ALIVE WORD: A call to repentance Part 3

The Richardsons

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

The flood in the Tortola, British Virgin Islands in November 2003 was the worst that many of us on this island has ever seen.  This was just a ‘a tropical system’, not even a named storm or a hurricane but it caused major flash-flooding in just a few days.  Hurricanes give warnings most of the times but earthquakes do not.  We must use wisdom and be physically prepared but more important we must be spiritually prepared.

Our land’s need healing; it is time for us to REPENT!!!  God and God alone is our answer and in Him lies our hope.  In Psalm 46 God promises to be our refuge and strength and our very present help in trouble.

We encourage you, that if you do not know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour repent of your sins and accept Him into your heart and life TODAY.  Don’t wait until you see or hear of destruction coming your way to cry out to God because you may not have the chance to do so.  “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”  1 Thessalonians 5:3  Secure your soul in Jesus Christ.  We have seen from past natural disasters how just in a few minutes LIVES, POSSESSIONS AND FAMILIES COULD BE GONE.  But if our life is hid with Christ in God, we are safe in Jesus Christ  “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”  Matthew 16:26

Oh Caribbean, God is merciful to us and He loves us so much that He always sends warning before judgment.  Hurricanes are sometimes predicted but earthquakes give no warning and floods could be life threatening.  People of the Caribbean it is time for us to REPENT!!!  Escape the coming judgment by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and turning wholeheartedly to God.

Saints of God, God is calling us to pray like we have never prayed before.  First we must live holy lives and not be ashamed to encourage sinners to make Jesus Christ Lord of their lives.  Let us not compromise in our walk with the Lord or our stand for the Lord.

For those of you who have answered the call individually or as a body to pray and fast on behalf of your land continue in fervent prayer.  Continue to be watchmen on the wall.  Do not grow weary in your prayers.

Hear the words of Ezekiel 33:11-18 from the Message Bible – “Tell them, “As sure as I am the living God, I take no pleasure from the death of the wicked. I want the wicked to change their ways and live. Turn your life around! Reverse your evil ways! Why die, Israel (oh Caribbean)?’  “There’s more, son of man. Tell your people: “A good person’s good life won’t save him when he decides to rebel and a bad person’s bad life won’t prevent him from repenting of his rebellion. A good person who sins can’t expect to live when he chooses to sin. It’s true that I tell good people, “Live! Be alive!” But if they trust in their good deeds and turn to evil, that good life won’t amount to a hill of beans. They’ll die for their evil life.  On the other hand, if I tell a wicked person, “You’ll die for your wicked life,” and he repents of his sin and starts living a righteous and just life being generous to the down-and-out, restoring what he had stolen, cultivating life–nourishing ways that don’t hurt others–he’ll live. He won’t die. None of his sins will be kept on the books. He’s doing what’s right, living a good life. He’ll live.  Your people say, “The Master’s way isn’t fair.” But it’s the way they’re living that isn’t fair. When good people turn back from living good lives and plunge into sin, they’ll die for it.”

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  1. Gary
    July 20, 2010


    It is very sad when we blame some external source namely the “devil” as the enemy of knowledge. Let us not forget true ignorance is not the absence of knowledge, but the refusal to acquire it.

    You have a right to your beliefs. Why is it just because I’m in disagreement with your religious beliefs that I’m considered to be complaining and be compared to the people in the days of Noah, what you are telling me is that if I do not share your religious beliefs then I’m compared to the people in the days of Noah. My disagreement with you is not about God but the stories attributed to God.

    • Amanda Rose
      February 14, 2011

      I seem to be burning this blog up. But a question for this statement.
      What do you believe? I dont like the word religious or religion there words of segregation.
      I do believe as far as people are concerned there are those full of spirit and those a little barren and dry.
      Im quite backwards to others i set with on sunday. I laugh when others cry ,cry when others laugh. Its how i understand things. Im not bothered by things that they are. there are times though when we are of the same.

  2. PAIN
    July 20, 2010

    @gary: The greatest enemy of knowlege is the Devil.

    When Noah was warning the people about the great flood which was to come, the people spoke and complained just as you are doing now!
    What happened? They all perished and died!

    • Amanda Rose
      February 14, 2011

      His complaint is not with God. His question is about people. The so called righteous. I here and see it alot.
      blind leading the blind . Hes not blind but im sure hes tired of hearing the deaf make noise in his ears. the devil is also selfrightious. he was cast out for it. Understanding is a gift from God. With understanding you have knowledge. (Being any thing of truth wich you must understand to know). He satan will throw a blind over or at least try to. He doesnt want you to understand. A word is just a word but throw it in a sentence and there is a new twist on it. The truth is just that, but only tell 1/2 of it and its not as it seems or is it? Maybe you saw something that seemed cruel like a child being spanked. But did you see or here or know what the child was doing, did or going to do.? have you been with the child all its life and even if you had been do you truly know? or even the person giving the spanking? If not then understand do not be hasty.when warning comes then heed it. Understand it and knowledge of how to deal with it will come. What we can not do HE will see it done if it be HIS will how HE sees fit.

  3. July 19, 2010

    Gary, you have said one thing that is very true an I will quote it partly. “At some point in our existence we have to take responsibility for our thinking” That is the time that you make the choices of Life. And may I remind you that Life is of God, a person of Spirit and Truth, the state of Love in the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is now the Light of my soul.

    I am not speaking of some wild imagination, I am speaking of personal experience. Because of this personal experience I knew the urge, the desire to change, from my sole existence of flesh and blood and the dependence of my human mind, that I would come to know Life in Spirit and in Truth, the state of Love, as the mind of God’s Holy Spirit took control in me.

    That is repentance, the gradual renewal of the human mind, better known as transformation–the change from mortality to immortality. And immortality is the Life which continues to flourish in the ecstasy of Faith, Hope, and Love.

    Our immortal state does not come to us after we live this existence, we must make sure that we know the state of immortality before our day in this world comes to an end, if that is to happen. You must be born again of Water and the Spirit! But the choice is yours.

    That is a choice which you make on your own. No one can force you, as God, in Jesus Christ, does not force anyone. At revelation 3: He said: Behold I stand at the door and knock, if anyone should hear my voice and open for me, I will come in and eat with him as he eats with me. It is up to you to open up your door to God. But do not say that you never heard of His message, that you might listen for His knock. God has appointed many, many messengers like the writer, of the article above, whom you disagree with.

    And one more thing, it is the disobedience of mankind that had God calling for sacrifices of animals. Through the blood of those animals God manage to help people to escape the destructiveness of their sinful nature before Him. That is one thing that we human beings do not care about–the fact that God is Holy and He wants a Holy people to stand before Him.

    God is a Holy God, of Spirit and Truth, who cannot tolerate sinfulness. Your sinful nature to God’s Holiness is the same as a filthy, dirty, ugly, gruesome, substance before your own face. You just want to get rid of that substance or to get away from its presence. That is what you sinfulness does to God. So He finds ways and means to protect you from His Holiness.

    God is also a God of Love who serves us with mercy and compassion. When animal’s blood no longer protected us from our nature of sinfulness, God sent His only Begotten Son, that His blood might save us. And today, without the blood of Jesus Christ, you would not exist as a human being.

    Stop, look, and listen. And do your best to accept the Word of God from His chosen servants or messengers. Do what King Solomon did. Ask God for faith, which reveals spiritual wisdom and understanding from His Holy Spirit, who will teach you to know God and His Ways. For knowledge of God is evidence of Eternal Life.

  4. Expat
    July 19, 2010

    Finally someone who knows what it means to be an individual and not be complicit in his belief and morals. Far too often people are fooled into a false sense of security about what is right and what is wrong without the pretext of responsibility as a result of religion.

  5. gary
    July 19, 2010

    How many more parts needed again to conclude your doom and gloom revelation. is there more to come that you haven’t reveled. Your opening paragraph 2 Chronicles 7:14 suits you fine but what about the whole story talking about a jealous God wanting also sacrifices in his temple built for him.
    2 Chronicles 7: 11. Do you believe the Creator would want sacrifices( animals) done in a temple to please him and make him happy, read 2 Chronicles 7 :4 Why don’t you talk about the sacrifices wanted also by that God. Is that the God you want people to repent to? and if you don’t, worthy on you, earthquakes and Hurricanes look out.

    Is it not time people decide who God is for themselves, and not let other people or institutions make that decision for them, and just following blindly, like the blind leading the blind. At some point in our life we do have to take responsibility for our thinking and not let other people do the thinking for us,telling us who is God and what it is we need to do to know him. What authority do these people have, and who gave them that authority, mind you, I’m not proclaiming to know everything, I’m smart enough to know that, I do not know everything. Why is it that the truth has to come from a religion, the correct denomination and some Pastor.The search for truth implies a duty on the part of the individual. Let us not forget The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge, and that illusion is perpetrated by religion.

    • Amanda Rose
      February 14, 2011

      Hi Gary it seems as though you have been hindered by the selfrighteous folks who wish to force things on you as though a noose around your neck. I have also had this occur. because they did not see me as fit. Or my life as fit. This was not God. Im sensitive to words of others as they are to what i say as well. We can not change people and in revalations and you will have to read to find (i remember the understandings and lessons just not always their times and places.) basically free will is not forced even in the worse of circumstances or best. it is choice and we are rewarded for our choices/works justly. rev.22;11-21
      It is your choice to keep you and your loved ones safe and when even you are doing your best with all good in you to teach even them how. you will have your own questions asked to you by those closest. this will be your understanding or perhaps you have had it already happen. I have and it isnt over because there is still life in us. The battle is with in our selves to know what to do /what not to do. No one else can walk your shoes nor live your life nor mine. But sometimes in us others find hope and faith or even death and despair.I truly hope i give more hope and faith than the other. Sometimes the other is unavoidable because of good intentions but was hasty or lazy and just did it wrong. hence bad choices. There is a whole truth and is never one sided. In fact it is every thing and every one. And Ignorance is knowledge with out understading not in part but of a whole. Revalation is a book that i have been sent visions of in dreams since i was little. when eyes closed he shows me. when eyes open it unveils. Try the book of Job It is beautiful.
      You sound like a beautiful character who has experienced both sides of life. Dont let people hinder you. we are all a page. If we are still breathing we are still being written what will your life say? Soul/life=everchanging yet unchangeable………………………………………..Riddles that only a seeker can understand. we all understand in due time. Jesus said it is for all freely with one law. Wonder how many can quote that law. Live by that one and we have no need for the others.

    • Amanda Rose
      February 14, 2011

      the sacrifice now is a living sacrifice evry day of our selves for the greater good not blood not animals but that we live his one law as jesus did. I fall short of this every day. when i snap at someone or do something that would hurt another. its not that i mean to. when i cant make it right, my heart burns from the coals ive heaped upon my own head. The sacrifice is to shine Gods light for others to see or here. Not to be cruel or condemn others but live by that one law.

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