DEAR BELLA: I am the soldier boy; told Dominican girlfriend I had my family

Dear BellaDear Bella,

Someone who is close to the situation brought my attention to last week’s letter to you concerning a Dominican girl trying to locate me. It broke my heart when I read it because the young lady in question is a very nice person.

At first, when we started off it was a simple friendship. She talked to me about the issues affecting her and I was like a shoulder. I helped her the best way I could.

When I realized we were getting close I told her I had my wife and family. She said she understood and she didn’t mind.

On many occasions, one thing led to another and we slept together. Then she told me she was in love with me. I told her don’t forget I had my family. Again she said she didn’t mind. We kept it on and I fell in love with her too.

I had to return and I knew I couldn’t let this love affair continue so I gave her a fake number because I didn’t want her calling me. I did this for her sake and mine.

I wish I hadn’t gotten that close with her because I know she is hurting. But she needs to move on. My distance from her wasn’t to hurt her but save her from me. She deserves better than being second.

I think she should move on. I won’t jeopardize my family. She shouldn’t hold on to me.

Soldier Boy

Hello Soldier Boy,

You started jeopardizing your family the moment you became intimate with this woman.

Some women agree to be in relationships with married men claiming they won’t be offended by the wife but that’s just a cover-up.

I’m not saying that she shouldn’t be in love with you, or you in love with her because really the heart isn’t always smart.

What I’m saying is that precaution is always better than cure. You knew you couldn’t have a future with this woman, yet you allowed this to go so far.

And if you claim to be in love with her; then you are cheating your wife out of your love. You’re sharing it with someone else.

You can’t just ask her to move on like as if this never happened. Perhaps it’s easy for you but clearly she’s devastated.

Soldier boy; the next time you are assigned to any foreign land; stay far from the island girls.



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  1. Bawi
    July 19, 2018

    It’s like a series I’m waiting for part 3 it’s getting real interested answer
    Keep it coming!

  2. Bawi
    July 19, 2018

    That’s like a series I’m waiting for episode. Part 3. it’s getting hot is getting hot answer!!
    We need all of the entertainment you know too much going on on the island keep it coming.

  3. July 18, 2018

    Next week Bella should have the man’s wife write in. :-D

  4. budman
    July 18, 2018

    the only thing worse than this story is that Bella would try to insult our intelligence with this fake story.

  5. hmm
    July 18, 2018

    this is so fake

  6. Iamanidiot
    July 18, 2018

    This story being “Real or Fake” the situation is a true situation just google “peacekeeper babies haiti” or “earthquake babies haiti” where after the earthquake in Haiti UN soilders fathered hundreds of children and the women are trying to sue the UN. So it is a thing, I’m curious as to how people meet someone for barely three weeks and they have sex when it’s obvious the person has a real life. I understand if a soilder was so good to you and you give him a good bye kiss, but sex?you old enough to know what sex comes with.

  7. jinbo
    July 18, 2018

    very fake tho..i dont believe the soldier boy wathches DNO stories.

  8. Envar
    July 18, 2018

    This is a good clash of emotions and opinions, nonetheless the fact is that the man stated his case clear. I HAVE MY FAMILY. women go crazy for men in uniform, and any sensible woman would know that any man deployed on foreign soil will look for a couscous or two to make a nice meal. These women need to know how to let go and move on. I applaud this guy for being so honest.
    Promiscuity is a very perplexed situation and there are many precautions, broken homes, broken hearts, diseases, mental anguish, suicides, murder. and many more long term problems. I am speaking from real experiences. just imagine a law enforcement officer wanted to kill me for my wife, a big battyboi in the commonwealth of Dominica police force, and turmoils of that fracker still linger on.
    People must know what they getting into and learn how to run to and from situations, especially when you know that you just want to eat and run. There are exceptions as well, people do start a fling and then make it…

  9. July 17, 2018

    Bella is such a fraud !!!!

  10. patriot Dominican
    July 17, 2018

    way papa you all not easy in dominica eh beh mi row row

  11. Lala
    July 17, 2018

    LOL.. Fake or not. This things do happen. Someone will learn something from this situation.

    • marie-claire R Skerrit
      July 18, 2018

      Puss i don’t mind if this fictitious tale didn’t come through the form of a letter from some woman who give up her goodie bag to a foreign man. The advice Bella provide then validated that this was fictitious or an edited account so to give bella the benefit of the doubt i would like to see the original letter because right now in the eyes of the readers it looks fake from the standpoint of the characters.

  12. En Ba La
    July 17, 2018

    I am trying to stay away from commenting but this is spot on. i have a situation like this. I was almost killed here. you will not understand. After all these years I have to resort to contacting the military and take legal action against him. I was told it is revenge. First I was hasrrassing his wife I was sabotaged there no questions asked baby noises on my phone. have not spoken to these people in years not seeing Dominicans. Man deployed from where he was stationed I did not – woman driving by where I live I cannot tell him or his family k was accused of harassment. how many years later my email broken into my phone number I Dominica person called telling my family they called. a female.. My address had men i do not know them who they are. I looked and realise they are in the military. Filipino people claim I hurt their family, sister having problems with her husband.
    I need to write a book but it is after I deal with this legal crap against this grandbay guy.

    • En Ba La
      July 17, 2018

      this is real. I have a story to go with it. you would say I am the one looking for him she wanted to find him desperately. I am having issues all now. I try to ignore it. I contacted the military then I began having issues again so last resort legal action. I did not want to but I have to

      • Matrix Reloaded
        July 18, 2018

        Something is fishy…Why u on the coast guard base… They **** up. I smell a pregnancy… They **** up They have a soldier child.. Why u on the coast guard base. :idea: :-o :)

    • marie-claire R Skerrit
      July 17, 2018

      En Ba La you too sal then. Go and wash yourself in holy water and leave people man alone

    • waypapa
      July 18, 2018

      En bas las I don’t know if its some type of patois you speak but I wish I could make heads or tails of what you post. English please, it seems interesting but I am lost.

      • marie-claire R Skerrit
        July 18, 2018

        WHoooo girl you took that right out my mouth. I see why she would run into problem talking the way she talking. This woman is mental . Anyways puss En Ba La mental illness is real please seek help ASAP and also step your english diction up because its bad.

    • Dr. Emott Skerrit
      July 18, 2018

      I think you need to go back to grade 4 and improve on your English and writing skills.

      • Kermit
        July 18, 2018

        I thought it was me alone because I did not understand anything that person type there.

  13. Kermit
    July 17, 2018

    Ahahahahahahah okay Bella you stretching the joke now. This is definitely fake.

    • marie-claire R Skerrit
      July 17, 2018

      say it again bella need a beating for that one,

  14. Sam
    July 17, 2018

    So those fool stay once they no u in the USA but he was honest so lady move on

  15. marie-claire R Skerrit
    July 17, 2018

    Ok Bella and please don’t be selective in posting because you all open this for commentary. This fictitious narrative lack excitement and imagination. How the man went MIA and left you hanging and disappeared on the face of the earth then now he sending message in response to Soldier girl letter. Bella carmem this is lacking even your response on the subject matter is lackluster. My dear just hire me to write a nice little provocative letter to entice the masses. Come again Bella i expect better from these letters.

    • marie-claire R Skerrit
      July 17, 2018

      Oh i miss that part Bella (All letters are subject to editing) Thats alot of editing going on there we papa. Let us see the original form of this submission Bells..

      • sh3ep
        July 18, 2018

        Yup bella let’s see the original.

  16. mine
    July 17, 2018

    HE told her that he had a family she should leave the man alone.

  17. breathe
    July 17, 2018

    Bella give me a break please. The patat girl was warned – she didn’t mind. Tell her to take her gwo pwel like a woman.

    Soldier boy – take your excuses somewhere else. I hope your wife do you the same so you would understand how people feel.

  18. DA Fails
    July 17, 2018

    DA full of children with no daddy, woman need to learn to keep they legs closed :-? :-?

    • kate
      July 20, 2018

      men need to learn how to own up to their responsibilities. It takes 2 to make a child, mistake or not. It takes 2 .

  19. Kumbaya
    July 17, 2018

    Hahaha stay way from the island girls :-D .#dead
    Great advice Bella

  20. L.D
    July 17, 2018 Bella but this sounds like a story that was made up! “Someone who is close to the situation brought my attention to last week’s letter to you concerning a Dominican girl trying to locate me”.kinda sounds like the guy knew for sure that the letter was written about him.

    • marie-claire R Skerrit
      July 17, 2018

      Same thing i say puss. Fictitious

  21. like really?
    July 17, 2018

    oh please!!! This is so fake…..that’s like a story anybody would make up two ways…..stupessssssssss

  22. ????
    July 17, 2018

    :-D :lol: :oops: :roll: :-? :-? :?: :-x 8-O :lol: :idea: get a life!

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