COVID19: Statement from The Alternative Peoples’ Party (APP) of Dominica.

Fellow Citizens,

In as much as we would have liked to safeguard our people from this dreaded COVID -19 (Coronavirus); unfortunately, this enemy has entered our sweet Dominica, and now as a nation, we need to rush into high gear, especially since the authorities did not proactively prepare the nation for this Coronavirus landfall.

Though studies show that the COVID-19 attacks the respiratory system, it must not take away our voice.Therefore, The Alternative Peoples’ Party (APP) calls on every Dominican to come together to ensure that all people – regardless of their wealth or privilege, as well as gender, sexuality, age, or any other status – are able to fight this disease. We need to work together so as to protect our families, local communities and Dominica by extension.

We were warned that “Dominican will have to grapple under COVID – 19 or Dominica will sink under COVID – 19” and that warning should be heeded. Let us not only grapple; let us show the world why Dominica and Dominicans once had among the best and highest rated primary healthcare in the western hemisphere. We are Dominicans and we know how to survive, but to succeed against this pandemic, we need to work together and trust each other.

Our health is our most valuable asset and APP believes that nothing should be placed before the people’s wellbeing. We should, therefore, not let the economy die but we cannot die trying to save the economy.

As COVID-19 spreads around the world, putting pressure on strong and weak health systems alike, we recognise the need to make costly sacrifice in the interest of the people.

In light of this, we echo the call made by many Citizens to and ask for the authorities to lock-down the country for four to six weeks so that the spread of the virus could be managed.

If we were in government today, this is what we would do:

-Establish a united COVID – 19 coordinating unit (across partisan lines).

-We would establish a protocol for caring for and supporting first respondents in the healthcare fraternity: nurses, ward aids, doctors, physicians, administrative employees, orderlies, psychiatrists, pharmacists and others.

-Set up fully staffed and professionally operated quarantine operations at the premises which housed Ross University (incidentally, this should have already been established) and recall retired healthcare professionals, security and other first respondent professionals to assist with quarantining services.

-Lock the country down for three weeks (at the minimum) and review the status of the COVID – 19 spread and general preparedness of all sectors before further actions are taken.

-There would be no patient visits at the hospitals (Roseau and Portsmouth) to include acute psychiatric unit (APU), senior citizen facilities, state prison and other such facilities where vulnerable citizens are kept. We would also increase the state subsidy to the Dominica Association of Persons with Disability (DAPD) for a period of three months in the first instance; taking care of most of their operating budget and looking after the personal needs of all its members.

-Make essential services available to the people at a substantially reduced cost for 60 days by negotiating with providers and using the power of the state’s purse to bargain the best deal for all parties in question.

-Subsidize elderly care and completely quarantine every senior citizen through the ‘Yes We Care’ initiative, working in collaboration with families and a squadron of youthful volunteers. A special health task-force will be deployed in the Kalinago Territory (to be headed by Kalinago health experts), tasked with caring for members of our indigenous tribe – especially the elders.

-Negotiate with public sector authorities to come up with a plan that would best caution the impact of COVID – 19 on public sector employees and operatives.

-Engage public transportation entertainers and assist them with retrofitting the vehicles for the secure transportation of passengers for essential purposes. We would subsidize trips by negotiating with patrol providers to pass on a three-dollar savings on each gallon of gas to participating public transport owners/businesses.

-We would emphasize the need for self-protection and personal responsibility to hygiene through the COVID – 19 & You Campaign. This would be launched and introduced as a multi-media initiative to include all the local media entities through daily simulcast during the lockdown period, from 9:00 am – midday. Our COVID -19 coordinating unit would provide daily briefings to the public and accommodate public reaction and interaction through an independent press core which will be stationed at a secured press facility in the city. Members of this press core will be credentialed and given special assistance to and from the briefings on a daily basis.

-We would use national television, social media and other such media forms to transmit children-friendly learning content to primary school students (different levels at different times). The national broadcasting entities would be encouraged to transmit educational and uplifting and/or entertaining content like comedic drama/plays, stories, positive and uplifting music, debates and other light-hearted, lively content.

-The local authorities (village councils) will serve as contact units between the COVID – 19 coordinating unit / government and the people and all resources will be delivered through the local authorities: elected, parliamentarians, shadow representatives and community leaders will serve as constituency liaisons (they will cover all areas with the assistance and under the guidance of health and security officials).

-We would declare the amount of funds which was received from the World Bank for COVID – 19 recovery efforts and channel it through the COVID -19 coordinating unit.

There are a number of other initiatives that an APP government would have implemented in the interest of farmers, fisherfolk, other skilled professionals and service entities like military and paramilitary officials; but those will be discussed later.

We would like to applaud the move to install standpipes around the city – Roseau. This is a superb initiative, especially for the random city users – especially our street-bound citizens, but the taping mechanism could have been a bit more carefully thought through. The manual taps only create the avenue for germ sharing and a sensor system or foot-pedal starter would have complemented the project. But nevertheless, this is a good move to return stand-pipes in the city and we are hoping that this project can be extended to the villages and communities around the island.

In light of the situation, APP has taken the decision to push back the official launch of the party which was slated for May 11, to a subsequent date and time. We will, however, release our social media network early in the month of April, so look out for that.

In closing, we encourage you our fellow Citizens to take care of your mental and spiritual health, as managing these are just as important as taking care of your physical health.

This means that, while you’re social distancing because of the coronavirus, focusing on self-care activities is so important—anything that boosts your mood or keeps you feeling calm during your isolation time is now a necessity.

We wish our people well and we pledge to work together to stamp out COVID – 19 from our shores.


Sincerely in the struggle,

The APP Interim Team


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  1. Iseeham
    March 25, 2020

    Is this party a Lifetime branch…every Lifetime no longer uses Television for women….you making an alternate party that focus on women and youth…so men dont vote…men should not be focused on…no wonder males in society are falling short because every one wants to focus on the groups that are already overshadowing them….Disappointed!

  2. Calibishie Warrior
    March 25, 2020

    Where are ANY of the CDCP or scientific recommendations which back up your positions? If the fight against this virus teaches us anything it is that we must follow epidemiology guidelines and not to heed ANY prognostications which are not backed up by science. If you have any designs of leadership (and this is certainly not the time to be playing with those designs) then you would encourage common action based on sound medical advice… if you can’t do that.. do us all a favour and button it.

    • H Marcus
      March 25, 2020

      You are a typical blind Skerrit disciple. Go away, you annoying me. What is your master doing? I mean apart from talking BS all day long and skimming the treasury.

  3. Is You
    March 25, 2020

    Papa they just staged their manifesto. Using the COVID 19 epidemic to stage you political agenda is of poor choice, therefore your message has fell on deaf ears and you have lost your audience in your first paragraph. What’s your name APP, Ambiguous Panicky Patients. In such a time of uncertainty you are coming and spewing more hatred and division. Thanks ambassador fake poll star.

  4. Man bites dogs
    March 25, 2020

    That so-called Alternative peoples party is a waste of time they are the same lots of so-called Workers clowns at separate windows same person you saw at window 1 will be at window 2 if you think i am joking wait in a few months same thing that Lennox Linton, said before they will be saying it only to change one or words, wolves🦊 dress up like sheep don’t let them fool you.

  5. zandoli
    March 25, 2020

    DNO, with all due respect, we should be getting information from reputable entities. This is a faceless party that only its leaders know who they are. This is no different from the one headed by that woman who called herself Sapphire. Where is that party now.
    To me these new parties are just a distraction from the work that needs to be done to eradicate that virus.

    • Toto
      March 25, 2020

      Yeah man, sounds exactly like that mystery woman that calls herself Sapphire . Is a bit sick isn’t to use a very bad moment like this to push your political agenda. The letter is unsigned and no address either. Not impressed at all.

  6. Frank N Stein
    March 25, 2020

    People read the article and look for the message there. It important issue well articulated something you do not get form your loving PM

    • March 26, 2020

      What Does a worldwide pandemic has to do with politics. The whole world is praying and asking God for mercy. Repent ye for the KINGDOM of God is at hand. Msy God have mercy on the citizens of Dominica. God is calling his people to repentance. Politicians can not save. Seek God. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Proverbs 1 vs 7.

  7. APP
    March 25, 2020

    We never blamed any one. Our officials, all of us, are on the ground and in the trenches with Dominicans and we only present our views as to what our movement would have liked to see happen. We actually applauded “the move to install standpipes around the city – Roseau” as being “a superb initiative, especially for the random city users – especially our street-bound citizens”. Please know that we are in this fight against COVID – 19 together and in due course the identity of the youth, women and men of APP will be disclosed. A new era in Dominica’s politics is upon us and APP is taking the lead. Thank you, DNO.

  8. Dominica
    March 24, 2020

    You’re a new party but the way you’ve started by blaming the government for something you’re just showing us that you’re heading the same road like the uwp. Try voicing your opinion without putting blame on someone. Start there then you can get on the right track

    • Shiltern
      March 25, 2020

      Unfortunately there is nothing positive to say about the current regime. Full stop! Skerrit heads a opaque, oppressive and incompetent administration. Nobody in their right mind would heap praise on them.

    • Concerned Citizen
      March 25, 2020

      My thoughts exactly. Now is not the time to make this a “government” issue. It diminishes the intent of the message. All Dominicans need to rally together (individually-social distancing) to prevent the spread of the virus.

  9. Lin clown
    March 24, 2020

    Who are these people?Where are they?We do not want long and fancy statements from GHOSTS ,we want action.Already UWP is a waste of time.We would do,we would do,APP this does not help.WHERE ARE YOU.

  10. Kalinago Justice
    March 24, 2020

    We do not need any more politrickal divide on island! What we need is a unified force to fight conman chichi and his oneman rogue regime!!!

    • Colombo Thomas
      March 25, 2020

      Absurdity….Why do Politrickians and their blind followers continue behave in these ridiculous ways in these time of crisis? Covid 9 have no boundaries or Party affiliations.

  11. DUMB-in-a-Can
    March 24, 2020

    So who is the leader of this so called new party? The computer mouse? So stupid that

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