My sister wants to steal my boyfriend

I think my sister wants to steal my boyfriend. I mean whenever he comes around she sticks on to him like glue. They watch TV, they laugh, they do all kinds of things. Sometimes I wonder who is his girlfriend.

I spoke to him on many occasions about this but he keeps on saying I am overreacting and he is just getting to know his future sister-in-law.

But somehow I don’t buy this. I just hope I am not overreacting.

What should I do?


Dear Over-confused,

I sense a little insecurity here and that is something you should work on. In all this you haven’t mentioned whether you have spoken to your sister or not on this matter. Now is the best time. Don’t be aggressive, just have a sister to sister conversation with her concerning your fears.

When you have all this down and settled have another chat with you boyfriend. Just be honest. This is an issue that can be easily settled when all parties involved are honest with each other.


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  1. Diva
    January 24, 2013

    boss her skin for her. and if he entertaining her den boss his skin too. and check ur vibes, one man d.a have na?

  2. Marissa
    December 26, 2012

    Personally, I believe you should confront your sister and ask her whats going on. He is your man,not hers. You should also take the time to ask your boyfriend about it again. Let him know that it is clearly bothering you. He should stop after he knows its bothering you, and if he doesnt, then you have a problem and the best solution would probably be to end the relationhip.

  3. liviniad
    February 15, 2012

    i have a feeling my step sister is in love with my bf :twisted: :twisted: :oops:

  4. Crazy 101
    January 12, 2012

    my gurl dis isnt america…….grow up……if d man love u he wudnt get too close to ur sister…….den if he duznt love u he will cling onto her like metal… gurl tlk to ur man n find out wat is going on

  5. Zena
    July 2, 2011

    i understand what you are saying Bella but what if you know like for example my sister told me that she loved my boyfriend, how should i react to the subject.

  6. Charmin
    June 15, 2011

    tell your sister to stay the f**k away. whenever they’re together make sure your there too,stick with him, try to keep them apart, he’ll get attached to you if you guys spend more time together.

  7. alondra cadenas
    May 23, 2011

    my sister is going out with a boy i like and she had told me that she didnt like him and i believed her.but then she goes to his classroom and then were walking and she told me that christian had asked her out and i said oh, really?but she didnt tell me that she was going out with him!but then we went outside and my friend that was in christians class told me that everybody knew that they were going out and i asked her and she said ahha!then i walked straight to my room and i called her a hoe!and she said before that she would never go out with someone i like again and shes done it twicw now!!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  8. missy
    May 23, 2011

    your man enjoying attention, called insecure ego they need feed off to feel good. amazing they think we insecure one..happens a lot. niece done same thing, throwing herself at my man for attention. see insecure needy attention they crave. gross huh. we i pissed them both off, 8 months later im feeling great, no more games, no more of their insecurity attention seeking. met few truly great ppl at uni and out n about. sooooo many nice ppl out there. weed out rubbish and keep good. lifes to short for manipulating games. best of luck miss

  9. queenie
    May 19, 2011


    your sister does not want to steal your boyfriend……….your sister STOLE your boyfriend already…
    so long your sister and your man do what they had to do….chupes…. u blind nuh…..or stupid?
    and is your boyfriend that go behind her………he tell her so many things; about how he loves her; and with he had seen her first……. etc.

    you not over-reacting………..leave both of them alone……………

  10. Beff la large
    May 18, 2011

    Lol that one take me dere self…look jokes! Hhahahahahahahaha

  11. oh shate man
    May 17, 2011

    try FREESOME

  12. charmed
    May 17, 2011

    i trust no one with my man since i saw what happened to a friend of mine. she found out her sister was having an affair with her husband, her own sister whom she took out from Dominica to help her have a better life. she found them in bed and she fell sick right after. before her death she asked her to stop the sister never stopped, she even got prganant and bore a son for the man right after the poor sister died. me i took that as an example i trust no one with my man sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE NO ONE WHAT SO EVER….

    if they don’t stop, leave them, there are other people out there who are worth your time and love.

    • Sugars
      May 20, 2011

      @ Charmed It will be a never ending cycle, trust me the damn sister will go after the new boyfriend
      and any new boyfriend she has after that its not going to stop. I know someone who took her
      cousin to live with her and the cousin made a play for any man friend that girl had smdh :lol:

  13. lovely
    May 13, 2011

    talk to them about it …its ur right if u dont feel confortable about this!!!sister or not!!!! now a days u just have cant trust 100%

  14. Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
    May 13, 2011

    Bella are you naive or what?
    I wished that I had previously seen this article. For some reason I missed it.
    It is not impossible that the sister has a crush on him. This is nothing unusual. It has happened to several people and family members.
    If people do not know each other and meet for the first time, be it the second time, why should this sister be so friendly with her sister’s husband?
    Some family members have welcomed other family members to stay in their homes. The next thing is the family member who is welcomed is having an affair with the husband. Later, the marriage is broken up due to this family member and the man takes off with the other family member. We can say it takes two but both the family member and the man are responsible for the break-up.
    Those who are older do not trust such a friendship.
    There are some women who are desperate for a man. What would they not do to get one? They also do not possess morals and do not care whom they hurt as long as they get what they want.
    I heard of a young woman who was so desperate about getting a man and marriage that she telephoned one of her friends who was dating a man. Granted the friend was not really interested in the woman but she was not aware of it.
    One day she telephoned the friend and asked for the man’s telephone number. She stated that she was invited to a function and would like to invite him. Unsuspecting about her motive, the friend foolishly gave her his telephone number.
    The next thing is the woman got pregnant for the man. He married her. She had planned her motives. She is a non-caring person.
    If I were this sister I would not trust that sister. I do agree that she should talk to her sister. However, her sister’s attitude has proved that I would not encourage her to visit my home. I would stay far away from her.
    There is another story that a sister was informed by a friend that her boyfriend was seen with her sister at a function. When the other sister informed her about it, she stated: “You are not married to him.”
    Even sisters cannot be trusted.
    As some people grow older and experienced such, they no longer trust their sisters or girlfriends. This should include men as well. Men, beware of your men friends. This has also occurred to men friends.
    Granted, no man is an island; such people cause others to live a hermit life, a life of isolation from friends and deceitful ones. Experience is a good teacher.

  15. Interesting..
    May 13, 2011

    That’s some retarded advice, Bella, I hope they’re not paying you. You immediately assumed chic is “insecure”, you ever stopped to think that there may be a possibility that she is right. Sounds bias to me, you should have looked at the situation from both perspectives. Your advice only catered to her being “insecure”. Only catered to her being in the wrong.Your advice was so rushed almost like you felt uncomfortable discussing it. Why are you bias Bella? Have YOU been sleeping with YOUR sister’s boyfriend? You only gave her advice ASSUMING that she is insecure…

    Not only is your advice retarded, and bias, but it is also unrealistic, because I can already tell you that when she attempts this “sister to sister conversation” it is going to go down hill. The mere fact that she is going to discuss this with her sister is going to create tension. I will say that you were right to recommend a conversation with the sister….but you should have given advice on how to have this conversation without offending the sister. Ultimately you should have been more in debth with your advice. It was weak thank goodness this is not your day job..and if it is please send out applications else where IMMEDIATELY.


    • oh shate woman
      May 17, 2011

      INTERESTING yu to have issues
      BELLA is trained to do her do
      IS like you so dat does encourage dem stupidness
      I love what BELLA had to say
      DATS y pips like you must ask questions before commenting
      You doh see they posted your ( cannot say ) to embarass you
      I DONT HAVE LAWYER BUT you can do more dan dat
      i doh even know what dem girls seein inuda people people
      so much sweet men in DA
      bar-gai-moon zor eh-meh
      bar-gai-moon zor car vol-leh

      • Anonymous
        June 17, 2011

        u ignorant lil shit do shut up, kindly :)

  16. O.G.
    May 12, 2011

    girl d man just tryin keep it in d family… what u crin bout!!!

  17. so sad
    May 12, 2011

    i dont think its right for no sister to be close friends with their sisters man..for me is hi and bye and i thinks thats how it should be..

  18. megboy
    May 12, 2011

    keep your man close and your sister closer

  19. page
    May 12, 2011

    Yiu kn I noticed that my niece and my boyfriend close. I rtalk to her and she gone behind my band and tell him what I told her and imargine is a school child. I only told her don’t ask him for stuff cause men will be men. I wanted to walk a slap in her face but now I jsut staying clear of her make her feel unwelcome in my home.

    • charmed
      May 17, 2011

      next time prof read before you post im having difficulty reading this.

      • sweet pum pum
        May 18, 2011

        :lol: Some of the keyboards are faulty :lol:

      • TeteMorne I From...
        July 31, 2011

        You shut up! Faulty, sticky keyboards are to blame.

    • queenie
      May 19, 2011

      that keyboard in chinese man?!

  20. concerned
    May 12, 2011

    Let the dog go, if it chasing other cats then find another dog that will love and respect you.

  21. malpardee
    May 12, 2011


  22. Family Guy!!
    May 12, 2011

    Grand bay alone them tings just happen wi..

  23. tiny
    May 12, 2011

    you see the same thing….women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop being so stupid

    almost each and every one of my girl freind boyfreind or husuband came unto me. why do you think these men do such things……….because they know women stupid…….they know that their girlfreind will not leave them. they will eventually end up being suspicious of their girl feind and later down becoming enimies.

    i made a mistake once and i told a close freind of mine that her boyfeind was after me….she did not leave him….she think that i wanted her black ugly man.i kknow i will never make that mistake again. these men are bold enough to go after their girlfreinds sister and the same thing happens…they believe their man over their sister.

    stop being a jealous lover, sounds like they are just freinds, trust your sister, chances are if he’s trying something inappropriate she wont tell you because of your jelousy.
    stop thinking that evrrybody is attracted to your boyfreind……….. tht’s how most women think……….especiallythose dominican women………….with their black ugly men………….nobody wnts your man ……….your lman is bthe one who is doing the chasing. now if you were smart you would use your sister too figure out what kind of man he really is

    • Rachel
      May 12, 2011

      This is the second time you have mentioned “black ugly man” and I find that many black people do combine these two together and I quote (black and ugly). Please don’t tell me you are thinking the man is ugly because he is black, cause gorgeaus, cute, handsome non-black men do cheat as well. Dominicans speak that way all the time and I hate to hear it. I know some of you know exactly what I am talking about, and others will bash me, but to be honest, I really don’t care. I just think it’s time we stop combining these two words together when describing people.

      • Rachel
        May 12, 2011

        “gorgeous”, my bad. Sweetheart, do take Bella’s advise by talking to them, but watch them!
        I have seen this happen too many times on TV and I personally can say that it does exist.
        If you do find out that they have been deceiving you, dump the guy, and do not trust your sister by your man in the future. Good luck!

        • sweet pum pum
          May 12, 2011

          Rachel It is bad but at the same time I believe is just their way of expressing themselves “black
          and ugly” tiny does not really mean it its expression and I get where she is coming from. Sometimes you think you are doing the right thing by telling your girlfriend, or sister or whoever
          close that their man is hitting on you and trust me in the end its you who is the whore because
          they are in denial. Even a simple name as sweet pum pum evokes much anger and insecurity.
          Best thing to do is just draw a big thick line !

      • nom nweh
        May 13, 2011

        True that. TINY must be white and pretty lol–white people so ugly with some straight straight long nose and thin lips and a set of wrinkles. BLACK men and woman are the most beautifull creations, curvacious lips, plump nose and sweet chickbones—- as a man i love my light brown skin and big bottom girls everyday—i dont want them white smelling fresh tings,

        • sweet pum pum
          May 18, 2011

          Tell that to some black men who proud to walk around with their white tings arm in arm and
          secretly still eyeing the big bottom brownskinned curvaceous girls :lol:

  24. Academic and Researcher
    May 12, 2011

    In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

    The Prophet Muhammad taught us, “Our sisters/brothers in law is death.”

    The wisdom behind this statement is for this reason of the story above. Worst, if your brother had relations with your wife or partner the child usually looks like yours seeing that brothers resemble each other a lot.

    As Bella mentioned, speak to them, reason with them. Be mindful and look at their actions afterwards.

    • oh shate man
      May 18, 2011















  25. sweet pum pum
    May 12, 2011

    @Over-Confused the flirtation between the two of them should stop if they had any type of
    respect for you at all. I don’t believe you are overreacting at all, regardless to what, there
    has to be some sort of boundary, and it has nothing to do with insecurity. How long has this
    been going on ? Putting all little stupid jokes aside, clearly you are uncomfortable with the
    little loveplay situation between your sister and your man. Family should be off limits !

  26. for real
    May 12, 2011

    let her steal him, you will be better off if thats his behavior. but shucks !!! maybe he will come after you then. oh boy !!! this shit sucks!!!!

  27. Warning
    May 12, 2011

    I know this guy who got married after we dated.

    Because he couldn’t have me again he went after my baby sister.

    Don’t trust them . Give both the man and the sister a sitting down.

  28. DON
    May 12, 2011

    This sort of thing is common today. Some family has no repect for the spouses of their sisters brother cousins and even aunts and uncles. I heard stories of a man who slept with girlfriend, her sister and aunts. They knew well he was the boyfriend of their relative. This is nasty on both sides. But jealousy is a wicked thing. But again these are the times. sad to say. no respect no more.

  29. .Jeffrey
    May 12, 2011

    Marco she marco

  30. ANTICOM 2
    May 12, 2011




  31. Sweet Pea
    May 12, 2011

    Bella self always there to tell somebody to talk to somebody and be honest. Its all well and good that shes honest but will they be? She already said she spoke to her boyfriend and he told her she is over reacting. If he had something for her sister would he really tell her? “boy…your sister looking specks eh, i wouldnt mind making a break by her.” hell no…its her sister for crying out loud! iIf she speaks to her sister do you think if her sister has the slightest attraction towards her boyfriend she will let her know? “boy sis, your boyfriend is a hot one…u want to share him with me nuh”? heck no! its her sisters boyfriend for gods sake! Maybe she might be over reacting…who knows…but in situations like these its only when tem bom burst secret coming out. She being honest doesnt necessarily mean that they will be.

    • Black eye peas
      May 12, 2011

      Pois duce! Do i hear a sound of it happened to me before?
      Pois duce may have even gotten a black eye back in the day when she and her sister clashed over
      Norman.Sweet pea you remeber than famous night?I was there i know. So just tell the peeps you’ve been there done dat nuh!

      • Sweet Pea
        May 13, 2011

        lol…ooooooooooook…weird…oh lol…now i get the pois duce..sweet pea in patois…nice one…so that must mean u talking to me…lol…sorry but u have the wrong “pois duce” :-)

  32. The Truth
    May 12, 2011

    Any man that get involve with another sister while he is with one or has been with one is really a real DOG. It is not ethical that a man should love sisters or friend or a friend or even cousins that is just plain wrong go find someone else, you low life son of a gone, you a worthless.

    • Not necessarily the truth
      May 12, 2011

      Sometimes the sister, cousin nenen, aunty etc come looking for it. It was sparrow who sang about the two of them do it do,it de both of them.

    • Academic and Researcher
      May 12, 2011

      My friend, why are you jumping to conclusions? I think Bella is right that she should have a chat with her sister, find out what’s really going on.

    • DR
      May 12, 2011

      You must be living under a rock not to know that such things are happening all over Dominica.{I am not saying it`s right.

  33. Anonymous
    May 12, 2011


  34. LMMFAO
    May 12, 2011

    Cheak Jerry Springer all U can make some money

  35. Sparrow
    May 12, 2011

    Both ah dem!!

  36. 2/3
    May 12, 2011

    im thinking 3 sum……anybody????

  37. diamond
    May 12, 2011

    lmfao @ Jah Dread

  38. Jah Dread
    May 12, 2011

    Well de ting is…both sisters really nice and I just checking two better than one. They have good jeans so I want all. The big sister working and she does provide but the little one more fun man and she feeeeeeek. But i love the big one man bella. She is my wifey.

    • Christian
      May 12, 2011

      Ahh, Jah Dread, you natty rascal you!!!! I just KNEW you was behind this cause it sounded just like your pair of shoes. But beware …..them sisters may blow thier top and come at you real nasty if they put their mind to it.

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