ALIVE WORD: People of the Caribbean serious times are here, perilous times are ahead. Let us truly repent before the Lord

Ministers Wilbert and Jacqueline Richardson

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

Father God in the name of Jesus Christ, we thank You today for this day that You have made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. We thank You Lord for the Caribbean region that You have created and ordained. Lord we know that the Caribbean region was created that we may serve and worship You in spirit and in truth. But Lord we have sinned as a people; we have strayed and we have turned our backs from You. Lord we come bowing this day, humbling ourselves in an act of repentance. Lord we know that in order for change to come; in order for the revival and Your power to flow through the Caribbean, it must begin with us individually, as a body and as a people.

Lord, here we are this day, repenting and offering ourselves as living sacrifices. Lord we say ‘Yes’ to You this day; yes to Your will and yes to Your way.

Lord today we come boldly before Your throne, seeking help in this time of need. Lord we come as Your people, interceding and asking You to have mercy on our land and our Caribbean region. Lord we have sinned as a people, but we come repenting this day and asking You for forgiveness. We ask You dear Lord to cleanse us from all filthiness of the body, soul and spirit. We ask You dear Lord this day to create within us clean hearts and renew a right spirit within us.  Lord cast us not away and take not Your Holy Spirit from us.  Have mercy upon us Lord.

Lord we confess that we have turned our backs on You in so many ways as a people and have sinned in thoughts, words and deeds, given creed to other gods. Lord we repent this day and ask for Your forgiveness. We repent Lord for embracing darkness in our land instead of Your light. We repent for calling good evil and evil good. We repent for standing for religion instead of righteousness.

We repent o God, as nations and territories in the Caribbean for the shedding of innocent blood in our region. We repent for loving money and allowing greed and every evil work to be business as usual in our land in high and low places.   We repent Lord for the sins of homosexuality in our region. We repent for embracing and holding doctrines and teachings that are not in accordance to Your word. Lord we ask for Your mercies this day.

Lord in the name of Jesus Christ we repent not only for the sins but for the sins of our forefathers that have brought generational curses in our lives and in our lands. We plead Your precious blood this day in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  We bind generational curses in the name of Jesus Christ and we command them to chained into the bottom of the ocean.

Lord, as a church, as Your body in the Caribbean, forgive us for being disobedient and rebellious. Forgive us Lord for becoming complacent and not doing what You have called us to do. Forgive us Lord for being lukewarm and cold and more concerned about church memberships, personal agendas and positions instead of concerned about winning souls. We repent Lord for persecuting Your prophets, and Your anointed ones. We repent for putting blocks in the way of those You have called and chosen to be Your voice in our region. Lord we ask Your forgiveness this day.

O God, we as a church we repent for the sin of compromise, we repent for being lovers of pleasure, more than lovers of You. We repent Lord for wearing masks and pretending to be who we are not in You. We repent for allowing the works of the flesh: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, homosexuality. We repent for praising You with our lips when our hearts are far from You. Lord we repent this day.

O God as a church we repent for not sounding the alarm in our land. We repent for not going where You have told us to go and doing and saying what You have told us to say. We repent Lord for not living in accordance with Your Word. Lord we ask for Your forgiveness this day. We repent Lord, for allowing our walk with You to be a stumbling block to others because we do not live Your Word. God we ask for Your mercies this day.

We repent Lord, for not reverencing You and not fearing You at all times. We repent Lord for fearing man and bringing snare in our lives and in our land. We repent Lord for causing division and confusion in Your body and causing many to depart from the faith. We repent Lord for not praying consistently for those who are in authority in the world or in the church. We repent Lord for not being led by Your Holy Spirit but being more concerned about set programs, tradition, religion and man made agendas. We repent Lord, for causing Your Holy Spirit to depart from many of our churches because of the spirit of religion, legalism, and the works of witchcraft evident through control and manipulation.  Lord we repent for praying with hearts that are not right with You.  Lord we ask Your forgiveness this day.

Lord as a church we repent for not exalting You at all times. We repent for the times we shared Your glory by exalting ourselves, our pastors, our ministries, our churches and we did not give the glory to You. Lord we ask for Your mercies this day. We repent Lord for the times that we have complained and murmured and failed to give You thanks and praise.

We repent Lord for the times that we have allowed the spirit of Jezebel, the spirit of the Anti-Christ, and the spirit of Lucifer to manipulate and control the churches, the government and people in our region. Lord we ask for Your forgiveness.  We repent for allowing Jezebel and his/her witchcraft to rule and reign in homes, in churches and in our government.

We repent dear Lord for legislating sin in our region. We repent for the sins of greed, bribery, witchcraft, voodoo and corruption in individual lives, in the churches and governments in our region. We repent Lord for the formation of groups, secret societies and organisations that are good but not of God. We repent Lord, for having a form of godliness but denying Your power.

We repent Lord for being prejudice, having respect of persons, and fearing man instead of fearing You. We repent for endeavoring more to please man than to please You. We repent dear Lord for allowing injustice and unrighteousness to prevail.

O God we repent as nations and territories in the Caribbean for the times that we have placed the unrighteous in authority, for Lord You said in Your Word that only when the righteous rule, the people rejoice. Lord we repent this day. We repent Lord for upholding, customs, traditions and practices that are not of You.

We repent Lord for taking You for granted, trampling on Your mercies and treating You like a ‘Red Cross God’, only calling on You when we are in trouble. Lord we repent as a region for the many times that we have promised You after disaster struck our land, that we would live holy lives and when things get back to normalcy we forget You.  In Jesus name we ask this prayer, Amen.  (Continued in Friday’s devotional)

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  1. Lizavier4Jesus
    November 22, 2010

    @Watcher for Jesus:

    I understand! Praise be to our Great God, in His Person, Jesus Christ.

  2. Watcher for Jesus
    November 18, 2010

    @Lizavier4Jesus: Yes Liz indeed I quite agree. If he has forgiven us then we need not live in the guilt of sin even those who do not understand try to raise the past. I usually say to persons , My father have forgiven me and he has asked me to lay the burdens at the foot of the cross and leave them there. We need to encourage one another , we will be criticised but hese days who are not criticised even the Son – Jesus was when he walked the earth.

  3. Lizavier4Jesus
    November 17, 2010

    @Watcher for Jesus:

    I agree with you as well. I had all that you said in my mind as I was writing, and I would have added it, but I needed to extend my point and then my comment would be too long. But I am glad that you added it and I thank you very much. So now I hope that between what I said and what you said, those who read and may be lesser advance than us, will understand more clearly how and why the Richardsons have prayed the way they did.

    One of the reasons I emphasized on maintaining faith in the sanctification of our bodies, is because I know that many people say they are Christians for many, many years and they still live with the condemnation of sin. It has a lot to do with not fully understanding the reason for their relationship with Almighty God, through Jesus Christ. But we do not give glory to God that way. And it is the same as if Jesus’ suffering, death, burial, and resurrection, has done nothing to change us. It is even useless to think of ourselves as Christians.

    We need to realize that once we accept Jesus in our lives, and surrender to Him, the first thing He does by the power of His Holy Spirit is to connect us to conscience, where He goes to work to transform our minds, to have control over our lustful desires and other sinful temptation, until we are able to speak against and conquer those desires and temptations.

    By the power of His Holy Spirit Jesus teaches us to do what He, Himself, was able to do when Satan came to tempt three times. All of this happens by our steadfast faith. Faith is not feelings, but we know when our faith is working steadfastly on our behalf, because our mind is always wrapped up in the things about God, regardless of the time of day or whatever it is we are doing.

    How can I say that I have overcome the lust of my flesh and sinful tempataions, when I continue to live with the guilt of a sin I commited since the stone ages ago? Not only that, with that guilt on my mind I am more likely to commit more sins. What do you think?

  4. Watcher for Jesus
    November 16, 2010

    @Lizavier4Jesus: Yes Liz whilst I agree with you on this but remember we also have to stand in the gap for the other persons (in the land and Caribbean) and to confess the sins of the nations before our Father. These persons are sinful and they do not have it in their minds to confess or repent; It is the remnants who have to do just this so his tender mercies will be showered upon the land / our people. Although we cannot dictate what he will do when and whatever he has to do … This will be done according to his will. Yes indeed the remnants must be cleansed persons but since it is directed tht we should pray for our Leaders and those in authority and others (be each others keeper), then we have to pray as such. It is the remnants who can pray both ways as you have indicated above and also on behalf of others (most times our own children and relatives fall in that category) – who revel in their sinful nature.

  5. Concerned Citizen
    November 16, 2010


  6. Lizavier4Jesus
    November 16, 2010

    We simply need to maintain faith; for faith tells us that we have been justified (made right) with our God of Holiness and Truth, because of the Blood of His Person, Jesus Christ. And so we have peace with God. Not the state of calm or tranquility; but the nature of the Spirit; the state, by which we can dwell in the presence of God, with the sense of security, knowing that by faith our sinful bodies and our human mind have been sanctified–cleansed– by His Love.

    Maybe it is now time to stop praying as sinful people, and to acknowlege that by faith we are now a cleansed people as we allow ourselves to move on with the hope of complete mind renewal and transformation, to know and live the Life of Love, that God has blessed us with, through the sufferring, death, burial, and resurrection, of Jesus Christ. The more we continue to declare ourselves a sinful people, the more we continue to exist with the idea of sin in our mind. We need to think of ourselves as people who are “washed in the blood of the Lamb”–our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And by faith we will continue to conquer or overcome the sinful desires and temptations of the flesh.

    The apostle Paul reminds us at Romans 6, as he tells us: “Do you not know that as many of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into His death? Therefore we were burried with Him through baptism into death, that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, even we also should walk in Newness of Life”.

    It is now time for us to accept the fact that we are dead to our sinful nature of the flesh, that we might begin to walk with the Life of Love through Jesus Christ. That is the only thought in our mind that will declare we are ready to receive Him. Otherwise we continue to remain in doubt, which continues to delay the return of Jesus Christ, for Jesus would like to find that His chosen people are ready to receive.

  7. eh
    November 16, 2010

    please spare me

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