ALIVE WORD: Fight the good fight of faith

Ministers Wilbert and Jacqueline Richardson

“Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.”  1 Timothy 6:12

Brethren, we are in a fight, but it is a good fight.  God wants us to ‘Fight the Good Fight of Faith”.  You can’t turn back now.  You can’t slow down or become complacent.  Move forward in the Lord.  You are on a mission – A mission to your destiny.

Many times God shows us where He wants us to go, who He wants us to become in Him or what He wants us to do.  He begins to reveal His plans in part.  We may know where we are but we seldom ever see the map to our destiny.  We are children of Abraham.  Hebrews 11:8 states “By faith Abraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, obeyed; and he went out, not knowing whither he went.”

Just as Abraham journeyed by faith we too have to journey by faith.  We have to trust God each step of the way.  God may have given you a vision that calls for thousands or millions of dollars and you do not see the first penny in the natural.  It would be so easy if you just had the thousands that you now need and a few extra thousands just in case.  You know what; sometimes it does not work like that.

One reason is because when we have all that we need especially financially to do what God has called us to do we sometimes feel like it is us who are doing it.  Other times, God has to put us through the fire to refine us and get us ready for the task He has called us to.  When we have to believe God every day for His provision, we walk by faith each step of the way … When we totally depend on God, God gets the glory.  If you are in situations today where you know that only God can help you, you know what I am talking about.

When we step out in faith and go and talk to the person or persons who God told us to talk to…When we begin buying things for the home we hope to have…When we just stand in faith despite of what we see and believe God…When we just move in faith as the Lord leads us, MIRACULOUS THINGS HAPPEN!

So if God told you years ago that all your loved ones will be saved believe Him.  It God told you years ago that you will be in fulltime ministry and work for no one but Him, believe Him.  If God told you years ago that you will own your own business believe Him.  If God told you years ago that will open a center for troubled youth believe Him.  If God told you years ago that you will be married believe Him.  Hold on to what God has promised you and do not let it go.

Some people never accomplish their divine mission; they never fulfil the vision because they were unwilling or afraid to move when God told them to move.  They were waiting to SEE.  Others get distracted and caught up in the pleasures of this life.  The desire to make money, win laurels and make a name for themselves dominates God’s will and desires in their life.  Some are totally out of the will of the Lord and they know it.  Others are in their graves; they died premature deaths because of disobedience.  They missed God, and because of their disobedience many lives who God wanted to use them to touch just perished.

Do not let the enemy steal your hope through doubt and fear.  Know where you are today and thank God for just helping you to get where you need to go in Him.

The journey beloved may be rough and rugged at times but there is help along the way.  The fight may be tiring but it is a ‘Good Fight of Faith’.  Reach out today to God who is our divine deliverer.  Reach out today to God who has promised never to leave nor forsake us.  Reach out today to God who is our present help in times of trouble.  Reach out to God and press on in God regardless.


Jacqueline Richardson

© Alive Word of Encouragement 2004

I am a soldier of Jesus Christ

I walk in liberty

I am dressed in the God’s whole armour

As I march on in victory

I know my battle is not one of flesh

But principalities and powers

Of the rulers of the darkness of this world

Of spiritual wickedness.

And so I have girded up my loins

With truth of God’s Word

And in my hand I always have

His Word which is my sword.

The breastplate of righteousness I bear

My feet are filled with God’s peace

The helmet of salvation I wear

The shield of faith ensures release.

I do not intend to quit this race

Even though I may change my pace;

I intend to fight on in joy

That I may see my Jesus’ face.

So beloved today I encourage you

To fight the good fight of faith;

Let us run the race with patience

That we may enter heaven’s gate.

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  1. PAIN
    December 11, 2010

    Brethren we are in a fight but a good fight! Ilove that.

    It’s not the size that I have to fight but is the size of the fight that is in me!
    Greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world.

    Blessings to you all.

  2. PAIN
    December 11, 2010

    “Brethren we are in a fight but a good fight” I love that!

    Its not the size that I have to fight but the size of the fight that I have!
    Greater is He that is in me than he that in in the world!
    Blessings to you all.

  3. Lizavier4Jesus
    December 11, 2010

    Yes, for Faith brings Life, and Hope presses on to the fullness of Life, but Love is Life-the core of our Living God, in His Person, Jesus Christ.

    May those who are adamant through their manner of pride, arrogance, and haughtiness, believing that they are untouchable, remember that God Almighty has set before us two choices, as from the very beginning. For to Adam and Eve, He said obey and live; disobey and die; the same command was given to His chosen people–the People of Israel.

    God said to the Israelites through His servant Moses: “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you Life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose Life, that both you and your children may live” Deuteronomy 30: 19

    We can have victory, to wear the crown that Jesus has attained on our behalf. But we have to be willing to fight the good fight by faith, obedience, humility, and trust. This fight has nothing to with fleshly feelings or human wisdom and understanding–the products of our carnal mind. Our victory come through the wisdom and authority of God Almighty by faith in His Love, the mind of His Person, His Human Son, Jesus Christ..

  4. acts of allegiance
    December 11, 2010

    Keep on encouraging our faith.

  5. Re
    December 10, 2010

    This is honestly the second week I’m reading your words. I “know” God has been speaking to me for at least 2 years now. I have been blessed, fallen (to the lowest of lows according to man), and risen (according to man – Dominican standards) and accepted God but I feel that I should honestly be doing more.

    I’m a young enough man (30). And to tell you the truth, you do speak the truth. I pray every day but I know in my heart God has called me to do more…but…it’s a hard road…in these times…

    I’ll continue to read on for now…praying I don’t neglect my calling before he’s fully ready for me…

    I’ll pray…

    • Lizavier4Jesus
      December 11, 2010

      @ Re

      I responded to your post last week. I do not know whether you saw it, but I am glad to see that you are back again. As God sees that we are responding to His work through His appointed servants–such as the Richardsons, He will continue to bless them with wisdom and authority, as He does His work in us, and through them.

      The Richardsons are people who know and love God, in His Person Jesus Christ. That is the first attitude of theirs that we, oursleves need to follow–to demonstrate our Love for God. The more they are aware that we are following them, the more they will strive to allow God Almighty to work through them for our sake.

      I can relate to your situation. I returned to Life in Jesus Christ twenty years ago. I say return, because I was born and raised in the Catholic Church, in Dominica. But I left home to travel to Canada in my early twenties, and for twenty years after I set foot on the grounds of Canada I continued to live in the world–meaning that my existence in this world had nothing to do with God and His Love, Life in His Person Jesus Christ,

      But at the age of 42 God called me back. Not that I immediately ran back into His arms. But He tells us that “He will rebuke and chasten those whom He loves”. Revelation 3:19 Unfortunaely I found that out after I had gone through some strenous discipline and training from God, because of His Love for me, when He chose to save me from an existence of worldliness that would eventually take me to the pit of hell with Satan–God’s enemy.

      At age 58 today, I know what God wants to do through me, but this work is in Dominica, my homeland. However my training, by the teachings and guidance of His Holy Spirit, begun since five years and must continue until God tells me that I am fully qualified and ready for His work through me. I am looking into the next five to seven years. Financial resource is my greatest setback.

      My responsibility now is to continue in my walk of Love–my practice of Life in Spirit and in Truth. Faith has to be a must, as hope, the driver of Life moves me onwards to my destiny in Love. Personal relationship with God, through daily prayer and the study of His Letter–the Words of the Holy Bible has to be steadfast; but fellowship–to consistently participate–in the functions of the church must count as well.

      My advise to you is to be patient, Pay attention to the things of your mind; God’s Holy Spirit will speak to your mind from conscience, but Satan speak to that same mind from the flesh–sinful passions and lustful temptation will provoke you. Learn to discern what God has spoken to you; it will come without confusion and doubt; God’s words to you is a spiritual instinct which will be pure and good. Obey the good instinct of your mind, but speak against bad instinct. Send Satan away from you, in the name of Jesus Christ.

      Practice obedience, humility, trust, and always exercise faith, which teaches you to build hope. The Richardsons are a good tool, as some others like me, respond to their teachings. That is a good help as well, for all of us in question.

    • Rosette Charles
      December 11, 2010

      Hi Re

      Sometimes the road that we walk before fully coming into the purpose of the Lord is a rough and confusing one. ONe thing is certain is that if we are willing to draw near to God then He too will draw near to us. I completely understand your hesistation and almost fear, but what is more important is this; always stay in the presence of God. Do not be moved whether or not you feel like you are doing enough and if you are convinced that you should be doing more then begin to take some risks with the Almighty Father. God often gives a promise or calls us to do more whether it’s praying with someone else, encouraging others, sharing our faith etc. and then waits to see our reaction so that He can follow suit and react. Take a risk with the Lord and see what He will do to show you the way that He has paved for your life. Let Him make something beautiful and glorious out of you. Be Blessed!

  6. Hey just giving my two cents
    December 10, 2010

    Sister Richardson thank for your inspiring article that you have written. This brings a blessing to my heart. Thank you again as I am spurred by your words to walk in faith and obedienc.

    Father we thank you for our sister and her husband. We ask and we thank for your covering over their as they minister for your kingdom and for your glory and honour.


    Thanks and I always look forward to you articles.

  7. Anonymous
    December 10, 2010


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