Dice achieves historic milestone of 10 Calypso crowns

Dice after 10th Calyspo win last night

Five years after his last win, veteran calypsonian Dice has achieved a historic milestone by securing his 10th Calypso crown.

Dennison Joseph, Dominica’s most decorated calypsonian clinched this victory while competing from spot number 10 at last night’s finals, delivering a mesmerizing performance that solidified his reign as Dominica’s calypso king.

With his trademark hits “Wanted” and “Bring Money” both penned by his long-time writer Pat Aaron, Dice showcased his unparalleled talent and stage presence, captivating the audience and judges alike.

In a closely contested battle, he triumphed over the former reigning monarch, Trilla G, who earned second place. Additionally, he outshone two promising newcomers to the National Calypso Competition arena, Shanice and Joy, who secured third and fourth place, respectively.

The roster of competitors at last night’s finals was stacked with talent, including seasoned veterans like Liberator, The Bobb, Tasha P, De Webb, Checker, and Black Diamond.

Dice claimed his first calypso crown in 2004 with his hits “Minding My Business” and “Animal Farm.” The following years of 2005 and 2006 saw him securing victory once more. He earned the prestigious title again in 2008, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2019, and now in 2024, cementing his legacy as one of Dominica’s most celebrated calypsonians.

Stay tuned for exclusive photos and a full interview with the newly crowned monarch as he reflects on his monumental achievement and plans for the future.

Dice being crowned by Miss Dominica 2024

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  1. Third Eye
    February 14, 2024

    Dice and Skerritt have one thing in common. Dice is the longest raining calypso monarch in Dominica (20 crowns). Skerritt is the longest raining Prime Minister of Dominica (20 years). Both achieve respect from Dominicans the old fashion way. They earn it. Congratulations!

  2. Third Eye
    February 14, 2024

    Dice and Skerritt have one thing in common. They are winners. Dice is the longest raining calypso monarch in Dominica (10 crowns). Skerritt is the longest raining Prime Minister of Dominica (20 years). Both achieve respect from Dominicans the old fashion way: They earn it. Congratulations!

  3. Eagle-Eyed
    February 13, 2024

    Same old tired Dice and Pat Aaron lyrics. Yet the judges keep rewarding them for their laziness. We need innovation in our calypsos not the same old political gibberish year after year. When you hear one song from Dice it’s like hearing all his songs all over again. Same old lyrics and tempo. Judging criteria must reform else people will lose interest in Dominica calypsos.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 2 Thumb down 11
    • me
      February 13, 2024

      Your ears have a problem. Go visit Dr Pascal, to extract the excess wax for you. Dice should have been King last year as well. The judges had a serious problem!!

      Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 7 Thumb down 3
      • Ibo France
        February 14, 2024

        It isn’t his ears that are the problem. It is the tribal politics he practises and his antipathy for truth about current events in Dominica. This guy has sold his soul to Prince of Darkness.

        • Eagle-Eyed
          February 15, 2024

          @Ibo France. You should really practice what you preach. You always talk about democracy and chide others for being undemocratic and dictatorial but when it comes to your own practice of democracy, your standards fall well short. In a democracy you have to allow for differing views and opinions on subject matters and don’t expect every one to share the same opinions as you, but instead of agreeing to disagree you vent out insults and character assassinations just because someone else doesn’t share the same opinions as you. I think it is time you started checking yourself. Don’t you?

  4. My little take
    February 13, 2024

    I congratulate Dice for winning his 10th crown but frankly speaking he was the only one that clearly addressed the serious issues we have in Dominica at this time. TRILLA-G was the one I was really rooting for but honestly speaking he was not clear and direct. As for the others you could tell they all had a line or two but clearly they tried to avoid preaching the message and for that I believe this years calypso was the worst I ever witnessed

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 6 Thumb down 2
  5. Kaka cochon
    February 12, 2024

    To do what,,throw stones ministry!!? everybody have a a..hole, some just want to stink more than the others ennh

  6. February 12, 2024

    Hello and good afternoon my people. I want to congratulate King Dice on his success for winning his tenth crown. Now I hope he will be coming to St Thomas for their carnival and to Labor Day in New York City so I can see him live. I paid for streaming services twice they sent me a code but when I tried to log on I didn’t get any service therefore I couldn’t watch the program. I didn’t even look to recover my money I paid for and that is very frustrating. This is the second year the streaming services doing this to us who reside abroad but wants to support the events.

  7. February 12, 2024

    It looks like that’s the only calypsonian that the judges know. I can’t belive all the songs that I have heard there’s no one better for the crown than Dice. I do hope the paying public paying attention. So next year they will watch how they spending their money going to a show and getting a repeat over and over like that’s the best that Dominica have to offer.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 4 Thumb down 11
    • me
      February 13, 2024

      @Wallace Hussey
      Who will listen to your CRAP! Dice should have won last year as well. So you don’t mind that he is cheated of a deserved crown? Your bad example! Don’t you know that cheating and thiefing anyone is something that you should condemn?
      Man get the hell out of here!! Your bad example!!

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 4
    • Ibo France
      February 14, 2024

      If I were to grade your ill-advised comments, they will be ‘zero rated’. Nothing but BALDERDASH!

  8. WML
    February 11, 2024

    Congratulations King Dice. Well deserved. Well earned. The haters can’t touch you. Truth is truth… Sing it out loud. Fire will burn the haters. Who Jah Bless the haters can’t curse. King Dice Again!

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 12 Thumb down 5
  9. Hello
    February 11, 2024

    Dice…..Calypso King! Congrats!
    but Tomante is..Undefeated Corruption King!

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 8 Thumb down 5
  10. OneLove
    February 11, 2024

    “In a closely contested battle, he triumphed over the former reigning monarch, Trilla G, who earned second place.“

    I really don’t see how this was close. I am not a judge but based on what I saw Dice was far better than all of the others put together. They were so far behind that to me Doce is King, 1st , 2nd and 3rd runner up. Congrats to you Dice

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 12 Thumb down 3
  11. Ibo France
    February 11, 2024

    Massive congratulations to King Dice as he clearly separated himself from the other contenders for the calypso monarch.

    In my honest opinion, the overall show was below par. Dominica is currently saturated with problems aplenty. The country is afflicted by an anorexic economy, unparalleled unemployment, inadequate healthcare,devastating corruption, gross mismanagement, consistent unproductivity, bloated government, judicial misconduct, police savagery, numerous business closures, extraordinary money laundering, bad roads, impassable feeder roads, malfunctional parliament.

    Despite this, there were hardly any political satire and biting social commentaries. Frankly, the competition left much to be desired. The calypso committee needs to organise workshops in the writing calypso.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 8 Thumb down 5
  12. Abeh
    February 11, 2024

    Dice deservedly to the 10th power!!!

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 10 Thumb down 3
  13. Bwa-Banday
    February 11, 2024

    This time there shall be no controversy. You beat them all hands down bro. Even Skerro and Mr. Abdullah agree.

    Now on another note kondi Blue-blue; Job well done now use your voice and talent to rally the youth to immediate action.Let us beat the iron while its hot! 8) 8)

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 5

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