NATURAL HEALING: Our Emotions – Health or illness

Lucia John, PhD
Lucia John, PhD

Our emotions are part of our lives. They help us to experience the world through our own reactions to what we perceive or experience.  Our emotions can be experienced in different ways, positive or negative. We can experience happiness, but also the opposite, sadness. Enthusiasm comes with happiness whereas depression comes with sadness.

What is the basis of this range of possibilities in the experience of our emotions? The state of Being.  Based on our inner state of being, we experience positive or negative emotions.

When the mind is tranquil, clear, we have positive thoughts. These positive thoughts cause positive beneficial hormones or chemicals to be released in the nervous system and we feel happy, cheerful, tolerant and compassionate. The body repairs itself and gets rid of stress, toxins, etc.  The immune system becomes strong.

On the contrary, when the mind is in turmoil, the thought process is negative, jumbled and disorderly.  Stress hormones are released into the bloodstream. We experience negative emotions such as fear, anger, envy, etc…

Too much of any negative emotion will cause the organ it is related to, to break down.

If someone is always in control, this control needs testosterones to be maintained. The individual is in control 24/7, at home, at school, at work, at play.  The prostate gland is working overtime to help in the production of testosterones.  The constant misuse and or other imbalanced demands on this gland may cause it to malfunction, and illness is the result.

Another negative emotion is anger.  When we experience anger, it is because the mind was already in turmoil. Stress hormones are secreted into the bloodstream, inhibiting the proper functioning of the nervous system.  Breathing becomes imbalanced and unnatural, and illnesses such as certain digestive problems, skin diseases, High Blood Pressure and Stroke may result.

Constant hatred may contribute to liver problems, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Heart disease and even stroke.

Constant fear leads to anxiety attacks, panic attacks, phobias and paranoia…

Constant envy and jealousy lead to problems in the digestive system; colon, liver etc.

Constant suspicion and mistrust leads to trouble in the pancreas, gallbladder, liver, colon, etc.

Constant grief leads to depression, confusion, imbalance in appetite, therefore obesity or extreme weight loss.

Inability to deal with loss leads to confusion in the mind and body, nervous breakdown, inability to function in the active world, addictions etc

Constant stress leads to burnout and all sorts of illnesses.  This list is not complete.

To balance the emotions again, we need to experience stillness in the mind and body, therefore breathing becomes normal and the intake of oxygen is increased; the lungs throw off foreign material and excess mucus.  Healthy breathing is experienced. Blood is better oxygenated and free from harmful toxins. The body renews itself and greater and better health and wellbeing is the direct result.

Transcendental Meditation gives the experience of stillness of body and mind, a state of inner peace or transcendence. When one practices Transcendental Meditation, the mind settles down, the body settles down also, because of the intimate connection between mind and body. In that deep rest, the stresses are released and eliminated, the body normalizes itself, and better mental, emotional and physical health is the result. We experience an actual reversal of the aging process, greater cheerfulness, greater ability to focus, better memory, just to name a few benefits. One experiences relief from many illnesses such as High Blood Pressure, Heart Diseases, Strokes, Depression, anxiety, phobias, Circulation problems, Vitiligo, and many others.

When we feel calm inside, the emotions are stable and life is much more pleasant and successful in every way.

We offer many therapies to balance the emotions, release stress naturally and enjoy better health.

Transcendental Meditation

VedAroma Therapy

Ayurvedic Treatment, includes massage

Maharishi Vedic Vibration Therapy (MVVT) – specifically for Chronic Illnesses

Gem Light Therapy

Diet and lifestyle adjustment


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  1. Sonny
    March 5, 2014

    A lot of us brothers have emotional problems we do not want people to know about. We fight with our wives and girlfriends because of emotional problems. We fail in ……. because of emotional problems and still we do not try to get help. When we try though, our business is all on the streets.

  2. 6partou
    February 25, 2014

    Dr. John, what do you think I can change in my attitude or emotions that could relieve prostate problems? I’m willing to try something new and natural.

    • Dr. Lucia John
      February 25, 2014

      Dear 6partou,

      If you feel that you MUST always be in CONTROL, relax, release that feeling. A man must have a healthy level of control of his own life, assets, family and children, but when it is too elevated, it affects his health. If a man does not have enough self-control it also affects his health. Lack of self control seems to be a modern malaise for men. In both cases, he may suffer from High Blood Pressure, Heart Diseases, and Prostate problems among others.

      I have been a Certified Teacher of
      Transcendental Meditation for the past 33 years. It helps in the above situations because it provides deep rest which helps to release the stresses causing the problem. It helps to calm the mind and body, and blood chemistry becomes normalized. This helps to balance the attitude of too much control.

      You can also take an Ayurvedic Treatment which rejuvenates the entire body bringing mind, body, emotions and spirit to a more normal state. It involves special massage with personalized oil. It is a 5 hour treatment which can be taken over 3 to 5 days. it removes harmful toxins in the body, and bringing the body back from acidity to alkalinity. VedAroma Therapy is a fantastic, quick and easy treatment for all types of issues or imbalance. All these treatments awaken the inner intelligence of the body and mind, and healing takes place naturally.

      For more personalized information please contact me at 1 767 316 9765 or [email protected]

  3. Pioneer
    February 23, 2014

    I always thought there was something to that, but I never got an explanation for it till now. Whenever I got angry, blood would rush to my head. My ears would get hot and my whole face would be red, itchy and hot. I was told by my doctor that if I am not careful, I will suffer from High Blood Pressure. I will certainly try to tone down a bit and handle my life in a different way.

    I also want to explore the idea of relaxation – meditation, and maybe, who knows, some natural treatments. I never thought of that being valuable before, but better late than never.

  4. Sarah
    February 23, 2014

    I think I get you Dr. John. We were reading your column last nigh with a group of friends, and one of them told us, ‘attitude is a blood chemical’ so I really appreciate this article. I hope you continue to write. I want you to know that you really inspire lots of people who do not take the time to comment.

    I am commenting today because this article speaks directly to me. I swear a lot without really wanting to do it, and I get angry a lot thinking it is cool. I will be paying a lot more attention to that now, and trying to stop it.

    • February 24, 2014

      @ Pioneer February 23, 201 and Sarah February 23, 2014

      You both talked about getting angry a lot.

      Anger is the human emotion that can kill both, the one who is possessed by that emotion and the person or persons against whom the possessor is angry.

      I used the term possessed because “anger” is of the flesh–it is the product of the mind through the seeds of the human senses–when that mind condition continues in its carnal stature. For the production of the carnal mind is futility–meaning not of the Spirit, but of the flesh.

      And so, there is no form of “meditation” that can completely heal or stop the production of anger in the mind, if that “meditation” is not done by faith to seek the gift of the Spirit, which is “self-control.

      The ability of self-control is eternal, unlike physical meditation– meaning that its ability always remains with the person who has it.

      With physical meditation–however the act–which might work to calm down anger or any other human emotion–a person needs to be doing that meditation time and again, because anything physical is here today and gone tomorrow.

      For example if I need some form of music to calm me down, when I don’t have that music, I will become hyper at any time, just like we need to take the pain relief constantly because that pain relief only does a 4, 8, or 12 hour job–the pain returns when the job is done.

      The gifts of the Spirit includes 7 other gifts, which are: Joy, Peace, Goodness, Kindness, Humility, Patience, and Endurance”–they are the attribute of Love, which is the Light which quickens the soul to become awakened.

      With the Life of Love, the mind is in its renewing process on our way to completeness and perfection–the state of transformation in us. We learn to enter the Spirit–and to walk in Love–where the demands of the flesh will have no control against us–I am speaking from personal experience.

      • Pioneer
        February 25, 2014

        Liz, please explain to me what you mean by physical meditation.
        If you mean listening to music, that is not really physical, so what do you mean exactly. I am trying to follow your trend of thought.

        Explain to me how you get the gifts of the Spirit.
        Thank you. What are you saying I should do instead of meditation.

  5. Dr. Lucia John
    February 23, 2014

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