JUST DENNIS: Of the Red Clinic mentality, legacies and he stings like a bee

Dennis Joseph
Dennis Joseph

If you think like a slave you will behave like a slave.   A slave is whipped to the ground over and over and will still continue to work without protest with a “Yes Massa” cowering attitude.  If you are made to think like a poor person you will always act like a poor person and that is why I have a problem with the so called Red Clinic social program policy of this government.

This program urges poor people to attend a money distribution clinic one day each week to beg for a bit of that money and receive a little something directly from the hands of Prime Minister Skerrit.  The mostly choice-less cabinet of ministers agree to the program and approve the taxpayers funds to sustain it and in so doing have sidelined the established Social Welfare office.  Any person whether truly needed or not can avoid the investigative processes of the Welfare Division and make up any story to get a little money.

I keep wondering why is it that the Labour Party boasts of how well they are doing for the people of Waitukubuli /Dominica yet every election cycle they rush overseas putting out mllions of dollars to secure votes in order to stay in power.    It appears that they need those who live somewhere else to drop in on Election Day and make up the numbers that will put them over the top.  It also means that the local voters are unimpressed with their doings and one of these is the manner in which social programs are made to seem more vote catching traps than compassionate giving.

I evaluate our national leaders not by their sounds of thunder, fury, pompous boasts, promises and “bef” but by the lasting legacy of their stewardship. I think of things that have made an impact on our lives making us think and live differently. Edward Leblanc was busy changing the social class structure of Dominicans in the sixties to make the poor think differently, Patrick John gave us our political independence and  our system of governance written in a new Constitution to give us an international identity, Edison James brought us the World Creole Music  Festival  which has been a source of national pride and termed by all our people  as the biggest and most significant cultural and tourism event ever and so now we await what Skerrit’s legacy will be.

What lasting social program or policy has he put in place that will compliment his large talk of being deeply interested mainly in social programs?  A legacy of just being skillful at winning elections and bringing in voters from overseas to do that is not good enough. Skerrit’s term has been mired in scandals and court cases and the voters are becoming restless as they face another election cycle with a feeling that it will be more of the same and the same old   talk of a love affair with China and Venezuela.   Meantime the opposition United Workers Party’s (UWP) confidence level has erupted with   an exhilarating feeling of being born again.

This feeling is centered around the phenomenal  rise of the new leader  Lennox Linton from a political unknown just a few short years ago to become the popular undoubted  choice to replace the big footprint of Edison Chenfil  James who kept the party afloat but is now retiring.   The UWP political base is so powered up by this newness that they have already proclaimed Linton a Prime Minister in waiting.   His masterly inaugural address from Castle Bruce was worthy of a Prime Minister in the making and was like a shining star in the east uplifting the politics to a new height of sober and analytic presentation which may prove a difficult act to follow.
Certainly PM Skerrit will have a hard time trying to match that level of oratorical skill and perhaps he should not even try.

When according to Nasio Fontaine the people start to think that “we’ve been travelling much too long from Genesis to Revelation” and that the revelations are disturbing then understandably the ruler’s anxiety level increases.   That is why Linton’s revelations of misdeeds in governance have caused a feeding frenzy for his blood, and ongoing attempts to tear down his gate and frighten his radio listeners away. The governing side has regarded him as an unholy intrusion on their sacred ground and has gone totally nuclear ballistic biting off their nails and spitting them out into fire ‘well vex’ and calling for their ‘mamie.’

Skerrit himself with backward thinking, inappropriately launched a public verbal salvo against Q95 radio which broadcasts Linton’s ‘Between You and Me’ show seeking to have business houses boycott the station in order to fatally cripple its advertising revenue intake thereby forcing the station off the air.   Embarrassingly for the PM that back-fired big time since not even his own government offices and people heeded his call.    As often happens, when there is   overreaching criticism, the DLP agents only succeeded in enhancing the curiosity effect and turned Lennox Linton into a local radio superstar and a national personality.

However the   coming of Lennox Linton who has advocated change may be the chance to bring in real change in our politicking.  We hope that the advancing election season is not just another round of inane, abusive cruel ‘mepwi’, cussing and crass politics but a show of respect to we the people as we will be allowed to listen to intelligent debates on the staggering issues facing our land.  One of the serious issues is poverty alleviation and jobs, jobs and more jobs.  This Red Clinic suppresses talent and makes our people think like poor people without hope.  If we want our people to rise we must change the beggar thinking which the Red Clinic encourages and indeed nurtures.

Many times in life we must be careful for what we ask.  The present early election mood of the people is caused by the PM who whenever he feels under some pressure tries to change the conversation by threatening another general election.  Recently he did it again but this time it may backfire.  The agents and officials of the DLP invited Lennox Linton to enter the political boxing ring so now the glove is in their corner.

This time around we will find out if Roosevelt Skerrit who has won two elections as prime minister truly enters the real political ring or will he stay far away on a political platform posing and cooing to his admirers.   We look forward to intense analysis of the issues facing us by way of debates between those who claim they have a plan to fix the problems.  If Skerrit again insists upon moving sideways we must conclude that as usual he has chosen to opt out of accounting for what he has been doing and the promises he makes.

It would therefore be obvious that even now Mr. Skerrit is still an infant in the business of country management and fears a one-on-one with Linton who he may think like in the words of the great famous boxer Mohamed Ali “flits like a butterfly and stings like a bee.”

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  1. T mama
    September 13, 2013

    good read Denis….

    • T mama
      September 13, 2013

      continue informing us…very interesting and true.

  2. Mwen enkor
    September 12, 2013

    The whole truth, nothing but the truth. Powerful writing.
    Even if you against Denis, you must agree with him.

  3. September 12, 2013

    Spot on, wheither we like it or not, we can run away from the truth :-D

  4. Gary
    September 12, 2013

    The constant barrage of political bias rhetoric,recklessness for facts and a memory of convenience does very little to help credibility. Denis needs to remember It ain’t over till it’s over.

  5. DAT
    September 12, 2013

    Maybe my eyes are not yet opened to some of the things you write about,”no”. I think it’s because i detect a some what organize dirty rhetoric when i read between the lines of your sentences. A bias under tone that prevents me from flaunting my faith in some of the things you say. Admittedly,I myself have noticed some of them to be allegedly true.

    Why do you speak of Legacy using a scale rating of you own approval? In an era where the greatest achievement of all can go unrecognized because it may seem so insignificant, in particular to opinionated and unreasonable people.Take a gander at the benefits to the masses. I can without bias point out many land mark achievements made by the current administration that are indeed note worthy. Achievements attained due to the request of the people as a means to put us among the first class, second class or any class for the purpose of benefit to the people. But I will only be met with degradation by the likes of you and your grand devotion to Mr. Linton.

    Yes,you quot Nasio Fontaine but I quot Albert Einstein, ” A life worth living is best lived for others”. A fundamental preaching that is hard to do and even when done is rejected apparently.By the way, respect to Nasio Fontaine. I am a fan. Some of his lyrics are quite inspirational, i can see. He sings of “sufferation” like most lyrical Rastafarian reggae artists. Poverty, economy and togetherness are often subjects of interest. Also the caring and living for each other. A call for consciousness. How Convenient it is for you to use his lyrics to portray you type consciousness.

    Currently there is a rift in this economical global consciousness that exist only to pull a shroud over the eyes of the people; the naive. And it suffocates us all on both sides.The agents that prowl on the innocent with words of influence spoken or written, that is seemingly fitting to move us to what end, non of us know. Some of you deer to write in a manner to promote what you see as the light at the end of the tunnel. But you endeavor to bring you own pipe dreams to the for front if you are not careful. You fail to show how different the pressures of governance of a government is compared to the running of a department in a business in this country. The truth is there will be no difference in the way the country will be run though matter who is there. A new change.

    I am for change and improvement. But am I to base this change on one act that may or may not have been a farce. No sir I have a doubt about Mr. Linton. You, yourself harbor doubt towards the success of Mr. Linton. Because I believe you to be blinded like most of us to the transparencies of a government involved in a love hate relationship with its’ supporters, voter and regional affiliations. The lata, allot of them thanks to the loose tongued, degrading, daily badgering towards them by the U.W.P and it associates,including Mr. Linton. I put it to you,they are just as guilty of creating a mess out of this country just as the ruling government is alleged to be. Note, the language you speak as a citizen absent of office cannot be spoken present of office. But you action will and words have consequences. Pay heed to this. Advise Mr. Linton, the savior of this. There maybe a small chance to save face when he crashes.

    Even if Mr. Linton is successful at the election. As a prime minister he will fail. I believe he will conform to the methods of Mr. Skerrit because of the constrains of the world economy. He will have no choice but to continue with what the Skerrit administration started. A statement I once read uttered by Mr. Edison Chenfil James in the sun News paper a few months ago. This was the hope for change if he Mr. James had returned to office.

    Tell us enslaved people will you still speak delicately with affirmation about Mr. linton as a promised deliverer,the messiah come to deliver his people from a sort of white mans’bondage. Mr. Skerrits bondage and his whip. I once read about the slave master, who break their slaves feet at the ankles if ever they are caught after attempting to run for freedom. The called it hobbling. Is that the case in this country. Maybe something else.Is this really what the red clinic imposes on the people?

    I personally believe the red clinic is not the right approach. That a proper welfare system is best. I once heard someone liken the red clinic to feeding starving dogs. Feed them enough and they will come back for more scraps.

    Often you hear in the media from journalists such as Mr. Linton, now leader of the opposition. And other so called reporter, that Mr. Skerrit is a dictator. If that is true could you , would you be free to write such an edification on an open forum. Let alone reveal you identity. The things we say have an impact that has sometimes unforeseen consequences as i said before.

    While you show your faith in Mr. Linton abilities to run the affairs of government, remember this he has never been in this position before.Though matter how successful he has been in other endeavors and how much faith you pretend to have in him. Mr. Skerrit and Mr. James have had the opportunity to run the government. While Mr. Linton has not. He has the global economy to contend with and his past infractions with government regional affiliation.

    He will fail!

    • Childfoot
      September 13, 2013

      Methinks you speak a lot of gibberish. No man was born a prime minister. And please at least have the decency to write the queen’s language properly. The prime minister does not own a certificate of title for Dominica. Where were you when they were talking about the next level?

    September 12, 2013

    I commend Mr Joseph on this piece, real brilliant journalism.

  7. Mie
    September 12, 2013

    Unfortunately, Dennis, Dominicans are not fools. No amount of political spin can taint the achievement of this labour party under the leadership of Roosevelt Skerritt.

    Right now people are just jumping on the band wagon. Tou Chaud Tou Flam but when people calm down and reality kicks in people will open their eyes and realize that they are being fooled and decived by the likes of you and Lenox Linton. We know you harbor some ill feelings towards Mr Skerritt and members of this DLP but please be a true patriot and do the right thing. Put petty politics and animosities aside and give credit where credit is due.

  8. Reader
    September 12, 2013

    It’s interesting how the author by-passed the late great Dame M.E. Charles like she had no relevance or left a lasting legacy. That itself is actually a testament to how one-side this nonsense masquerading as intellectual commentary really is. Prime Minister Skerritt has made great strides in bringing infrastructural development to Dominica … look around: you’ll see it. He has also implemented social programs are aimed at improving the lives of the less fortunate among us. Are these program perfect? Of course not, and there is room to improve their functioning. So while you may declare him “an infant” in the management of the country, that “infant” has done much better than Eddo ever did.

    • Anonymous
      September 13, 2013

      I agree with you mention should be made of Miss Charles. I have a bit of an issue with what you’re saying though. I do not know of any social programmes implemented by skerritt. A programme to my mind suggests that there are rules, procedures and systems to administer the programme. Sadly, in the case of the red clinic and the other things which skerritt does those procedures etc. are not present. Secondly these things have nothing to do with the government of Dominica but rather has all to do with the Labour Party.
      While you make mention of infrastructure projects as a mark of achievement, I doubt that Miss Charles would agree with you. You may or may not remember, but she(miss Charles) in 1980 declared that, quote ” infrastructure is not development “. Indeed in the case of the projects you may wish to make mention of, there had been no benefit to the economy and people of Dominica.

  9. Oh yes
    September 12, 2013

    Continue giving us your perspective. It troubles their waters!

  10. Mamizoo
    September 12, 2013

    Dennis did you deliberately left out Dame Eugenia who had the most profound impact on our country. What about the legacy of picking up Dominica from the rubbles of Hurricane David to the OECS flag ship status. It was Eugenia who built the foundation for the tourism that is basically the only factor that keep us a float. Since the construction of the Cruise ship Berths what meaningful and significant infrastructure and or facility have we bilt to boodt our toutism appeal.
    While I do agree with your assessment of the current administration you have committed yourself to deliberate elimination of pertinent facts that will render your very well written article as blatantly bias

  11. Nice
    September 12, 2013

    Dennis,if Government wasn’t helping you would have more to say.Even America and England give hand out to its people.Stop your political biasness.What are you revenging about?

  12. Really!
    September 12, 2013

    Only LAZY people that will go and SIT down at red clinic for handouts!! And de Prime Minister more upholding. Instead he CREATE jobs for the UNEMPLOYED, he is teaching them HOW to be LAZY by giving them handouts!!!


    • Nice
      September 12, 2013

      When your family goes to the states they do the same, why ain’t you talking about that.

    • Irma Francois
      September 12, 2013

      sure you did not visit him we like to talk about what he is not doing talk to the parents of children who have to go to high school and would have to pay bus fare why is it that the well to do are not saying give the money to some needy child and I will pay for my child we are a bunch of ungreatful people no wonder other countries think we are suffering from the sin of envy

  13. suffers from ur time
    September 12, 2013

    Mr Joseph i do not blame you for singing for your supper, the same thing that you accusing the government of doing wrong you has supported it in a different form or even worst,when you basket was overflowing with all kind of goodies you never remember that there is or was or were people living in Dominica, but now the content of the basket has shifted to some one else you started rumbling, and dreaming and blaming everyone else but you and the once gang of one sided rulers who was gathering all the wealth of the nation for them self and previlage few like you.

    • Anonymous
      September 12, 2013

      You playing with d man taste buds!!!!! U know what is taste buds? hehehehehe :mrgreen:

    • Me again
      September 12, 2013

      Why don’t you grow up and face reality?

      Comment on the message and not the messenger, please!

    • Views Expressed
      September 12, 2013

      My God….I have never read such nonsense in my life. Is that your defence for abuse, corruption and poor management of government`s funds..?????? You have to teach these people to fish NOT feed them fish.
      You must be Suffering from ur time

  14. grell
    September 12, 2013

    Great piece again Mr.Joseph,if only our poor people suffering would read,take a look @ a vibrant village of st.joe,what has he offered them.0+0=0 yet they still support him,and they continue to beg.,q95 will survive and the skerrit regime will come to an end.look at the joker ministers he has that are afraid to speak out.blackmore and kelvar just a poor soul working for a dollar.shame on you people continue your suffering.

    • Irma Francois
      September 12, 2013

      He must be doing something talk to the elderly where was the other govt when they were suffering this did not just happen during his time in office this has been going on for a long long time, also some of you people he has built houses for your mothers ask maynard where he stayed when he was homeless in the house that labour built shame on him he could not even put a roof over his parents head first take the log out of your eyes befor you take the needle out of mine miles away

  15. Roy Patat
    September 12, 2013

    It is obvious your disdain for the former freedom party leader, Ms. Charles. She had called some people recycled and they took offense big time.

    Ms. Charles legacy was getting the whole of Dominica electrified , having for Dominica the best primary health care in the world; the first digital telephone exchange in the world, Cable Television in Dominica , a road narrowing project; nationalizing of Dominica Electricity Services while UWPeee sold it to foreigners at less than its market value. Eddo was a smart man ; best it was Lennox that had make those mistakes between 1995 to 2000 for he was a novice then and is still a novice now!!!! That learning curve is way to long for Lennox to step in Skerrit Shoes.

  16. winston warrington
    September 12, 2013

    This article represents political demagoguery in its most egregious form. Are we grasping at straws because we have failed as a nation? Please do not distort the facts of history. Le Blanc was driven out of town – why? Edison James was lagonised by Nabes without relent – why? It is time to enquire into the state of our consciousness. The problem (fault) lies with the people and not the politicians.

  17. PRO
    September 12, 2013

    With such intelligence the political arena is open and Skeritt is going to call early elections the UWP must get their act together and don’t let themselves be caught of guard. When I first voted elections was called every 5 years between September and November we look forward to campaigning and getting heated up go back to the 5 years and not 4 and a half years.

  18. Glo Chaud
    September 12, 2013

    Denis-o yo Kay pwisone’w(they will imprison you) So much truth; Try as I may to not make a reference to the biblical coming of Jesus it seems I am pushed toward that type of thinking by my conscience. But the emergence of Linton into the political arena is comparable to the coming of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords simply because it will be revolutionary. It is a cleansing that is needed at this time and may determine whether we descend into hell or rise to the occasion and eventual change minds and hearts from a spirit of poverty and slavery. Well said Denis and readers the message is what is important not the messenger don’t crucify him. Amen

    • Anonymous
      September 12, 2013

      Ok, so labourites were treating Skerritt like a god so UWP supporters were jealous and wanted a god of their own. Let me tell you,there is no comparism. Linton will never be the leader nor will he ever achieve what Skerritt has achieved. The ignorant ones do not know better so they will be fooled by the likes of Linton and co.but they will never miss the water till the well runs dry.

  19. Helas!
    September 12, 2013

    You saying that my PM is afraid to debate Lenox?
    Well you are wrong , I am sure He will debate Lenox.
    Although I am afraid my PM will lose

  20. Wow
    September 12, 2013

    I like this article. I too am tired of the maypwi and roro. I welcome a chance to hear intelligent debate between all candidates.

  21. I DIE NU
    September 12, 2013

    Dennis,if Government wasn’t helping you would have more to say.Even America and England give hand out to its people.Stop your political biasness.What are you revenging about?

    • Views Expressed
      September 12, 2013

      I Die NU…wake up from the dead……have you lived and worked in the UK and USA and Canada to see how the system of assistance to poor and vulnerable work?
      The Prime Ministers and President of these countries are NOT involved . There is a structured and professional system in place managed and assessed by professionals.
      Dennis Joseph`s assessment and analyse of the situation is spot on. Let’s congratulate him.

    • Yes
      September 12, 2013

      I wish sometimes people would just read. He isn’t saying that countries don’t give hand outs but merely stating that there is a process. read the article again

      • Everybody Peeping
        September 12, 2013

        I never knew monkeys does read. monkeys does read nuh? 8-O

  22. PetProjects
    September 12, 2013

    Brilliant piece!! 100 thumps up

  23. Tropic
    September 12, 2013

    Mr Joseph

    This is one of your weaker contributions. Elections are not decided by hubris. They are decided unfortunately by a people who have lost all sense of dignity.

    The country is corrupt. You all keep on focussing on Skerrit when even in this current climate Skerrit is still more popular than Linton.

    WHat has to be examined is how the population has become so amoral. Most Dominicans have little or no credibility in pointing fingers at politicians.

    they reflect the population more accurately than you seem to think.

    the question is, why does anyone think a Linton government will be any different, when it is the same flawed population we are working with.

    I despair of the choices we have because its not really a choice. We are going to be stuck with another round of fatten the other calf.

    Deal with the reality and truth, and not what you prefer to see.

  24. Runawayslave
    September 12, 2013

    That’s an eye opener.

  25. Juan Pablo
    September 12, 2013

    Dennis has reduced himself to a UWP and a Dick Chenney admirer

    • Views Expressed
      September 12, 2013

      Nonsense Juan .,,,Comprende????

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