Dominica’s untapped energy potential brought into focus for World Consumer Rights Day

Dr. Vince Henderson

Minister for Foreign Affairs, International Business, Trade and Energy, Dr. Vince Henderson has said that Dominica must take action to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels.

Dr. Henderson’s comments came during his statement on World Consumer Rights Day observed on March 15.

World Consumer Rights Day is about empowering consumers and providing them with the tools to navigate the rapidly changing consumer environment. It is also an opportunity to make representation for the rights of all consumers to be respected and protected.

“In Dominica, we experienced a surge in energy prices in 2022 and the projections are that prices may increase throughout 2023,” he said. “These increased product prices affect every aspect of our citizens’ lives from transportation cost to the price of basic food items for their families.”

He continued, “We must therefore take action to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.”

According to him, Dominica has the natural resources to support this necessary transition, “however we must be ready to collaborate along the journey.”

Dr. Henderson stated also that nationally, Dominica’s government recognizes that energy services are key to unlocking the potential for more sustainable environmental, social, and economic development in Dominica.

“A national energy policy has been developed and is intended to address the needs [of] citizens of the Commonwealth of Dominica, to help combat increased energy cost and reduce Dominica’s greenhouse gas emissions in line with the mantra, the Nature Isle of the Caribbean’s efforts to become the first climate resilient nation in the world,” he noted.

Dr. Henderson went on to state that amidst the greatest cost-of-living crisis in this generation, and as the energy world drastically responds to supply, with additional climate issues Dominica has a key role to play in delivering a just transition for consumers.

He indicated that presently most economies are facing a deepening energy crisis globally which is having an untold impact on vulnerable consumers with food price increases.

“Consumers everywhere are radically changing their lifestyles to access essential needs,” he remarked. “Consumer international in its latest member insight survey reported that over 80% of consumers are adjusting their budgets to pay their energy bill.”

World Consumer Rights Day was observed under the theme: “Empowering Consumers through Clean Energy Transitions”.

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  1. L C Matthew
    March 18, 2023

    Here is the issue. The conference is about consumer protection. Vince like Skerrit thinks having Dr infront thier name makes them automatically wise. Vince is trying to tie the idea of geothermal development to cheap electricity and cheap electricity is consumer protection. Vince here is something to consider. Consumer protection includes legislation on monopoly, fair trade and price fixing or price gauging to name a few. Right now the government control the existing power company and pump millions to explore geothermal. Would the gov grant license to a competition to ensure consumers have options and there is no gov monopoly who can manipulate price as they please. What protections will be in place? How do you make regulations for consumer protection when you are involved in every private sector business that seems to be making profits fir gov officials and friends. I have not read anything above to indicate a gov serious about protecting the same consumers you guys keep abusing.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 9 Thumb down 2
  2. RastarMarn
    March 18, 2023

    So long allyou have that simple resource of fertile land to make use of dat doesn’t need that much input cause it’s naturally pure,,,

    Allyou there marketing that which allyou have to build up???

    Garçan allyou want to run when allyou still creeping on allyou hands and knees,,,

    Is like a father who want to get out there and organize others when his house is not in order!!!

    Allyou need to build up farming and agriculture from all aspects, first allyou have to take back out agricultural sections from the Chinaman dem before they turn all our produce into Genetically Modified Products!!!

    Stop going to the international forums and selling what allyou doh have and what allyou cannot figure out!!!

  3. Drumbeat
    March 18, 2023

    Look at a Roast Dog! Barking WOOF WOOF….It’s a good thing that I don’t pay Tax to feed such.

  4. Hot Ice
    March 18, 2023

    Henderson is simply lunching his campaign for PM. He wants to be known.

  5. Lawyer
    March 17, 2023

    Here we go, plenty of words which all of us can read in the news on a daily basis. Why regurgitate it? Now my question Henderson and Skerrit, what exactly is this government going to do about this issue and what precise ACTION is this government going to take. I saw the other day Domlec inviting tenders for continued supply of fossil fuels. Is that your answer? What about the generating plant at Trafalgar??? Has it been repaired and how much electricity is it generating nowadays. I guess the same amount as the geothermal plant. These people have absolutely no shame. If only they would keep their big mouth shut rather than attempting to fool us on a daily basis.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 18 Thumb down 8
  6. Lin clown
    March 17, 2023

    I have seen a big reduction in my electricity bill.As usual the know-everything ,big words,big head,10 cents brain UWP and their Jacka supporters,will post negative comments.The little poor boy from Backstreet St.Joseph,Layou and Didier Lane is taking Dominica to higher heights.Dr. Vince Vincy Henderson.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 20
  7. Ibo France
    March 17, 2023

    This guy, Vince Henderson, has bettered Roosevelt in making a plethora of promises and delivering mostly NOTHING.

    These promising remarks are intentionally made to make major headlines and dominate the news. This strategy is very successive as DNO and its contemporaries gleefully give credence to the shenanigans of Lying Roosevelt and his concoction of charlatans and bandits.

    Living standards in Dominica are exacerbating by the minute but the oligarchs in government are preaching better days are coming. Not enough residents are speaking out about this untenable situation as the country is paralysed with fear of being victimized, marginalised and ostracized by the powers that be.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 14 Thumb down 7
    • Peeping Tom
      March 19, 2023

      And here you go again. Instead of regurgitating the same ish that you spread here and elsewhere, point out the lies. If you succeed in doing so, you could actually result in achieving your goals, although i truly doubt that you will.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 1 Thumb down 14
      • Monique
        March 20, 2023

        Aren’t you a wise guy? Are you perhaps Henderson Spin Doctor, Peeper?

        Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 8 Thumb down 0
      • Ibo France
        March 20, 2023

        Peeping Tom, I’ve learnt my lesson well. Never to argue with fools. They take you down to their level and beat you with experience.

        Never wrestle with a pig. It takes you down in the mud, gets you all dirty and stink, and the pig likes it anyway.

  8. Galileo
    March 17, 2023

    Dominicans can be awarded for being the most tolerant people in the world, and it would be well deserved. How long will we tolerate this from Dr. Henderson? This man has been feeding us all these beautiful stories for years and it is obvious by his little smirk and his fine words that these are just said to pacify us. The deception is apparent yet we sit there. We know of the man’s record as UN ambassador. When we thought he was working on our behalf at the UN he was secretly using the opportunity to go to university. As soon as that materialized, he came back home to get involved in the active politics that he left and we embrace him wholeheartedly.
    Dominica works for one group of individuals. They are educated by the state and can move around in jobs based on what is convenient to them. The rest of us must educate ourselves yet we can’t find jobs for which we are qualified while party supporters with only a birth certificate are in huge positions. we must act now.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 10 Thumb down 7

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