LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tuesday’s Confrontation

To the Editor:

A a Dominican citizen with both a Caricom and American passport, I was advised to stay out of town for the gathering on Tuesday, last, so my information is second hand from newspaper articles.  I was pleased to see Lennox Lincoln quoted. He said some important things especially  that the power of the people is greater than the people in power.  I only hope that is also true in my dear beleaguered USA with a President who is Repugnant to me and many I know.

Linton stated that it would be a peaceful demonstration and I do not fault him for the way it got out of hand.  This country is desperately poor with it being near impossible to get ahead and just barely possible to make a living.  I know because my husband Oliver John and I ran a B’n B for several years.  Besides it being a thankless business it was difficult to make any profit and keep our vehicle and our rooms in order with supplies shipped in, insurance and VAT.  There should be a concerted effort to have one thousand people arriving for overnight visits by sea and air.

That being said.  There is no where for the youth of our nation to go, especially the boys and this speaks to the violence and vandalism that occurred Tuesday.  I am a trained psychologist and social worker and I have seen children in the projects in America “born dead.” What that means is no where to go and nothing to do but get caught up in the vicious cycle of drugs, thievery and such.  I have seen it here in Dominica in my own family where access to crack and cocaine starts a spiral downward and a group that becomes parro or teenage whores.  This is the element that I believe began the destruction.

I too am very proud of our police department.  Skerrit cannot take credit for that alone  Their trainers, the head of departments! have created a mostly honorable group of men and women who act on NO Party’s behalf. 

We know Dr. Skerrit and were excited at his ascendance to the highest office as the youngest Prime Minister in the world. Friends in America participated with him in early training of black leadership groups and spoke highly of him.  I know a bit about politics and the words used to sway one side or the other.  The UWP/DFP are not a mob of power hungry monsters.  The words “power hungry” came from Skerrit’s brain, take note.  I do think that power needs to change hands more often than 15 years.  Those in office get too comfortable, find the loopholes and the easiest ways to govern and make things work.

Our “passport” program is anathema around the world, especially with the rise of terrorism, especially with this megalomaniac  President who is now in office just three hours away by air.  This longish tenure has allowed our population to become complacent, used to “same ! old, same old” and allowed the Chinese to own 20 percent of our land.  Make no mistake.  The Chinese are here to own the water–the “gold” of the twenty-first century for their huge population back in China.  We cannot let them make any more inroads.

We need to create jobs and infrastructure for our young so that the creme de la creme want to stay on island, not just for its beauty but because there is a way to survive and thrive.

We must not get distracted by politics and sides. No one is totally right, no one is totally corrupt.  But power corrupts so easily.  As Voltaire said, “let the beggar on foot pull down the beggar on horse back.”  Even then all will stay the same, perhaps with some new motivations and less graft and corruption.

Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy had no need to steal from their people to line their pockets. Perhaps a privately rich woman would be best to run this country where every penny that came into its coffers was turned back to the people for roads, education, farming, building projects, a larger more accessible airport.  We could again be prosperous AND happy here in paradise.

Yours sincerely, Rachel Walker John,
6 Shawfore Estate, POB 923, Roseau


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    February 14, 2017

    Well written article , it was very easy to read, The issues are the real issues facing our Dominica today hope those in power will soon see that , great read

  2. Tj
    February 13, 2017

    A well written letter . Having said that, my paternal grandmother would always say that she does not vote for poor people for P.M. Food for thought?

  3. Not a herd follower
    February 13, 2017

    ”Perhaps a privately rich woman would be best to run this country where every penny that came into its coffers was turned back to the people…”?

    • viewsexpressed
      February 13, 2017

      We trust Hon Linton, his mother is this woman you talk of, she is an extremely, rich, powerful woman with the riches of decency, good motherhood and the result are very children and in this case one of them is Hon Linton from a well disciplined no nonsense woman who nurtured all her children from the womb to maturity and adulthood. That’s the quality, like Mamo, we look for to be Prime Minister of Dominica, to rebuilt our ailing country from this inept Prime, despicable, lying, immature Minister and corrupt Labour government. Hon Linton stands on his own with a great team, offering genuine leadership. Skerrit is dependent on his devious scouts to lecture and prepare his lying scripts. Hon Linton is an academic and independent with a strong UWP Team.
      Skerrit is still politically illiterate and dependent on a Yes, Sir, Yes Sir Team.
      We therefore trust Linton and his UWP Team to reclaim Dominica and show respect for its poor people.

      • zandoli
        February 13, 2017

        You may love your Linton as much as you want, but when, where and how did Linton become an academic?

        Given the track record of Caribbean “leaders”, I don’t trust any one of them with the purse strings of the country. They are all a bunch of thieves.

      • Original Mahaut Man
        February 13, 2017

        you will never see that in your life time.

  4. SD
    February 13, 2017

    I am in full agreement with your article, namely that all is to blame. However you perhaps neglected to mention the people themselves. you say “We need to create jobs and infrastructure for our young so that the creme de la creme want to stay on island, not just for its beauty but because there is a way to survive and thrive” and as a Dominican man living in the UK, I cannot agree more. However, Dominica people want, better road, lighting, water, internet, housing, drainage, etc, etc. But how to pay for it? Our population is the smallest in the region and has not grown for decades.

    The young like myself leave, we send money home monthly, and yet we are also treated like foreigners. The working population is too small and tax is finite, and even then people will not pay for certain services. Government create work schemes, people complain they buying votes. We’re too political without understanding how politics actually work and what it does.

  5. Tell it like it is
    February 13, 2017

    Interesting perspective. But I think you missed out on the motive people have for doing what they do. To date, none of the political parties in Dominica has served the people well. These problems you mentioned have been with us even before independence…. Are you asking that the constitution be changed to limit the time of the serving Prime Minister? The UWP was in power between 1995 and 2000 and did absolutely nothing about constitutional reform… believe me, even if they were to come into power today, they would do nothing. I have no confidence whatsoever in the UWP!

    • viewsexpressed
      February 13, 2017

      You tell it as you see it, I am now telling you as it was and how it will be.
      The Freedom Party Stabilised Dominica, big time and declined after Mamo left due to lack of leadership and forth righteous. They were a decent party, stabilised the country with no mention of corruption, like you hear of this corrupt Labour party.
      The UWP came with much enthusiasm and vigour and ran with it. The Creole Festival and other initiatives they did well, unfortunately they were kicked out after four years, but they were a good bunch of people. This current Labour Party are misfits who ran away from the DFP and UWP because they were and still are lazy to build party. They went into this government with no clue what to do. They are just for self and lack initiative and foresight.
      This rogue Labour government put a young man in short pants plays with marbles knows anything about development. He is a big time failure.
      This current UWP team, strong, honest, focus, well resourced team. I vote UWP…

      • Original Mahaut Man
        February 13, 2017

        Uwp sold the power plant that was owned by Dominica .The former leader killed the banana industry,what else do you want them to kill ?The UWP will never get in power under the leadership of the ignorant Lennox Linton.Keep on dreaming.

  6. Dominican
    February 13, 2017

    I agree with you entirely mrs. John, except your reference to Roosevelt Skerrit as “Dr”. I kept a copy of the Sun of 28 Nov., 2016 which gives the UNESCO definition of honorary doctorates because I found so educational and appropriate. It says “Honorary doctorates awarded by universities on the basis of other considerations and not any research work are not recognised for the purposes of educational attainment”. I could not have put it so scientifically but I think the message is clear. The article in the newspaper also says that it is not customary for recipients of an honorary doctorate to adopt the prefix Dr. in this manner

  7. time has told
    February 13, 2017

    Boooy Mrs. John your third paragraph gave me shivers. I have been saying this for some time now. Yes it is good to uplift women and empower them, but our young boys have been forgotten. In most post secondary education institutions here the majority of students are women/girls. Our young men aspire towards a handful of cash in a sac poche, a bike/car and a gold chain that flies in the wind. The vieux negre starter pack as many call it. They have no manners, no respect, no decorum, no sense of self, no will to work on themselves unless someone paying them for it, and even them it might be too burdensome. Many young men decide to rely on their girlfriend so they will pay for their schooling so they can get the good job. But what happens when she gets the good job and meets someone else? you remain under educated, under experienced and and under accomplished. Society needs to focus on our young boys as we are supporting the gang and violence culture we claim to not want in Dominica.

    • Tjebe fort
      February 13, 2017

      But bro., I see that same pattern in the so called developed countries with our people. That has my brain vexed all my life. Why is that so, are we cursed? For once I would like to hear a logical explanation, without emotions and excuses. We have to do something more positive for our young people especially.

  8. viewsexpressed
    February 13, 2017

    ……..government and now got themselves engaged in a scheme I guess they themselves are too deep in now to know how to get out of it. They have been running this country as their own personal business.
    Thy have killed the county, compromised and abuse the village councils. Our village are dead, no more agriculture and ne man just says, here is money go undertake this tasks and his immature ministers are siting there unable to say or do anything. they have become moo moo in their own ministries, scared of “Scare it”.

  9. viewsexpressed
    February 13, 2017

    “Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy had no need to steal from their people to line their pockets. Perhaps a privately rich woman would be best to run this country where every penny that came into its coffers was turned back to the people for roads, education, farming, building projects, a larger more accessible airport.  We could again be prosperous AND happy here in paradise.”.. Yes, so true with right government.
    Mamo and the Freedom party ran a clean government and we the people trusted her and her Freedom government. So, like Franklyn Roosevelt and J.F Kennedy, Mamo falls in the sae esteem house of good governance. Roosevelt Skerrit has failed and thy are dangerous. Hon Linton, the UWP are in this camp of good governance. We await their entry in becoming the government of Dominica, soon
    Thanks Rachel, our sentiments. Please be advised that Skerrit and his corrupt gang are too far gone and too much is at stake. These guys appears to run a political corrupt campaign and…

  10. Zandoli
    February 13, 2017

    Well said Rachel. Very balanced observation.

  11. J.John-Charles
    February 13, 2017

    The power of the people is greater than the people in power
    Rachel Walker John,The power of the people is indeed greater than the power of the sore losers.The electorates listened to what Mrs Clinton was offering and likewise listened to Trump and 31 states out of 50 gave him the 270 electoral college votes and made him the president of The United States and believing he will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.So keep on calling him repugnant and megalomaniac.He is the peoples choice.And the democrats who are sore losers, who are going about demonstrating every day and destroying properties,tell them election is over. Let Trump do what he promised the voters.
    I mentioned 31 states,less someone respond by saying Hilary got more votes than him,you must also Remember Bill Clinton won twice and did not win 50% of the votes.


  12. Eidolon
    February 13, 2017

    Please don’t call him Dr. Skerrit. The title is an honorary and should not be used as a real one. It’s PhD hon. Calling him Dr. is an affront to the people who studied hard to get their PhD.

  13. Lulu
    February 12, 2017

    I cosign everything you say especially the part about a rich woman running the country. Under Dame Eugenia Charles Dominica was held in the highest esteem the world over. It’s only the misogyny and patriarchal system that was so ingrained in our psyche, some of us refused to appreciate her efforts.

    That oversensitive man-child that running the country now is our biggest shame and disgrace.

  14. Me One
    February 12, 2017

    You are entitled to your opinion. Much respect. Those who are taking about the youths what are their contributions toward the betterment of the youths, they care so much about? Instead of being role models to these kids they are exploiting them. Tell us about those who were arrested? The old saying goes, give a hungry man a fish he will eat for a day, but give him a fish hook ……

  15. %
    February 12, 2017

    I believe this present DLP is too distracted by the failures of Skerrit,and has virtually lost its ability to govern a country which has long been “THE LEAST OF THE APOSTLES”in the Caribbean and arguably, the Commonwealth..I think that the people should continue to call vociferously for Skerrits resignation..His association with the NGLapseng and Monfareds of this world has brought shame and disgrace to Dominica,and has the country being looked at as a pariah state..Shame on Skerrit,the man who said that the law or constitution cannot stop him…The people cannot and will not stop asking for him to resign,because HE HAS BEEN A TOTAL FAILURE!!! I sense a long period of stagnation,if his cabinet colleagues cannot call upon him to do the honourable thing..I am calling upon these ministers to, ONE by ONE demand Skerrits resignation.Upon his refusal,they should submit theirs,for the sake of Dominica…We deserve better leadership than what we presently have,WHICH IS NO LEADERSHIP AT…

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