Sex can always wait

So many young  people after leaving high school are too fast to start their family.

Some believe that by having a family at an early age is the best way, but it’s not.

After secondary school please try to go to college or if not try to get a job and save for  your future.

There are some who will try to mislead you into thinking that a high school education is enough, but don’t settle for that if you can get a higher  education.

Starting a family is  a choice. Too many times we have seen young boys and girls having to drop out of school because they made the wrong decision. Education today is  a must; without  it there is not much we can achieve in this life. There are some that will tell you how pretty and fine you look. No one should know that better than you and your parents. (tell them you know). If your friends try to influence  you into any thing you don’t  want to do, they’re not friends worth having.

There are too many young boys and girls who are parents and they are  kids themselves without an education. Sex can always wait, there is no rush to give away your virginity to someone that might not marry you., so I am appealing to all young boys and girls to try your best to stay in school to get an education before thinking of starting  a family.

May God keep blessing and guiding the young  people of Dominica always.

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  1. November 25, 2013

    Nobody saying “sex is sinful”.

    Marriage was God’s idea. HE gve us the pattern for marriage in Matthew 19:4-6. The only true and valid marriage is the union of one man and one woman to the excusion of all others for as long as they both shall live. This union is initiated (or begins) when the man and woman make a mutual commitment to each other in the presence of witnesses. The ceremony itself can take different forms but it most societies today it involves the public exchanging of vows.

    Sex in marriage between a husband and his is an honorable thing. It is God’s provision for (a)reproduction and the continuity of the human race, and (b) also for the enrichment of the marriage as it binds the couple closer together in a more intimate relationship.

    Sex outside marriage beteen a man and woman who are not married to each other is a sin. If they are both single it is called “fornication”. If one is married to somebody else it is “adultery.
    Fornication and adultery is forbidden in 1 Corinthians 6:9,10, Galatians 5:19-21, Ephesians 3-5, and Jude vs. 7.

    These – the moral laws of God – should be taught by parents at home, by teachers and counselors at school, and at church by pastors and youth leaders.

    As Christians we have no problem with sex education in the schools if it is based on the Holy Scriptures. We have everything we need to know in the New Testament when it come to love, sex, and marriage. Our Scriptures also cover the sexual problems of this 21 century: pre-marital sex, extra-marital sex, and homosexuality.

    Many pastors are trained in counseling. Our counseling is based on

    • November 25, 2013

      Rev. Donald Hill (Continued…

      Our counseling is based on the Biblical principles for human relationships that have worked for over 2,000 years and have produced lasting marriages and strong families. My wife and I have just celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary. Those who have known us for over half a century know our own lives and marriage are built upon what we teach others.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Pentecostal Evangelist.

  2. Muslim_Always
    July 22, 2010

    In the name of God, Most Gracious , Most Merciful

    This article makes no sense at all. Having a family at a young age should not hinder someone from achieving in life. We agree that it’s an added responsibility however, that’s what life is about. Having children is not a crime, within the boundaries of marriage of course.

    Sex is too taboo in this society. Many of these so called ‘church leaders’ are committing adultery right before our very eyes. Too much hypocrisy in this country. Our youth should practice temporary marriage whilst they are going to school or amongst the adults who are thinking seriously about settling down. When man and woman meet, it naturally ends up in sex anyway because the chemistry between them is strong. Do temporary marriage, meet, talk inquire, do temporary marriage whether it’s for 6 months, 1 yr etc the couple want to know each other, the couple can extend the temporary marriage or go their separate ways after the time period. This solves two problems: 1. Removal of guilt from fornication 2. It brings more stability within the relationship.

    • November 25, 2013

      At the beginning God ordained the only Divinely approved model for marriage. This was confirmed by Jesus Christ in Matthew 19:4-6, and is New Testament standard for the Christian Church throughout this age.

      Polygamy was not God’s plan nor was it approved by God. The Bible records that many of the Hebrew people and their prophets practiced polygamy in Old Testament times just as it records their other failures. It did NOT work well and was gradually phased out among the Hebrew people. By the time of Christ it was no longer practiced, and was not accepted in the Nerw Testament church.

      Trial marriages are not marriage in the sight of God because they do not meet the New Testament critera for marriage – that which was given in the beginning by God – and confirmed by Jesus Christ. Christianity protects the honor and well being of women. It does not allow a man to try a woman out and then cast her aside if she doesn’t please him. Trial marriage is licensed fornication. It is forniction because regardless of the words that are said or repeated at the ceremony it initiates an open relationship that does not have the element of commitment! It may be acceptable in some heathen religions. It is not part of Christianity!

      Oh, one more thing. When King David said “in sin did my mother conceive me” he was not implying that there was anything sinful about the physical act of sex between his parents. As far as we know they were husband and wife. David was saying that his mother was a sinner even at the moment she conceived him. What he actually meant was that he was a sinner all his life, even from the very moment of his conception.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donld Hill. Pentecostal Evangelist.

  3. Muslim_Always
    July 22, 2010

    @elizabeth xavier: I’m sorry Elizabeth, that is a blasphemous lie against the noble messenger of God, King David. None of the prophets committed sins. They were under divine protection. God never taught that about the prophet but the wicked scribes and pharisees made up these tales about the prophets may God’s peace be with them and their families.

  4. Gary
    July 19, 2010

    Why is it we always think that getting an “education,” academic wise is going to guarantee success for our young men and women, I’m not saying that academics is not important. it is, but by focusing and preparing our young men and women to learn a vocation to make a living, I think they’re being short changed, The word “education” is something we just take lightly and do not comprehend it ‘s true meaning and one of them is to be able to “THINK”

    What about having sex education being taught in High School making it part of the curriculum. Young men and women need to receive all the information they need, the more information they receive the better they’re informed and so they can make a better decision. The subject of sex has always been a “:taboo,” we need to get beyond this, not being hypocritical dropping sex before the word education. The question I would like to pose to Pastor Rawls. Would you be in favor of having sex education taught in Schools? The religious Institutions has always been opposed to sex education in schools. It is a problem we should not just shy away from, and think that religion beliefs are the solution.

  5. Awajay
    July 19, 2010

    I agree that individuals unprepared to raise a family should wait. However, this article sounds very discouraging in regards to reproduction. I think it should be duly noted that Dominica is grossly underpopulated. In my opinion, less young people are having children these days. I look at the older generation who had anywhere between 4 – 6 kids per family. Hardly any of my friends have kids, and we’re near 30.

    We need to understand that having a family does not equate to not being able to further one’s education. I’m one semester away from graduating with my Masters. Getting married and having my son did not hinder me…made it more challenging, but the reward is all the better. Would not have done it differently if I had to do it again.

  6. Mouche miel
    July 18, 2010

    Tell a hard d*** & a ready v***** : “Sex can wait” Lol!
    Which planet are you guys on?

  7. July 18, 2010

    that true

  8. Raza
    July 18, 2010

    Dominica doh have enough people to support economic growth, u know economies of scale and ting. Make more children self, with the smartest man you can find so the country will have a jai smart children to bring the country forward in the next generation.

  9. July 18, 2010

    Sex is natural.
    Sex is good.
    Not everybody done it.
    But everybody should.

    • November 25, 2013

      You are a brick short of a load.

      What I mean is you don’t quite have everything it takes to think an issue through and arrive at a logical conclusion.

      Sex is like a load of dark rich top soil. In your garden the soil is BEAUTIFUL! On the front room floor of your home it is DIRT! In marriage sex is beautiful. Outside of marriage it is dirt.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Pentecostal Evangelist.

  10. Leslie
    July 18, 2010

    great article!!! I support the writer 100%!!! Is like virginity going out of style these days!!! WAIT PEOPLE!!! I have never heard someone died due to lack of sex!!! So what is the rush?? a few minutes of pleasure and leave you with a life time of consequences!!!

  11. Leslie
    July 18, 2010

    @trueghoss: actually sex outside the bounds of marriage is a sin!!!!

  12. Sout Man
    July 17, 2010

    @ Elizabeth Xavier:
    From a religious stand point, your arguments are also very confusing instead of being enlightening. Jesus said that ALL have sinned and come short of the glory. That includes David’s mother and father.That’s why David was conceived in sin like your children, my children and everyone else’s children. It’s not because of sex. You are obviously embarrassed by the word sex.

    How can you equate marital sexual relation with lust? God created male and female of every kind and we are to multiply until the human race is like grains of sand on the seashore. The human anatomy is a beautiful work of art by a Master Creator. It was designed for loving sexual relationship/intercourse. How dare you criticize God’s plan? How else can we multiply, if not by sexual intercourse? I am not going to attack your religion, but please, do not read your Bible upside down.

  13. trueghoss
    July 17, 2010

    @elizabeth xavier:
    Sin is disobeying God. God said be fruitful and multiply. You need to have sex to reproduce. So how is sex a sin? So you need to sin to obey God? Contradictions abound.

  14. Alex Ramirez
    July 17, 2010

    Gary,You’ve a voice of reason. One of the best brief to the point responses, I have seen on DNO.I could not have put it better.
    On a slightly different note: Seeing your logical ,unbiased presentation on such a sensitive issue..
    I would love to have your take on our political broff,Gov’t & its alleged atrocities, the opposition, the influx of all species,colonies, the D/can state of mind etc. It would be nice hearing from you in your brief, to the point kind of dispensation.

  15. Danno
    July 17, 2010

    very true what your saying… thats what am trying to do now… go collage and work for the future…. sex is not alll.. a family can come after… i mean am not telling the young people what to do… am young like them.. but take it easy… Family can come after your education and your positive goals in life!! i learned that from a very old friend

  16. Gary
    July 16, 2010

    @elizabeth xavier:

    @ To elizabeth Xavier, What you have written is based on you’re religious belief’s and morals, that is fine, you’re entitle to express your opinion, but making the statement quote “The human mind is a closed mind to Life.” I will tell you, it is not the mind of man that is closed to life, it is the harboring of religious beliefs, it dumbs people, it is one of the biggest obstacle to human development and progress, God the creator gave us a mind to use it is a wonderful instrument and most of us do not use it at all, we go from the cradle to the grave knowing nothing of ourselves. Just look at the definition you gave of love.

    The other statement quote “This means that a human being remains in a death condition and until his/her soul becomes awakened–to light up–by faith and the revitalization” what nonsense is this, religious gibberish again,.It is time we as humans break away from the limited thinking that religion has placed upon us, get out of that box Let us remember religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.

  17. Steven b
    July 16, 2010

    thats so true.. i strongly second that . i wish alot of people could take it in a make proper use of it. if these words are put into action, no doubt! Dominica will move to the next level.

  18. doggy da massive
    July 16, 2010

    these day’s it’s all about katel come breed me.

  19. OH
    July 16, 2010

    Everbody agree to that piece of wise writing.I agree too..Let’s see if all the responses will be positive.

  20. July 16, 2010

    In most situations of teenage pregnancies, the plan of building a family had nothing to do with it. Teenage boys and girls experience human affection towards each other, and so, they jump to the conclusion that they are in love; then it is time to have sex to prove their love to each other. But that is the beginning of the mistake.

    Those who start up with that mistake go on to pass on the news to their friends; hence the boys want to be like the boys and the girls want to be like the girls–in other words I am not weird because I am doing it too. My girlfriends tried to tell me that I was foolish because they were having sex, and I wasn’t. But they all got pregnant, too young to nurture their children, and no one knew the future of those children.

    Have we examined the History of the young men who go around commiting all sorts of gruesome crime? In Toronto, the majority of them are from single parents. Most often they are troubled young people, seeking for the attention they never received from their parents, since their parents were too young to know their responsibilities as mothers and fathers.

    Society needs to realize that Love and lust are not the same thing. Love is of God alone, a state that exists in Spirit and Truth–the form of Light. The apostle tells us about Jesus Christ: “In Him there was Life and the Life was the Light of men.” This means that a human being remains in a death condition and until his/her soul becomes awakened–to light up–by faith and the revitalization of God’s Holy Spirit.

    Lust is human passion, the different desires awakened through the control of our human senses, processed and produced by the human mind. Sexual relations is one the greatest part of lust, it is sin, for it of the flesh; whether we are married people or not. That is the reason David said: “In sin did my mother conceive me”. The apostle John also taught us that “the lust of they eye and the lust of the flesh is not of the Father, it is of the world.” We have all made the mistake to say that sex is a way of expressing our Love for each other, it is not.

    It is unfortunate that as human beings, we start with what we come with. And since we come living this world, we ignorantly continue to belong to it as we accept the system it presents to us, not knowing the danger of our lifestyle. But God is Love and Love is Life–the Light in Jesus Christ. God wants His people to live, the reason He speaks to many of us.

    It is our responsibility to listen, trust, obey, and pass on the message that God is sending to His people through us. The human mind is a closed mind to Life, which is of Love. God knows that and He is willing to open up that mind to the Spiritual ways of Life. But we must learn how to trust and obey Him.

    The messages comes through His earthly servants. God is Spirit and He needs a physical body through which He can do His work. The person who wrote the article above and those who positively comment are among these servants.

    Young boys and girls, with all that said, I assure you that God is on your side, but you must choose to be on His side. You will not survive if your ways are not of God’s ways. Satan has a way of making you feel as if you are living on cloud nine. He does that because he knows the higher up you feel, the deeper you will plunge. God takes you from the deeper into the higher, as long as you are willing to give Him the glory. And so, keep in mind that sex can wait; and if God has appointed a partner for you, he/she will always be there.

    The thought of being a virgin at age 25 is by no means a shameful thought; it is a thought to be proud of, a thought that can virtuous to your Life ahead. Those whom God has appointed to have children, homes, and families, they are the ones that He will guide unto that path.

  21. SASSY
    July 16, 2010

    amen to that

  22. Just sayin'
    July 16, 2010

    The question they need to ask themselves is after i I have the baby what happens next? You have to provide for the baby with things like food, clothes, doctors appointments. You don’t have a life except to take care of the child. What next? So that is your life? To take care of a child while you are gwajaying to make ends meet always begging people for money? What kind of life is that? Wouldn’t it be better to go to shool, enjoy your youth, experience many things in life, work and save some money and when you and your boyfriend or husband are financiallly secure then you begin to think about having a family. Don’t you want a little house, a car, some money to take a little vacation? If sitting in Dominica living hand to mouth and begging people for help is your idea of a great life then have babies after high school. In fact you don’t even have to finish HS. But if you want a solid life where you can fend for yourself and your family, then wait and pursue your dreams instead. If you must have sex then protect yourself. Condoms and birth control are your friends to protect from pregnancy and STDs.

    July 16, 2010

    AMEN… young people off today need to surround themselves with people who can help them develop mentally, physically and otherwise… too many times we hang around people who settle for less and we think less is good.. less is not good… we need to want more in life we need to strive for more and make a big difference in our lives…having babies can wait, usually they hold you back from a lot in the world.. it is not right to have babies and leave them at their grandparents feet nuhuh… your child is your responsibility and a big one; if you dont take that responsibility then you’re plain “not a good mother” bottom line and as a child yourself you’re not ready to have a baby.. having a baby straight out of highschool “IS NOT OKAY”

  24. True Dat
    July 16, 2010

    Amen to Dat!!!

  25. Love
    July 16, 2010

    I agree with that, i would really like our young persons to take a stand for their selves, no body can do it for you so be conscious about the choices you make in life. Lets build each other up and not break each other down. Lets act in a civilized manner, lets be each others keeper like in the times when our parents grew up. Unity is what God wants lets give it our best shot while we can.

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