DFP Statement: Dominica’s missed World Cup opportunity, a nation in crisis

Bernard Hurtault, Political Leader, Dominica Freedom Party

The Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) expresses deep shock and dismay at the denial of our cricket-loving nation’s opportunity to host a World Cup cricket match. This decision underscores the worsening social and economic crisis resulting from the current government’s inability to foster a strong economy and develop local project execution capabilities. The government’s heavy reliance on Citizenship by Investment (CBI) funds, now depleting rapidly, has left it cash-strapped and increasingly desperate. Furthermore, the government’s dismissive attitude toward local talent and its excessive dependence on foreign contractors, even for basic initiatives, hinder its ability to promptly mobilize local expertise and collaborators. This results in a failure to ensure the timely completion of necessary preparations for hosting international events.

Hosting such international events is not just about prestige; with a thoughtful and comprehensive approach, it can bring long-term promotional and psychological benefits to the country. Cricket is intrinsic to the Caribbean spirit as a showcase of our national pride and world-class capabilities. Denying us this injection of enthusiasm and fanning of national pride is especially painful for a people already facing numerous challenges under this government.

Yet, this government continues to fall short in providing even a momentary reprieve to our struggles. Our infrastructure is deteriorating, leaving us without the basic amenities needed to enjoy something as simple as watching the World Cup on TV, as rolling electricity blackouts hinder our ability to partake in the global festivities. Water outages further frustrate our ability to cook a nice meal to accompany the matches. Now, we are being told we will also be denied the chance to walk to the stadium to forget our woes as we cheer for our favorite teams – adding another layer to our collective disappointment.

These challenges are indicative of a broader systemic issue – a government that has failed in meeting the basic needs of its citizens. It’s not just about the World Cup; it’s about the everyday struggles that are becoming unbearable on our island. We call upon this government to confess its inability to develop a prosperous economy and a thriving society. This failure to deliver a World Cup cricket match is an early warning sign of a coming economic Armageddon for our island as the CBI funds wither away. Our citizens do not deserve such immense suffering – they deserve a government that can effectively manage projects, stimulate economic growth, and position our beloved nation on the global stage with confidence. It is simply time for this government to go.


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  1. If we knew better
    December 4, 2023

    DFP you missed the opportunity in the 2022 elections to represent your people and take your place in parliament. So dont come here talking about missed opportunities. We need a viable opposition, and suitable leaders who are there to the betterment of Dominica, Dominicans and dominican interests primarily. so please, all now so, start mobilizing yourselves, choose candidates wisely, get the teams together and start doing work in your respective communities please so that the people can see your are serious and competent.

  2. Third Eye
    December 2, 2023

    Before Skerritt, Dominica was in no position to even think about hosting Would – cup cricket matches. why should he go?

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    • Nowour never
      December 7, 2023

      Because 20 plus years later, Dominica still isn’t in a position to do so.

  3. Dubai
    December 1, 2023

    time 4 all to run for election and put out this man….try to….I find all u just there talking with no effort…join them walk and demonstration….show u are out for change….Dominican is at crisis since labor won….wasting money and prostituting Dominican with passport

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  4. Bwa-Banday
    December 1, 2023

    Like someone said earlier, “we must all get on the Skerrit Must Go Train” and I mean ASAP…like yesterday. Too many times we call for meetings and when people show up hoping to hear its the beginning of the revolution and we are not leaving until Skerrit leaves, the meeting concludes and we go home aimlessly.

    Even the diasporas who have spent hundred of thousands to support us over the years have grown tired and no longer want to support. We have even insulted them and demanded they come and fight our fight…..yes is ours because we are the ones suffering.

    A big donor from Texas even told me he is done supporting these useless MEETINGS! Until such time that the change revolution begins the diasporas will remain reluctant to send money or support so let us get going folks. Next meeting plan on not going home. Lets hit the road before the new Trini lady Police Commissioner takes office. Carbon on his way out so he is unlikely to push back too hard..LETS ROLL!

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  5. Ibo France
    December 1, 2023

    This blunder of building the house from the roof by Starboy of Stupidity has gone viral all over the world. This half-wit has black-eyed Dominica once again.

    When will the people awake from their stupor and kick this ignoramus to the curb. There is a preponderance of evidence that Roosevelt, his wife and members of his posse are ineligible for the offices they presently occupy.

    Roosevelt is an evil man.There is overwhelming evidence of this. Evil is a form of incompetence.

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  6. Lin clown
    December 1, 2023

    We,who is we?You and your handful of braying DON KEYS have gone on a Skerrit must go campaign for 19 years.The Dominican PEOPLE look at you useless souls as a waste of time fit for the pit toilet.

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  7. Ibo France
    December 1, 2023

    Incompetence, falsehoods, corruption, low productivity, opacity and decadence, all these without exception, have dogged Dominica from the ascension of Starboy of Stupidity to the apex position of government.

    Dominica is the only independent member state of the OECS without an international airport, a modern track & field stadium, a proper cruise ship facility and a cricket stadium that could accommodate an international cricket match at a moment’s notice.

    Dominicans are not this dumb to keep such a predatory, manipulative, lawless, underperforming authoritarian regime in place. Bribery and manipulation of the electoral system have kept this autocracy in power.

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  8. December 1, 2023

    Did any government before this DLP, put in place the infrastructure to allow Dominicans to watch international cricket? The DLP under Patrick started the construction of a stadium at canefield, this project was abandoned by the DFP under the leadership of Eugenia Charles, the abandoned ruins are still there for all to see. So Mr. Hurtault you as political leader of the now defunct DFP have no moral authority to speak on this issue.

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  9. Bwa-Banday
    December 1, 2023

    I support you 1000000%. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    But to succeed we need the civil servants so twet-Letang must get off his sleepy behind and get his people on the streets with us. Believe me, even all do not respond those who do will make a big difference and force the bystanders to stay home by any means necessary.

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  10. Michael
    December 1, 2023

    Well said, Bernard. And the most incredulous thing about this fiasco and disgrace to Dominica is that it was the Government of Dominica which submitted a bid to host matches. It was not Cricket West Indies that approached the government. So, the government should have been supremely satisfied and confident when it submitted its bid that it has the resources and capabilities to host the events.

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  11. Not Me Alone
    December 1, 2023

    We all need to go on a “Skerrit Must Go” campaign and we should not stop until he is truly gone. It’s time to stop playing politics and unite as a people to get this demon out by all means necessary

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