The sacrifice

As the old man lay dying, in his heart was an old secret that he longed to reveal to his middle aged daughter and her ex best friend. Would that revelation create more bitterness and pain? Or would it mend the friendship that his evil deeds destroyed four decades ago?

“Mi Femm ahny sorti duva la porte mwe si ou konet sa ki bor po wu”  (look woman get out from in front my door if you know what’s good for you). Ma Dedeen could be heard shouting with anger at someone at her front door.   Her daughter Valerie rushed to see what the fuss was all about, and to her embarrassment, it was Ma JoJo her best friend Belinda’s mother.

Valerie never quite figured out why Her mother could not stand Ma JoJo.  Ma JoJo was Belinda’s mother and Belinda was Valerie’s best friend.   The girls both went to St Martin’s School together in the days when Sr. Ann reigned supreme. It was rumored that Ma Jojo and Ma Dedeen, Valerie’s mother, were very close at one time but the falling out was a mystery and neither woman wanted to talk about it.

Ma Dedeen did fairly well for herself  but Ma Jojo was flourishing.  She had a beautiful 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom modern split level home, a Hilman  car and a brand new Austin Pickup. She was also boasting of opening a small minimart.   No one knew where Ma Jojo got so much revenue from and when asked about it, she just shrugged her shoulders and gave a small mysterious smirk.

“But Ma what de lady do you, you doe like her ?” questioned Valerie one day.
“I jes doe trust her. Period !” responded  Ma Dedeen with a finality that also said Amen!
to that particular topic. It opened up some very deep, old and painful wounds of the past. A past she really did not care to remember, but one she would never forget.

Ma Dedeen took that bittersweet trip down memory lane, forty years ago when she and her two best friends Tazia and Clara (Ma Jojo) were only 16.    Ma Dedeen went by the name of Jem. The trio were inseparable and there were times when they shared their innermost secrets and fears as well.

She remembered only too well when it all started about forty years ago….when fate put their loyalty and beautiful friendship to the test.  A fate that shattered the innocence of being sixteen.

There was a big commotion up the road! A man was found naked and stabbed to death in some bushes. The victim was identified as Mathias Lane  better known as “Chicken” everyone was shocked because Chicken was a very charming and friendly individual especially among the ladies despite the fact that he was married. He was a very sharp domino and pool player and a frequent visitor to the  “Sea Dolphin’s Night Bar ” .

But Chicken had a dark side that very few individuals knew about .   He secretly dabbled in the occult and he had a thing for underage girls.     Chicken did not come home the night before and his wife Nadia was in the country with her sick mother at the time.

Her 16 year old daughter Tazia did not mention anything about him. She was home for the past two days with her three younger siblings ages 10, 7 and 5.   Everyone was used to Chicken not coming home occasionally so it was nothing strange.

Tazia was sitting on the steps of the public library.  She was carrying a huge burden on her shoulders.  Her period was two weeks late possibly it could be the stress of everything in her life, the stress of losing her stepfather. She was understandably upset.  Chicken was murdered and no one knew who nor why. Her mother and siblings would be devastated by his death.   She could not burden her mother with the news that she might be pregnant.  What if that was not so, then it would be unwarranted stress.   She decided to keep quiet.  She would tell Jem and Clara,  they could keep a secret. They always kept secrets for each other.

Jem saw Tazia looking so down. “Sa ki wivawu nuh ou booway kor sah? (Why do you look so upset), she asked.  Tazia was in tears, she explained to Jem that Chicken was found murdered, her mother was still in Boetica taking care of her grandmother and on top of all that she was two weeks late with her period. They both went over to Clara to talk things over.  It was a very confusing issue, Clara and Jem thought that Tazia should keep the secret amongst the three of them and keep the baby if she turned out to be pregnant.

Approximately six months passed by with no suspects to Chicken’s murder, Tazia’s pregnancy was still a secret among the trio.  She was now almost 7 months and was able to conceal it very well by wearing oversized clothes.  They decided one day to go over to Clara’s house to hang out.

Mr. Clarence, Clara’s father was a big Loogawoo and he was an evil man but very good at pretending to be nice and not many people knew that.   Those who had the misfortune of employing his services to do work for them, would have to literally sign an agreement  in their own blood, with  a special quill (special feather)as insurance,  if they did not have enough money to pay him, so that just in case they died still owing him for work already done he would go to their funerals and using a special Black Magic book  from Louisianna he would captured their spirits trapping them in the bottles before hoarding them in the secret room. He was in league with the devil himself and that room was off limits to his entire family.

Clara was always curious about the room and secretly plotted and planned on how to get a hold of that key to the secret room which her father guarded with His life.   Anyway she hit pay dirt that day.  He had to get to a funeral that day and in his haste he forgot his little key purse. Clara found the keys and with a mixture of fear and excitement tried them all until she heard the click of the lock signaling that the door was now opened.  The three girls tiptoed their way in.

There was nothing special about the room, that’s what they thought.  Little did they know they were being watched by a very sinister and evil Spirit  that lived in the room.  It was called “Maitre Djiab”  when they came in to the room  they disturbed the atmosphere of the room and that of the Maitre Djiab.  He was very angry and felt disrespected!  Someone would pay the price.  There would be hell to pay, and he would demand his pound of flesh by any means possible.

There was nothing significantly special about the room.  It appeared to be just a plain room whitewashed walls, bare concrete floor a few wooden shelves with apparently empty jars,  a few worn out dusty books, a couple curtains and another closed door.  They picked up  the empty jars, flipped through the books putting them back on the shelves casually with no apparent interest.

They were bored and disappointed and were just about to leave when they heard the sound of footsteps and someone attempting to open the door.  In fear they scrambled for a hiding spot and ran to the other door which they discovered was a closet.

Through the cracks in the closet door, they saw Mr. Clarence come into the room, looking very intense.  He took an empty glass jar from his black bag and placed it on the shelf.

They heard a sound like someone else in the room, but they could not see anyone else. An interesting conversation was taking place.  The voice sounded very muffled but angry and demanding and Mr. Clarence could be heard protesting and pleading.  It was really frightening and unnerving hearing a grown man plead especially to an unseen entity.

Mr. Clarence took his shirt off and was on his knees, he was whipped soundly and viciously by an invisible being.  He whimpered and cried his back was marked up and he looked humbled and submissive.  When the beating was over, he got up from his knees.  All this the girls witnessed dumbstruck.

He looked around and noticed something on the floor.  He looked at it and turned it
around in his hands.   The girls strained their eyes to see what it was .  To their absolute horror it was a side of a gold earring belonging to Tazia.  They gripped each other frantically,  the game was over!

Mr. Clarence pocketed the earring and said nothing, he just scratched his head thoughtfully.

A few weeks had passed by since that close call.  The girls thought they had gotten away but Mr. Clarence knew there was a price to pay for the invasion of the “secret room”.  He was given  an ultimatum by the Maitre Djiab,  or come up with a better solution.   He would have to sacrifice his daughter Clara or her first born in order to keep his comfortable lifestyle or face a miserable existence of abject poverty and misfortune until he died.

He decided to reveal to his daughter the gravity of her actions and the consequences, unless she came up with an alternative,  then he asked about Tazia and her circumstances.   The plan would be to invite the two other friends to dinner and take
it from there.  Well that significant night came.

They were not quite finished with dinner  when Tazia felt the cramping in her stomach.  It was  not yet time.  She was just about seven months along,  the baby was not due for another two months. The plan was working. Tazia was hot and sweating and seeing doubles, she passed out.

Mr. Clarence with the help of the two frightened girls Clara and Jem brought Tazia into the secret room.   He got one of the empty glass jars, opened it up muttered something under his breath and turned his Attention to the dying girl.

The pain was excruciating and somehow Tazia knew she was dying, her life was unfolding before her eyes,  but no, that could’nt be right. She was now faced to face with her tormentor, the man who repeatedly raped and got her pregnant, her stepfather Chicken.   There he was large as life, she was slipping in and out of consciousness, as she felt him violating her young body.

He told her he would kill her if she told her mother, and that her mother would not believe her anyway. He taunted her, called her a salop,(slut)  she could smell the liquor on his breath  and that night she could not take it anymore.  Out of desperation, she grabbed the first thing she got her hands on and Wham !  Bonjay (Good Lord) but she didn’t mean to kill him, she stabbed him by the side of his neck with a scissors.  She just wanted him to leave her alone.  Boy look malleh wi.  (bad luck) she
murdered him in cold blood and now she was paying the price with her life.  The pain was excruciating, she was sweating.

She felt weak and helpless as her life slowly seeped out of her body.  She was in and out of a fog, she grew weaker and weaker and the painful realization of her betrayal by her best friend was like a knife twisting in her back.   The tears rolled slowly down her cheeks as she silently pleaded for one of her friends to save her life.  Jem bit down on her lip,  she was powerless,  but Clara, out of guilt could not look her best friend in the eye.  She had used a very delicate secret to betray one of her closest friend in the cruelest manner with the help of her evil father.

The spirit of Chicken was summoned up from beyond,  by Mr. Clarence who had him trapped in one of his glass jars.  After opening up the glass jar, Clarence quickly donned a black hooded robe and tied his head with a red mouchoir (kerchief).

Chanting and dancing, he drank what appeared to be reddish liquid from a wine glass.  Using a book entitled  Marie Laveau’s Black Magic Ritual, that he ordered directly from Louisiana, he proceeded to call on the spirit of Chicken, with a medium-sized bamboo rod, some black twine, a 7 day old piece of bread dipped in sugar and a five dollar bill.

Chicken’s spirit was invoked from the dead, by Mr. Clarence and he was now faced to face with his murderer  Tazia,  the person who took his life.  He would be there waiting to help deliver his infant son…the sacrifice that would set his spirit free and save the life of Mr. Clarence’s daughter Clara.

Jem and Clara could not see Chicken but Tazia could, since she was already hanging in the balance between life and death, soon it would be all over.

Later she would be taken to her home as if she was asleep. Her mother would be planning yet another funeral, and the painful secret would remain intact.

When Nadia, Tazia’s mother found her, she was already dead but did not know it because even in death Tazia was still bleeding.   She was rushed to the Princess Margaret Hospital where she was pronounced dead and they could not determine her cause of death, another big mystery even for the doctors, but a few people as usual had their suspicions. “Magway sa ! Say chway Yo chway tifi ya ou sav” ( Imagine that ! is kill they killed the girl you know) one woman said shaking her head from side to side.

Jem could not believe that Clara and her wicked father had the nerve to show up at
Tazia’s funeral.   “Saqway modara! Bordya kay pini zor”  (Murderers God will punish you all) she said to herself .  She will never speak to Clara again.  As they lowered Tazia’s coffin in the  hole.  Someone had to catch Nadia she was fainting, when she came to she claimed that she saw Chicken holding a baby in his hand standing around Tazia’s grave…..

Ma Dedeen was unconsciously wiping at her eyes and sniffling.  She would never forget, never…

“Mami what happen to you ? you crying man?”  Her daughter Valerie broke her out of her reverie.

“No,” she lied. “I’m just tired.”

“So why were you screaming at Ma JoJo earlier?”  Valerie questioned her mother.  Because both she and her father have too much zafey.

Ma Dedeen did not want to drag kids into adult people business and such a sensitive and dangerous issue she was not forgetting that they all were sworn to secrecy, it was a pact .  She hated that she was forced into this. Now Mr. Clarence was dying and he wanted to talk to her and his treacherous daughter.

“He have a secret?”  Ma Dedeen muttered to herself . “Hmph! Ou ka dimwey secret?   What heneed is a priest.  He need to ask God forgiveness for all those lives he destroyed.  He needs to make peace with God.  He asking for me? E ni kayshoy ah su sheiy?   eh beh kitayi toofayi” (He has something on his chest? Well let it stifle him).

She was getting angrier and angrier, muttering to herself.  But she was curious about what the old man had to say.  So after giving them a hard time, she eventually went.

“Yes Clarence, what it is you dying to tell me?”  Ma Dedeen stood at Mr. Clarence’s bedsidewith an attitude, eye rolling and both hands on her hip.  The old man knew that Ma Dedeencould not stand the best bone in neither he nor Clara and he hoped that the secret he was about to reveal would end whatever animosity he created some forty odd years ago.

Both ladies were in the room.  With a shaky croaky voice Mr. Clarence confessed that He knew he was’nt a good man.  He spoiled a lot of people’s lives and he had to face God.

But he asked that Jem (Ma Dedeen) forgive Clara (Ma Jojo) for what happened in the  secret room with Tazia and the fact that they were forced to witness what no normal sixteen-year-old should ever witness in any lifetime.

“So you spoil people eh?” chuckled Ma Dedeen.  “How about kill?  How about murder innocent children and their mother, Clarence you are a big loogawoo and you have to burn in hell.”

Ma Dedeen was becoming very emotional, she was going to speak her mind and she did not care. “Jem stop judging me, I have something to tell you damnit now listen to me!” demanded Mr. Clarence as he gathered strength to say what was on his mind.

For an instant Ma Dedeen was shocked.  “Regardless to how you feel about me it does’nt matter now,  I am dying but I want you to live in peace with Clara,  because she is your sister.”  He coughed as he was saying this.

“She is my what?” Ma Dedeen was beyond shocked. “My sister ?” both Ladies looked at each other.

“So you are my father ?”  squeaked Ma Dedeen.

“Yes Jem,” continued Mr. Clarence.  “That day in the secret room that you all were not  supposed to make all you playground,  you all unknowingly violated an oath,  ALL THREE OF YOU !!”  he shouted  then broke into a coughing fit.

He continued, “A sacrifice was needed to pay the “Maitre Djiab” would you have felt better if I had
sacrificed you or Clara ?  you both were my daughters for God sake, my daughters” the old man’s eyes brimmed with tears.   The room was charged with emotion.

“I doe care!” screamed Ma Dedeen “ if you did not have dirty hands there would be no sacrifice to begin with, we would never have to go through this”.

Mr. Clarence tried another logical reasoning, “O.k.,” he said. “Chicken was interfering with his stepdaughter, she got pregnant by him, she killed him, is true is self defense but she would have ended up in prison,  think about her mother finding out is her daughter who killed her husband, her daughter was having her husband’s baby,” he  reasoned.

“So for  all dat you had to play God with people’s lives, Clarence ? Stupes,”  Ma Dedeen was still mad.   She was letting her anger out.

The Next day the Catholic Priest came to give Mr. Clarence his last sacrament and at his last request Mr. Clarence asked that both Clara and Jem worked together and  that they purify the room.  He asked that for protection they both dressed all in white, get in there with a Priest.

He will know what to do, take away all the glass jars.  He told them where to find the list of names of the spirits trapped in the bottles.  Have the Priest conduct a special service for them. The bottles should be buried in the cemetery at the respective gravesites.

As for the “Maitre Djiab” with the holy water in the room for seven days, and the glass jars gone, he will be powerless, since he used to feed off the trapped spirits.

“Boy look coshony,” sneered Ma Dedeen.  “so after you make all your pyai and your dirty evil deeds, I get to clean up your mess?  eh beh look it”   Ma Dedeen jabbed and made snide remarks but it was expected.

Getting the priest to agree to sanctify the room was one hell of an ordeal, they came up with all kinds of reasons why it would not be good  but  Mr. Clarence paid handsomely for the job  to be done, and it was done exactly the way he wanted it done.

Goes to show everything and everyone has their price !

Mr. Clarence died shortly after  he received his last sacrament,  he made his peace with God.

To God Be the Glory !   Let Him alone be the Judge !

It took sometime for Ma Dedeen to come to terms with the news of Ma Jojo being her sister and Mr. Clarence her father, it was a lot to digest, in the end she slowly but surely forgave the past it was  an ordeal hard to forget but in time she would get back to best friend mode with her new sister.

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    That said, I am enjoying these tales so much. As a St. Lucian, we have similar folklines and language so I thouroughly enjoyed the Creole in this story. I also relish seeing what I have been hearing about since childhood published in a newspaper!

    Kudos to the writers of these stories! I am completely entertained! (Now let me see if I can avoid dreaming of a soucouyan tonight!)

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    Its not always easy to keep a reader interested in a story that goes back 18 yrs then comes to the present and reverts again as needed. You manage to do just that.

    Good job.

    Loved your focus despite the length of this one.

    P.S. Don’t let small things like typos (if any) bother you..we all make them.

    Talking of typos…

    The story is told of a famous president who was “entertaining” his mistress one Saturday night at a social gathering.and the next day one social gossip writer said,The president was “entering” his-mistress, She claimed it was a typo

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    I have to give these Ghost Story writers props. Every week they take the time out in their busy
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    May 17, 2011

    Hey Anonymous thanks for your critique. Everyone has a right to their honest opinion. I went over
    the story I know it was not your typical ghost story. I did not find any grammatical errors if you did
    as you said maybe you could point them out to me. We all learn from each other and I’m willing
    to learn and continue writing whenever I can find the time. However, I know you guys look forward every Tuesday to the ghost story column. I will try my best to think of something more traditional.
    I welcome the good and bad criticisms :) and I can take it as it comes and yes sometimes an amateur writer like myself tend to get so into the story that we tend
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      May 18, 2011

      Many of us are amateur writers. We are not perfect. You did your best. There was no need for you to apologize. I read the story with interest and did provide my comments but on a different matter as you saw.

  16. Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
    May 17, 2011

    It is a true story. They were in a great melee. That man Clarence was a wicked man. Some people are really wicked and are able to disguise it but not for long. He deux parlez on his death bed, eh.
    Although he received the Last Rites of the Catholic Church, I wonder if God forgave him for all this wickedness and killing a baby and its mother, a sixteen year old, calling on evil spirits and harboring them while ignoring God.
    Do not under-estimate God as well as over-estimate him and take him for granted. God knows if that man was sincere. He waited on his death bed to ask forgiveness. I would think it was too late for all those years of wickedness.
    Where do you expect that soul will go to? People/souls do not just walk into Heaven by praying an Act of Contrition and saying that they proclaim Jesus Christ, as they lived over forty years performing wickedness. Then when they die they want a Holy Mass.
    I do not wish to judge this man for God who is the Judge has already judged him. Years of wickedness is not eliminated as easy as that. Worship, prayer, good works, penance and sacrifice are mandatory during our lifetime in order to appease God, to obtain His forgiveness and subsequently eternal salvation. There are some people who do not take these mortal and spiritual matters seriously.
    As it is stated in Holy Scriptures: “If the righteous is barely saved where will the sinner and godless appear?
    Some of you who especially renounced your Catholic Faith based on Its Dogmas and religious teachings no longer believe in Purgatory. Others who were not baptized practicing Catholics do not believe in it.
    Well, God who is compassionate, merciful and forgiving created Purgatory that those souls whom He forgave (only He knows) will have to make restitution for whatever amount of time it takes to cleanse/purify their souls prior to ascending to Heaven. Better believe it.
    As a holy Italian Priest Padre – Saint Pio said to a woman in confession who said that she did not believe in Hell. He told her when you get there you will believe. This is likewise Purgatory.
    My principle is, never denounce what you are not able to prove and what you do not know anything about.
    For that man’s sake I hope God had mercy on his soul. If He did his soul may be in Purgatory – not Heaven yet for years of probably over 50 years of practicing wickedness. I hope this is where his soul ended up. Otherwise woe to him for all eternity. May God preserve us from this eternal fate.
    It is always better to do good than to do evil. Far better.

    • ?????
      May 17, 2011

      You again with Purgatory! Show me the verse, chapter etc where Purgatory is spoken about in the bible . I really would like to get this revelation from you Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity. I Like your pseudo name. Seriously I am awaitng your answer/

      • sweet pum pum
        May 18, 2011

        :lol: you all are killing me :lol: anyway ????? Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity said she
        remembered the man and the story is true even though everybody is crying fake….fake…..fake…
        Do some of us watch and go crazy over wrestling ? Yeah well wrestling is fake and so what ?
        Somebody take their precious time, sit down and put together a story to entertain all you and all
        you guys can cry is fake….fake….fake…. :lol:

        • Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
          May 18, 2011

          @sweet pum pum

          You critic. You have no idea if it is fake or not. Why worry about it? I do my best to see the beauty in everything and make sense of such matters.
          Read it and take it for what you have read. There is no need to have a debate over the story.
          Have you ever read fiction books and also viewed fiction movies? Do you criticize them and make a fuss over them? Do likewise if you feel the story is a fake. It is your opinion, not mine and some other readers. We are entitled to our opinion.
          It is a good story and has a message for also people like you. Love God with all your heart and soul and love others that you might live a happy and peaceful life and obtain eternal salvation. That is the be all and end all of it all.

        • sweet pum pum
          May 19, 2011

          It would be kind of nice if only you would take the time out to read my comments actually
          backing you up. But no you feel better jumping down my throat instead. :mrgreen:

      • Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
        May 18, 2011

        I was expecting to see the critics adverse opinions about Purgatory. God ordains all to be that some people may hopefully ask and learn something. Praise be to God!
        I am not ignorant in my Catholic faith which was established approximately 2000 years ago and will remain until the end of time as God has ordained.
        Many of you claim to know what is contained in Holy Scriptures but really know nothing and of the interpretation as you interpret it to suit your mentality and lifestyle. Prior to criticizing anyone and denouncing what they state about “their religious teachings” you must first pray to God for enlightenment and discernment.
        Sadly, some of you were once Catholics and you allowed others “to tickle your ears” and join their religion. Those religions that were formed down through the ages are not approved by God. God did not give their leaders a mandate to form their own religions which contributed to mass confusion, lack of love, peace and disunity.
        If you are so well-versed in Holy Scriptures you should know that Our Lord spoke “in spiritual – heavenly terms” not earthly terms as some human beings as yourself tend to interpret it. IT IS FOR THIS REASON AND FOR MY CATHOLIC NURTURING AND LEARNING THAT I WILL CONTINUE TO PRACTICE MY PRECIOUS GOD-GIVEN CATHOLIC FAITH.
        You and others left the Catholic Church because you were ignorant in the faith. Some, also because of their sinful lifestyle. Satan did a good job of that.
        Read the following words of Our Lord Jesus Christ on Purgatory. He did not spell everything out to us. He expected that we would have faith, basic common sense, knowledge and would comprehend what He said. Keep in mind what Our Lord said:
        Mathew 13:13 – “This is why I speak to them in parables, because they look but do not see and hear but do not listen or understand.”
        You can read this passage – The Purpose of Parables.
        You and all those who criticize the Catholic Church for Its Faith and Religious, Devotional Practices, cease doing so. It is not a loving act. You are not pleasing God. You do not see Catholics going about criticizing you and your faith or your new-found faith.
        If you think according to your mentality that you have found the true faith, be satisfied and practice it. God will hold all of you accountable for criticizing the Catholic Faith and lambasting it; also for leaving It.
        God did not send anyone of you on a mission to criticize the Catholic Faith. He never gave anyone of you a mandate to do so. I reiterate, MARK MY WORDS! You will find out in time specifically on the inevitable day when you are faced with your eternal judgment. The message here is to mind your own business and see about saving your soul.
        Go and study Holy Scriptures especially the New Testament. Pray to God for enlightenment of same.
        Now, I am also happy to inform you:
        Matthew 5:23:26 – …Therefore, if you bring your gift to the altar, and there recall that your brother has anything against you, leave your gift there at the altar, go first and be reconciled with your brother, and then come and offer your gift. Settle with your opponent quickly while on the way to court with him. Otherwise your opponent will hand you over to the judge, and the judge will hand you over to the guard, and you will be thrown into prison. Amen, I say to you, you will not be released until you have paid the last penny.
        Our Lord was surely not speaking about the prisons of the world. Earthly prisoners could never pay – to the world – or their victims, whether dead or alive what they have done to them. Figure it out.
        I do hope you comprehend that passage. Ask your pastor what this passage means. Those non-Catholic pastors and some others teach against Purgatory, that they do not believe in it and so they, too, will not comprehend this passage. They think that everyone who says the Sinners’ Prayer and go to their church and read and study Holy Scriptures will go directly to Heaven. God who reads hearts knows better than their limited minds.
        I have always said: “Thank God for Purgatory.” We are not perfect people. Those who criticize the Catholic Faith have depicted that they are not perfect and far from perfect and love Catholics and others. They hate Catholics even though Catholics have done them nothing but for their Catholic Faith.
        If you are a Christian and a practicing one you should know that people who dislike/hate others for their religion and other matters will never enter God’s holy, pure, happy and peaceful Kingdom. Do you and those who criticize the Catholic Faith think that you are a loving people?
        If it were not for Purgatory, how many people who specifically call themselves Christians (I am not excluding myself – may God help me here) would ever enter Heaven?
        Purgatory is the loving mercy and forgiveness of God, giving those souls who are not bad enough for Hell but not good enough for Heaven, a second chance to be purified.
        GOD IS SO GOOD AND MERCIFUL TO US! Too many of you are blind to this and Purgatory.
        Also keep in mind that the word Hell is also not in Holy Scriptures. The word is Gehenna. Know what is contained in the Holy Bible.
        There is much more I have to share, spiritually, lovingly and humbly to people like you, all with the help of God, if only you will listen, read and pay heed.
        You should know what Our Lord said as contained in Holy Scriptures, Matthew and Luke: “Be perfect and merciful as your Heavenly Father is.” Look it up!

        • Beff la large
          May 20, 2011

          What is that for me nuh boi? I think its best you ask DNO for a spot to write because you are just too long winded! OMG. A paragraph or two would be just fine…you dere writing a novel. Stupesssssss.

    May 17, 2011


  18. fake shit
    May 17, 2011


    • person
      May 17, 2011

      it was not boring ,so shut up and stop hating, even though it might be fake, like i said stop hateing and it was not boring

    • sexyeyebrow
      July 22, 2011

      why don’t you come up with something better? typical humans…criticize when they themselves can’t do better

      • sexyeyebrow
        July 22, 2011

        i was talking to fake shit

    • rena
      July 12, 2012

      you that boring you do have life in you thats why i do blame you :-?

  19. Anonymous
    May 17, 2011

    8-O ……

  20. Wow!
    May 17, 2011

    Great story!! Keep on writing.

  21. baby G
    May 17, 2011

    Good story. Keep them coming.

    • November 8, 2014

      If I cotcnuimamed I could thank you enough for this, I’d be lying.

  22. Anonymous
    May 17, 2011

    Good attempt. However, I found it long-winded. There are a lot of grammatical errors and repetition of information. It seems you had so much information to put in there that the story became wordy at times.

    • Encourage don't Discourage
      May 17, 2011

      Anonymous, did you got the point. That’s all that matter. What is all this about grammar and repetitions. if you can do it better, go on and tell your ghost story. You just wait every Tuesday to read and critize. This is some Domonicans for you papa, love to find fault in one another.

    • Corinne
      May 19, 2011

      I am still waiting for you to point out my grammatical errors I want to learn from you, so I don’t make the same mistakes twice :)

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