NATURAL HEALING: Life is like a river

The Ocean gathers all the rivers within itself with enough space to hold countless more rivers throughout eternity. A river, flowing unobstructed, remains fresh and pure, while a dammed river stagnates and actually dies. Release this same river, and it becomes live again. This is a natural law, and we should all learn from Nature. We can step into a river, remove our foot and step in the river again. This is not the same water, not the same river. It is being renewed ever second. The same as our lives, one moment gone and nothing, no amount of money will bring it back. If we lose a fortune, we can always earn a bigger fortune again. Time is the most important thing on Earth. We should use it wisely because everything exists on the platform of time. Therefore we should not waste our time to grow in positivity, and virtues, and God’s grace, to accomplish our life’s purpose, God’s wish for us.

Life flows naturally and blissfully when we live natural lives, which means eating natural foods and maintaining natural lifestyles. We are like rivers flowing to the ocean of fulfillment. When we are small children, we grow physically more than spiritually. Later, we begin to grow mentally when we start school, but the growth must be balanced and well guided. When we become teenagers, the mechanism of growth changes and we begin to grow mentally faster, physically faster, emotionally and spiritually too. Everything speeds up. For this growth to be effective, we must already have gathered the fuel needed for this time of acceleration, because the mind and body will use only what is already accumulated. That is , the qualities of heart and mind learned so far. This is the fuel that carries this individual through adolescence to adulthood.This is why we need to raise the children well. This is why we correct them when they make mistakes so they grow and accumulate positive and divine qualities day by day.

In adulthood, another series of changes happens to make this same individual more spiritual, working, living, breathing more of the spirit of God, in whose image and likeness we are made, and this is the period we
call Menopause for women or Andropause. For men, those who do not understand the process and how to work with it have trouble adapting. The process of growth is supported by natural law. It is a natural law to be good, being non-good in anyway carries consequences, and one suffers. It is a natural law to be of service to others, to be tolerant and loving, and giving, but the contrary will surely bring suffering. It is natural to be positive, but if we use our minds to entertain or promote negativity, there will be consequences. The bible says ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’ ‘An eye for an eye.’ ‘Throw your bread upon the waters and it will return multiplied a hundred fold.’ Physics says ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.’ All these mean the same thing. What goes around comes around.

The ocean is the source and goal of all water on Earth. The river is the course, ever rushing to the ocean in a perpetual cycle of evaporation, condensation and flow. God is the source of all life , and the goal of all life, and we as individual beings course incessantly towards Him. It has to be in love, because that is what He is, LOVE. It is a natural law. Nothing less will do. This is why the violation of this immutable law for whatever reason beings suffering. The violation means expressing any wrong doing, negativity, vices, etc.

When we do wrong in any way, we accumulate stress. Stresses inhibit the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system, therefore causing us to make mistakes and to sin, as a consequence, we experience illness and death. One solution is to remove the stresses, the brain and nervous system work more efficiently, and we make less and less mistakes, meaning that we can express more and more of the Light of God which is within everyone. Our life at home, church, school and play take on more meaning and we understand God and self better. The flow towards God becomes more and more unrestricted.

By experiencing the silence within ourselves, we allow the flow of God’s Grace into our minds, body, behavior and environment. It is in the stillness within that all all good qualities and virtues reside in abundance. This is why daily life is automatically enriched with the practice of deep meditation, deep prayer, silence, stillness, inner peace. ‘Meditate day and night.’ Psalm 1, so the ocean of Inner life can nourish the river of outer life and make it whole, full and vibrant.

Deep thinking is contemplation, and focusing is concentration. Both keep the mind active to a certain extent. Real meditation is the process of ‘Watch and Pray’ prayer in stillness, heart to heart talk with God.Watch – is just ‘be aware, awake’ – a state of restful alertness.…/Transcendental-Meditation-technique-prod… This is called Transcendental Meditation. You transcend activity to arrive at silence, stillness. You go beyond activity to arrive at silence, stillness.

When we feed our children’s minds with TV, cartoons and video games filled with violence and negativity, what do we expect them to express especially in teenage years as they go through adolescence? All is not lost though, teach them to go within, and they can throw off all the negativity which caused the accumulation of stress, and they will live normal, happy lives again.

Life should not be a life of problems. We will always have challenges. It is in finding a way to overcome these challenges that we grow in every way. When we fail to overcome the challenges, we say we have a problem. God gave each person their own unique purpose in life, and overcoming the challenges is the way we grow mentally and spiritually stronger day by day. By experiencing the silence, stillness within, the conscious thinking mind expands, we find solutions to our everyday challenges, and problems dissipate more and more, giving rise to a beautiful state of enlightenment, fulfillment and wholeness.

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  1. Be Nice
    September 7, 2012

    Since reading this column, I have been doing my own research in the Bible to check the connections made to the bible. I must say, that I am developing a sort of love affair with my Bible and with my God. I read more now, and I understand more now. Thank you Dr. John and thank you Lizavier4Jesus. I think that the readers who think they know everything will not understand anything new. All you have to do people is to open your bible and your hearts and you will understand more and more.

    I also tried the stillness – silence part and I agree with the Doctor. I just took the time I needed to calm my mind first before starting my prayer and I feel a deeper connection with God. I feel a deeper connection with my Lord and Savoir.
    My prayers are less troubled by intrusive thoughts. Sometimes God sends help to us but we just spit on it.

    Please read Proverbs chapter 3 and 4 and hopefully, you will understand better. I remembered not to lean on my own understanding but to trust in the Lord with all my heart.

    Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom are three good companions we should all keep. And when someone says something we don’t understand, instead of crying them down, we will do our own research and find out for ourselves. Then, no one can call us fools.

    I first, I could not really understand all that Dr. John was saying, but I decided to give it a try, and yes, I can vouch for that. She is right. Now, I just take about 5 minutes to just be quiet and then I start my prayers in the morning and in the evening. When I calm myself first before prayer, my prayer is much more profound. Tonight, my reading was Proverb 3 and 4 and I am sharing it with you hopping it will help you too.

    God’s blessings to everyone.

  2. Nookyhealth
    August 10, 2012

    Have fun all you unbelievers, just remember God is real. I just love reading Lizavier4jesus and Dr.Lucia”s articles.

  3. August 6, 2012

    @Dr. Lucia John

    As I read through this long one of yours I hear you saying most of the things which I have already received from Holy Spirit.

    One part that I struggle with is the part where you mentioned the “Kingdom within us being beyond the mind”

    If I consider Holy Spirit to represent this Kingdom within us, the mind plays a vital role here. In fact before a human being can begin to grasp anything pertaining to God and Life, who is of Spirit, the mind must be in the shape that it can respond to the things of Spirit, by faith.

    And the things of the Spirit are the conducts and attitude of Love–as demonstrated by the Person of Love, Eternal Spirit God, His name Jesus Christ. In Him there was Life and the Life was the Light of men. John 1: 4

    That is how I understand that the Mind to be the battlefield of Life. And the war that is taking place there is between God and God’s enemy, our enemy as well, who is better known as the devil–his name is Lucifer.

    From conscience Holy Spirit is feeding to our mind with the foods of Life, and at the same time, through the human senses, the flesh feeds that same mind.

    But the things of the flesh is futility or the foods of death, and so we need to be prepared spiritually, dressed to face this battle in our mind, that we might have victory. Apostle Paul tells us to put on the whole “Armor of God” Ephesians 6: 10- 20

    This victory is attained by our faith, trust, obedience, and humility, otherwise we are the “losers” facing the defeat of death.

    All of my spiritual wisdom and understanding is bestowed to me through faith and by the teachings and guidance of Holy Spirit. I understand that I still live in a natural body, but I consider this body to be the temple of Holy Spirit who is indwelt in me.

    By the guidance and teachings of Holy Spirit I am learning to come out of the flesh and to enter the Spirit, where Life dwells in me–peace and joy of Love is the energy that moves me on a day to day basis.

    Look at what the apostle Paul continued to tell us at 1st Corinthians 2: 15 following verse 14 above, in your comment. But he who is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is rightly judged by no one.

    I am saying that, though we all enter this world as natural people, there is a time when we become Spiritual sensitive people with a mind that is in it renewal process, when completed we will be found in the spiritual being lost from the natural–that is what Paul is saying, when he tells us to transformed by the renewing of the mind, that we may know what is the good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God Almighty of Love.

    It is in the Spirit that we know the silence, the peace, and the joy which overcomes the afflictions of the body from our mind–that is the way we get healing. Our channel of “Faith” must come into play first and foremost.

    That is the reason Jesus taught about faith so many times throughout His teachings; He always told those people whom He had healed: “Your faith has healed you”

    The apostle Paul tells us that God blesses each of us with a measure of faith. That measure of faith will only grows deeper and stronger in us, when we put it to work throughout our relationship with God Almighty.

    There is more to say but this one is too long already. My name is “Elizabeth L Xavier”. If you would like to contact me privately my email address is [email protected]

  4. Dr. Lucia John
    August 5, 2012

    to lizavier4Jesus

    “But the natural man does not receive that things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, for they are spiritually discerned”. 1st. Corinthian 2:14

    I really enjoy reading your comments

    God is all that IS. There is nothing, no thing outside of GOD. It is not possible. We are all made in his Image and Likeness. Before Him there was nothing, after Him, there can be nothing. He Created Creation, He created us – from Himself. We are divine beings, souls, in a body of matter. The soul is within matter but we are only aware on the level of matter. We are not the body, we are the soul. The soul never dies, nor can it be born. The body cannot experience the Kingdom of God in its gross material state. The soul can experience God, as it is also spirit. And in fact, our mandate on this earth is oneness with God. That is why we were told by Christ to ‘First seek the Kingdom.’ Where is the Kingdom? Within us. In the stillness of our hearts. It is beyond the mind, as stated by Saint Theresa, ‘Stillness brings a peace which is beyond understanding,’ beyond the constant chatter of the mind.

    Now, the whole of creation is the Natural World. We are here to overcome matter, which means that we work through the body and all the challenges that it brings us to overcome the control that it has over our mind and spirit. Just as there are spiritual laws, there are also natural laws governing the whole of nature or creation. I wrote about ice-cold water, because many people mess up their digestive systems from a very young age. It is the digestive system which nourishes the nervous system, keeps the brain in good state of functioning, Keeps the mind clear, and the person whole, strong in good and weak in bad. Therefore we ‘eat the body of Christ and Drink His blood and have eternal life.’ Christ is Light, Christ is Good, Christ is Love, Christ is spirit, so experience this with all your senses with all your heart and mind and soul and have eternal life…

    All 5 senses feed the digestive system. You can see something bad and get a very upset stomach and this goes for all the other senses too. The digestive system is the doorway to the body. It is through the body that we reach the soul. That is why we must take good care of the body, but not get lost in it. it is the doorway, not the destination. We must see the good, hear the good, experience the good with all our senses. This includes speaking the truth without hurting others and avoiding foul speech. Let every thought and word be a flower at the feet of God. This is real, this is not a thought or a mood! Whatever you experience with your senses you become. When Christ spoke about the lilies in the fields and the birds in the air, he meant that they do not struggle to live, but we do, why? because we do not trust God. We do not even believe that He is within us even if Christ Himself told us so. He gave us a command. He said “Seek…” Seek means to search inquire, investigate… If you seek you will find.

    Don’t change your beliefs or church or lifestyle, just do what Christ said to do wherever you are. God gives us challenges through the body. if our consciousness is only within the body without the silent support of the spirit, then the vices take over and rule our lives.This is a fact. Look around you and you will see if what I am saying is true or not. how many people can be silent, how many people can spend a day just with themselves in silence? Christ faster 40 days in silence…

    ‘The natural man’ means, the man who is only conscious on the level of matter alone. Only this man is capable of being wicked, or cruel or loud and aggressive, and such a man cannot understand things of the spirit for they are foolishness to him. He has never experienced them. He does know them. To know is to experience. If he knows only matter and the material world, how can he understand the spiritual world which is beyond matter and which we can only experience in silence. This is what the Lord Jesus Christ died for, to show us that we have also a divine nature within the material one, and that all we have to do is to go within and experience the silence, become familiar with that stillness, so that we can be whole. Wholeness means natural world and spiritual world functioning as one. So the Holy Spirit which is within us, functioning in that stillness functions within our material corporal self, purifies the material body and we walk in God’s Light, exhibiting all the qualities that you so eloquently stated above. I think we are saying the same things in different words. I am just saying that it is an experience, not a mood, not a feeling, not an imagination.

    One is either all in the body, full of stresses and most probably illnesses and death, or one purifies oneself by experiencing that blessed stillness, silence within, day and night, morning and evening, and is more and more aware of one’s own spiritual nature and of God. One exhibits more and more the light of God. light is within, darkness is without. Good is within, bad is without. We have free choice to take our pick.

    Hints: Prayer is a heart to heart talk with God.
    When you want to pray, go into your closet (within yourself) shut the door (close your eyes) and talk with your Father who is in secret (heart to heart talk with God) ‘Come unto Me and I will give you rest.’ Me – Christ within us will give rest to the restless body and outer personality. when one is experiencing silence, the body experiences deep rest, total alkalinity, and stresses are eliminated. This actually reverses the aging process. The individual comes out of this experience a better person, more tolerant, joyful, peaceful, more self control etc,etc. try it for yourself and see…

    • Anonymous
      August 6, 2012

      So if both of you are saying the same thing whats the point of the sermon ms xavier? woman write a book if you love to write so much and give us a break on DNO tan.

      • August 7, 2012


        You people need to stop speaking like fools, if you all are not foolish–yet still I believe that only a fool would write what you wrote above.

        I did write to you, I wrote to Dr. John, who of wisdom and understanding the reason she said that she enjoyed reading my comments. See that line at the top of her response to mine.

        I have responded to other bloggs before and I am finding that it is only you people in Dominica, who are constantly trying to harass other people from your own homeland for expressing themselves as they wish. Why don’t you people focus on the news article that you all have opened to read.

        You are free to take your break off from DNO, whenever you desire. I will write my comments as long as DNO will accept them.

      • August 7, 2012

        Correction: I did not write to you: I wrote to Dr. John who is of wisdom and understanding—–

  5. Suggestion
    August 5, 2012

    Please ms.liz ask Dno for ur our weekly space. So u will have your own column and won’t have to write such long comments. I am looking forward to reading ur articles.

    • Big-Bannan
      August 5, 2012

      Every time i see such an elaborate/selfish comment, it is usually from a person who claim to be a christian.

    • Freethinker
      August 5, 2012

      Why would anyone want to read such fundamentalist rants? If DNO accepts such rants as a column, it is a sad and senseless corporation, indeed.

    • August 5, 2012


      What is the difference between the news article and the comment? In fact the news article will be longer to read.

      However I am going by the guidance of God, there are many topics that I can write on right now; and as soon as God gives me the go I will ask DNO. Remember that without DNO’s approval I can only be one who comments.

      I appreciate your suggestion. Thank you!

  6. August 4, 2012

    “It has to be Love, because that’s what He is Love. It is a natural law–news article.

    In the first place the “what He is” should read “who He is”. God Almighty is the Person of Love who lives in the Man whom we know to be Jesus Christ. Jesus said: “I am in the Father and the Father is in Me” John 14: 10

    But how can the “Law of Love” be a natural law, when “God is Spirit” and He wants us back with the Mind which is able to process and produce the seeds of Love–which are the traits of Life, our attitude and conduct in Spirit and Truth?

    Yes, our mind must become adapted to the laws of Love, which of Spirit and Truth–not natural laws which are of the flesh.

    Jesus was able to remain without food for 40 days and night because His Mins is of Love–the state of Mind with the control against natural laws.

    Jesus was able to walk of the Sea of Galilee because He had the Mind of Love by which He was able to maintain the kinetic energy which kept His feet above the water.

    Jesus looked like a human being in form, but He lived by the control of His Mind which adapted to the Laws of the Spirit–through the Mind of Love, whcih of God Almighty–not natural laws, otherwise He could not have been a perfect Man.

    That is why the apostle Paul tells us through his message to the Church in Rome: “Do not be conformed to the world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may know what is the good and acceptable and perfect Will of God”. Romans 12: 2

    The reason for the renewal of the mind, is because as human beings we entered this world with a mind that cannot comprehend the laws Spirit, which are the laws of Love again the apostle Paul tells us:

    “But the natural man does not receive that things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, for they are spiritually discerned”. 1st. Corinthian 2:14

    When speaking of the mind, again, Paul said: For to be carnally minded is death, but to be Spiritually minded is Life and peace. Because the carnal mind is enmity of God; for it is not subject to the “Law of God”, nor indeed can it be. So then those who are in the flesh cannot please God. That is why I am not accepting the “Laws of Love” as natural Laws; that is not true.

    I am saying that as human beings, desiring to enter a relationship with God, the manner by which we will receive all sorts of His blessings of Life and healing, is to die to the flesh, and to live by faith in the Man of God, who is Jesus Christ.

    “By His stripes we are healed” says the Prophet Isaiah, hundreds of years before Jesus walked through this world. Jesus continues to give us the healing we need through faith and by the Power of Holy Spirit, who feeds our minds from conscience, when we are connected to Him.

    According to the message of Life in the Bible Spiritual laws are that Laws by which we remain in relationship with God–our mind is then in the process of renewal and adapting to God’s Laws of Spirit and Truth. The day will come when we will be completely cleanse, healed, and made whole, to remain in the presence of our Holy God.

    In other words, we are on our way towards complete transformation to become reconciled to our God of Love in Spirit, Truth, and Holiness. We will have the complete healing and no sickness, no sorrows, and no death will have power over us. O death, where your sting, O grave where is your victory? 1 Corinthians 15: 55

    In the flesh we are people of darkness and night–the mind is carnal and can only produce the fruits of death, which are all the physical afflictions–better known as the thorns in the flesh, the intention of the enemy, thief who comes to steal, kill, and destroy us, that we might never enter the Life of Spirit and Truth.

    So the apostle Paul advise us through his message to the Church of Ephesus: Walk in Love, as he tells us what are the many ways we do not walk in Love, as we adapt to and practice those ways of the world.

    Paul tells us again, that as human beings we all enter the world in darkness, but a time comes when we are changed to be children of the Light, and walking in the Light demonstrating the attitude and conducts of the Spirit of Love, which are “joy, peace, goodness, kindness, endurance, patience, humility and self-control”.

    When the mind is adapted to those Laws of the Spirit as mentioned above, there is no way sickness can have their force against our body.

    Jesus said “It is the Spirit who give Life, the flesh profits nothing. The Life that is of the Spirit is control by the Mind which is of “Love”–which is the Primary nature of God or His Personification– this mind having been renewed from its carnal or death condition.

    • Big-Bannan
      August 5, 2012

      There should be a limit to how many words a contributor can post in one comment, and this comment by loser4jesus should be prohibited.

      • waitukubuli-original
        August 6, 2012

        Big-bannan – You choose what to read – you are not obligated to read any long comments. Why should there be a limit? You just mad because she mentioned Jesus; hence, the name calling. A loser is one without Christ- you can CHOOSE to believe that or not.

    • August 6, 2012


      You wrote: “A loser is one without Christ–you can CHOOSE to believe that or not”. I say Amen!

      There are those people out there, who continue with their foolish mind, just as the apostle Paul spoke about them. They do not realize that they have chosen to be who they are–God is not holding a gun at no body’s forehead, that they might choose Him.

      But without God by faith in His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, a human being has not Life; his/her existence in this world is futility–“the loser” Yes indeed! I know the difference.

      I just want to remind those human beings about Jesus’ parable of the “wheat and weeds” or the “goat and ship”. In either category one group belong to blazing or the gnashing of teeth, and the other group belong to the barn or the Kingdom of Heaven–which is the Paradise of the future, which Jesus went to prepare for His Chosen people.

      Yes! Jesus will return to gather His sheep to become “One fold” and they will be guided by One Shepherd. Let those who have ears hear what the Spirit is saying.

  7. Freethinker
    August 4, 2012

    “Therefore we should not waste our time to grow in positivity, and virtues, and God’s grace, to accomplish our life’s purpose, God’s wish for us.”

    What is this metaphysical theistic nonsense? If you wanted to say life is like a river, you could have read the fragments of the ancient Greek Heraclitus and perhaps come to something actually profound. This article, by contrast, is just a bunch of pseudo-intellectual phrases with religious weasel words tossed in–the perfect combo for unthinking Dominicans in the island’s intellectual Dark Ages.

    And what is this nonsense about the ocean being the source of all water? Jeez…open a science book, not a metaphysics manual, before you submit another of these articles, if you feel the need to subject us to another one of these foolish things.

    • September 4, 2012

      I support your observation on this article by Ms Lucia John. I began reading the article and got lost. Could not quite understand what it is and what she is trying to say. Too much rambling for someone with a PhD.

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