I want to leave my boyfriend for a married man

Dear BellaI am 18 years old and I am in love with a married man.

He treats me so good, he buys me nice things and he is great in bed, but there one little situation that is happening at this present moment.

I have a boyfriend but he is overseas and he treats me so bad anytime that he comes to Dominica. He beats me up and tell me hurtful things and I always leave but then I turn right back and forgive him because I am still madly in love with him.

I want to leave him alone so bad and I really want to get the courage to tell him that we are done and we  should keep our distance from each other.

I think I am staying because of the wild times that we have in bed. To be honest, the only time we agree is when we are going to make love.

He is the only reason that s preventing me from having the married man all for myself.

How should I go about that situation?

Please I need help



Dear HELP,

Whenever we are weaving and the stitching goes back, we have to undo the weaving and do better.  You need to love you and do better now.  You are young and this is a time to see what is really working out for you, school/job wise, on the dating scene etc, but honestly, a situation like this cannot work for anyone.

Being in a relationship should be about what that relationship can do for you in terms of making you a better person.  A better, wholesome person.  Having good sex is not all there is to a relationship.  There will be a man out there to treat you well, to love and respect you and still give you good sex.

Overseas boyfriend, you already know, is a relationship that is going nowhere.  You have to think with your head and not your heart even where love is concerned because if you understand why you are doing something, you will have justifiable reasons to do or not to do.  However when we do things with our emotions, they are more unstable and undecided.  You do not need a relationship where your energy goes into disputes.

Your overseas boyfriend is the least of your issues where your married man is concerned.  Do not deceive yourself in thinking that the latter will leave his wife and family for you.  Maybe you all will end up “happily ever after”, but that is a long shot.  Marriage is a covenanted relationship recognized even by the Law of the land, and we see a trend here where people remain in a state of separation and never actually formalize a divorce.

Be wise in the decisions you make in life.  If you need a relationship, find someone who can love you for you.  Someone to make you roll over laughing, someone to make you cry when he is hurting, someone to rub your back when you are tired and to make you tea when you are ill.  A man who is committed to you and willing to go out to make you happy.


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  1. air head
    February 21, 2014

    EXCUSE ME????????????? did she say the only thing keeping her from having the married man all to herself (line 12)! honey i don’t think you understand the meaning of married! you are in need of a dictionary! he is married meaning HE ALREADY “GOT” somebody, so you really need to make up your mind! the same speed that he can leave his wife and run to you is the same speed that he can leave you and run to another! my purpose here is not to to hurt you but rather to OPEN UP YOU EYES! GOOD LUCK

  2. mouther
    October 11, 2013

    sweff u sweff it

  3. Sidy
    September 11, 2013

    You should stay away from both in my opinion. You are young and Naive and seem to confuse lust with love. First off, do not let a man abuse you 2nd….If the married man he is cheating on his wife with, will he not do the same if he is with you? p.s he likes the sugar on the side….he goes home to his wife every time he is done with you…My advice is to drop them both!!!

  4. September 2, 2013

    Help: I always feel bad when I read a letter like yours. :cry:

    People don’t want to hurt you so they don’t tell you the truth. :wink:

    But I am going to tell you the truth and if you accept it I promise you will walk away from this mess.

    You have two problems:

    (1) Your boy friend. This relationship cannot work. (a) He treats you badly. If a man treats you badly before he marries you when you don’t even blong to him he will get worse after he marries you.

    When you have sex with this man you are not married to you are committing a serious sin
    the Bible calls “fornication”.

    (2) The married man. What are you thinking? This man already belongs to another woman! Do you even know what marriage is? When he married that woman he promised her before God that he would,”love and honor her, in sickness and in health, and keep only unto her, until death do us part.”

    When you have sex with this married man you are committing an even worse sin the Bible calls “adultery”.

    The reason you are having relationships with these man is (a) loneliness, and (b) you don’t think you are good enough for a decent and uprght man. We naturally look for a person on the same level we ourselves are on because we know we would have trouble connecting with somebody above us. You live on a low plane and you have been used by two low lifers.

    Help, here is the truth that will set you free. You must turn away from both of these sinful relationships – fornication – and adultery. God is saying to you “Come up higher!”

    If you continue in this path no decent man will ever look your way. :cry: But you CAN do better. :roll: You need to surrender your life to Jesus Christ. When you receive Him as your personal Saviour His BLOOD washes all your sins away!You will be free from the guilt of the past and the fear of he future! :-P Please get a Bible or New Testament and read Romans 3:10,23 St. John 1:12, Revelation 3:20, Ephesians 2:8,9, and 1 John 1:7. These are God’s promises to YOU :!: Read 8-O them until you understand them. Then BELIEVE them and ACT upon them :!:

    I recommend that you visit a Pentecostal Church. Introduce yourself to the pastor. Tell him I sent you.

    I invite you to visit my website http://www.livinghopeministries.ca and click onto the EAGLE COURSE. This 12 Lesson Workbook can be studied from the screen OR copied absolutely free. 8-O

    The very first lesson will tell you how to receive Christ as your Saviour and begin a new life that is so full it overflows :!:

    Sincerely,Rev. Donald Hill. Pentecostal Evangelist.

  5. true dominican.
    August 29, 2013

    lmao, oh my God. lmao. garsar u all eh easy na. How u all can accuse Bella of making up stories? alas. Dominicans boy, jahhhhh. lmao. Anyway, very interesting story and advice.

  6. concerned
    August 29, 2013

    I do not usually comment on this sites but this particular issue has really touched me. First of all the Young Lady is only 18 and very vulnerable and from what I’ve read I would say naïve. My Heart breaks to Know that at such a vibrant time of Life she is already caught up in this web but Don’t you despair there is Hope.

    From what I gather this Young Lady has a lot of Emotional gabbage that she can’t process. Here she is confiding in a man who takes advantage of the situation and she is .The way I see it you are being abused by both men so say goodbye to both of them there is no future for you with any of them.As far as I’m concerned none of these men Love You.You can’t have the married man all to yourself because he is already taken . I strongly believe that you need to find someone You can trust and talk to them about your situation.Someone to Prayer with and someone who will stay at your side until you get free from this mess you’re in. If you need help financially go to the well
    ware division.

    Too many Young women and men get abused because they are going through problems in life and need Someone to talk to or help them and end up a mess afterwards.


  7. jacqui
    August 29, 2013

    woman, u only 18 and acting so stupid. do u have an education or just completely naive. respect marriage and leave married man alone and if long distance don’t work for u either, get a single man who will love u fr urself. it is not safe jumping in bed with dick tom n harry, maybe catch std. get a grip on urself.

  8. St. John
    August 28, 2013

    come on people grow up.Aboyfriend is not a husband,just a man you know.No privacy for your body,jack on Monday,James Tuesday and fred Wednesday.What are you ? A sex remote,don.t answer to this because it is a set up to mislead the grown ups

  9. St. John
    August 28, 2013

    What a waiste of comments and energy,if a woman cannot decide between two men who she loves, that means she does not love any.the gift and presents she wants not the man.Shame,she use and abuse herself for gain so she will never get to three scores and ten.

  10. Dcamassive
    August 28, 2013

    Leave the boyfriend and when the married an leaves his wife for you and then marry you (you expect that right?), pleeeaaase write back Bella and let us know!

  11. August 28, 2013

    My girl u need to do a complete 360 with your life. First turn to God and pray for forgiveness cause being with a married man is already dooming your life. Then get rid of both men in your life. Your boyfriend is not treating you right and the other one already has a family. No matter how much the married man gives you at the end of the day he goes home to his wife. Wait patiently and God will send someone who will be the love of your life to you.

    • Anonymous
      August 29, 2013

      They always goes back to their wife!

  12. .
    August 28, 2013

    girl there is no way u can have this married man for yourself. the same way he is cheatin gon his wife with u surely surely he is cheating on u with someone else..and besidea he is already a husband to someone so how can u have him for yourself. anyway girlfriend u nobody can tell u what to do u must love urself and treat urself right God loves u. seek him and he will guide u.

  13. Dee
    August 28, 2013

    alot of you saying that the young lady is “salop” a “slut” and all sorts of things even saying that the story is made up.. made up or not this happens. the people posting negative comments may not be in the same situation but even WORST! it may be happening right under your nose… your husband maybe cheating with a young girl just like her and you dont know… or your wife cheating and you dont know… your daughter, sister, aunty, cousin nenen sister child may be in a similar situation… so dont judge this young lady! GEEEZ
    shit happens, she may just be lacking some confidence or something and maybe not getting the right persons to speak to and get caught up with the wrong people….

  14. young woman
    August 28, 2013

    I think the public education should introducing courses not just academically, but to educate the future generation on these life situation and how to handle , problems like these. Most of these young people all they talk about is sex.
    The government needs to introduce job training in high schools, where they can earn money and confidence. So getting a little $50 and $100 .ec they would not conclude this as love.
    Learn to love yourself cause men are just about using your body. Put God first and your education…… sex is not going anywhere. Sad!!!!

  15. Fire from Zion
    August 28, 2013

    SHe’s a hooooooo!hooooo. She’s a hooooooo!

  16. CHIC
    August 28, 2013

    Sweetheart, you are in a “terriful” situation. No man who knows and values their women will beat them up. No husband who is true to love will cheat on his wife. And finally, if you had your priorities right at your age, you would not be sending this letter to Bella.

    Put your life into perspective, get some priorities. When you begin making your list, include God for direction and light and explore the world of education, fashion, technology, all the things that girls your age should be doing.

    This is a hot mess that you are into and you will end up getting burnt. Either emotionally or physically, you do not want to be in this nonsense. GET OUT of them both! None are worth your sacrificing yourself for.

  17. cast the first rock
    August 28, 2013

    While these stories may be made up they are often scenarios which exist all around us. We know of persons like these who have these experiences. I think the advice Bella gave, like most others, is very good. Wake up, smell the coffee realize that you are too young to be in this mental anguish, recognize your worth,and develop your self-esteem. Enough to be able to get a job to stand on your own two feet and not depend on these guys for sex and material wealth.

  18. joan
    August 27, 2013

    Your are an 18yr old young lady, and I say Lady because I do not know who you are and what is this married man is saying to you. But look at the picture he is giving & buying you thing, making you think that he loves you so much and you mean the world to him. Remember what he is doing to his Wife and Family right now will be done to you or can be done to you after you give up your youth and get pregnant your no longer the It thing, you will be replace by someone else. You may not listen to me by i can say this man never tend to stay with who there with. Because what ever he is making to support his family is being spent else where, and once you get into this situation is very hard to get out because your youth has been taking from you and your singing the same song the wife now is singing that he is a DOG. Hope you take time and look over everything in your life and remember what someone else can purchase for you, you should be able to give to yourself too. You all what to be love and that is true but we do not want to be bought. To young to be trying to live this lie this man is sell you.

  19. August 27, 2013

    Girl, what on earth have you done for you to be in such a mess? You need prayers. From a no good for nothing boyfriend who beats the crap out of you and is only good to you when you having sex to a married man? You are oh so confused. From a heartbreak to a total break down. Whilst praying please ask God to get rid of both men in your life. None is better than the other. Leave that married man alone before a curse fall on you eh.At the end of the day (even if he offers you the world is his wife he going back to). Let something happen to him and see who he living his property for on his will. And, also find a way not to have any contact with the so-called boyfriend you have leaving overseas….he has a woman overseas you hear and he only using you when he comes to Dominica…don’t let him fool you. My advise …from a woman to another woman

  20. dog bite
    August 27, 2013

    That’s life, you can’t tell people how to live their lives. We are who we are.

  21. Anonymous
    August 27, 2013

    i take offense to u saying overseas boyfriend you already know is a relationship that is going know where come on belle so what are u saying all the husbands and wives and boyfriend and girlfriends studying and trying to make a better life for them self

    • Reader
      August 28, 2013

      Eh bien you sensitive papa! “The overseas boyfriend you already know is going no here” is based on what Help stated about the realationship; that is: when he’s here he beats her, tells her hurtful things, etc. Perhaps you should read with your head and not your heart.

    • Blah
      August 28, 2013

      If you were to read properly you would see where she describes how badly he treats her whenever he is in Dominica, even beats up on her and frankly they “only agree when its time to make love”… so in your right mind, tell me where this relationship is going

  22. The Educator
    August 27, 2013

    Why are all these stories about little girls having guy problems? like seriously? it’s getting old. How are we suppose to relate to these people?

  23. lol
    August 27, 2013

    Tifi ou folle go and check your head.

  24. tom
    August 27, 2013

    u to malop ( in talking tom cat voice )

  25. CH 5
    August 27, 2013

    This story sounds so made up. However I will still comment.

    You say “He is the only reason that is preventing me from having the married man all for myself.” That in itself is a contradictory statement. If he is married you can’t have him all to yourdelf. 8-O

    My advice lose both of them and focus on you. In time you will find the one that truly loves you.

    • fuente
      August 28, 2013


      Why do you and the others think this story is made up? Because you all didn’t make it? Get a life. Such things do happen. And who cares if its made up or not?

  26. Krazy
    August 27, 2013

    you are in de ja vu, why are you with a guy who beats you up, then in the meantime you allow your self to be swayed by a married man. there is no future with the married man for you.. he’s already married with kids am sure… you’re a young woman.. you need to find yourself a young man who appreciates a woman’s worth and for you to be faithfull to him… you’re thinking with your pussy and not your head.

    what do you think alot of men wants these days… sex… so you need to take your time, dump the 2 you have in your life and start fresh by looking for someone who’s gonna love you. :wink:

  27. August 27, 2013

    To Help

    You are yet to know what is the meaning of Life much worst for Love, which has to be the very Life in you

    What you are talking about yourself, is human affection, which is provoked in you by your human sense of feelings; this sense feeds your mind, which awakens fleshly passion or sensuality in you–that human desire can be here today and gone tomorrow–for it has nothing to do with Love

    How can you claim to be madly in love with a man, while at the same time you tell us that he lives overseas, but when he is with you he treats badly–you also claim to be in love with the married man as well; but you describe your passion for both men in the same way.

    Young lady your situation with both men has nothing whatsoever to do with “Love” for Love is of God Almighty who is Holy. One is married and the other treats you badly–that is not what Love does in people–no matter what the relationship.

    Love bonds two people–man and woman–to live together in Love with each other. This togetherness will cause human affection and the passions of the flesh to continue between the two of them alone.

    Once again Love has nothing to do with what you are talking about here; I suggest that you accept this truth; and so to start searching for Love.

    If you have it in your own heart, you will find your partner as the two of you will cling together like a pair of magnet. Love bonds you with your loved one with cords that cannot be broken–believe it or not.

  28. LISTEN
    August 27, 2013

    Get rid of your so called boyfriend (I’m sure he has his GF that why he treating u so) , the MARRIED man only want u for fun. IT’S ONLY TEMPORARY…. You are young … Have fun… Stop thinking about settling down, accomplish ur goals first and the right men will find you .

  29. iz that you hear wii
    August 27, 2013

    i’ll u give you and advise chico
    when the married man leave his wife(which he won’t) leave your boyfriend.

  30. Trolol
    August 27, 2013

    lool @ king willy, but with all seriousness these stories sounding like a fakuz…

  31. kathrine Joseph
    August 27, 2013

    DNO Am very dis satify with you I post a comment and you all did not post the comment I really want to know what is wrong with the comment

    ADMIN: If you had read the disclaimer, you would seen that it say comments in all CAPS are not published.

    • season
      August 27, 2013

      Thats goes for only one set of people cuz i have seen comments here for the week we only caps.i want to see if my comment is not goin to be posted.

      ADMIN: Those with all caps you see made it through without being detected. No system is 100 percent perfect.

      • stupes
        September 4, 2013

        allu own is really crap!!!

    • August 27, 2013

      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • unbelievable
      November 5, 2013

      I hope your name really is kathrine joseph :twisted:

  32. Barbara
    August 27, 2013

    Child, you are not mentally and emotionally sound to be in any kind of relationship right now. You need to find out what drives you to make such poor choices – an abusive boyfriend, and a married man. Appears that your priority is material things and sex. You need help. The married man is taking advantage of you, so you are his victim. Your brain is not fully mature and when it does by 25, you’ll have a life of regret. Back off from both relationships and take care of whatever your problem is before considering another relationship.

    August 27, 2013

    you are officially a microwavable popcorn Bi$ch. The overseas guy visits DA pop you then leave, when he’s gone, the married guys come over and pop you then leave to go home to their wives. I’m sure is more than those two guys you’re hooking up with because you seem the type. You don’t need advice, you already know what the answer is… your problem is you. UDOHREADYET

    • D/can
      August 27, 2013

      Using phrases from a reality show full of no good women? no my friend, u’re not ready to give this girl advice. Have a seat!

    • October 1, 2013

      The young lady suffers from low self esteem.

      She does not think she is worthy of a good man. If she thought she deserved better she would have kept herself clean and waited for him. Instead she met two men like herself and accepted their advances because she didn’t think a kind man with moral standards would have anything to do with her.

      A man who can get a free slice when he wants it is not going to buy a loaf. This lady is like so many other single women who have sex with boyfriends or “live in” common law partners. She doesn’t think she has much of a loaf to bargin with so she gives it away a slice at a time for male companionship; a man who will take her to a dance, or buy her a drink.

      This low life sexuality is why single mothers struggle to support children. It is why young girls drop out of school to raise a child. It is why children grow up in a home with no father.

      Counselors and shrinks make a living trying to help people work through problems they wouldn’t have if they had brought their lives under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and lived by HIS rule.

      But if this young lady will receive Christ as her Lord and Savior He will give her a whole new identity. She will become a child of God – a truly worthwhile person – regardless of her past.
      She can excape this mixed up life of sin and become the kind of woman a real gentleman would be proud to introduce as his wife.

      (St. John 1:11,12) (2 Corinthians 5:17)

      Sincerely, Rev. donald Hill. Pentecostal Evangelist.

  34. sweetness
    August 27, 2013

    the girl ased for a simple advice and reading these comments some don’t make sense…none of you shouldn’t be judging the 18 year old, who knows how her parents is treating her, do they give her her needs, or does she has to go out there to find it, sometimes in these cases we must look on the four corners…..my dear HELP pray to GOD about your situations only he can help you no one else can, you can talk to them about your problems but they cant help you and they make ur problems turn out to be a gossip as it is right now

  35. Deep fry
    August 27, 2013

    I glad for you. You are too young to be in that melee. Do not copy people. I blame some of dem older women setting the bad example to other people children and their own.

  36. AA
    August 27, 2013

    oooooohhhhhh DNO, too many made up letters now eh…ah cheh man!!

  37. Anonymous
    August 27, 2013

    my child i have 4 girls am a mother ,for your salvation sake ,walk away from that married man ,and turn to JESUS ,before it is too late , GOD bless you my dear.

  38. yessa
    August 27, 2013

    this has to be made up cause i dont think anybody is that dumb or stupid, “a married man all to yourself” :-? howw about you leave the married man alone, you leave the boyfriend and stay by yourself you are only 18 you not gonna die

  39. Anonymous
    August 27, 2013

    This is so poorly written that I don’t even believe someone actually wrote this. It makes no sense: if the guy is overseas, what does he do? Spend the money to buy a ticket to come to Dominica just to beat up on you? He can get a prostitute a lot cheaper!

  40. huh
    August 27, 2013

    im starting to think that these letters are made up lol

  41. mwe la
    August 27, 2013

    It’s true that she crazy to have an affair with the married man buh she’s not the only one to blame enuh. The married man deserve his share of the blame. You never know, it could be him who flirted with the girl. And she being well insecure and broken hearted, the sweet treatment blinded the fact that he was married. Cuz I’m 18 also so I can tell you that a lot of married men do go behind young girls. Giving them stuff and this alone has dem fooled.

  42. Married Woman
    August 27, 2013

    This young child is not someone who is normal. Doesn’t she have parents who can advice her about these type of relationships? Awww! A married man, at the age of 18. My girl this man will not leave his wife and children to be with you (if he is still with them)and an adulterous life will never last including everything that you receive from him. As a married woman I will never ever divorce my husband just because he thinks he met the woman he loves, no! Because the women he loved he has married and that is me, so my girl you better start thinking of ending this relationship with the married man, if your boyfriend is ill-treating you leave him and go down on your knees and as the Lord to bless you with a husband, not a boyfriend because too many times we want a husband but ask God for a boyfriend. God bless you my Child.

    • sweetness
      August 27, 2013

      u r so wrong as a married woman to say this child is not normal who are u to judge the child, ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE HER sometimes we put ourself in relationships for better and ends up getting worse cuz bad aint write on no ones face, you may never ever divorce him but he may divorce you and find someone else too the world we are living in is corrupted, never say never

    • __________________
      August 27, 2013

      There are younger girls in Dominica who are in this type of relationship. At 18yrs she is not a child at all. She is doing it on her own free will, and YES SHE IS NORMAL ( if this story is true).

  43. ti nom
    August 27, 2013

    18 years old? tifi alle l’ecole

  44. yessah
    August 27, 2013

    my girl, don’t say u’re going to leave ur bf for the married man and have him all for yourself. THE MARRIED MAN IS MARRIED. he will NEVER leave his WIFE for a 18yr old. get to the program have fun while it last.
    on the other hand say u’re leaving that boy because he ill treats you. i will understand. u’re young. i sure u looking good. u will get a good man. in d mean while go and look for a job for u to be independent cuz whn that MARRIED MAN get another youngster he go forget all bout you darling.

    • August 27, 2013

      she is a sallop thats why the young man knocking her senses to back to her empty head,he must be sending her all the little money he makes and she still sleeping on him with married man and even anything, this married men in Dominica, its a pity for his poor wife this is how they will go get diseases from those little street rats parading the street half naked and showing off their two oranges and mangoes for men to sin , any married man cheating on his wife that is not eben looking for a matured woman , which is still wrong is a fool .,thats y me , i dont trust no man ,anymore , some women too cause this world is really messed up and unimaginable things happening , My ADVISE TO THIS LITTLE SHE GOAT IS THAT 1. HIV IS REAL,HE MIGHT HAVE OTHERS TOO NOT ONLY U< CAUSE THIS MARRIED MAN IS SICK for taking u at that age and not minding he has kids with his wife and if its a daughter a married man will must mess with her too cause Karma is a Bitch ,we will see , its wrong for a man to hit a lady , but i think u need a kick in your ass , and that boyfriend of yours if i was him i would go look for a decent girl casue to me u are a cheap gold digger and a salop in your mama home, mothers open your eyes and watch over your kids stop laou laou under the trees and going from one house to the other and minding others bizzzzzzzzzzzzzzznezzzzzzzz while fire is burning in your home, pale pale troup ,go home to your children ,your girl is a living in slut in your home, help your daughters they need help, anyway i know mothers that even send thier children to go and break a finger so it might be this young girls case ,God help her

      • Reader
        August 28, 2013

        I’m sory your husband/boyfriend left you for another. Clearly, you are still hurting. Don’t take it out on the young lady. In time, you will get over it. Stay strong!

      • Ginger
        February 1, 2014

        Yep sometimes you married women are mad at the wrong person you all need to take all you heads from out of the sand please don’t be that naïve to say all you husband will never leave. Trust me they will and I’ve seen it happen.

  45. August 27, 2013

    those husband now of these days are really something else

  46. >>>>>>>>>>>
    August 27, 2013

    Well he will wee zay what you have there, then when you well weezay,and slack and wide and watery like the Layou River he will go back to his wife, because at that stage no man wants you.
    GO FIND A JOB,SO YOU WON’T DEPEND 100% on what someone has to give you.

    • sweetness
      August 27, 2013

      that’s really not a good reply you are giving the young girl….you have no form of education to talk so the girl is asking for help and that’s the help you are giving please if u aint got ntn to say shut up

      • T
        August 27, 2013

        @ sweetness You must learn to Shut Up when it is necessary to do so. Can you dictate to someone how to respond.Should someone’s response be something you like or should like to hear/read. YOUR DARN FOOL! Stuppesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

      • ???????????
        August 27, 2013

        @ sweetness Are you a hypocrite? This is the best response posted so far. WHY?
        STOP THE HYPOCRISY. I detest hypocrites.

    • ''''''''''''''''''''
      August 27, 2013

      I would not have said it so, but it is good advice. If this was a real story, the person would learn from this one fully. Dominican language.

  47. the realest
    August 27, 2013

    girl. u r such a retarded b#@*h. u r just the side thing. wat makes u think he will ever leave his family for u. girl wake up and smell the coffee.

    • sweetness
      August 27, 2013

      never heard it takes a bitch to knows a bitch that’s how all you Dominicans give advice on a world wide sight shame on you

      • ?
        August 27, 2013

        @ Sweeetness.. Please find a life and stop attacking people about those fake stories. Are you stupid or what? Or Maybe you are the faked person.

  48. Deborah Peters
    August 27, 2013

    u did not say if this married man is still with his family, if he is u r wasting your time since from what we see around us very few of those men leave their wives and families. Eventually u will be the one to get hurt. Many have had those bad experiences. He may tell u that he and his wife are not together, these are just excuses. Please look for someone who will help u to better yourself as an individual maybe college etc. Sex will always be there.

  49. opinion
    August 27, 2013

    why does all these bella have to be man-related..cant someone write a sensible story for once.
    it gets stale after a while.geesh

  50. Mrs B
    August 27, 2013

    Boy I feeling to give that girl 2 kick trust me

  51. I'LL DO IT
    August 27, 2013

    lol ha ha she says her bf is the only reason the cant have the married man all to herself ha ha ha she forget what married mean :twisted: jah boy i wonder what type of relationship the married man and his wife have

    • Diamond
      August 27, 2013

      i am here thinking the same damn thing and lmao at her boyfriend is the only thing keeping her from having him all to her self,i am like wait a minute,what ever happen to wify?smh

      • August 27, 2013

        :lol: Maybe she took over the wifey house. she has the married man like a rag doll and the only person she scared of is the boyfriend who lives overseas. Ebeh weh that boyfriend has powers papa.

    • sweetness
      August 27, 2013

      exactly to thet point what relationship he and his wife has if he was happy in his marital home he wont be doing them things so she could be blessed and have him all to herself too look on the bright side

      • ''''''''''''''''''''
        August 27, 2013

        That is none of all you business. Those people will settle their score when it is necessary.

      • August 28, 2013

        You all must stop blaming the wife men just like bagains, something on sale the will gravitate towards it.I know is not my husband because you would wait an eternity.

  52. hate liat
    August 27, 2013

    u r commiting adultary and u will not c God`s blessing. Please get out while u can. The world is a cycle. He is with u now but as soon as u leave ur relationship for him, u r going to experience the same thing. cheating and lies etc. Get out now. RUN!

  53. Jack D.
    August 27, 2013

    girl u r a fool a doh good… which man going to leave their wife for u…. saquwey sort!!!!!!!

  54. ____________________
    August 27, 2013

    If that story is true, it is shameful to see that at 18 years you are already destroying someones relationship with her husband. Why not find a job and start to be an independent person. If you are lazy, it’s likely that you will dump him later for another married man, and the story will continue….
    The money and material things are wrecking havoc with our young people BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS in this country presently. If it is true, at least you have the courage to bring it out, but trust me, in every village and hamlet, even in our schools,it is THE SAME STORY. The young girls are aggressive enough those days to make the first move on you, even if you are married!!!!! ITS CRAZY!!!!.

  55. julie
    August 27, 2013

    your boyfriend is the only person keeping u from having the married man all to yourself? child grow up, what about the man wife? you little girls need to stop sleeping around with people husband and boyfriends. No class. me self doe want no man with wife or girlfriend,. i doe even want him with friend cause I wouldnt play to give him something hot.

    • Annonymoustoyou
      August 28, 2013

      Well you will wait long. All men have a woman/man on de side.

  56. Hmmmmm
    August 27, 2013

    Hello!!!!!!!! He is married he cannot be all for yourself. If you want to leave the boyfriend cause he treats you bad then fine. But a married man is blight. Be warned.

    August 27, 2013

    I think bella makes up stuff.I think you need a life Bella.

    • mwe la
      August 27, 2013

      Lololol. U have jokes eh King Willy!!! Woyyyy :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • T
      August 27, 2013

      Me too. I don’t believe a lot of these stories.

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