Felix Henderson airlifted to Martinique for medical treatment

Felix Henderson, in healthier days

Veteran broadcaster Felix Henderson has been airlifted to Martinique for medical attention.

Over the past few weeks, Henderson, a broadcaster for more than 40 years, was a patient at the Dominica-China Friendship Hospital suffering from a heart condition.

Henderson’s family, with the assistance of his DBS Radio colleague, Leroy (Wadix) Charles, had been working feverishly over the past several days to send him overseas for additional medical treatment.

Charles told Dominica News Online (DNO) on Sunday that Henderson was flown to Martinique via helicopter on Saturday evening, July 25.

“It took the intervention of the government of Dominica through Minister Reggie Austrie and linked with Jennifer Aird who personally got some communication through to Martinique and the doctors in Martinique, to speak to his doctor in Dominica, to assess the medical condition and the urgency for the referral to Martinique,” Charles stated.

He said it was felt that two appointments scheduled initially for September and then August 2, would have not have been too far given Henderson’s condition.

Charles said that eventually, after discussions between the doctors involved and with the intervention of Jennifer Aird, it was agreed that Henderson would be admitted at the Martinique hospital on Saturday evening.

According to Charles, an initial payment of 18,000 euro which was made to the hospital in Martinique was provided by the government of Dominica but, he said, “because of the urgency and …the very, very challenging circumstances” which required that Henderson travel last evening, an additional 8,600.00 euro (approximately EC$27,000.00) is now needed.

He is hoping that the money can be raised through donations from friends, corporate citizens and other members of the public.

“So that would be our next stage, to try to see if we could appeal to the various communities to assist that we could pay off the bill,” Charles stated. “He is expected to remain in Martinique between seven and ten days at the IC Unit where they will treat him – two days of tests- and then go through the various procedures for his ailment and what we looking for, is a tremendous amount of prayers.”

He said anyone who wishes to contribute financially, can do so through an account established for that purpose at the National Bank of Dominica (NBD).

The account number is 100082617.

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  1. Garvey
    July 28, 2020

    Some people heads are buried in the sand because somebody criticizes that no good Gov’t does not mean they don’t care about Mr Henderson, the point they are making is if the Government was a decent one after 20 years our people would not be lifted to French country every time someone has a serious problem.As Mr Telemark stated they will not go there themselves,and that truth is a painful pill for some of you all to swallow.The Gov’t is bankrupt they lack the ability to govern effectively.

  2. Ibo France
    July 28, 2020

    @out of south city
    We live in a post truth era. Truth is now frowned upon especially in a very politically polarized country as Dominica. Despite this, speak the truth still.
    It’s crystal clear that the present healthcare system, in Dominica, is deficient, dysfunctional and woefully inefficacious. Am I lying?
    Many lives that could be saved are lost due to the lack of the requisite expertise, equipment, personnel and funding.
    A country’s wealth is a country’s health. When an incumbent government, sits idly by, and allows hospitals, health centers, and the general healthcare system to go to ruins, that government loses its moral authority to govern. It clearly indicates that the quality of the people’s lives means nothing to them.
    It’s time for Skerrit and his cronies to exit office.

    • Tryphena
      July 28, 2020

      It’s time for the doctors, administrative support of the hospital and some nurses be removed from the hospital and replaced with competent people who actually care. There’s a procedure which needs to be followed. Every one gets paid to do their jobs. Patients are not supposed to be subjected to rude healthcare professionals. These people should be fired. Reading through this just brought back memories for me. The prime minister needs to do one thing. Evaluate each doctor, admin and nurse and punish where necessary.

    • out of south city
      July 28, 2020

      Say on, my brother. There are a lot of people who do not make any effort to accept truth much more to do some research to know who they truly are. Many like their comfort zones and refuse to rock the boat. Someone once said, “truth, when it comes to a world that is deceived, will sound strange.” Thanks for your encouraging words.


  3. good cetizine
    July 28, 2020

    i pray that the hands and blood of jesus cover ur body mr felex Henderson..i pray for miracle of healing in yr body may u get good health n blessings in the name of Jesus. amen

  4. July 28, 2020

    Yes, Calabash! Wait until it is YOU who is in dire need of medical care, or, your family member, you WILL be singing another song. Allu too selfish! :(

  5. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    July 27, 2020

    Roosevelt boast of some Dominica-China Friendship Hospital; nevertheless; as soon as one of their colleagues have a headache, they are flown out to Martinique for professional medical treatment.

    Where are our Dominica specialists doctors; specializing in all field of medicine?

    I am not suggesting any more China – man  and Cuban quacks bush doctors in our country.

    Nevertheless; we have enough Dominica born doctors working in American hospitals, from New York and all over the place; how come they are not in Dominica?

    Roose-belt nor his colleagues don’t go to the China-man hospital, because of the fear for their life.
    Bad diagnoses, results in wrong medication which constitutes malpractice of medicine; which results in murder eh!


    So, they allow the poor and unfortunate to go there to be poisoned, and butchered by Cuban, and Chines, but fear of their lives prevents them; Roose-belt and puppets from standing on the steps!

    • ??
      July 28, 2020

      How can someone like you be so …. to make a statement like that. Poor you, hoping for someone’s demise so you can blame Skerrit. What a shame…..

      • Eve Sebo
        July 28, 2020

        Prayers for a complete recovery for a great man.

        Sadly, a new hospital does not miraculously become an agent of change. Quality improvement requires the right attitude, including a passion and compassion for the sick; to effect change.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        July 28, 2020

        Are you talking to me?

        If you are, open your blind political  eye; perhaps you will see people with simple treatable medical issues walk into the Butcher shop in Goodwill, and days later they come out foot first on a gurney, stiff dead!

        And; that is all due to poor medical practice; by incompetent bush doctors!

        Roosevelt Skerrit is the cause of poor medical treatment in the country!

        Asks yourself why is that he does not allow the Cubans and China men to treat him; rather he fly’s out on a chartered flight to get treatment.

        If you were not ….., you would asks why is it Roosevelt sends his wife to America to “drop” her children in American hospitals rather than drop them in Dominica?

        They do that for fear of malpractice, or perhaps his wife has something special than other Dominican women that doctors, and nurses are not allowed to see in Dominica.

        The process of giving birth to a child by any woman is the same!

    • The Truth Be Told
      July 29, 2020

      Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque, I am not even telling you anything (your obsessions, etc.) but for your information, the best doctors are from Cuba. They have the best medical team even if we do not want to say so. The Big Pharm! I leave it there. Not talking to you today. Continue on your self-destructive path by being obsessed with Roosevelt!

      Hmmm, Francisco! Remember no arrogancy nor any mepuis!

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        July 29, 2020

        What sort of obsession are you referencing?
        For your informing obsession is a state of being obsessed with someone or something!

        The only obsession I am aware of that I have; is owning and driving the most fast cars in America; those that accelerates from 0-100 miles per hour in less than five seconds, to more than  two (200) hundred miles per hour; and I own a couple of them all paid for in cash!

        I am obsessed with living in a class home which I can afford; if you are suggesting I am obsessed with any one in Dominica, especially a certain politician, you have already lost the skirmish, the battle and the war!

        There are no thoughts in my mind  that continually preoccupies or intrudes on any person alive in Dominica.

        If you are thinking that I am obsessed with the head politician; I am sorry to disappoint you; because I do not envy thieves; and he is a damn thief.

        He  lives in a ring of fire!

  6. The Truth Be Told
    July 27, 2020

    So everything is politics? When will you people stop this foolishness? Felix needs your prayers not your bashing of The PM, Reginald Austrie, and all the others.

    What is your bashing doing for him? Come on. Do you think that all the talk is what he or his family wants to hear?

    Heartless and loveless people! He has gone over and all the calabash and the others who know it all, why did you not use your expertise whilst he was here? Doctor Calabash could bring down the professional on his pipwi. All the health professionals on this now stop and think hard and long. This thing you guys taking it too far now.

    Everything is a complaint! Where are your gratitude and love? Really feel sorry for your guys. When will sourness leave you? I think many of you need a trip to the doctor. Stress level over the PM and others must be high. Emancipate yourselves from stress slavery. Not but you can free yourselves. You worry and look for too many things to complain about.

    • Sonia Garraway
      July 29, 2020

      Trust me no use ask for prayers from these people if iñ a time like this they can write those bull i wouldn’t want them prayers there not even for my dog ..next thing them prayers kill the man faster smh.Felix God is for you

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      July 29, 2020

      ” When will you people stop this foolishness?”
      You see it’s not difficult for one to recognized who they are dealing with: such trivial question makes me realize if you saw Roosevelt set fire to the country; you will deny he is the arsonists.
      You will blame it on Francisco Telemaque; if you were a witness to the burning of Rome thousands of years ago, you would blame it on Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque, knowing that Roosevelt was the arsonists!

      That damn fire-man!


      (Him burn Rome.)

      The Great Fire of Rome was an urban fire that occurred in July, 64 AD. The fire began in the merchant shops around Rome’s chariot stadium.
      After six days, the fire was brought under control; nevertheless, before the damage could be measured, the fire reignited and burned for another three days.

      Dominica is burning; Roosevelt is the arsonists: each time it appears the fire is about to go out; it’s reignited by the imports of voters, who keep certain thief…

  7. Joseph John
    July 27, 2020

    It is great that we have such good relationship with Guadeloupe and Martinique and by extension. But now that we a building the new hospital let have a goal of providing these services in Dominica.
    We should seek technical assistance from the French. This should include equipment and personnel. We may wish to send interns to be attached to these French islands’ hospitals and labs.
    An other issue is the question of natural medication, bush medicine and essential oils.
    During the Covid-9 many people have used a combination of ginger, temaric, onions, vinegar etc and so on.
    Some communities believe in proper nutrition and exercise to boost immune system.
    There is talk about natural medicine in Costa Rica.

  8. Labaarrrrrr
    July 27, 2020

    So even with the much boasted brand new hospital we still have to fly people out?? Oh I seeeeeee….
    And how about all you l take part of the 64k rent to help out a national icon.

  9. July 27, 2020

    Hoping for a speedy recovery and praying for him and his family 🙏🏾🙏🏾.

  10. Ask Mel
    July 27, 2020

    The government shout make it their responsibility to cover all expenses when citizens are forced to fly out. As citizens our government should put things in place to ensure our health needs are met. Only in situations where people choose to forsake our care and go abroad like Melissa did when she went to the US to give birth to her children, should Dominicans pay. Otherwise if we do not have the care available our government should pay the entire cost. That should be part of our politics and not free house and free ticket

  11. out of south city
    July 27, 2020

    I would like to know why it took at least three whole weeks to fly him out!!!! We, as an island, must take immediate actions in critical situations like this. Like Tete Morne I From said, for someone who has served his island for over forty years, why is it that at such a time like this, when many are not employed and when many may not have a job to return to, is this financial burden now placed on the public? Civil Servants have to pay $32,000.00 per month for the Prime minister’s abode and can’t pay for the rest of the bill? So if the rest of the money is not collected then what? Come on Reginald Austrie!!!!


  12. Ibo France
    July 27, 2020

    I’m an ardent advocate of free healthcare for all. The resources of the country should be distributed/shared equitable. All lives are sacred. Your house may be much bigger and more luxurious than mine but our graves are the same size. We need equal tights and justice and we want it NOW❗

    • Man bites dogs
      July 27, 2020

      @Ibo France, You talking crap if you need equal tights and justice ” Why the hell you voting that so-called Workers ………party for example their rep taking money each month tax payers money and not doing there work office closed not to be seen till payday! To you that is justice?? If I had my way l would jail that clone unit leader of yours and followers.

  13. The Calabash
    July 27, 2020

    Martinique is but stone’s throw away. So given how close, why are our facilities so poor that health professions cannot just come to Dominica? Why could the patient not have travelled by boat, at minimal costs, rather than airlifted?
    Wish we could discuss without the political punches. The election is over, it is time to speak to our issues in a constructive manner.

    • Ivenia
      July 27, 2020

      The calabash, according to the sickness a person cannot travel by boat , or sometimes by plane, or helicopter. Sometimes one is recommended according to doctors advice. Travelling with the patient may be risky accordingly.

        July 28, 2020

        Those negative comments only come from the least informed UWPITES.
        They need to look before THEY leap.
        They really need to be educated and stop that POLITICAL BIASES that are instilled in THEM.

        • Joseph John
          July 28, 2020

          Kid, The uwpites are doing just fine with their M.I.A. attributes. Their complains, accusations and talk, talk, just talk ;. Their street fires, insults and disrespect gave the Dr Dr the big 18 for a Dynamic Dominica, so let them continue with their roro. Next election it will be 25 to zero.
          The uwpites leaders are approaching or are at retirement age. The Dr Dr is not even at middle age yet.
          In the budget speech today the Dr Dr smiled when he spoke about the Marigot hospital. The DLP clapped. The uwpites sweat. That is all they can do, talk and sweat . The TALK AND SWEAT PARTY. tsp.

    • Frank N Stein
      July 28, 2020

      With a calabash for a head small wonder why you dont know that patients in risky conditions cant travel by boat sometimes not even regular planes but medical evac planes equipped for their condition. I never see people more proud to be stupid.

      • de Observer
        July 29, 2020

        Hmmmmm Calabash for a HEAD……. Take a look at the mirror.

  14. Coco
    July 27, 2020

    You are dam right if this was for political reason see how they find the money. Our own not a stranger.

  15. Gods child
    July 27, 2020

    May the peace of God cover you Mr, Henderson. God is a miracle working God. He will heal you just believe in him..

    • Let us pray for Felix
      July 28, 2020

      Your comment is vital, he needs prayers not political arguments. He was a joy to listen to on the radio…so with this in mind let’s use our comments to lift him up in prayer. Heavenly Father, you are all powerful, merciful and kind, we pray that your healing hands cover Mr. Felix Henderson from head to toe. Fill him dear Lord with miracles, and healing in Jesus name we pray. Amen❤🙏🏿

  16. Pipo
    July 27, 2020

    Good for Felix, I have a soft spot for that man, who made me smile so often. Hope they can do something for him Martinique and give his motor an overhaul.
    Why did Reggie Austrie get involved? If the government decide to assist Felix that is good of course but Reggie is the vice PM, which makes me ask where was Skerrit, knowing he likes to credit personally. Was he out of the country again? And when he travels out of the country he certainly does not use LIAT. and is he subject to the same Covid protocol like the rest of us? Felix, get better soon so you can cheer us up again.

    • Man bites dogs
      July 27, 2020

      @Pipo and Zandoli, You so-called Workers clowns 🤡 will never learn stupid as you lots are this man Mr Henderson is being airlifted for medical treatment and you ratbags trying to turn it into stupid politics, get a life a**holes this is year 2020 just like your master black Adder so-called Workers are locked in a time zone following a unit leader he would not know what day it is only to imagined, violate or scandalizing other people with lies.

  17. zandoli
    July 27, 2020

    And that is my greatest fear for my loved ones in DA. As long as you are healthy, life is good. You work all your life, but you can only save just enough to get you through your daily expenses. God forbid you are struck with a challenging condition and suddenly you have to depend on the generosity of strangers to save your life.
    Sad state of affairs in DA.

    • Joseph John
      July 28, 2020

      Zandoli, I know a real sad state of affairs. The richest country in the world has over half a million homeless people . If they get sick not even strangers can save their lives. If you are part of the black and brown minority who cannot afford insurance the covid-9 will be singing to you like Tom Duly. “Oh boy you bond to die”
      This help to Felix is a response to the command “love your brothers”
      In a situation like this we should think of the old school saying, ” If you cant say good to save lives say nothing.”

  18. Alicia
    July 27, 2020

    All the best to Mr. Henderson.

  19. Ibo France
    July 27, 2020

    I wish Mr. Henderson well. I also hope that he will regain full health.
    Most astute and visionary leaders have done something transformational for their country. Why not have comprehensive health insurance for all citizens with a small monthly deduction from the salaries/wages of all workers as this is an expensive undertaking.
    Why is it that almost everyone in Dominica has to seek medical attention overseas for most ailments? When are the medical services at the main hospital going to be upgraded?
    The poor medical services; the unlivable, starvation wages; the cheap cholesterol foods; the heightened criminal activities have most certainly shortened the life span of the vast majority of Dominicans.
    Dominicans deserve much better, not only Mr. Skerrit, his family, his mindless Cabinet members, deserve superlative healthcare.

    • out of south city
      July 27, 2020

      I would like to know why anyone took offense. Ibo France just stated the truth. If we do not go back to the soil to eat what we grow there will be more health issues and like he also said, why is there such poor medical services? Also, why is there not a cardiac unit at the hospital? It is known that many lives are lost due to insufficient patient care and a laisezfaire approach.

      Let The Truth Be Told!!!!!!!

    • The Truth Be Told
      July 29, 2020

      Ibo Ibo Ibo. Behave yourself. stick to the topic in question. You really must be dreaming of him every night. Having visions too! I laugh like Francisco.


      Ibo why be obsessed with mortal man? Be obsessed with the one who can take away the breath in a second. Be obsessed with where will I go after all this is over?

      There are better things to be obsessed with and pray for each other like now is for Nafternoon Felix. Live all the judging to Jehovah. Let us be obedient.

  20. de Observer
    July 27, 2020

    Imagine, just imagine a man of such stature in Dominica has to endure this type of situation in Dominica? Can you imagine what the ordinary, average, local Dominican person is expected to face? ALAS, Alas alas!!!

    And allu blaming de right Dr. PM for not being a Smart-Donkey because of his PhDs’? de man know is China dat build de Friendless Hospital. So wat! Well he does not want his family to face that type of medical care in Dominica.

    How can allu blame him for sending his wife to make his little American chiren in Merica – he know what is around de corner camem- if he cannot pay, as little Mericans, Medicaid or Medicare will pay for his Merican children medical bills. In what other country would a leader say my country is not good enough to have my chiren and the people will Parry B. along and say amen… so, I no longer tell my friends I am from Dominica. I from Martinique but born in Guadeloupe, just in case I have to get medical treatment.

    Hold tight Hendo, be strong…

    • ????????????????
      July 29, 2020

      Really de Observer! All that rhetoric with no proof whatsoever? All this crap in your head. Your supporter the Doctor was assisted to. So many persons are assisted. You people always criticize yours. “Friendless Hospital” ah magwaysa! Such unthankfulness!. Are u on track of what happens here or do u just repeat gossip or factless? Do you know anything about medical bills for children and elderly persons? Do you even remember that there is COVID-19 a world-wide pandemic and there is restricted traveling? I think you need to get to know some things about your country Dominica and what is happening not what Sue say Linda say that Petro tell her Garnet told de Observer syndrome. Go up by the hospital first to see for yourself. Find out what is happening around the world. You do not seem to have a clue.

      • de Observer
        July 29, 2020

        @?????????????? Did you not posses and command a perfect opportunity to enlighten me with concrete facts rather than making some superficial rambling on and on statements which were meant to be an attack, but you failed miserably? Why did you fail, because you chose not to enlighten me with facts and substantive data.

        Everything in quotes are your words.

        “Are u on track of what happens here or do u just repeat gossip or factless?”

        You seems to have pointed to a lot of ifs, this and that, but you gave no real concrete facts yourself to educate me. While you are pointing your finger at me, yet you are doing even worst of the same kind as you alleged.

        ” Your supporter the Doctor was assisted to.” English please, so I can try my best to struggle to understand what you are trying to convey.

  21. Left the Mourn
    July 27, 2020

    That’s not good when whether one lives or dies depends on their ability to fly out or the ability of friends to fly you out. That’s not how it was 20, 30, 40 years ago. I remember when people from the Caribbean would come to Dominica for surgery, give birth and other medical needs. Today it’s the opposite at a time when we have more money and can afford to buy any wife, election or position. When last you saw someone from Barbados, Antigua, St. Lucia, Grenada, Anguilla, Guadeloupe or Martinique come to Dominica for any medical help? In recent times not even to see a witch doctor people coming let alone other medical needs. But every day, every week, every months our people have to fly out for just about anything and if they don’t fly out wait to hear “left the mourn” and sometimes because they are so poor and have to depend on how fast they can fly you out, they still die because they were flown out to late. What a country Skerrit and gang put in place for us. Speedy recovery…

  22. Da Girl
    July 27, 2020

    What about persons who are not in Dominica who would like to donate?

    ADMIN: You can contact Felix’s wife at this number (which is also on Whatsapp): 767 616 5469

  23. WeNiceMan
    July 27, 2020

    Wish you well Mr.Henderson. I grew up listening to you. You are “the last of the Mohicans” – the last of the real “RADIO PERSONALITIES” of the golden days of radio in Dominica. All we have left are DJ’s and talking heads.

    Speedy recovery and God’s blessing. You are a National Icon.

  24. Health is wealth
    July 27, 2020

    I am trying hard to block my mind but all I am hearing in my mind is ” Ladies and gentlemen I have medical insurance and I am able to fly my wife and children out for medical attention. But what about you?” That’s after 20 years in office you know as government and prime minister. 20 years ago, though we didn’t have China Skerrit hospital, when Dominicans fell sick, whether they die or live was not depending on ones ability to fly out or even have insurance. Our PMH, PORTSMOUTH, and Marigot hospitals were good enough. Now Skerrit boasting of state of the art hospital and China and Venezuela medical assistance, yet the health and longevity of a mosquito, rat or dog is better than what is in place for Dominicans. But we shouting ” five more years.”
    I wish my brother and friend Felix Henderson well and let me thank Wadix and others for their hard work to make sure Felix was flown out of Dominica.
    Dominicans how good is a state of the art China Skerrit hospital that can’t help…

  25. July 27, 2020

    Yes DNO delete my comment, as usual. You mean tell me that the gov’t is not able to cover the ENTIRE medical expenses? This man has served Dominica for over 40 years and now, Dominica cannot serve him? Why is there even a balance? Where is Justina Charles? Please tell Skerritt and them to cover the bill. Magwai sah. :(

  26. D/can to d bone
    July 27, 2020

    This is.much more important than paying.a.mans rent of 32000.00 tell de man give up de rent and find a.cheaper.place to rent. So we cannuse that.money for felix..my aunt have a.place at morne daniel for rent very comfortable.place..at least that money can be use for.felix

    • Toto
      July 28, 2020

      Amen, Amen brother. That man so conceited when he sits on his toilet in Morne Daniel he thinks it is his throne.

      • ?????????????
        July 29, 2020

        Toto A A you even seeing the man on his toilet in Morne Daniel? A A Papa well well well now I know many of you dreaming of him in the night and even having visions. Take a hold of you and remember Jehovah will not ask you about others but yourself. Mi Daybar woy woy!

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