STAY WELL & SPARKLE – New Peeps, New Rule

Dr. Sam Christian

For young adults today, Dominica’s political destiny seems totally locked the deadly embrace of Skerrit & Linton. Those blessed with a few more years know there was life before these two distinguished gentlemen and surely there will be life after them. Over time, hostage populations become immobile in their thinking. They accept their lot as God’s will or “Boy, that’s just the way it is.”

This brings to mind one those videos circulating on social media. Maybe you have seen it. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. It is like a gory accident that compels you to stop and stare. And you do this knowing full well that something there may well prevent you from sleeping at night. 
A zookeeper in the lion’s den finds out the hard way that story of Daniel was indeed an incredible miracle. The lion has his neck locked in its powerful jaws, it’s large claws embedded deep into his chest. Blood is all over the place. The lion totally ignores the frenzied screams of onlookers. From a distance, they’re trying something with sticks and stones. But that is as futile as pelting a battleship with ping pong balls. The man is immobile, probably already unconscious. Or he could have been hoping against hope that if he does not fight back, the lion may have mercy and set him free. After what seems like an eternity, a guard rushes in, pistol in hand. Frightfully, the lion’s response to the first shots is actually to drag it’s victim deeper into its cage! It absolutely refuses to let go. Then suddenly, it rolls over, jerks once and never moves again.
A horrified viewer of this video is inclined to think, “Bad lion. Bad lion!” But the lion is only doing what lions do – by nature. Dictators, when stung, never relinquish their grip on power. Like Syria’s Basheer Assad, they double down and mercilessly attempt to crush their opponents.
The 60 Minutes Passport Sales programme is already candidate for Dominica’s top news story of 2017. Citizens are scared silly to give their honest opinion. They mostly have preconceived notions on WHO, not what is right or wrong. Well, I am certain of one thing. History will absolve all who struggled long and hard to blow the lid on this crookedness. As much as some may despise me for saying this, the ensuing threats on Mr. Linton confirm it took much courage and self-sacrifice on his part. It is easy to understand why the usual suspects are having an apoplectic fit. The frenzied response of Dominicans once again is sharply split along traditional party lines. And as is customary, the row-row may last a week or two until attention turns to the next beff or sewo. That is, as long as we continue portray these issues as a pissing competition between Skerrit and Linton.
Well, new year new rule! An increasing number of Dominicans want to put country first. Top priority is to back off from all this violent rhetoric stoked from the top.  That kind of foolish talk only benefits the extremists and perpetuates our present predicament. Dominica has too many solid men and women to be held hostage by a personal vendetta between these two.
The conclusion of the matter is this. Citizenship By Investment is a well conceived programme conducted by successive Dominican administrations. A number of countries both big & small have some form of transparent CBI programme. Dominica is not by any means the first country to have questions raised about its program, but its level of abuse take the cake. There is no real ‘citizenship.’ Passports sales seem designed to benefit mostly those interested in circumventing laws of developed ‘enemy’ countries. Our ‘passport factory’ has likely degenerated into a multi-million dollar heist in broad daylight. How else does one explain the personal enrichment of a few, the parade of half-finished projects, the wanton buying of elections and justice. 
Furthermore, personal marketing of diplomatic passports, though strenuously denied, would explain the shameful neglect of traditional development work by top national leaders. Civil servants with knowledge of wrongdoing will be held personally accountable. This is an industry which could vanish like a vapour with if a real terrorist does what terrorists do, while carrying a Dominican passport – or with a stroke of Trump’s pen!
Do not expect the lion to loosen it’s grip – at least not for 50 years. Babylon boasts great arrogance and rudeness. They refuse to answer legitimate parliamentary questions. Now they will answer to the international media and foreign courts.
However, do not fret yourself over evildoers. This too shall pass. But to hasten that, we need to see the crisis from the standpoint of country, not party. We cannot be immobile and just pray for the best. We have to reach out, bring the country together so we can move forward in a constructive direction. 
The massive turnout by Laplaine village council voters is a sign of things to come. Lovers of Freedom, Workers as well as disillusioned Labourites came together to root out abuse and corruption. True patriots are increasingly emerging from the sidelines and saying ‘enough is enough!’
PM Skerrit with Lap Seng
Mark my words. This ‘comess,’ this house cards that will come crashing down when least expected. The end is near. The lion’s roar will become a pitiful whisper. Watch out for the NG Lap Seng bribery case in New York. This is high drama folks – and deadly too! Examine the fate of this illustrious gang of cake-cutters & champagne drinkers. Ambassador Lorenzo from the Dominican Republic has already pleaded guilty. UN official and Lap Seng associate Teresa Lui – indicted. Also, indicted Antiguan Ambassador Ashe perished under tragically suspicious circumstances. Ever wondered why one of our top officials is always out of state on ‘private business?’ I fear for his safety. We want him out from under this curse. 
The worst embarrassment I experienced in the United States was not racism. It was when people repeatedly asked me, “Doesn’t your former prime minister understand who the Klu Klux Klan and Nazis are?” That was during my days as a foreign student when Patrick John made common cause with these characters to attempt overthrow the conservative Eugenia Charles government. 
It disgusts me to see my leaders hanging out with criminals. Again it happened with the ‘Ambassadors of Shame’ and ‘Garbage Bin Borbol.’ Diaspora Dominicans organised a huge protest telecast live from New York.  I subsequently came down on my own accord to protest. With dozens of concerned Dominicans on island, we marched around the Ministry seven times. So you see, the CBS exposé is really nothing new. But it does bring us closer to a solution. The only question today is this: Will a portion of  Dominicans once again say, since we don’t care much for​ Linton, we’ll let Skerrit continue to do whatever he wants – will they once again just yawn and roll over?
Somehow believe it will be different this time. I am excited about this new year! I know you are too, whether at home or abroad. The end of this circus is much closer now than before. Together, we shall rise from being a backward nation at which people keep shaking their heads. Together, we shall look past present personalities and join with peeps who put Dominica first. Together, we will make the Nature Isle sparkle again!
Dr. Sam Christian is public relations officer of the New Freedom Party. You can reach him on whatsapp at 265-0886 on by logging on to

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  1. Just me
    January 18, 2017

    Excellent article! Thank you for speaking out. I agree that many people are afraid to speak; of course there are those who are complacent and compliant, but maybe it is time for people to look beyond political parties and think about the good of the country and future generations

  2. January 16, 2017

    is it Skerrit and Linton nonsense or is it a nations nonsense? for almost twenty years now a country a whole nation has permitted Roosevelt Skerrit and his gang to plunder the country into dismay and despair. a country once considered the gem of the Caribbean has now been relegated to the bottom of the pile. the laughing stock of the region. when are we going to stop making this a Skerrit and Linton issue and see it for what it is, a Dominican issue. until we all come to that realization and start working towards building a better nation for the benefit of all Dominicans then we are destined to perish.

  3. Kue
    January 16, 2017

    I wish Freedomites would stop taking for UWP. They are just as bad as DLP.

  4. playboy
    January 16, 2017

    Now this is the consummate professional; in his office or wherever he is, in his jacket and tie and his stethoscope around his neck. I like that.

  5. We can all be Heroic!
    January 16, 2017

    So true. Our people are now beaten down and distracted ..lacking in will and self confidence. So beaten down that is the reason that the regime and its lackeys ride the people like some beast of burden and plunder while they can. But it is true that every rope has an end. Do your best to serve the sick Dr Sam and be of good faith and courage. Love an island is a great virtue.

    Stand for Dominica folks…give Dr Sam and those like him a hand. Do it for yourself. Do it for your country.

  6. January 16, 2017

    Is this the revival of the Freedom Party? I think not, Mr. Christian is just repeating the same failed talking points of Lennox and the UWP. With so many other issues affecting Dominica all Mr. Christian can do is to echo the UWP as it relates to unsubstantiated allegations of coruption.

    • Faceup
      January 16, 2017

      You must be one of the corrupt Labourites . :lol: :lol:

      • January 17, 2017

        You are perhaps a blind UWP supporter, helping to cover-up the corruption of your party. Tell us what your party did with the passport money they collected between 95 and 2000. What happened to the Layou River Hotel project? How many passports were sold to criminals while UWP was in office. :?: :?: Also tell us why your party leader in 2009, Mr. Ron Green who was an American citizen on nomination day was endorsed by people like you and Skeritt and St. Jean who were French Citizens were taken to court. Double standards and dishonesty.

  7. Looking
    January 16, 2017

    There are people in the public service who knows what is going on. But they are muzzled, either people are put in strategic political positions (Political Jobs) and/or they are made to sign “Oaths of secrecy”. We need a few honest people and a few Snowdens. But most people are struggling with their finances people are desperate and have no choice. So they just keep quiet and enjoy the goodies.

  8. Anonymous
    January 16, 2017

    a revision of the DFP that is

  9. World's Moistest Jheri Curl
    January 16, 2017

    Freedomites Unite!

  10. Zandoli
    January 16, 2017

    I don’t mean to be factitious, but is New Freedom Party a revision of the Dominican Freedom Party? I don’t recall having heard of NFP.

    If this is a new party, who are the leaders of that party?

    • Anonymous
      January 16, 2017

      yes it is.

  11. Mona
    January 16, 2017

    “The New Freedom Party”? What is that outfit? I am heartened that the word “new” was added to the nomenclature. Mamo when she left office in 1995, on her own accord did everything to kill the party she founded with others, most of whom have already left us. She eventuality went to her maker and carried her party with her. Dr. Christian and others may wish to visit her grave at the Pointe Mitchel Cemetary and there find the skeletal remains of what was once a formidable party. A party that had a clear philosophy which people like Dr. Christian could never subscribe to or associate with in the days of Mamo.

    So we await the developing New Freedom Party (NFP). Leave Mamao alone. In her time she served Dominica well, although a number of her policies in hindsight (Cuban scholarship program) kept so many of our citizens from setting the foundation to achieving our true potential as a developing country.

  12. Now you talking!
    January 16, 2017

    Whew! I’m nspired!

    I’ve always thought that Dominica can do better. Good you had a victory in Laplaine! Keep it up. I think as long as the people feel they have a real option, they’ll take it…

  13. Brilliant!
    January 16, 2017

    I like the way you presented the facts. How long we have to put up with this Skerrit and Linton nonsense? It’s time for other talented Dominicans to show what they can do. Bravo Dr. Sam for speaking out! I hope you run…

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