COMMENTARY: The evolving security instability in our country

DFP leader, Kent Vital

My fellow Dominicans, our Democracy and our freedom have been under attack by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and his enablers for more than ten years now.  Over those years, the Skerrit regime has used various means to accomplish that, including the subversion of our good governance institutions such as the Electoral Commission and the Integrity in Public Office Commission.   They have placed partisan persons to head many of these institutions.  They have denied opposition groups fair access to the national radio station. They have broken our electoral laws by engaging in bribery and treating, and by engaging in other electoral fraud.  The widespread suspicion is that they have funded their election campaign through d illicit sources of funds and monies that have been stolen from the people. They have victimized those who are opposed to them.  They have even subverted the justice system!  All of this has occurred while our nation has been saddled with high unemployment, high poverty, low resilience, environmental degradation and deteriorating social cohesion; but the leaders of the regime have enriched themselves on the backs of the people.

But the Skerrit regime knew that sooner or later that the people would cry out for justice, hence, to silence those voices they have systematically used the police force to intimidate, bully and brutalise the people including Opposition Parliamentarians.  Notably, the regime has placed police officers who are loyal to the regime in commanding positions.  Those police officers who are professional and do not overtly support the wrongdoing of the regime are systematically victimized or side-lined and are not otherwise used within police units or groups that play the role of protecting the evil regime.

The overall result has been the evolution of a police force that serves the Prime Minimiser rather than one that upholds the rule of law in a non-partisan way. Evidence of this has clearly been seen over the years.  For instance, we have witnessed how the Dominica Police force has been eager to use force against the people.  This was clear on December 15th 2018, when the police, unprovoked, attacked persons attending a peaceful rally that called for electoral reforms.  The police descended on the people with full riot gear and were dressed in army fatigue.  They unleashed tear gas on the crowd. They were at the ready with automatic weapons! The armoured ambulances were waiting!

Another chilling use of force was demonstrated by the police force just prior to the December 2019 general elections.  In their reaction to protest action at Salisbury, the police were clearly prepared to massacre the people of Salisbury when they descended on sleeping people in the early hours of the morning unleashing tear gas, armed with automatic weapons and backed by the regional security system.  Even with no resistance, some live rounds were fired that injured at least two persons.  It can be imagined what would have happened if the people had resisted.  Would it have been a massacre?

The above are just two examples of the many instances of police intimidation. They show up at the slightest of political protest dressed in full army fatigue, armed with automatic weapons and tear gas, and supported by armoured ambulances painted in military colour! They seem eager to engage unarmed civilians who are simply seeking to preserve democracy in our land as enshrined in the constitution!  Factions of the police force behave like bullies, enemies of the people, and the mercenary arm of Roosevelt Skerrit and his Dominica Labour Party government.

The most recent man-handling of an elected opposition parliamentarian by the police security details of the Prime Minister, in totally unwarranted circumstances, is yet another instance of how the police appear to be operating with disregard for the law and are themselves inciting violence.

Moreover, the Roosevelt Skerrit regime has on various occasions instigated its supporters to confront those supporting opposition groups and in a most recent example, in response to the public outcry on the police manhandling of the opposition parliamentarian, unaccounted CBI monies and the $64,000.00 rent for the Prime Minister’s residence among others, a minister of government has once again called on supporters of the Labour Party to take retaliatory actions against those who are opposed to the ills of the Roosevelt Skerrit-led government.

The security situation on our land is clearly a tense one. We therefore call on the police force to desist from intimidating and bullying the people.  We call on government ministers and other labour party leaders not to engage in inflaming violence between supporters of opposing political parties. We call on leaders and supporters of opposition parties to avoid physical conflict with supporters of the Labour Party.

But we also call on the Roosevelt Skerrit regime to resign and save our country from descending into chaos.  The tense situation in our country is a direct result of the lack of good governance principles of Roosevelt Skerrit and his administration, their return to government in the December 2019 general election through what is believed to be fraudulent means and the many instances of corruption, the most recent being the approval of sixty-four (64) thousand dollars per month to allow the Prime Minister to reside in what many people believe to be his own house but paraded as property rented from a separate company.

As a society, we have to rise to the occasion to save our country and preserve our freedom.  We must not allow fear to grip our hearts.  The just struggle must be on several fronts – legal, economic, enlightenment of the people, showing up at the polls when that time comes and other morally right strategies.  Certainly, let us engage in these strategies prayerfully.

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  1. Man bites dogs
    August 27, 2020

    Elizabeth, don’t take any notice from this bunch of arrogant losers and parasites they will come after you because you are a woman they looking for easy targets weak as they comes, I can handle the lot of them when they insult me I only laugh because I know man bites dogs can bites those dogs much harder!!!

    • August 28, 2020

      @Man bites dog, I normally don’t because I know who I am and people who know me personally, have always commended my attitude and conducts, people on this blog only know my name they don’t know me.

      But once in a while, I will explode, that is the human nature in me.

      Those people read my comments and they either afraid our jealous of my expressions, they have no choice but to express their emotions with fake redicules–they have no other choice.

  2. Dominican to the bone
    August 27, 2020

    Mr. Vidal, please speak the truth. With all what is said, submit the proof that you have complied to support your case. Furthermore, if you are so desperately trying to save Dominica from the ills, poverty, misery and bulling, etc from the Skerrit-led government, form a coalition within the Freedom Party and not your one man show to kick the PM out or asking to resign. If you are so desperate to be PM, keep on fighting, be honest and have your facts straight. Dominicans are not that stupid!

  3. August 26, 2020

    Mr. Kent Vidal Sir, I tried to read that report but by the time I got to the second paragraph, it seemed a lot to me, that I was reading from Lennox Linton.

    Sir, all of those things that you spoke here, are nothing but the repetition of the past–am 10 years ago you say?

    To me that this is quite childish of you guys, to put a negative meaning to everything that the Prime Minister and his governing body do–he is the greater Leader of the country.

    The Police work for the state, the people–not for the DFP nor the UWP, their job is to serve and protect, why don’t you all expect them to serve the Prime Minister likewise?

    I can’t imagine Danny and Lennox being a friend of PM Skerrit, but there they were roaming around his residence–would you simply ignore this kind of behavior had it been you?

    Danny Lugay cause a hassle when the police went to speak to him, what did you expect them to do, just go their way and leave him alone? After all man!

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    • click here
      August 27, 2020

      Where do you live right now Elizabeth? What community in Dominica? Do you work or are you retired?

      • August 27, 2020

        @click here, What is the point of those questions, what are searching for; when did my personal become your business?

        I could ask you the same questions, but you have neither an animal nor a human identity, I don’t have time for uncivilized creatures like you; go back to your strange planet

        This is not about me, it is about the reputation of my homeland, which is being tarnished for all sorts of personal reasons by those who think they have the right to do so; this is unfair and shameful. I will continue to express my concern about it.

        Dominica, the Prime Minister, and his governing body is not what some jealous, power-hungry, and futile-minded persons are sketching her to look like. If you belong with them I could not care less, but whenever it happens that I should voice my concern I will do so–take it or leave it

  4. jaded
    August 26, 2020

    So less than one year after a sweeping victory at the polls by the Labor Party, Vital is calling for Prime Minister Skerrit to resign. You guys, like the UWP, are total jokers. So I guess that for the next 4 years and 4 months you will be crying for a popular leader to resign. Jokers! Vital, do you plan to not have the Freedom Party contest the next elections again? I ask that considering how well your plan worked out last year. Ha!ha!

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  5. En Ba LA
    August 26, 2020

    Dominican Freedom Party Leader. This sets the Dominica Freedom Party apart. Keep on keeping on. Do you want to be in opposition and possibly lead the country. Be the adult and true leader. Inflammatory speech is not the way to go. No one should want to gain leadership of a country through violence. UNREST is not the way to go.

    “We call on leaders and supporters of opposition parties to avoid physical conflict with supporters of the Labour Party.”

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 8 Thumb down 3
    • click here
      August 27, 2020

      Yes. To keep away from those people that like to get on violently. Like how Danny was man handled in his own constituency for being on a public road.

  6. Mike
    August 26, 2020

    I don’t know much about politics but am just wondering if the opposition could have made you a senator because you would make those bumbling idiots like Blackmore, Reggie, Ian, Issac and the PM look like the Clueless clowns that they are in parliament. keep schooling Dominicans, you are saying what many business owners want to say but are afraid of being victimized. Those who disagree with your commentary forgive them ignorance is truly bliss.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 12 Thumb down 2
  7. August 26, 2020

    This man is always stressing about something look like is shouting one of these days he gone a give his self hart attack. He dont realize that he is the only one in that party.

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  8. Enough already Vidal
    August 26, 2020

    Vidal, why don’t you stop your cry cry baby act. Our country does not need saving. Stop exaggerating the facts to suit your agenda. Tell your colleagues Lennox, Danny and the rest to stop trying to bring unrest in this country because Dominicans are peace loving people. The police has a right to protect citizens of this country and the Prime Minister is a citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica. It’s a shame a man of your caliber can’t be productive and serve your country. Just a set of useless talk…bla bla bla

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  9. click here
    August 26, 2020

    I fully support and endorse this statement. what hurts me more is that dominicans refuse to consider Kent as a viable alternative because he has dread locks. Regardless of his education, regardless of his experience, regardless of his thoughtfulness and abilities. We have chastised him and ridiculed his courage, his good intentions and forward thinking based on discrimination of our own black brother and his hair. Meanwhile we praise celebrities and artists of other lands who sport the same hairstyle. We admire athletes and personalities with locks. We call some of them our favorites, Bob Marley for example. But we REFUSE to give Kent a chance to lead us out of this social and economic and mental turmoil which is Dominica today, simply because he wont cut his hair. Many of you who feel that way are Church goers. Jesus worshippers, bible readers. These are the same people who are scared of people with locks, for no reason usually. I like Kents ideals. If he had more support id vote free

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 27 Thumb down 12
    • Gary
      August 26, 2020

      You have a right to support whomever you want and endorse any statement you want but to question the Dominican electorate as to whom they should consider a viable political leader is absurd. Making arguments suggesting that Mr. Vital is overlooked by the electorate because of his deadlocks is also just silly. You are not looking at the core, you are looking at the surface. Mr. Vital does not understand Politics, he makes no effort to understand Politics and to learn on the Job, a sign of wannabe Politician.

      Mr, Vital was put to lead a Party in disarray following the death of its founder and Leader Dame Eugenia Charles. Mr. Vital has not created a niche nor define a brand as to what his Party stands for. How much money has Mr. Vital raised for the Party since he took leadership. Mr. Vital has surrounded himself with the same old guard, so sad. WILL CONTINUE

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 6
      • click here
        August 27, 2020

        Go back to earlier articles of when he was launched. Read many of the comments of grown Dominicans. Do your homework. Apparently you just come.

      • August 28, 2020

        Vital was not put as leader after Eugenia death. There
        there were leaders before him like Pat. And Astaphan
        your facts are not right. And Eugenia was not the founder of freedom party do your research. She was the leader.

    • August 26, 2020

      @click here, PM Skerrit has a strong governing body to work with, that is one of the reason’s Dominicans continue to choose him as the Prime Leader. (Our Prime Minister)

      Where is the governing body of Kent Vidal? Even if his party is not the government, that does mean that he should simply stand aside and criticize what the government is doing for the people.

      The Freedom Party and likewise, the United Workers Party, ought to have a Parliament representative for every constituency, that is the reason they want to be the government, is that not so? So what are those representatives doing for their constituency?

      For the Freedom Party, it seems as if Kent Vidal is the captain of himself; but he has the right to his voice, but who is standing with him to voice his concerns?

      The other thing is that he has nothing to voice but foolish criticism, what does he expect to gain from that, all by himself?

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      • click here
        August 27, 2020

        Reggie is a strong governing body? Isaac was a strong governing body? The teacher from castle bruce is a strong governing body? Kozier making any big moves for Kalinagos? The public servants that work in government in the respective ministries will do what needs to do regardless of which party is in power. The country will continue to move. These people dont know whether they coming of going. Today i read PM wanted curriculum in school to change and include civics so they can know about nationalism etc. But TVET is yet to be implemented after 10 years of walk. Skills (hard and soft) trianing are severely lacking. We saw that after Maria but he worried about nationalism more. Goodwill school vs the mansion in morne daniel. No manufacturing, minimal exports, unemployment high EVEN WITH NEP (which is a strain on our treasury) and i could go on and on. comfort in mediocrity is still mediocrity. We all know we can do better. All you not even voting parl rep. skerrit representing every const

    • August 27, 2020

      Everytime Vital opens his mouth i have to hold my nose. The man is leader of a nonfunctional party and continues to embarass himself with these nonsensical statements. Vital just repeats the old and abandoned talking points of the UWP, he has no constituency. The man is so hopeless that he could not participate in the last election. He could find a constituency.

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