Construction site for Anichi Resorts

The Minister further noted that the ongoing project also has tremendous multiplying effects in terms of the increase in demand for goods and services.

Among the five Star resorts expected to be completed in December of 2022, is the Anichi Resort and Spa located in Picard Portsmouth,  which will contain 121 rooms and Tranquility Beach Dominica located in Salisbury which, upon completion, will boast of 48 condos, 2 penthouse suites and 4 villas.

Collectively, 120 individuals are employed on the construction of these projects and a projected 430 employment opportunities will be created once they are completed.

Also on the cards for completion in October of this year, is the expansion of Jungle Bay Resort and Spa in Soufriere, where 200 construction workers are employed and which is expected to create 120 jobs post-construction. There’s also Secret Bay in Portsmouth, which is slated for completion in 2023, creating 160 pre-development 123 post-development jobs.

As the Tourism Minister further revealed, these four CBI investment projects will cost approximately 869 million dollars in total.

Meantime, an additional three properties -Villa Copthall, Coulibri Ridge and the expansion of the Fort Young Hotel – are also being constructed from private investment, concessions by Invest Dominica Authority, and AID bank financing.

As reported, these private investments, which will be completed in 2021 and 2022 bringing in over 200 jobs, have already resulted in a total injection of 76 million dollars into Dominica’s economy.

The construction of several new hotels is also expected to commence this year which Minister Charles says will take tourism in Dominica to the next level.

She says despite the COVID-19 pandemic, notwithstanding, the tourism industry continues to be one of the most significant pillars of economic growth and job creation in Dominica.

Tranquility Beach

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  1. LifeandDeath
    March 22, 2021

    Question. Presently is there any Government Minister that is a right fit for their ministerial portfolio?

    Dominica seems to have gone downhill really fast.. Where is the wit and passion, where is the relevant expertise?

  2. Man bites dogs
    March 22, 2021

    Those so-called UWP***ks and their supporters are all empty bags of coals dust, dust, dust and nothing else talking nonsense and making fools of themselves did anyone see that so-called opposition leader in Marigot on Friday? Omg all this guy wanted was a black gong large hat and he would fit the bill perfectly, even then he could not read that crap someone wrote for him just for a laugh 😂😂🤣

    • acs
      March 23, 2021

      So what are you then?

  3. Ibo France
    March 22, 2021

    It’s truly amazing that this Minister could rattle off so much statistics and data so effortlessly even though they may be deliberately inflated.

    Why then can’t Dominicans get the true financial figures of the CBI program and how these billions are being spent? The public has a RIGHT to know as this is their money. It is my educated guess that the only reason this information is being withheld from the public is because corruption abounds. What else could it be?

    TRANSPARENCY is the best ingredient to good governance. What is most worrisome is that most Dominicans remain steaddfastly taciturn.

    Dominicans are unique!

  4. Original
    March 21, 2021

    “The construction of seven new hotels and resorts funded under the Citizenship By Investment (CBI) programme, is expected to result in a total investment of approximately EC 950 million dollars, while creating 470 construction jobs and 791 permanent jobs when these accommodations begin to operate.”
    how many of the 470 persons are Dominicans? having Chinese construct those hotels is not helping the economy of Dominica, it is helping China and individual interests, who knows what are the interests of any individual in Governments interest in those hotels where as the resources of Dominica are what has financed those hotels yet the state has not one share in any of those hotel developments! then who owns the states share? plus where are the jobs from the already constructed hotels?

  5. AA
    March 21, 2021

    How are people getting to Dominica? That is the question

  6. Waiting For Airport
    March 21, 2021

    How exactly do these projects grow the economy post construction? AT best a few locals will get a minimum number of basic wage jobs from this, maybe a few farmers will benefit if they to use local food supplies… but the bulk of these profits will go to the foreign investors who invested in them – and the government ministers they made deals with.

    Unless it is based on monetising our natural resources, it has nothing to do with growing our economy.

    CBI has nothing to do with our local economy. CBI is about high level government officials getting enormous payments in exchange for gradually making foreigners have more rights to Dominica than actual Dominicans.

  7. Ibo France
    March 20, 2021

    The government is making an investment amounting to $950 000 000 in new five star hotels and not a dime in stimulus packages for the many thousands of unemployed, impecunious citizens whose next meal is in serious doubt.

    The modern day tourists are mostly attracted to natural physical features (rivers, waterfalls, mountains, hills, undulating landscape), the natural environment (flora and fauna, culture ( music, dances, cuisines, celebrations, arts, etc) and cleanliness, tranquility and stability of the country.

    They detest being holed up in a concrete monstrosity having continental dishes and watching cable television.

    No amount of fantastic job and profit predictions by the visionless minister will come to fruition.

    • Roger Burnett
      March 22, 2021

      Following on from your observations regarding what today’s tourists (and more importantly tomorrow’s tourists) are looking for.

      Some years ago the person at DDA responsible for marketing the National Trail claimed that what the trail needed was attractions. As if the dramatic scenery along the route was not enough!

  8. Toto
    March 20, 2021

    Denise you forgetting Duncan Stowe’s Timbo Downtown boutique hotel in Victoria St. then. Right there on the seaside just before Newtown. CBI Office said that is the eighth approved hotel project. Is Duncan going to compete with the Nassiefs or is he just a front for someone else really. The bushes have ears you know.

  9. Viewsexpressed
    March 20, 2021

    CBI to do what!!!??? “Is expected to Total Results…!!???. Tell us where please, because over 20 long failed years we have seen and experienced absolutely no foreseeable development taken place in our ailing Dominica and suffering people under this failed incompetent Questionable Labour government and its Immature visionless Incompetent Failed Prime Minister and failed Labour government.
    It’s time that this Fake Labour government:- and I quote: – “To go to Hell, Go to Hell, it’s none of our Damn Business..”
    Why?, Because this failed Labour government and its failed incompetent Skerrit has failed the poor people of Dominica and it’s ailing business and economy. We need to get immnature Skerrit Out of our government and our people of Suffering unemployed Dominican People.
    Get the HELL OUT of our government. You failed us the people of Dominica.

  10. March 19, 2021

    In the other world we will see it. Alleluia

  11. LifeandDeath
    March 19, 2021

    Read this “EC 950 million dollars, while creating 470 construction jobs and 791 permanent jobs”.
    At this rate the Government spends $1,201,011.38 to create 1 (ONE) low wage permanent/seasonal Job. Isn’t this a dismal ratio of ROI on these hotel projects. Poor Denise, #noclue :-x
    It seems as if Dr.Dr. Skerrit has indeed taken a major gamble on (more likely squandered) these passport monies.
    Can anybody think of another Industry that could be transformed for the better and creating way more higher paying Jobs?
    Skerrit’s decision making skills demonstrate the epitome of a debilitating Dominican psyche that Everything foreign is better for us, never mind our own Godgiven resources of sand, water, fertile soils and a pristine natural environment. Let’s just put all our monies in hotels like Antigua, and Anguilla and St.Martin and let’s just hope that we can do a better job than them at landing the tourists to our shores instead. Carry on and Good Luck!!

  12. dissident
    March 19, 2021

    Reality check….how many people employed at kempinski hotel?
    These employment figures are overrated!
    As I write, how many formerly laid off hotel workers have been reemployed?
    Are you trying to do a 10 year tourism plan in 2 years…in a post covid-19 economy? Could you be able to tell the public the honest figure for Dominica passport sales…..how many new citizens will we be adding to our population to achieve this Herculean task?…..HONESTLY!!!!???
    I think that Skerrit trying to hide de real headaches in de economy.
    When budget time comes Skerrit will go to parliament and I want him to tie all this up with de international airport dream of his!
    De world post covid-19 economy is nothing to pussyfoot about Skerrit!

  13. click here
    March 19, 2021

    These projects arent bringing ANY growth. The money recieved from selling passports is used to construct these projects. Most times the contractors are brought in. Jungle Bay used local contractors. the only thing is some construction workers get hired and yes they do bring in their construction workers from abroad. The average person on the ground, knows nothing about it. Ok so when the 3-4 more hotels gets built what then? when the rooms arent filled and hotels operates at a loss due to allllll the other issues that have continued to be overlooked in Dominica. Again Denise knows absolutely NOTHING! about tourism. Petro Caribe she used to work along with the Pinard feller from Pt. Michel. Like the man on Matt said, Dominica is product not market oriented. We think if we build it they MUST come. But we have no idea what they coming for how or why they coming for it. That is even if they understand exactly what marketing is? its not just advertising. Thats like the last thing.

  14. %
    March 19, 2021

    She said CBI funded resorts are generating growth for the economy?
    Which economy Denise?
    This fictitious economy you are referring to consists of just a few, that the CBI funds have made filthy filthy, filthy rich, but about 90% of Dominicans are filthy poor.. I do not even think that there is a middle class. You all have ‘decimated’ the middle class year ago, and it was a well thought of strategy..WICKED!!!!
    I honestly think you blabber too much, for a square peg in a round hole…
    Tourism will go nowhere with people like you lady…You and your entire entourage in tourism need to get the hell out, and let trained competent people do the job.

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