Concerning the US Presbyterian Church’s acceptance of homosexual ministers

I find it sad that the U.S. Presbyterian church has seen fit to pervert the World of God by accepting practising homosexual ministers. The Bible clearly and unequivocally condemns homosexual acts (Gen 1:27-28; Gen 2:24; Matt 19: 4-6; Rom 1:24-27; 1 Cor 6:10; 1 Tim 1:10 etc.).

Homosexual acts contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity.

There is also no scientific evidence to confirm homosexual activity as a normal behavior. Dr. Francis Collins, who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his work sequencing the human genetic code has proven that homosexuality is not genetically “hardwired.” No scientific study has found a gay gene, gay DNA, or gay center of the brain. Sexual orientation is ultimately a matter of self-affirmation and public declaration. Many African-Americans have come out of homosexuality, proving sexual orientation can change.

St. Paul tells us that the “aberration” of homosexuality is both the proof and the result of the exclusion of God from collective attention and social life. The Christian approach to modern-day homosexuality must distinguish between the respect due to persons and the necessary repudiation of any exalted ideology of homosexuality.

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  1. September 6, 2015

    When we speak against homosexuality we base what we say upon the authority of the Word of God.

    The best defence the advocates of homosexuality can put forth is to attack the integrity of the scriptures – not by offering objective logic – but by mocking the Bible. They do this in jest by saying silly things to make Bible believers appear uneducated, and imply that the scriptures are a collection of fables and myths.

    There are many facts I could share with you for your consideration. I will offer only two because space here is limited.

    (1) The New Testament was written within 70 years of the time the events (such as the miracles of Christ and His resurrection) actually happened. This is not the case with most other ancient literature.

    When it was written many who had witnessed the events as they happened were still living. Not one stepped forward and denied the written reports.

    Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Evangelist.

  2. August 15, 2015

    It is hard to imagine what reason the US Presbyterian Church would have to change its position on homosexuality.

    The Bible forbids homosexuality. For those who believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God Matthew 19: 4-6, Romans 1:26,27, and 1 Corinthians 6:9,10 settles the matter. But it is not for Biblical reasons alone we oppose homosexuality although this would be enough.

    Homosexuals have more mental health issues than heterosexuals. They tend to suffer more from depression and have a higher rate of alcoholism. With no flesh and blood family of their own they experience more loneliness in their senior years. They have more suicides. Statistics show they have a shorter life span.

    Homosexuals are more prone to violence. Gay people will more often be involved in sex crimes so horrific
    the media will not publish the details. Numerous studies have shown that 66% (or more) of serial killers are homosexuals.

    Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Evangelist.

    • July 13, 2016

      The US Presbyterian Church still claims to be “Christian”. This does not speak well for their integrity.

      It professes to believe the Bible is the Word of God. At least originally it was a Bible based denomination
      of the reformation persuasion. What are they now telling their young people? How do they explain the departure from the faith?

      How can it now condone homosexuality?

      Has it eliminated the following texts:

      Genesis 19:1-25 with 2 Peter 2:5-6 and Jude vs.7
      Leviticus 18:22
      Romans 1:26,27
      1 Corinthians 6:9,10.
      1 Timothy 1:9,10

      What would the founding fathers of Presbyterianism think of their new position? What would John Knox
      and John Calvin think? Are the present day leaders of the Presbyterian Church of America more enlightened than these great men? Remember the teachings (interpretations of scripture) given by these
      men are what the US Presbyterian Church was based upon! So was this denomination then built upon sinking sand?

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald…

  3. April 17, 2013

    When somebody writes an objective article on homosexuality it brings a collective howl from the gay community. Because they have neither scripture nor science on their side they can’t enter into a logical debate. Instead they betray their ignorance by putting forth arguments that are so void of content they are actually silly. They will tell us that gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transexuals have made valuable contributions in society. Some have. But there have also been criminals of the worst kind who have made similar contributions to society. They tell us we are behind the times, living in the past, and need to catch up. Yes, we have arrived in the glorious 21 cwntury. When I look at the statistics I see STD are the highest they’ve ever been, I hear reporters saying AIDS is out of control, the suicide rate is at an all time high, and we are losing the war on drugs. All this suggests to me that there are things in this 21 century we’d be better without. The gay revolution is one of them. When all else fails the homosexual activists resort to name calling and use a form of psychological warfare involving the abuseof words. They accuse us of promoting “hate” when we speak about mental, physical, and social problems created by homosexuality. Nobody wants to be accused of hating other human beings so this is meant to make us feel bad. They don’t seem to have the intellectual capacity to understand it is not the people we hate. We hate some people’s behaviour because we see the hurt it causes. More than anything else they call us “homophobic”. A homophobic is somebody who is afraid of homosexuals. Years back I was a licenced P.I., a private investigator. People who know my background laugh when they hear somebody call me “homophobic”. Trust me, I’ve never met one I was afraid of! But gay activists insist on this kind of name calling because they don`t have must to chose from when it comes to weapons. Seriously, as a Christian and a minister of he gospel, I take the position I do primarly because God forbids homosexual behaviour. Romans 1:21-32, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Jude vs. 7. For those who want something more scientific I recommend you read HOMOSEXUALITY AND THE POLITICS OF TRUTH by Dr. Jeffrey Satinover, M.D. Dr. Satinover has practiced psychiatry or over 20 years. He has lectured at Yale University and Harvard University. This book is completely documented. The author writes as a board certified specialist who knows he will face peer review. It can be ordered from AMAZON, the world`s largest online bookseller. Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Pentecostal Evangelist.

  4. steve660
    May 13, 2011

    Paul Kokoski is s serial liar and homophobe who, for years, has been peddling bogus statistics, often from discredited sources, denigrating gay people. Just search on his name and see. This latest diatribe is just more of his garbage. And lies. The claim about Francis Collins is an outright fib. Collins said no such thing and has gone on record refuting this particular lie. See
    Kokoski is lying, there is no polite way of saying it, he is lying. The claim that people have “come out of homosexuality” is more garbage, this time from the discredited “ex-gay” movement. The “ex-gays” and their supporters have never produced a scrap of scientific evidence that they were gay to begin with, or straight afterwards. No MRI scans, no erectile response measurements, no objective proof of any sort. Just stories. And then there are the ex-ex-gays who have been through the whole charade and admitted it is all a scam and they were gay all along. And what on earth does he mean by “natural law”? Homosexuality is widespread in nature and does not violate any natural laws I know of.

    • Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
      May 13, 2011

      I love to tell it like it is without all this philosophical and medical words. You must be gay. Be prepared for Satan’s cauldron of everlasting fire. No homosexuals will ever enter the Kingdom of Heaven – as a homosexual. Period!
      People like you teach what is false and promote what is false, leading others into further sin. Woe to you.
      Homosexuality is intrinsically evil and is the work of the devil which has lodged himself in them. Satan is the father of lies making people like you believe that homosexual practice is not wrong.
      Are you so blind to see and also deaf to hear and know that a relationship between two men and between two women are opposed to what God planned for the world, for humanity?
      None of what you try to prove makes sense. Most of all it does not make any sense in the eyes of God. You expect God to approve homosexuality, a grievous/mortal sin which goes against what He ordained for humanity? He said, “Go and multiply”. Can homosexual practice lead to procreation – of babies?
      When are people like you going to utilize your common sense or do you have any? Listen to and read the truth.
      What books are you reading and what TV and Radio Stations do you view and listen to? What do you know?
      I do know that some people have come out of homosexuality. It can be reversed. I have heard it on Catholic TV and Radio, the very words of some of those who have been helped and who have come out of homosexuality and who are happy that they did. I have seen those faces, those people on TV. This is real and living proof that homosexuality can be reversed.
      Expect gays to speak against changing their lifestyle. Sin is sweet spurred on by Satan who was the first sinner through pride and disobedience. :twisted: Pride comes before the fall.
      If you are so smart you should know what the natural law is and meaning thereof. The natural law is that a relationship and marriage should be between a man and a woman just as God meant and wants for the world and not between identical genders.
      Whether homosexuality is widespread, this does not make it correct. Satan now rules the world until God puts a hand to tie him and his followers and plunge them into the eternal cauldron of fire where there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.
      Holy Scriptures, according to St. Paul who wrote and spoke through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, has told us that homosexuality is a sin. Refer to Holy Scriptures. We Christians go by the teachings of the Holy Bible and what is contained therein which is The Word of the Lord. We do not go by the words of atheists and agnostics, homosexuals and lesbians, who are doomed themselves for rejecting God and His teachings.
      Homosexuality violates the Natural Law of God. Those people are mortally (morally) and spiritually sick and are a poor example for the youth of all. There is an eternal prize to pay for leading others into sin as the little children. Refer to the words and teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Holy Scripture.
      Homosexuals want to have their own cake and eat it. They want to go to adopt babies which they cannot pro-create. They want to go church and be church ministers, lying to themselves that God approves of their intrinsic evil. Satan governs their souls. They should stay away from the churches. The reason why people go to church it is to worship God and to perfect themselves and/or strive for perfection in the eyes of God. This is what is for. The Church is not a place for homosexuals to be church ministers. They might as well minister to those who are in Hell.
      Can one imagine that a homosexual, sinning in public, for all the world to see is preaching the Word of God, in a church? It is upsetting. It is also laughable and laughing at God, giving Him a slap in the face. The day will come when they will realize how wrong they were.
      I suggest you pray to God for mortal and spiritual enlightenment, including His blessing and graces.
      Cease teaching what is false and what does not prove anything.

      • Humanist
        May 13, 2011

        I would assume this vast post is a joke, but such things are rarely jokes on DNO, unfortunately. Basically, if you want someone to take you seriously, I would suggest not beginning by denouncing medicine and basically all intellectual thought, since that pretty much makes you look ignorant. Denounce science all you like. If you get sick, ask yourself whether you really still want to denounce medicine. And to attempt to put forth an intelligent argument by denouncing the history of intellectual thought–well, you should see the problem there.

        You can believe whatever you want, but don’t impose your beliefs on others. Science and beliefs are opposites. Science is what there is direct evidence for; beliefs are the opposite of evidence. Therefore, what right do you have to impose your beliefs on anyone? If I want to say that science has revealed facts of life, on the other hand, I am not imposing my beliefs, since I am simply saying what is confirmed as true.

        Don’t make Dominicans look ignorant.

        • Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
          May 14, 2011

          @ Humanist

          You, too are a supporter or a practicing homosexual or lesbianism?
          I am speaking the truth and by no means imposing my beliefs on anyone. As Our Lord Jesus Christ said: “Are you too without understanding.”
          When you endorse homosexuality what are you going to present to God when you are faced with your eternal judgment. You, too, pray for God’s enlightenment, His blessing and graces which you are in dire need of.
          @ Gary? Why are you opposing what I state? It is evident that you oppose and are arrogant about all what which is godly to practice – the truth.

          It is the Word of The Lord. Not my word. Are you too, a gay person or a supporter of gays? Woe to you. I feel so sad for you. I feel sorry for you that you stand up and encourage homosexuality.
          Gary, on the final day, you will find out. May God also have mercy on your soul.

      • Gary
        May 13, 2011

        To Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity

        Why are you so arrogant, with your religious beliefs. What is this about your silly judgmental action towards someone concerning their going to the Kingdom of heaven based on what your religion teaches you. The person by the name of steve660 made a very accurate summary concerning Paul Kokoski as to the things he does with his commentaries using deceit and lies with facts to foster his religious beliefs and agenda with his mass commentaries using the internet, it is like he is on some kind of crusade. You are entitled to your religious belief and what ever you want to believe but you must always remember when you’re using your religious beliefs to cast judgments and call people evil you ‘re not doing so with a rational mind but simple driven by your religious beliefs and what your religion has taught you. Do you think the truth lies in the things that your religion believes and teaches to be true, this i will tell you, only fanatics believe such things.

        Sometimes you are so laughable, i wonder if you really know what the search for the truth is. You
        made reference to people being reversed from being gay and just because you heard it from a Catholic TV and Radio station that this is true and factual, is this your way of knowing the truth.
        Well if it is so, that is very sad. I have tried reading the rest of your comment but only hearing you use your religious beliefs to condemn and judge. This you should remember a man’s ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death and here is a question for you. How can the Church be received as a trustworthy guide in the invisible, when it falls into so many errors in the visible? and finally If God doesn’t like the way someone is living leave them , let him God tell them, not you.

      • Lizavier4Jesus
        May 14, 2011

        TJLPand Unity

        I understand you, and I pray that most people who read this post understood also.

        Unfortunately it is those whom God has given the role of the Watchman, like the Watchman’s role to Ezekiel, who is at fault. Those Watchmen have failed to blow the horn of warning, as God has spoken the message to them, and God will hold them responsible. They will suffer the consequences for the ways of the bad and the ugly, even for the ways of the wicked and evil ones.

        I am saying that if the Leaders of churches choose to accept a homosexual, preaching the Word of God to their congregation, knowing that man continues with sexual immoralities in his priviate existence, who is at fault here, if not that leader of the church.

        But if the homosexual is the leader of his own church, then we all know who that church belongs to, and they will have their rewards.

        • Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
          May 14, 2011

          @ Liz 4 Jesus

          Excellent comment!
          Tell it like it is. A church that has a homosexual minister and encourages same with its members does not belong to God. That church belongs to Satan and his followers, founded by him. Satan rules. That church is not on the side of God.
          Let us not hide the truth and tell it like it is. This is what God wants us to do and expects of us whatever the criticism and persecution.
          As Our Lord said: Matthew 15:7:9 – …Hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy about you when he said: “These people honor Me with their lips but their hearts are far from me; in vain do they worship Me teaching as doctrines, human precepts…”
          All we need to refute those false prophets is to go to Holy Scriptures. Therein lie all the answers.
          For the sake and love of the Lord and of souls including ours, let us proclaim the truth. Be bold be strong for the Lord Thy God is with you (us) who stand up for the truth. Do not be afraid.
          Our Lord said: “Hear and understand. Who has ears ought to hear.” I will add, who has eyes ought to read and comprehend it. This is the Word of the Lord. Praise to You Lord Jesus Christ.

      • ZURU
        August 22, 2011

        and yet your name is Truth , justice , love peace and unity ? O.o wow hypocrite much ? Only a hippie could pull of that name you , you are going to hell my friend , because that name is a lie and God does not like liars he probably hates liars even more than he hates homosexuals at least some of them unlike you tell the truth and admit their homosexual . You on the other hand won’t admit your a Black Nazi like most Dominicans cause that’s what they are black Nazi skin heads , and if you’re not black then your just a Skin head plain and simple .”SUCCKKKERRR!!!!”

    • ed
      May 14, 2011

      readers beware,

      Steve 660 also goes by the name of Dr. Stephen Moreton. His latest attack against Kokoski was printed in the May 13 letter to the Jamaica Observer called “Hypocricy”. It seems this fellow goes by various names seeking to destroy people around the world. He is obsessed with Kokoski – no doubt because he is moral. He has also posted against KOKOSKI on the BRITISH VIRGIN ISLAND WEB SITE
      He is not a doctor but is need of one. He seems sadly derranged and bent on hatred. All his claims in favor of the perversion of homosexuality are false.

      • steve660
        May 14, 2011

        One of the few things “ed” gets right above is my name, which I make no secret of. Nor do I use other names, or seek “to destroy people around the world”, an absurd notion. Google on Kokoski and you’ll find that HE is the one firing off letters to newspapers around the world, and has been doing so for years. Hundreds of them. My recent ones are merely responses to Kokoski’s vicious hate campaign, and so far amount to only a few trying to alert people to the lies Kokoski keeps telling. My title stems from a doctoral degree (PhD, Chemistry, 1989, University of Edinburgh – check with them if you want) which, although not much relevant to the sexuality debate, is still more than Kokoski has (a degree in philosophy). Someone (Kokoski) who blatently lies, cites bogus statistics, cites discredited sources, and misrepresents respected ones (like Francis Collins) and has been doing this for years as part of a hate campaign against a vulnerable group is the one who is “deranged and bent on hatred”. Not a concerned and exasperated individual (me) fed up with the bigotry and hate of this man, and finally deciding to do a little about it in my own small way.
        As for whose claims are false, try doing something Kokoski does not and look up the data he cites, read the primary sources, and see what respected researchers in the field actually say, instead of copying uncritically from religious, homophobic hate sites as he does.

      • ed
        May 15, 2011

        hey steve,

        at least you are honest enough to admit you are a liar. Now if you are a liar how can anyone believe as credible anything you say about the perversion of gaydom? I did a google of Kokoski as you asked and found out after intense research that everything he says is true. Both the bible and science condemns queer acts. All I see in your letter is hatred against a man who does not speak with fork tongue. I look at it this way… 2 queers having sex= the end of the human race. 2 hetosexuals having sex propogte the species. Common sense tell you that God didn’t create man so man could snuff man out through vulgar sex acts. No he wanted people to grow and continue the species. Now really – do you need to be a chemist to know that. What type of chemistry did you study..LSD?

    • July 6, 2013

      STEVE: There are a few problems here.

      1) Your comments should address the subject of homosexuality in an objective manner. If you presented your case based upon scientific facts or even philosphical reasoning I would respect your perspective and take it into consideration. But instead of addressing Paul Kokoski’s statements one at a time and giving evidence that it is wrong you attack Mr. Kokoski by tearing into his character. As a man of science you know the value of debate. Let it be hot and heavy! But let’s not allow it to become a personal thing. When the debate is finished let’s meet in the middle of the ring (so to speak) and shake hands.

      2) I have read a significant number of Kokoski’s columns (not all). I am not famililar with Francis Collin’s work so am not qualified to comment on either Kokoski’s comments or yours regarding this. Apart from Collins what registered wth me was the fact that I recognized many of the stats and studies Kokoski included in his columns and can vouch for them. A few times I have thought he could have written his column from my research notes. This, and the fact that his writings are so widely accepted, leave me thinking he is not the loose cannon you make him out to be.

      As a Christian minister my “anti-gay” position is based upon the New Testament where God says homosexuality is a sin and forbids it in Romans 1:21-32, 1 Corinthians 6:9,10, 1 Timothy 1:9,10, and Jude vs. 7. I find it appalling the people who write in DNO who mock our belief in the Bible as the inspired Word of God. For those who (it seems) don’t have more than a grade three or four education there isn’t much I can say to them. But for a man of your standing who might scorn the scriptures I recommend the following books (which I have read) although I don’t know how you would find time to read them. THE SCIENCE OF GOD by Gerald L. Schroder, Ph.D., THE HIDDEN FACE OF GOD by Gerald L. Schroder, Ph.D., GENESES AND THE BIG BANG, by Gerald L. Schroder, Ph.D., THE PUZZLE OF ANCIENT MAN, by Donald E. Chittick, Ph.D., THE HANDWRITING OF GOD, by Grant Jeffrey,Ph.D., THE SIGNITURE OF GOD, by Grant Jeffrey, Ph.D.

      For those who want to know more about homosexuality: its causes, the mental, physical, and social harm it does, the effectiveness of treatment, and how it came to be delisted as a mental disorder in the DSM. I recommend the book HOMOSEXUALITY AND THE POLITICS OF TRUTH by Jeffrey Satinovrer, M.D. Dr. Satinover has practiced psychiatry for over 20 years. He has taught in Yale University and Harvard University. This book can be ordered from AMAZON, the world’s largest online bookseller.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Pentecostal Evangelist.

  5. Gary
    May 13, 2011

    To forkit

    Oh please, it is not about Churches it is about seeking the truth. What makes you think Churches have the truth, they never have and never will. Look around you, tell me, isn’t all you see is confusion and chaos.Churches have doctrines which they teach and believe in, it depends on which Christian Denomination you attend you have a different doctrine as you have seen the Presbyterian, and Catholic Church have their doctrine. First off let us get clear as to what a church is, a building for public Christian worship. It would be interesting to know from you what are the Churches of light and the Churches of Darkness. The reason I thought that to be interesting is to show how everyone of us have our own perception and belief as to which church is the light and which Church is of darkness and all this is based on which religion you’re in or belong to. So basically your determination as to which Church is of the light and which Church is of dankness is based on indoctrination, dogma you have been taught form your religion.

    Why is it you have to belong to some church as you will want to think. Do you know all Churches have an inner circle and an outer circle, the majority are in the outer circle and so they are followers of someone doctrine and beliefs, why be a followers, is that how we were created to be. It
    is time to break the chains of religion and Churches which has bound us and kept us in ignorance
    as followers and believers in doctrines which has been set up and chosen for us by an inner circle
    which we know nothing about.

    • August 9, 2014


      Please stop talking in circles. You never make a lot of sense but this is the worst I have seen yet!

      Rev. Don Hill

  6. Humanist
    May 13, 2011

    Another bit of nonsense commentary that should have been kept in the head of the writer, not broadcast over DNO. I will not get into a religious debate with you–you seem too “hard-wired” there yourself–but I will pick apart your misleading and/or inaccurate statements on homosexuality, since such statements only serve to foster hatred, ignorance, and, ultimately, a diminished global image for Dominica and anywhere else that supports homophobia.

    Firstly, here is the simplest refutation of your claims: gay people have always appeared, and continue to appear, in societies in which opposition to their orientation is clear. In the most extreme cases, these societies make it clear that gay people will be attacked, tortured, or killed. And yet homosexuality appears. If homosexuality was purely something people woke up one day and decided to do, you would have to be a complete retard to “decide” to be gay. This is the easiest way to see that people do not simply choose to feel the way they do. Obviously, a heterosexual man can “choose” to have intercourse with another man (the porn industry, for instance, asks that people do things they do not want to so as to make more money), but this does not mean he is actually attracted to males. The same is true for those unfortunate gay people who get married to the opposite sex and pretend to be straight.

    Secondly, homosexuality occurs in many other animals besides humans. Almost anyone who is around a wide variety of animals for a long time will likely notice such behavior now and then.

    Third, you choose African-Americans as people who have “escaped” from homosexuality. So no other race can be gay or can “escape” from being gay? Why so specific? You also don’t mention that the society created by African-American rappers is often intensely homophobic, partly because African-Americans are statistically likely to be Christians, and so pretending to “escape” from being gay is the obvious way to escape being attacked, rejected, or killed.

    You also claim that there is no scientific evidence for a gay gene. As far as I know, this is true. But this does not disprove that there is one. We do not have direct proof of the Big Bang (though we have indirect evidence), and yet all the indirect evidence suggests it is accurate. Just because something has not been proved absolutely does not mean it has been disproved. It is a matter of what is likely versus what is less likely.

    You want to talk perversion? Look at the methods fanatics use to try to “cure” gay people and the violence they inflict upon them. THAT is barbaric, not a person’s sexual orientation.

    This is a time in which people need to come together and support each other, not attack them. You do not see gay people attacking straight people very often, do you? It is almost always the opposite: fanatics attacking them. At very least, Dominica will never become an island of note to much of the rest of the globe if it continues to have such reactionary thinking.

    • just being me
      May 13, 2011

      when someone dwells on some thought, this thought becomes a reality to this one. People choose

      which way they want to go regardless of what nature teaches. The Creator made man and woman’s

      anatomy to compliment each other. How can homosexuals populate a world? They want to raise

      children to have 2 moms or 2 dads. How can this happen? Normal human beings are needed to

      produce these children. Who want children, better go the correct way, because I would never support

      this unholy relationship. No matter how bad things were I never believed in selling my children for a

      morsel of food, no matter what the relationship is. Get real ! Every child knows how babies are born,

      and therefore knows it takes a man and a woman to have a family, therefore a society and a world.

    • ed
      May 14, 2011


      First, You are wrong in saying “gay people have always appeared, and continue to appear, in societies”. What has appeared is people claiming to be gay. People have always claimed they are gay but they are not gay. They only have a perverted tendency to engage in queer acts. But they were never born that way. The first parents were Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. Despite hatred against gays there will always be people trying to justify their perversions. This does not mean they are justified. Of course people should never hate homosexuals or do violence toward them. They should pitty the perverts and try to help them.
      Homosexuality has always appeared but I venture to say that if you put all the gay people on one deserted island they would all disappear in a hundred years or so.
      People do decide to be gay just like they decide to kill, cheat and steal. But we can;t let everyone do as the feel like or we’d all be dead.
      Second, You say that homosexuality appears in animals so it should follow that humans are gay.
      But you fail to see that humans are not animals. We have a free will and reason do avoid evil unlike the animals. So don’t lower humans to the level of an animal.
      Third, people all over the world have escaped from being gay. A Dr. Steve Moreton once claimed to have set STRAIGHT over 500 queers from around the globe – on ever continent – in only two years of work. No violence was involved- only the bible.
      There is scientific proof the queerdom is a perversion. But even if there was a gay gene it is wrong because the main purpose of sex is the bring forth new life. Queers can’t do this with each other and would soon die out trying as I mentioned above.
      You say “ You do not see gay people attacking straight people very often, do you?” WELL WHAT DO YOU CALL YOUR LETTER AND THE ONES ABOVE?

      • Anonymous
        May 14, 2011

        Nice. I always say if you want to be gay, then be gay. But do not try to make me see things your way if I believe it is wrong and then call me homophobe. Do not try to to force your way into my church and then want to become it’s minister and call me judge because I say no. This is my problem with gays. This trying to force their lifestyle on others. If it was acceptable behavior.. then it would not have to be forced in the first place. Why not create your own churches? Why not have your own island, own town where you are free to marry and serve?

      • Humanist
        May 15, 2011

        @ ed

        You, sir, are clearly too uneducated to have a discussion with anyone. You deny that humans are animals, a claim only an ignorant idiot of the highest order could make; you claim humans are descended from Adam and Eve, despite the fact that humans are evolved primates and that there is no evidence of any evolution from any two human beings, before whom no humans existed; there is no evidence for creationism; and what you call “science” is what an uneducated fool such as yourself must believe is science. It is people such as yourself who hold Dominica back from being educated, and this is why we will remain the island that the rest of the Caribbean laughs at and the rest of the world ignores.

        Furthermore, you claim I must be gay because I wrote a defense of human rights. Yet another example of your uneducated ways, unfortunately, since only someone with a child’s mind resorts to name-calling like that. The fact that I am not gay is really irrelevant to this debate; human rights are human rights. Grow up, and, more importantly, get a real education. Theology websites that tell you what you want to hear do not count. Read about objective scientific experiments; read literature; expand your mind. You cannot come away from such things with the naive foolishness you have presented above.

        As for Anonymous, I have no desire for anyone to force anyone’s lifestyles on anyone. But there is a difference between allowing a human being to exist and live his or her life as he or she likes if it does not hurt you, and attacking that human being simply because he or she appears to be different. There is much difference in the world, and we need to coexist and learn from each other, not be savages.

    • ZURU
      August 22, 2011

      aMEN TO THAT !!

  7. forkit
    May 13, 2011

    there are two types of churches, and they are the church of light and the church of darkness. its plain to see, so you choose one which pleases your soul..

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