2020-2021 National Budget not working for Dominica – Opposition Leader Linton

Opposition leader, Lennox Linton, delivering his response to the 2020-2021 National Budget on Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Opposition Leader Lennox Linton said the 2020-2021 National Budget presented by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit on Tuesday is not working for Dominica.

He made this statement on Wednesday during his response to the Prime Minister’s budget presentation.

The Prime Minister presented a budget of over $900 million to Parliament.

“Mr. Speaker, this budget couldn’t care less that the struggle to survive in Dominica is getting harder and harder; this budget couldn’t care less of the growing number of Dominicans strapped in poverty and dependency; this budget couldn’t care less about the chronic youth unemployment crisis we have in this country, this budget couldn’t care less about low wages, rising cost of living,” Linton lamented. “It is not even working for our rich in Dominica, the poor, the unemployed, the youth, the elderly, the leaders of church. It is not working for Dominica.”

According to the opposition leader, meaning and purpose needs to be restored in all the institutions of state including the judiciary, local governments, the civil service, the Dominica Police Force, statutory corporations, the integrity commission, and the electoral commission.

“We need to build a new economic framework driven by the private, public, cooperative and civil society sectors for the development of the growth engines of agriculture, water, tourism, renewable energy, manufacturing, construction, information, communication, technology and culture,” Linton noted.

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  1. Lin Clown
    August 1, 2020

    In the 2019 election Linton lost 53 votes compared to 2014 Lugay lost 132 .Next election both these guys are gone.These do not know what is going on in the country.In 1995 when UWP won the election Dominica’s population was about 71,000 in 2000 it was about 74,000.In 2020 LENNOX LINTON told Dominicans the population was 60,000.Between 1995 and 2000 there was no NEP(3,400 workers).There was no Yes We Care(243 workers).There was no Clear Harbour(834 workers).The $300 for 70yrs and over was not in existence(2,700 people).About 3,000 students enrolled at college.Yet Linton and UWP say Dominicans are getting poorer everyday.Not forgetting the thousands of FREE houses and FREE medicals.WICKED THEY WICKED.Not one public servant has been sent home by the Government.It was UWP who introduced the $5 HOSPITAL USER FEE,then moved it up to $20.Remember the took …………………from DSS ,the NEVER paid back,with the blessings of LENNOX LINTON,who supported the CORRUPTED UWP since 1988.

  2. Lin Clown
    July 31, 2020

    Francisco,it was Lennox who said $1.2 billion is unaccounted for,because like you he does not understand the CBI.Skerrit has always said there is no missing $1.2 billion.Prove to genuine people $1.2 billion is unaccounted for.3,961×50,000 is surely NOT.1.2 billion as Linton told you,unless it isis youthe and Linton NEW MATHS.You are too old to be making a JACKA of yourself.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      August 1, 2020

      If Lennox said the wrong thing, which he did not; Roosevelt Skerrit admitted that $1.2 billion is missing, and you cannot change that.
      You can spin, as much as you like but if there is Minuit of the Parliament is kept go and read Roosevelt Skerrit answer Lennox; “when I get the records”Boy you all too thief!

      The master thief, is robbing and fleecing the country, he is more than a billionaire and all you can do is defend him; how much of that money he has given to you?

      ADMIN: The Prime Minister stated that if the funds from the “housing option” of the CBI program had been included in the budget estimates it would be approximately 2.2 billion instead of 1 billion: https://dominicanewsonline.com/news/homepage/news/skerrit-promises-report-on-cbi-funds-linton-calls-for-forensic-investigation/

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        August 3, 2020

        So Mr. Yellow nose Lin Clown, you read DNO verification, that Roosevelt admitted that more than a billion dollars is somewhere unaccounted for.

        Why are you trying to spin it as if I am lying; or Lennox has lied; but you do not have any to say about the conduct of the master crook; the corrupted Dominica Ali Baba!

        If is one thing I like about DNO they indulge in the truth: and report it as it blows out of the houses mouth.

        So, whereas I mentioned a minuet recording from the parliament which may not exists, DNO have them pegged they have their archive, they have  the truth recorded.

        No denying Mr. Clown; you can’t spin this oui!

  3. Don Bradman
    July 31, 2020

    Mr. John, Did you listen to that DRUNK episode about the “fishers” and ‘YELLOW TALE TUNA (TON) from Ian Douglas? My Goodness….!!! I played it to my co-workers this morning, made their day, went viral!!

  4. time
    July 30, 2020

    DNO is that it? Is this your comprehensive report on the response to the budget by the OL?

  5. Ibo France
    July 30, 2020

    @Joseph John
    Your comments reflect that you are a simpleton..One can look at a plan and from its contents and the person’s knowledge and experience about the subject matter, that should inform his opinion, prediction or judgment.
    Skerrit, Austrie, Ian Douglas et alia, with ignoramuses like you (Joseph John), think that Dominica is an intellectual desert, so they most assertively spew their ridiculous propagandistic garbage knowing that people like you will swallow it wholesale.
    Skerrit and his twenty (20) filthy mouth disciples every night laugh themselves to sleep. Just before they fall asleep they say, “Thank you Lord for fools, without them we could not be in government.”

  6. The Truth Be Told
    July 30, 2020

    Finally, a debt forgiven is not money given. I have said so in many other forums. But you will use this so those who do not understand will think that money was given and someone used. You know well that when a debt is forgiven means you do not have to pay the monthly instalments any more. It is written off as being owed. For example if you took a loan of 10,000.00 from the Credit Union, on the book shows Your name owing that money. If they call you & say to u we are forgiving your debt, do you want them to give you another $10,000.00? No, they won’t. What will happen, they will absorb the amount into an internal expense Under your name, they will put an entry that says you paid but in their books, it will show somewhere as an expense (probably bad debts?). So sir understand accounting things before you just talk and talk without being relevant and looking at history lessons. Look at the times – COVID – that changed everything. Hurricanes that change things too – more homes etc.

    • Batibou River
      August 1, 2020

      …and jet again to try and spin. Your explanation is utter nonsense and shows that you haven’t got a clue. You can call is debt you can call it present or you can call it cow f..t, the fact remains that the government was supposed to repay it! Are you still with me simpleton? Now what I and others want to know what that money, service or commodity was used for? If it was oil, that has a value. So where is the proceeds for the sale of that oil or are you trying to tell us that it is still in the storage tanks in Jimmit. Listen man, the only person you fool with your nonsense is yourself. YOU and for that matter your Politik master can’t fool me! For that reason I ask again, where is the missing CBI money and PetroCaribe proceeds???

  7. The Truth Be Told
    July 30, 2020

    cont’d.. that this year. Instead of doing this – remember situations are different. There are many factors that are taken into account when doing budgeting. Please do not try to go that way. You need to understand the subject matter at hand. A budget is an estimate & not the actual expenditure. Also do not just oppose for opposing sake. When it good say it good. This will draw men to you. Stop actually not liking the other side to make things difficult. Actually you should work hand in hand. To say that the budget is not good; you should be saying use it that way not bringing up history. Relevance again. History is to learn so perhaps the allocation of the previous years was too much (positive variance) so in all wisdom, the amount allocated is reduced to add to some area that was under-allocated. Now sir remember it has COVID with new challenges. So a reduction there & there to allocate over there. Understand this. Stop your presentation comparing years. Understand…

  8. The Truth Be Told
    July 30, 2020

    One day Mr. Linton you will understand that you will not use the house to spread untruths so your supporters will not think that once it is said in the house it is true. Stop using the means that you cannot be sued in the House of Assembly to continue your foolish strategy. The speaker has to do his work – Ask you to withdraw. Now I understand why you want a speaker you can manipulate so the immunity would be used to spread more stories with no facts. I said that they should put Honourable Danny out of the house. When I become the speaker I know what tactics u guys use (laugh out Loud). No please Francisco and Ibo and all the others try to get to my neck. Hope you noticed who is indisciplined and malkasay? Those tactics won’t work. The UWP has to strategize differently. Same story, same mistakes over and over again. I would definitely put the Honourable Lugay out of the house. And Sir with all due respect – looking at figures and comparing it was that this year and this

    July 30, 2020

    We need to do this and we need to do that but you are not in charge, you can make a suggestion and recommendation and follow it through. Dont’ follow the malicious gossips you read on line. Got it.

  10. Bob
    July 30, 2020

    He didn’t lie though.

  11. Ibo France
    July 30, 2020

    Mr. Linton is quite accurate with his statements about the 2020 – 2021national budget. More and more citizens are sliding below the poverty line instead of migrating above in large numbers. While Skerrit and his entourage remain at the top of the food chain, the bottom of the economic & social pyramid is ballooning with desperately poor citizens.
    This living standards of 99% of Dominicans are worsening as cost of living is constantly rising and has long outpaced the decades old stagnant salaries and wages.
    The national budget is just an useless exercise to create taking points for a regime of crooks, thieves and gluttons in charged of the country’s very limited resources. It also creates an opportunity for the Speaker to please an audience of one man, and for the PM’s lapdogs to exercise their vocal cords by aimlessly barking and ranting.

  12. Joseph John
    July 30, 2020

    I am a bit confused. DNO can you throw some light on this matter. Linton said that the budget “is not working for Dominica.” The budget is in debate stage. It has not been passed by Parliament but Linton says, “It is not working.”
    Well as Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee and the Parliamentary Opposition leader does he have amendments or alternatives to offer ?
    There are 12 months for implementation but he can see in the future that it is not working. Wow!

    • July 30, 2020

      @Joseph John, this is a good observation. What does Linton mean by this “budget is not working” it has just been presented at the table? It is another negative prophecy coming from him; hasn’t he learned from his past bogus insights?

      The other thing is that his reasons are the same from since the stone ages–the same LOUD EXARGERATIONS, such as “Dominicans strapped in poverty and dependency”, “chronic youth unemployment crisis”, “low wages, rising cost of living,”–all over the World people are crying about low wages and rising cost of living, no government can overcome that problem if the people won’t try to compromise.

      This message has nothing about lament; it is a broken record that Lennox keeps playing to the minds of the young people; no wonder they are in that negative and dark state, with no respect for those in authority. With that kind of influence, no one can think positively, and without positive thinking, who can prosper?

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        July 31, 2020

        Elizabeth, you are one person who needs to simply shut your mouth!

        You don’t even understand what’s going on; you buzz around supporting every thing some people speak; that makes absolutely no sense.
        John arguments are warped!

        He does not even understand what Lennox is talking about when he said the national budget is not working.

        If he said it is inadequate you both putting your heads together to understand the English language would still remain dumbfounded! 

         Tell you what go and asks Mrs. Eugenia Charles to explain it to you.

        I am rubbing this in your face, to remind you that the more people like you talk nonsense the more people get to realize how ridiculous and simple minded you are.

        Don’t actually know fart!

        • August 1, 2020

          And what do you think you are contributing to the audience by writing all of that stupid fiction about me. And that is all you can do because you are the one who is without wisdom and understanding.

          Joseph knows very well what he said and so do I. If you should write anything that is sensible I would back you up also–but that won’t happen before pigs grow teeth.

          You are the one who needs to shut up and go back to your region of the Black Lagoon and stay there with you other ugly frogs. Will you please do that?

          • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
            August 3, 2020

            “I would back you up also–but that won’t happen before pigs grow teeth.”(Elizabeth).

            You see, I caught you again, you are caught into ‘your very own don’t know;’ you see the metaphor is not “before pigs grow teeth.”

            As far as  I heard when I was a little boy walking without pants and without shoe on my feet, the metaphor states; “until pigs grow wings.”

            Meaning a pig can never fly!

            With all your smarts Elizabeth, you mean to tell me you don’t know pigs have teeth?

            So let me teach you to respect me; here is a lesson in biology!

            Learn this:

            Some species of pig, such as wild pigs, have tusks and large front teeth that the pig uses for defending itself and for digging roots out of the ground.

            Young small pigs have 28 teeth which fall out when the piglet is around 12 months old and are replaced with the stronger 44 teeth that adult pigs have.

            Hope you learn something.

            Like or Dislike: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0
      • Joseph John
        July 31, 2020

        Liz, Linton does not present facts and data so all he says is
        “in my opinion.”
        Because he thinks his opinion with no research support is all that matters.
        He has six years experience as Parliamentary Opposition and Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee but is yet to understand his role/duty. He does not understand Parliamentary procedure and his performance is dismal.
        Just observe the outstanding performance/presentation of the new members in the House with only seven (7) months experience doing their first budget performance compare them to Linton street talk. He claims unemployment prevail in Dominica so who is building all those roads, bridges, houses, apartments, health centers, hospitals, hotels and fishery infrastructures. He can see in the future but he cannot see what he can touch. As usual he is seeing with his first grade eyes shut.
        The Speaker first budget and second House meeting, all A’s.
        Liz, have you heard of Simbot. Linton is the new…

        • Joseph John
          August 1, 2020

          Simbot was the maintainance guy at the old St Mary’s Academy in Vigin Lane (Solo has him in a calypso ) The man was self educated and loved big words. He sent a lot of the students to the dictionary . These words existed but always used out of contest. His favourite word was “bombastic” He was never in context.

        • August 1, 2020

          Joseph, still for all his speaking of the future is the same as the false prophets of old, who used to tell the people the things they wanted to hear. They used to do for money. But God knew what they were doing and so He rebuked their work by telling the people “I did not send them”!

          I am sure that the one who sent them is the same one who has sent Linton and his team including that fictitious writer and senseless, pompous debater. His name is Francisco Telemaque.

      • Joseph John
        August 1, 2020

        Liz some people will try to stigmatize you as uneducated. Ignore them. Make a note of their names and do not read their comments any more. That way they will never annoy you again. Giving them your attention is a waste of time. So let them blow their empty horns until they burst. These do not know what a positive contribution is. Those same people think Skerrit is not educated. I believed them till I met two people who went to university with him and graduated at the same time. One of them was not in favour of the Dr Dr.
        Those people who behave like enemy of state want to degrade his double doctorate. If you have a hint of the culture of India you realize that the Dr Dr is highly respected in the largest democracy in the world with 1.5 billion people. If you know anything about the culture of Catholic universities same deal, high respect. I learnt that an Honorary Doctorate has the same value as an academic one/two. If a college is not accredited it may not issue any.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      July 30, 2020

      Joseph, you definitely lack intelligence you know!Yours is an overstatement; it is an exaggeration, of the fact;  your argument is that the comments made by Lennox is not appropriate: because according to you the budget is not yet past.

      Commonsense should tell you Lennox is debating the Bill; he is debating the ($900, 000) million dollars budget is inadequate; it is not enough to do anything significant to help alleviate  poverty, or help reduce the suffering of the poor.

      Nine hundred million dollars Joseph in every sense of the word is a very small amount of money; perhaps just to pay thirty plus ministers of government, and the people working in the civil service.

      Let me draw this to your attention: $1.2 billion dollars has yet to be accounted for; do you realize nine hundred million dollars is simply one hundred million dollars short of a billion; add to hundred million to that you will discover that some politician is richer than the country.

      Will be back:

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        July 31, 2020

        Whereas I said you do not have any intelligence; just ignore that okay!


        I doh really mean it eh.

        Only two people on this site who does have any intelligence at all; is Elizabeth, and her friend Man Dog!

        Roosevelt Skerrit invaded their head and remove their commonsense, hence; they cannot develop any intelligence.

        Once Roosevelt installed a two brain in their head it was all over; he controls them like puppets on string.

        You know like a Suzy muzzy on a string!

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      July 31, 2020

      You see to some illiterate Dominicans they think that Roosevelt is doing plenty for Dominica; the fact is Dominica is the poorest place in the Western Hemisphere; and let me give you an example of how poor our people are.
      You hear of a budget of nine hundred million dollars: “less than a billion.”
      See the terminal building at Antigua International Airport?
       That terminal building alone more than twenty years ago cost more than nine hundred million dollars!
      Be informed also Gaston Brown is building an International Airport on the sister island of Barbuda; while they are milking the blood of our people to support the failing garbage heap LIAT.
      I must draw to your attention man; Roosevelt keep making a fool out of you all about International Airport; if he was serious, regardless if he has  to borrow the money to build an International Airport, which even that liar; the China man spoke about, that intended borrowed amount should be in the budget!

      Under Roosevelt poverty will…

      • Man bites dogs
        August 1, 2020

        @Francisco, I must give it to you man between Lennox Linton, and you which is better at talking crap to the walls meaning not a single person is listening!

        • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
          August 3, 2020

          Poor you!

          At least I know you are listening; and let me tell you how I know you are listening, at least to me!

          The way I know you are listening, is by reading your mess, and saw where you are picking words written by me, lbo and others trying to write sentences out of our words.

          You can employ as much ghost writer as you wish; you can try to imitate and quote the words I and others wrote, we still know that nobody can graduate kindergarten, and university on the same day!

          Not even you are that good eh!

      July 31, 2020

      Hon Lennox Linton MP, like myself with the belief, is making the assumption based on a trend of yet another “out-of-touch” budget of broken promises, and the causes of poor governmental Budgetary management. This Labour Party government under PM Skerrit’s consistently fails to deliver against promises. For example, more needs to be done to increase the pace of digital transformation within the Dominican meagre workplace. Otherwise we risk falling behind (we’re always behind as a matter of fact) other countries in terms of business output and efficiency.

  13. Maybe
    July 30, 2020

    Dominicans like there misery that’s why they put skerrit back in office

  14. de Observer
    July 30, 2020

    De proof is here. A little rain fell and the “friendless hospital” turned into a basket, the same one you seemed to have hailed as the first wonder in Dominica.
    If you study the history of China’s infrastructure in China, they are almost magical. But when you compere their conduct with what they do outside their country, it is just plain atrocious, and tantamount to criminality.

    And so the Mr. Former UWP member crossed the isle SPEAKER, is now doing to members of his party, what was done to him: for WHAT? BLING, BLING. GOD IS DEAD in Dominica?

    Money is king Dominica and it rule the throne they think. Remember the Men In Black marching in Dominica just before elections, and our people were fearful a VooDoo doll would apparently attack. And guess who was silent::: DE CHURCH. Why, because of the limited Religious Freedom in China.

    Little wonder the hospital is leaking because He is showing that al the church leaders who are on their knees that He is STILL…

  15. Left the mourn
    July 30, 2020

    That’s why I call the Skerrit budget a funeral budget because Skerrit knows he killed Dominica so with his budget he planning the funeral. First time in my 40 years of listening to budget debate we have a budget that offers no hope for Dominica. Left the mourn budget

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