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Dasheen dumped on the roadside


There’s a story behind this huge pile of dasheen which appears to have been cleaned and readied for sale but instead, ended up on the side of the road in the Springfield area. Someone must have dumped it there. The question is why?



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  1. January 23, 2017

    a few months ago some people was on q95 saying that they were looking to buy containers of dasheen what happened to that?

    January 23, 2017

    Saved some lives if you ask me. Too much ah dasheen and fig man! Diversify de diet.

  3. Kincaid Mawish
    January 23, 2017

    Check out the pesticides on these puppies. You put cod fish and oil on those and Kaboom, kiss your guts and butt goodbye :)

  4. Man with ten senses
    January 23, 2017

    that’s why huskers should not credit farmers food because wen things happen like that it is very difficult to pay them their monies.

  5. Prophet
    January 23, 2017

    If they were listening to the Government on growing certain cash crops, they would not find themselves in that predicament. Dominicans are too stubborn. There’s a market for Irish Potatoes , training was set up, Sweet Potatoes, training was set up etc but they choose to grow what they please.

  6. January 23, 2017

    we say we need market but where the farmers have plenty to sell no one wants them it frustrating when they sell them they seen one big and small 10 dollars frustration on buyers side sell to huster they buy at 5 cents and sell at 5 u.s frustration
    why can the government have prize control we are suffering in Dominica one small tin of milk 30 dollars
    and going high no stop .
    goat meat 15 dollars wht next that must stop chinses selling rubbish stull where are we going from here
    where most in government ha e good life driving expensive car. place money in banks
    and governed favoring only the labored people to get stuff and hand out .that should not be it should a government for all the people even in the ministry they favor who to get promotion .
    wht are we coming to I do hope the prime minister changes his way and be for all not just one set
    even so of they labor party supporters not e en getting hand out maybe they forget them only one st getting at the red clinic…

  7. truth be told
    January 23, 2017

    A bad harvest where the tubers were “shoday” they were cooking hard what you expect to be done?The harvest was not marketable so please stop the speculation,thousands of pounds of dasheen are shipped monthly.

  8. Shameless
    January 23, 2017

    I read all the comments here and simply shake my head in amazement. From calling the person who did this wicket to why not donate to hospital etc instead. The point here is we seems to forget what frustration and disappoint can lead to. The country is in a tail spin and all we hear is about eradicating pit latrines, the country nice, things are great.

    Folks, when we are told to work the land and there are no markets for the produce do you know how that feels? Are these farmers to work their behind off only to be expected to give it away to hospitals and infirmary? What next after that? Feeling good that we did something worthy? Then what? Who is going feed the farmers family? Who is going to lend him money to pay his workers? The Hospitals? The infirmary? Yes this is painful but what is truly painful is the pain, loss, disappoint, sense of hopelessness, family misery behind such act. The country is exploding with anger and time is running out.

    Always Assertive! :twisted:…

  9. Thrilller
    January 23, 2017

    Van break down, or dasheen offloaded to conserve fuel in order to reach back home after a bad market day.

  10. TS Erika
    January 23, 2017

    i stand to be corrected but on my way home from work last week my eye caught a dump truck loaded with dasheen half covered with a blue tapolin. they were packed outside DCP on the end towards jimmit. it caught my attention because i am a farmer also and had dasheen in the ground. so i wanted to inquire whether they had found a market so i could get some of mine sold. the answer was no. mine eventually stayed and in the ground and has began rotting so i guess out of frustration theirs was dumped. but i agree with an earlier comment that this should hv been disposed of better……………………….but who knows maybe it was maybe done to bring out a message

  11. CIA Agent
    January 23, 2017

    Answer: Bayou of Pigs part 2

  12. AK
    January 23, 2017

    This is really really sad and an expensive waste.

  13. January 23, 2017

    “No man, I said I TIRED of dasheen, not to ACQUIRE dasheen!”

  14. January 23, 2017

    Damn! I wish I could have gotten a few of these. Codfish, and a salad

  15. Frank Talker
    January 23, 2017

    So sad. DNO should try hard to get the story. There may well be lessons to be learnt in this matter. But I heard a story that a vessel which transports agricultural produce to the French market suffered a breakdown on its way to Guadeloupe and had to return to Long House Port last week. The cargo was not refrigerated. Produce were left on the ship in the heat for a whole week while repairs were done to the vessel. The traders had already travelled to Guadeloupe and were waiting on their produce when they were informed of the ship’s breakdown. It is my understanding that there was a lot of spoilage and rot among the produce, and much had to be thrown away. It is my wildest guess that the dasheen at Springfield were among the produce dumped. I am sure DNO can have this confirmed.

  16. Tony
    January 23, 2017

    Hello and good morning my people. It’s very sad to see all this food going to waste when two weeks ago the Prime Minister wife was talking about feeding children who come to school hungry. This demonstrate that we just don’t have the markets to export our food and why we can’t develope a plan to export food to the Virgin Islands where we have a large middle class population.

  17. Oh, what a pity that they can’t be consumed in Dominica!

    In the first place due to the high contents of starch in such food, Dominicans might have become aware that they are very damaging to ones health.

    High contents of starch means the faster it breaks down into carbohydrate, when it is eaten; hence, producing high glucose (sugar) in the system, thus, presenting the potential for hyperglycemia (diabetes). How funny that Skerrit, encourages farmers to borrow money from government to invest in Farming; and propose a six month grace to repay the loan.

    My question here is this: With what we have experienced here in the picture, suppose that farmer owed the government; seen that he/she had to dump throw their agricultural products away unsold, where would that farmer get the money from to repay the money they borrowed?

    I am simply exposing the ignorance, stupidity, and hypocrisy of Roosevelt Skerrit. If there was a market for Dominica agricultural products, the evidence…

    • Dominican to the bone
      January 23, 2017

      What if the boat to export it breaks down as said would the farmer sell his dasheen even if there was a mRketbto do so ? Let’s not be blinded because we hate one person

  18. Manicou
    January 23, 2017

    Dominica farmers must start growing diplomatic passport

    • ye yep
      January 23, 2017

      hahahahaha I like that!!!!

    • Tjebe fort
      January 23, 2017

      Boy, I did ask for a seedling of the passport tree in the botanical garden but they tell me they have long waiting list for that already and if you criticise P.
      M. you don’t even go on that list.

  19. concern citizen
    January 23, 2017

    Farmers are suffering

  20. Emmanuel
    January 23, 2017

    we haven’t see nothing yet, there is much more to come

  21. Joe
    January 23, 2017

    Those dasheen may have been the rejected ones, however i find the person who dumped it there is selfish and hate his country, am sorry you don’t do that to a country… As far as i know this is littering and there are laws against that type of action.

    And for those who keep saying there are no markets please stop it, there are market for everything, but market don’t come without conditions, am sure you won’t enter a store and buy dirty clothes will you? same way for any product!!!! Niether will you buy a car that have no wheels…

  22. Backchat
    January 23, 2017

    Axe Petter St.Jean… :roll: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  23. Extremely
    January 23, 2017

    Wickedness on the part of the government who refuse to or do not know how to get markets for farmers to sell their produce. This is really heartbreaking. Farming is alot of hard work and for you to reap your crops and end up like that……alas.

  24. 4evatru
    January 23, 2017

    They could have sold it to pig farmers.

    • 4evatru
      January 23, 2017

      Also donated to grotto, the infermy , the hospital. That’s just plain selfish and wicked bad minded. That why we will never be bless.

  25. Weh! weh! weh!
    January 23, 2017

    These UWP supporters are unbelievable. Look at the extend at which they go to “embarrass” Skerrit. It’s a real shame that they do not realized they are only hurting themselves. I hope someone picked them up and sold them.

    • %
      January 23, 2017

      So you still did not know that Skerrit is an embarrassment..This is how they are discouraging the few remaining farmers..Where is the market?.Should we just continue depending on passport sales..When required to defend it,he Skerrit is going to hide!!!This is what this frustrated farmer had to do!!POOR FARMER!!!

  26. January 23, 2017

    They could not sell them instead they preferred dumping them because dasheens spoils quickly….nonetheless it is not a wise thing to do ;these dasheens could be used as compost by piling them some where in the garden then use it to grow more crops instead of using chemicals.What a waste.

  27. FORKIT
    January 23, 2017

    no sale

  28. Yes I
    January 23, 2017

    The person should be arrested. No matter what the story

    • Extremely
      January 23, 2017

      Sakway mashastae

    • You are an idiot, arrested what for?

      When I was a kid we grew dasheen , you take them home and within a week they dry out and begin to decay. I know people who have taken dasheen to Antigua to be sold and had to dump them before one was sold. Why don’t you lock yourself or put a lock on your senseless mouth!

      If you are so concern, why not buy them from the farmer and eat them all! Any type of agricultural products found in Dominica, are sold all over the United States, and Canada.

      However, the only two you will not see are the Breadfruit, and Dasheen. Reason breadfruit ripe very fast, dasheen dry out, and decay fast, even if you could transport those two by air, in a matter of hours they will rot before sale.

      • Dominican to the bone
        January 23, 2017

        Yes they should be arrested for littering the place ,they could dump them properly somewhere else

      • Canadian
        January 23, 2017

        Interesting, I buy dasheen and breadfruit in West Indian stores in Canada all the time.

      • Mr./Mrs./Miss, Dominica born: I got a series of thumbs down for the comment I wrote. No need to suggest or confirm the people who have given me thumbs dawn are all idiots, who lack capacity to comprehend what I conveyed.

        And here your are again with this nonsensical debate of how the person should depose of their dasheen! Since when it is a crime for a person to throw away what is legally belonging to them? And what difference does it make if they dump their belonging where it can be seen or shame cause the person dig a hole in secret and bury them? The fact is there are market; not even a market in Dominica for such.

        In 1978, I return back from Germany, and went home to visit, Isaac Thomas: “Far-go” and I were in a jeep belonging to my aunt Idline, I told him to take me to the market to get some dasheen, he told “boy son you all not hearing the health department say not to eat that, since it aids in causing diabetes.”

        May be Dominican’s has learnt the lesson, and…

      • Driver
        January 23, 2017

        Cisco don’t be so quick on the IDIOT gun.

      • ok
        January 24, 2017

        I guess it’s ok now to litter. Is it ok to dump stuff we do not want anywhere on the side of the road? We can dump our old clothes , furniture , white goods etc on the side of the road?

        Well I guess we now like our Country, Dominica to be known as the place where cleanliness is not important and dupe wherever you choose, no consequences to our actions.

        No sir, Dominica deserves better than that.

    • Hmmm
      January 23, 2017

      U should be arrested

  29. OLI
    January 23, 2017

    I guess the trucker wasn’t going to get paid. :lol:

  30. Anansi
    January 23, 2017

    This is a message, we need markets regardless of how much we produce. If there are no buyers then farmers are growing for a lost cause.

  31. JBaptiste
    January 23, 2017

    I thought I was the only one moved by this scene. I think it’s quite obvious what happened. So much for markets.

  32. Free Thinker
    January 23, 2017

    It is really sad to see produce going to waste like that. This situation should not be repeated. Is it a problem of marketing? SMH

  33. Henry Luke
    January 22, 2017

    Call it “Farmer Frustration”. All markets that were once opened to local farmers have now dried up. Residents on the island have no cash to buy, but the bare necessities. It is the current administration’s master strategy to keep the populace hungry, dependent and poor.
    Things are destined to get worse before they get better. As long as an illiterate populace, in their ignorance and blindness, continues to venerate, idolize and defend the miscreants and culprits who are unleashing this diabolic scheme on the nation, there are going to be lots more farmers who will have no alternative, but to dump food across the island, to draw attention to their plight.

    • Dominican
      January 23, 2017

      To buy the bare necessities? Such as All the sewo shows being sold out? Wow. They person will suffer for not giving it to the hospital and other charitable organizations.

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