GHOST STORIES: The spirit under the bed

My first visit to Dominica occurred sometime in 2005. I fell in love with the beauty of the island while waiting in the LIAT plane during a 15-minute transit stop at the Melville Hall Airport.

I was not impressed with how the airport looked. At first sight, I thought it was someone’s dilapidated house or plantation, but I quickly overlooked that (today the airport has been vastly upgraded).

I was more captured by the “greenery” of the island. I had never seen such a green country out of all the Caribbean islands I had visited.

Flying over Dominica was also a splendid experience. There were miles of forests, rivers and streams; hardly any houses in site.

Having known little about Dominica, except that it was a haven for banana production in the Caribbean (which I learned in primary school), I thought to myself: “I have to make an official visit to find out what’s the secret hidden among those beautiful, green vegetation and seemingly, laid-back simplistic form of lifestyle.”

In less than a month, I was on my way to Dominica for a weekend visit. The journey from the airport quickly turned from breathtaking to stomach-sickening due to twists, turns and the many hours it took to reach the capital. I could swear that my intestines were twisted in knots. Luckily, I did not vomit all over the bus. After an hour of driving, I thought we were closing in, but the driver told me “soon, 25 minutes”. Oh Lord, I thought.

To cut a long story short, I enjoyed the short visit.  It was nothing to talk about, but the people were friendly. I made social and business contacts. I did not go anywhere really. I stuck to town because I had promised myself I would be back.

That visit became the first of several visits to the island per year. During those trips I made friends with a female. But things got sour eventually when my ex got involved. A firestorm ensued and in no time, that female friend became my enemy. Females normally side with females.

On the positive side, I explored business opportunities. Some of the responses were not good at all. They were defensive. One very popular personality told me that what I wanted to do existed on island already. I got a similar response from an agency that dealt with the type of business I wanted to venture in.

I brushed it off, thinking that it was just patriotism and that people on a whole are just protective of their national interests and cautious about foreign intervention.

Well, all went well until things began going downhill for me back in my home country. Business plans were falling apart and relationships were falling apart. It was strange: it was as if anything I planned to do did not materialize. I mean, come on, not everything will go as planned, but it is like a moment in your life when everything stood at a standstill. I also began feeling ill.

I brushed that off too, thinking it was just one of those bad periods in my life. Of course, everyone experience hurdles, trials and tribulations in life. So I thought.

One morning, I got a call from my mother who began “speaking in tongues” on the phone. To Christians, speaking in tongues is believed to be a holy language and a manifestation of the Holy Spirit, who is using a human as a vessel to transmit prophetic events.

During the “speaking in tongues”, my mother told me that someone sent something from Dominica for me.

“Something from Dominica? A Fedex package?” I thought jokingly.

She went on to say that people in Dominica worked witchcraft and used the remains of a dead woman to evoke her spirit and send it to my house. The evil spirit, referred to my mom as a gypsy, a short Indian-like female, was lodged under my bed. She said it listens to everything I say and do and brought those messages back to people in Dominica, who would then use this information to block my plans.

A spirit under my bed? You’re kidding me. I live alone for Christ’s sake. It seemed like my mom wanted to freak me out.

She then asked a question, which knocked the final wind out of my speculation: “Do you find things are not working according to plan lately? Are you feeling ill?” she asked.

OK, now that was really freaking me out. To let you understand clearly, I DO NOT tell my mother about my plans. I never even told her I visited Dominica or was planning to visit. My mom lives in another country.  How the heck did she know that? Well, I am familiar with my mother’s prophecies, especially when I lived with her. But this was more interesting as all assumptions that she would know my business because I lived with her were rubbished due to the fact she lives miles away from me, and she knew nothing about my trip. And no my ex did not tell her anything.

Anyway, I was mystified as to the reason someone would want to hurt me. I was a total stranger! I was just curious and interested about investing, that’s all.

My mother told me all what I needed to do to send the spirit back. She told me not to speak about any of my plans until they have materialized and should not disclose any of my business to anyone. She told me to read a particular Psalm every day for several weeks.

During the “phone ceremony”, which lasted about 10 minutes, she told me the good news that she successfully banished the spirit back to its messengers back in Dominica.

“I sent it back to them,” she proclaimed.

I never asked her who sent it or why, but I think I got the picture. As for me and the bed? I never looked under that bed for months. Anything that fell under it remained there.  I was horrified by the thought of a gypsy woman spirit living under my bed and taking notes. How did she find her way back to Dominica? Did she book a flight with LIAT? And did she bring a notepad and pen?

I thought humorously to brush it off, but I was still horrified. I imagined many times this “woman” grabbing onto my feet and demanding that I speak so that she could have something to tell her masters. She probably would get pissed and strangle me in my sleep, I thought.

I recalled sleeping with lights on every night. The electricity bill skyrocketed, but I did not care.

Well things returned to normal in my life thereafter. And of course, I did not give up on Dominica – in fact I moved there to live. And my mother was surprisingly not pleased!

In subsequent stories I will reveal several experiences pertaining to what I have seen and observed. They are more horrifying. And it has nothing to do with Dominica. Evil is everywhere. In the USA, witchcraft, voodoo, necromancy, and other rituals are actual businesses, legal or not. They even advertise, inviting you to come and let them give you the opportunity to speak to your late loved ones.

Dominica is a beautiful place with beautiful people; it’s just that, like anywhere (as I have said) has its good and evils.

I look forward to the responses.

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  1. sweet pum pum
    January 18, 2011

    All lot of people claim to be believers of Jesus Christ and that they are saved but not saying you have to be perfect they are going about sinning being closed doors and justifying their actions opening doors to let in evil…yes folks by the company we keep the filth we talk the filth we watch on television or let into our homes we are opening a doorway of evil into our lives I’m not a preacher and I can’t quote scripture but I believe that as there is a God there is also a Devil

  2. jay
    January 5, 2011

    I have learnt that there is a logical explanation for all the mysterious occurrences in our everyday life, be it waking up with scratches or those purple/blue marks on our skin we think as soucouyant bites. I grew up and lived in Dominica until I was nineteen. In the years that came after resettling out of Dominica I realised how brainwashed we are to superstition. With God no one can harm me and ppl if you think someone is doing evil on you or stuff like that just remember to always pray, if God is for us who can be against us.

  3. peace
    January 5, 2011

    I Know evil exists but I don”t believe anybody tried to do her anything. The evil you do live with you. Sometimes the bad that the parents do fall on the children. I wonder if the mom was really speaking in tongues or it was a DEMONIC SPIRIT she transfered to her daughter via the telephone.
    I hope you covered under the Blood of Jesus.

    • ms g
      January 8, 2011

      the person in the story was male

  4. Lizavier4Jesus
    January 5, 2011

    It just bothers me that you mentioned your mother spoke to you in tongues, and your explained that tongues is a gift of God’s Holy Spirit. That is true.

    However a person who speaks in tongues, and if by the anointing of God’s Holy Spirit, does not know what he/she is saying. The apostle Paul tells us that speaking in tongues is not edifying, unless there is someone to interpret. Some people have the gift of speaking in different tongues by the authority of God’s Holy Spirit, while others have the gift to interpret.

    My question is: How did you come to understand what your mother was saying, if she was speaking in tongues to you. You did not mention an interpretor.

    Please understand that Satan knows all of God’s ways, and he uses people to do his work throught skilful lies. Speaking in tongues can be evil as well. That is the reason the apostle Paul also tells people to shut up, in church, if there is no one to interpret their tongue speaking. He is saying that this tongue could be evil or misleading.

    You mentioned also, that your mother used to prophecy. Hence she would have no trouble sensing that you were having troubles in your life, without anyone telling her, if she really could prophecy. That is what prophecy is about–telling someone what is happening, or will happen in their lives.

    It is possible that your mother did not favour you mingling with Dominica or Dominicans and she tried to use her evil conducts and attitude to discourage. You said that when you decided to travel to Dominica again, she was not pleased.

    I am not denying your claims, but it seem as if your mother had more to do with your situation than anyone or anything else.

    Do not rely on the wisdom and philosophy of any human being. It is not easy to know who controls their mind. Pray for the gift of faith, and by faith believe in God Almighty, through His Person, Jesus Christ. You will come to experience the seed of Love germinating from within you, until you give birth to a glorious plant–the Stature of Life, which will cause you to know the ways of Spirit and Truth–the ways of Love–the Person of God in Jesus Christ.

    Whatever you choose to nurture in your mind that is what you will produce in your Life. Your production will reveal itself through your attitude and conducts of Love, or the ways of the evil one–his name is Satan. Strive to produce Love–it is Eternal Life in you.

    • didi
      January 5, 2011

      aaaaaaamen..wel said liz..oh & partner, u need to b careful wit dat mother of ur boss.

    • ms g
      January 8, 2011

      i do agree and how did she banished the spirit back to dominca even before talking to her son because he said she tola him that she sent it back to its ppl she seem like she did everything before calling him and if she is a woman of god why get upset if ur son moved to domininca jus pray for him and cover him under the blood if u are so sure ppl are out to get him u did things long distant before and ur son seem to be a believer of some sort god is everywhere and is protecting his children so jus keep praying

    • Taa
      January 24, 2011

      Exactly friends, you guys are right on…when I read that part about his mom I got goose bumps because like you guys are saw right through’s clear his mom is in this evil business too. Lizavier4Jesus you explained it all beautifully. GOD BLESS YOU!

  5. shy
    January 4, 2011

    your mum seems good for herself too in the nickromancy.The way i see it ,she seems like the one doing all the evil.

  6. mouth of the south
    January 4, 2011

    i suspect dem stories dere gonna make dem sookooyant vex,,,um admin start entering ur house by back lol :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    January 4, 2011


  8. the wise old owl
    January 4, 2011

    sometimes we brought evil upon ourselves
    by the things that comes from our tongue (mouth).
    “Well, I am familiar with my mother’s prophecies”
    what you mean by that? and if a person believe in God
    and his doctrine they should know that casting or banishing
    evil spirit should be banished at the bottom of the ocean or in the
    desert.that lives me wondering!!!!

  9. The Watcher
    January 4, 2011

    Yes, my people! :oops: :lol: :-D

  10. listener
    January 4, 2011

    Interested story, i would love to read part2. i guess.

  11. d/can
    January 4, 2011

    ur mother is the only evil person in that story

  12. DaMan
    January 4, 2011

    Hmmm! I am guessing that you forgot to ask Mommy some pertinent questions. Do you realize that all is well when you are closer to Mommy; whenever you cross the seas the Ghost appears? Wow! You are maybe under Mommy’s spell and ignoring it.

    I would expect that in the last chapter of your story “Mommy the Ghost” will be revealed.

    Great fiction!

    • Ms. Intuition
      January 4, 2011

      This is rather interesting aspect of it. Some parents are just too superstitious though and rear their kids believing all kinds of crap.

  13. Jayson
    January 4, 2011

    James 4:7

    SUBMIT THEREFORE TO GOD. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

  14. notnice
    January 4, 2011

    What psalms did u read and what other steps did u have to take to overcome this because I feel I’m somewhat in the same shoes as you once was.

    • Jayson
      January 4, 2011

      Psalm 34:19
      Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.

      Isaiah 54:17
      No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue [that] shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This [is] the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness [is] of me, saith the LORD.

  15. Way Way
    January 4, 2011

    Evil spells are real. I saw it at my home, it was unbelievable what one person could do to another. I recall seeing my sister growing hair like she was an indian, eating like a pig and she was always hungry, but remained meg like a pen, despite how much she takes in.

    There are wicked people in the world. Praise god for that priest from France who helped her through it. Today she is deceased yes, but with evil, she did carry a heavy cross. To all the evil doers, God is watching over you. He sees all and he knows all.

  16. jp
    January 4, 2011


  17. love
    January 4, 2011

    You never know what pain is till you get there

    These tears that I cry
    You won’t be able to fix them
    You’re the reason why I cry to be precise
    What would I do without you and why can’t I get you out of my head
    Why does it hurts so much even when I think it’s not right for loving you
    Where do I go from here knowing that you’re no longer in my world?
    I can’t believe all this time, all these years I’ve waited for some romantic guy to take me away in his arms
    It’s been decades now and I still haven’t found my true love

    What is love?
    Does love hurt and why would something as wonderful as love hurt?
    Hurt is pain and with pain comes anger.
    Life wasn’t meant to be this way.
    Who started this and how will it ever end?

    I need to know because I want to have a life with love and if love hurts then what good is it?
    Does anyone love me, does anyone care for me? Who’s listening to me and who cares about the way I feel?
    I am with God? I know the one and true person who loves me is God but sometimes I fail to understand his doing and I only see my reflection and I ignore his.

    I want to be that kind of person who falls in love completely and so my partner does the same infinite. Remember those days of falling in love and getting hurt, “Oh boy, that was painful”. And I’m still going through the same old thing.
    Hurt, hurt, hurt!

    Probably I’m leaving in a fairy tale, looking for that Cinderella romance. I wish to have that Cinderella romance but without that cruel step mom and step sister. Couldn’t face that cruelty. No matter how hard I try there’s always going to be pain in my life.

    Or can I change it? But how? Do you know?

    Email me on [email protected].

    • The Watcher
      January 4, 2011

      Ah. You poor child.
      My advice to you is to be complete in yourself.
      Learn to be happy with yourself. I dont mean the M thing.
      Just learn to love the person that is you that was created by God.

      What are your likes and dislikes?
      Create around your space the things you truly like.
      Embrace your mother. Love your mother.
      She is also innocent and vulnerable. Just like you.

      Stop looking for someone outside of yourself to love,
      that does not always happen.
      Some people live their whole lives looking for that type of love
      And condemns themselves to a wasted life.
      You are young abe beautiful,
      but if it is not going to happen it is not going to happen.
      This is fairytale living and belongs in the pages of a book.

      Pick yourself up girl. Love God and love yourself,
      and leave it all in the hands of God.
      I know it is important so I hope I have made sense.
      But sometimes when it is important that I make sense, words fail me.
      I love you, too.

      Use the great love that you have
      to love God and all his creation,
      not for what it will give you
      or do for you
      but because it is part of you.

      By loving God and His Creation which includes you
      You are never lonely or unloved.
      I have felt the love of the grass that I tread upon – how they bend to let me pass on them without complaining and bounce back as happy as nature’s best example of love, the dog. Of course, I know the love of animals, even chickens and lizards, so I dont feel unloved. Being on my own is by choice because I do not want to be used. I am a damsel of worth, a pearl of great price. Why should I let someone come with their false faces and kisses and tarnish my spirit? I wish you would come to that same realization. You are too beautiful to allow yourself to feel the need to be part of someone else in order to be fulfilled. Love yourself. Love your mother. She loves you. Be complete within yourself. I love you, too.

    • hmm
      January 4, 2011

      i’m lost

    • didi
      January 5, 2011

      but where ur love story comin in ner??chhaa

    January 4, 2011

    Evil is real friends, and u can only conquer evil with God on your side. The Bibles says in Luke 10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.We must ensure that we are under the covering of the almighty God (psalms91) and make sure we are not rebellious towards our spirtual leaders and those in authoruty. 1 samuel 15:23 says For rebellion [is as] the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness [is as] iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from [being] king. So make sure you submit to all forms of authority as long they not leading you to go contrary to Gods word.

    If any one out there is under the spell of witchcraft or obeah, my friend there is still hope for you, dont go by the obeah man cause is more jumbee they will put on you and wants to sow a seed of hatred and bitterness in your life. I heard people say the obeah man always tell them is some family member that did them evil just for u to hate. My word to you call upon Jesus, ask him to come into your life , forgive your sins and to save you, because he is your redeemer who will redeem you from the curse of the law. Find a good Church where the presence of the Holy Spirit is real so that the pastor and elders there can cast out the demon spirit from you. Life Line Christian fellowship in Portsmouth is good place, i have heard and seen they cast out demons from people there.

    Grace and peace be unto you

  19. gold
    January 4, 2011

    its all skerrit fault

    • Shane
      January 4, 2011

      That is NOT EVEN FUNNY. Sarcasm thick as syrup or not still not funny!!!!!!!! What? You don’t daydream about Skerritt enough? Give it a rest already, stop being stupid. You will find that alot DOES have to do with him, little do YOU know many of these politicians are tied up in witchcraft, no surprise there, so come off it, your red is showing loud and clear, but please give it a rest too early in the year.

    • hmm
      January 4, 2011

      Because apparently Skerrit is Papa Bond Die. I havent read n e thing there to see how skerrit come in the convo. All u giving skerrit waay to much credit. He is not a good. God is the only one in control of the good and the bad.

    • didi
      January 5, 2011

      skerrit fault self..since he brought vodoo to get landslid victory..& all them haitian he letin come in..

    • peace
      January 5, 2011


    • M
      January 8, 2011

      i aint a fan of this man either but could u tell me where he fits in there i jus want to understand u

    January 4, 2011

    I believe him, them things do happen….but on a humouraous note, i’m laughing my tears out! :mrgreen:

  21. mouth of the south
    January 4, 2011

    when u come in with ur book of prayers,,,them immigration officers taking them sackway tohney,,,hypocrites,,,,i wonder how them soukouyant passing with there books,,,,my boy God gave us the psalms for a special reason,,,they have worked for prophets of the past and will surely work today,,,,i can tell u when i read psalm 56,,,,i feel confident that the lord on my side,,,,psalm 74 bring enemies to a bitter end,,,psalm 65 prayed persistently aids in ur tasks being fulfilled,,,psalm 13 ensures safety for 24 hrs,,,,psalm 5 increase spirituality,,,psalm 1 helps u stay away from bad influence and characters,,,,psamlm 145 verse 17 to end is to be read then ask God for ur wish etc etc,,,,it have more but that was just off my head,,,,them immigration officers taking away your book of psalms but dem sookooyant passing with theirs,,,,i see one of there books already,,,my god u doh wanna see dem things,,,,

      January 4, 2011


  22. Bougla
    January 4, 2011

    a lugawoo hold mister ! :twisted:

  23. shortboy
    January 4, 2011

    whats psalms u read in the bible? & for how long u read it?

  24. Truth
    January 4, 2011

    Very interesting piece of article…………….

  25. wikiLee
    January 4, 2011

    Good will always triumphhhh

  26. The likkle man under de bed
    January 4, 2011

    It took record time that skerit name wasnt mentioned!!! Take care allu frighten ppl from doing business on island lol. Kool story though very creative.

    • Ms. Intuition
      January 4, 2011

      Does every article have to attract some sort of political statement even when it’s completely irrelevant to partisan politics? SMH

      • The likkle man under de bed
        January 4, 2011

        GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF UR BODA!! I was saying it’s record time that the ppl who continuously bash the gov did not mention skerit name on some thing bad. I’m actually in agreement with you dumbBo

        • Anonymous
          January 12, 2011

          lol lol that was harsh oui lol lol BODA!!!! long time i doh hear tht lol lol… all u pple doh easy on dno nuh…

  27. dominican in antigua
    January 4, 2011

    wow well people you dont know it tell you know it i live out of dominice for years and came back home with all my tools is was just to start working after some time i startedd to get so sick cant tuch the same tools that i have been working with for so maney years out there and to add to that i cant drive the car that i had i was put away for 3 years not working just going to dr. spending all moneys that i had boy that get to me after going to all the dominica and spending most of my time in the hospital for months is just in and out for the 3 years and i was just 28 years old boy that was are thing but thank GOD are i got help and the same tools is what am working witnd doing my work but am not in dominica now but ill be back at it i must say you dont know on till you been in it all that put me to do was go to dr. and stay home watch t.v at that age well well i thank GOD and that guy for telling me where to go get help

  28. Pleading the Blood of Christ
    January 4, 2011

    The Father is revealing all one by one. that’s just the begining. Pray without ceasing sir. cover yourself and dont tell people who you are cuz u know they will try a thing to stop you.

    You’re right evil is very real all over. I dont know why people jealous and wicked so. If all u cannot use all devil given powers to do good why not tell the devil you dont want it. Y go bother someone else. N e way Yahweh is judge of all. He sees all he knows all. He will reveal all. Oh yes he will and has begun to.

  29. angel
    January 4, 2011


  30. blame skerrit
    January 4, 2011

    Skerrit shud have told the country about his dual citizenship long time or else that wudnt have happened to de man

    • sister souljah
      January 4, 2011

      :lol: :lol: u people are so silly

      • Anonymous
        January 4, 2011

        is true

    • Bodjai
      January 4, 2011

      everything is blame skerrit?….blame ur self for being so stupid -smh-

  31. DVT
    January 4, 2011

    mondieu oye….

  32. Respect
    January 4, 2011

    yes my people FAITH we need dat tremendously; 2 often we do our best to keep somebody down all we have to do is put GOD first and everything will go as HE plans!!!!!

  33. hmm
    January 4, 2011

    Sounds like somebody I know.

  34. carter
    January 4, 2011

    :-| wow dats sum mess up … rite here

  35. dear
    January 4, 2011


  36. Dread!
    January 4, 2011

    WOW! The things people will do to keep another person down, it’s ridiculous. I have felt the evil myself, in my family but as one of the youngest children I decided to say that the evil stops there and I will not let it take over me. You have to be strong in your faith in the lord or else these forces will conquer!!!

    • girly
      January 8, 2011

      i agree

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