Alix Boyd-Knights given title of Speaker Emeritus

Speaker Emeritus Boyd-Knights (centre, front row) with government parliamentarians

Former Speaker of the House, Alix Boyd-Knights has been designated Speaker Emeritus.

The honour was conferred on the former Speaker at the First Meeting of the First Session of Tenth Parliament on Monday.

The word Emeritus is applied to professions where a retired member may continue to hold a title in an honorary capacity.

In Boyd-Knights case, she served as the House Speaker almost twenty years and was officially replaced by Joseph Issac, former Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Central Constituency.

In her acceptance speech, Boyd-Knights expressed gratitude to all those who supported her during her journey.

“It is so nice to be appreciated and I am very grateful to the honourable prime minister and the members of the government side and all those persons who have met me and told me I will always be Madam Speaker,” she said.

Boyd-Knights said she enjoys teaching and was willing to pass on her knowledge to those interested in learning.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, in making the announcement, said no one can take away or dispute the contributions that Boyd-Knights has made in Dominica.

Skerrit said he has learnt quite a bit from her and believes that it is time that Dominicans recognize people for their public service.

“We benefit from people’s service to the public but we fail to show appreciation for it, especially when these people no longer hold these offices,” he said.

He said history will not record Dominicans as good citizens if persons continue to fail in showing gratitude.

The prime minister said part of his personal success in life came from giving respect to his senior citizens and encouraged young people to follow in his footsteps.

He noted that he and Boyd-Knights shared a mother and son relationship and that he was “very happy to be part of this honouring”.

As far as DNO is aware, this is the first time this honour has been bestowed on any speaker of the house in Dominica.

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  1. Casio
    February 14, 2020

    she do until she make sure her grandson will be the next one after Isaac.

  2. greshman
    February 13, 2020

    You mean Alix that desperate ….no man!

  3. Truth Be Told
    February 12, 2020

    Speaker Emeritus Boyd-Knights, and President Charles Savarin are both political aligned and bias persons who have no sense of impartiality, objectivity and justice! But this is Labour Party for you, keep patting yourselves on the back for being patriotic to your political party and yourselves before country, and this is an undisputed fact by your own utterances! As the Bibles says, “by their actions you shall know them”! Birds of a feather damaging Dominica together! Qui vous fréquentez est qui vous êtes… Sa ou fwekatay cest sa ou yey!

  4. TeteMorne I From
    February 12, 2020

    Forget Alex-Knight, my concern is Issac. Just like Boyd, Issac is bias, unprofessional, and unfair. We ALL know that you belong to the labor party, but, treating the UWP-ites like red headed step children is unfair. I watched the “debate” and wanted to reach in the TV and grab Issac by the throat. Skerrit is suffering form mental illness and all of his henchmen sit by and watch him suffer. What a narcissist!

    He has to remind us of how good and gracious he is/was to his needy followers, Dude, it is your job to not only run the country, but to provide for ALL of its citizens. You peeing on their leg and tell them it’s. I do not understand why Roosevelt and the fat one from Portsmouth ( Austrie) get so pissed when questioned? Is that not what a debate is all about?

    For Austrie and Roosevelt to make fun and poke unfunny jokes at the opposition is piggish. The picked on the senator from the Carib Territory (Sanford) and Master Willy ( Austrie) is just rude. Dude has the…

  5. viewsexpressed
    February 12, 2020

    “Skerrit said he has learnt quite a bit from her and believes that it is time that Dominicans recognize people for their public service.”
    Skerrit has not and will not learn anything of substance and professional as long as he is in parliament and holds this position currently which he has failed the people of Dominica as Prime Minister. Skerrit as leader has run this government as a pappy show wedding not knowing where to turn and how to plot the socio-economic development of our Dominica. Skerrit moves are just pappyshow matters seen and heard on the media who travels naked and returns home empty handed. Skerrit is a failure and he has absolutely nothing to contribute to our ailing Dominica, but it appears he is happy and ok., while our families are reduced to begging and shout out: “We love our fake PM wi – We get money delivered and we que up at the Financial Centre to get money. As one grandma says, “We have no jobs, no bananas and no market to export our produce.

  6. Zammm
    February 11, 2020

    What has this lady done for Dominica, besides fullying her pockets?
    This title means nothing…. Just allow her to go enjoy the big money n her attitude that she is better than other Dominicans.
    Furthermore, this entire picture looks like a comic book… This whole group of fakes n losers…
    Nuff said

  7. Danziger
    February 11, 2020

    You all MALPALENT PAPA leave the man tie ALONE.

    • Toto
      February 13, 2020

      What you mean. The man neck too fat bro!

  8. Madam Speaker
    February 11, 2020

    According to Roosevelt Skerrit, if Dominica was a real country, Alix Boyd Knight would probably be investigated to see if she decides bribe from the bribed or to see if she played any role in the sale and downfall of Dominica. But this is Dominica these days where evil people are rewarded for doing Evil. Remember Skerrit referred to a wanted fugitive from Iran that was hiding in Dominica as a good gentleman from Malaysia, that loved Dominica and wanted to help us. So what you expect. These days we are on a mission to destroy good and promote evil. But even if I don’t like that title bestowed on Alix Boyd Knight, as a born again Christian I suggest that Skerrit should have asked Evangelist Peter R Augustine to bestow this title on madam speaker so she could leave the office with a special anointing.

  9. Original
    February 11, 2020

    With a population of less than 69k, I wonder why do we have such a large government?

  10. Sweet Dominica
    February 11, 2020

    Beautiful photo. Skerrit Family Party. We are looking forward to Dynamic Dominica

    • Dastrong
      February 11, 2020

      @Sweet Dominica You did not get a dynamic Dominica for the past 15years not you expect any different?

    • Toto
      February 11, 2020

      I dont mind as long as we don’t have to pay her again.

      • look joke
        February 12, 2020

        Where u think her pension coming out?

    • Mike
      February 12, 2020

      You still looking forward after 20 long years what are you looking forward to exactly, a cool out, a free house an NEP job because nothing else is happening here in Dominica after 20 year.

  11. jamie
    February 11, 2020

    Lady is pure evil,and this entire cabinet.

    • February 11, 2020

      I can’t believe that 17 people, at this, agree with this comment–this is just deplorable!

      How does someone decide that a person is evil–especially if that person has never had any bad encounter with him or her?

      Here is what PM Skerrit’s acknowledgment about his own self: “The prime minister said part of his personal success in life came from giving respect to his senior citizens and encouraged young people to follow in his footsteps”. That is the way a man of class speaks!

      To a large number of you, “Dominicans”, I am asking, when do you all plan to show some class in yourselves?

      For crying out loud! Fellow Dominicans, stop repeating the ills that you hear from others or that of your own; it is bad for you all’s mind

      This is my “rebuke” against that commentator above–take it or leave it! The thumbs down rating have no effect on me–especially from people like “you”

    • Di Englander
      February 12, 2020

      That lady is quite evil indeed……personal experience!

  12. Shaka zulu
    February 11, 2020

    Seems like position in the Government has now become a family right. Joseph Issac is just holding on until Boyd night grandson inherits his birth right. In the mean time he is groomed. Dominica is skerrit empire. How can a man who took and oath lied when he cross floor all of a sudden is talking about honesty? It takes a parliamentary order to bestow an honor on Boyd yet the plan and development of an international airport and how it needs to br funded does not go through parliament. Our government system is the most inefficient and least prepared for long term development. The empire of the JA Roosvelt skerrit and his Assembly of puppets. A bunch spinless creatures. Dominica is going nowhere anytime soon.

    • D/can to d bone
      February 12, 2020

      Oh yes rolle will soon be speaker and madam speaker like i said is the puppet master. Already issac start is bad pronounciation with his playdid instead of played. Anywayz we all deserve a chance eh. At least he has experience in being speaker of the house.

    • Not A Herd Follower
      February 12, 2020

      Dominica is certainly Skerrit’s playground to play with as he sees fit. No dog bag. it is now largely a cult habituating an island.

  13. Channel 1
    February 11, 2020

    Can DNO’s investigative journalists and/or the Dominica Comment Readers Association Investigative Wing enlighten the public on the following:

    1. Is there another reason – maybe the REAL REASON – for this title being given to the former speaker hidden within all this fancy yadda, yadda talk?

    2. On Dec. 17th, 2019 at the stadium, didn’t Skerrit announce that Catherine Daniel was appointed to the position of Deputy Speaker? Prang…prang, look now we hearing the 24 year old grandson of the former speaker is the Deputy Speaker. What is REALLY going on here folks.

    a. Is it that the parliament now has two deputy speakers to accompany this over-inflated and useless DLP cabinet of ministers and sycophants (or is something else going on here)? 8-O 8-O

    b. Is it a case of a certain somebody trying to appease another certain somebody?

    (We await the findings of DNO’s Investigative Journalists and/or the Dominica Comment Readers Association Investigative Wing)

  14. Ras B
    February 11, 2020

    The density of our government representation relative to a Dominica’s population of 60,000 persons is 0.04% and that excludes the opposition. No wonder there is a need for an increase taxation.

  15. Casio
    February 11, 2020

    why caressa tie looking so untidy in his neck? PM self couldnt tell him something? like go in the back if you cannot tie your tie properly?

    • Look It
      February 11, 2020

      But what happen ner Karessah? What kind of fake smile is that? You know that you are out of place. And even stand up by the cantankerous v speaker wii. Garcon come back to reality and come out in them ppl regime.

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