Former BVI Premier Andrew Fahie found guilty of drug conspiracy

After a lengthy legal battle that attracted global attention, former Premier Andrew Fahie of the British Virgin Islands was found guilty on all charges in a highly publicized trial. The proceedings moved swiftly, with both the prosecution and defense reportedly presenting their evidence and arguments within seven days.

The jury, comprising 12 individuals, delivered their unanimous verdict, convicting Fahie of conspiracy to import a controlled substance, conspiracy to engage in money laundering, attempted money laundering, and interstate and foreign travel in aid of racketeering.

The case centered around a DEA informant who made contact with Fahie’s alleged accomplices, Oleanvine and Kadeem Maynard – the former head of ports in the British Virgin Islands and her son. The alleged objective of the conspiracy was to influence BVI authorities to overlook the movement of ships carrying illegal drugs through the Tortola coastline, destined for U.S. ports.

Fahie was implicated in the scheme, purportedly set to benefit financially from each drug transaction and to ensure the cooperation of key public figures. A crucial aspect of the prosecution’s case relied on Ms. Maynard’s testimony against Fahie, detailing his direct involvement in negotiations with the DEA informant and his alleged willingness to partake in the illicit activities.

Following the jury’s verdict, delivered just before 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, Fahie, was promptly taken into custody. Fahie forfeited any opportunity for leniency typically afforded through a plea bargain by insisting on a full trial.

The charges he faces carry severe penalties, with the most serious offense, conspiracy to traffic cocaine, potentially resulting in a life sentence and substantial fines.

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  1. Dixie
    February 11, 2024

    Is come they coming. The die is cast and the net is already spread out reaching here in DA. Our Cat seems to have 9 lives but will be caught at the 10th attempt. A big fish medicine is a bigger hook. Our hungry fish is a Black Whale.

  2. February 11, 2024

    Hello and good morning my people. American love drugs so regardless of the possible consequences someone will always try to bring drugs to them. I have reside in New York City since 1977 and drugs are still a major issue because it’s a big market for drugs. Now Mr Fahie was very stupid because he asked the person if he was an under cover agent but he still continued his illegal behavior. If he asked that question why didn’t he have the person arrested to see if the American government would try to free him. Also Mr Fahie was enticed into coming to Florida for a tourism conference because the American government didn’t have any jurisdiction in Tortola so why if you are involved in this why are you going to America. Also he should have defected and go to Cuba or Russia while he was out on bail. They have to arrest an American citizen and exchange that person for Mr Fahie that’s just how the world works when it comes to America.

  3. February 11, 2024

    wow. this is so sad and sick. i often say and the good book confirmed it. anything done in secret will one day be revealed. thats tuff.

  4. BVI
    February 10, 2024

    That is a clear example of what GREED can do. The Bible says we reap what we sow!!!

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  5. Slimmy
    February 9, 2024

    Dominica has been heading down a very secret path….things are going on with no openness….that house by d credit union…who own it….who own the villas…..🦀 I sell….bin borbol… …who own the drum of gun that came on thr port ….what is Dominica giving back for all those Chinese projects… is love they love us so…..things are not transparent in Dominica…..this man need to learn from Eugenia Charles…. be transparent….when they…. the us… start to look at him……hope all u doe say…is Mal they do them…..

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  6. February 9, 2024

    Misier Skerrit deeply believes that the zombies that are hovering over him will live forever. Misier Skerro you are all wrong. One of those days Misier Skerro the zombies will tumble down the hill of gloom and doom and their fall will gather no moss taking with them Skerro and all his goblins. This is not a threat and it is not a myth. Reality at the door steps. When you heard your friend was arrested you took a sudden trip to ensure that your zombies were not asleep. Fortunately they were not but unfortunately they’ll not be awake forever. If they tell you so I can tell you they lie. The evils that man do will tumble with them. Skerro it maybe too late but do good today to avoid your sorrows.

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  7. I See
    February 9, 2024

    Boy PM must be a very worried, very scared and a very troubled man. My friend don’t overdose yourself because all eyes are on you

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  8. Starboy of stupidity
    February 9, 2024

    Left to the BVI police and judiciary Premier Andrew Fahie would still be premier,without a charge from the local police let alone an arrest and people would not be able to open their mouths because they would be prosecuted like we see here. But he didn’t know the US was fishing him and would one day bring him to justice.
    Mr Starboy of stupidity, your day is quickly approaching and when it comes there is nothing the commissioner and your forty plus guards can do to save you and I can tell you that when you are picked up by the US, we will shut down the country to Jumpup without any official announcement

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  9. dissident
    February 9, 2024

    when de ports Director Son pled guilty I realized dat Fahie was playing with time
    Then de Director herself pled guilty
    Some people does let their position get in too deep in their head
    like they untouchable
    caught red-handed
    yeah it was a sting operation but what is Fahie interest in dem ting
    Is he taking de fall for others?

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0
  10. Truth Be Told
    February 9, 2024

    Truth be told, most of Venezuela’s cocaine to the US and across the Caribbean are being transshipped via the Commonwealth of Dominica ALBA and Petrocaribe links! Ask Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerritt what the hell was he doing on a riverboat in the middle of the river border between Columbia and Venezuela?

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  11. Zandoli
    February 9, 2024

    Hopefully one day our dear PM will face the music

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 36 Thumb down 7
    • Donkey
      February 9, 2024

      Zandoli of the day

    • February 11, 2024

      alas. seems like you can’t wait for that to happen. i hope the stones that you are throwing does not come back at you.

  12. Roger Burnett
    February 9, 2024

    The territory’s corrupt activities go back to at least the mid 1980’s. And they are not limited to politicians. Senior civil servants, together with legal and financial professionals, have also been compromised.

    A lawyer sent from the UK in the early 1990’s to prosecute drug related offences, told me it was impossible to get witnesses. If not directly involved, everyone is related one way or the other. Hence, a reluctance to speak out.

    One would hope that this arrest would serve as a deterrent. But sadly, I doubt that it will.

    My DNO Commentary “Paradise Lost” is relevant, not only to the BVI, but to all Caribbean small island states.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 18 Thumb down 0
  13. Ibo France
    February 9, 2024

    Greed was Fahie’s downfall. Imagine, this man of enormous privilege had a life of luxury and entitlement but still wasn’t satisfied.

    I’m sure that Mr. Fahie is not the only corrupt head of government in the Caribbean to get caught up in this web of corruption. It just a matter of time before some of his counterparts in other Caribbean jurisdictions will join him.

    ” Night run till day catch it” my grandma’s favourite saying.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 20 Thumb down 2
    • February 11, 2024

      And what was your Grandpa’s, do you remember? I hope it was not “Sogo fly”.

  14. Trouble I See
    February 9, 2024

    When is prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit, going to visit him nou?
    Well let me quote Michael Smith song here ; “Friends Are Friends Forever…” Jesus says …. will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also.“

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 18 Thumb down 3
    • Confused
      February 10, 2024

      But was he not very friendly with a famous pastor here nuh? Just asking for a friend.

    • Just Saying
      February 10, 2024

      You are using God’s name in your rubbish. God does not like ugliness. Becarefull what you wish on others it might come back and bite you. You remembered that Hamman built the gallows for Mordechai and it was used to hang himself. Pray for peace and change not eveil on a leader, Let God be his judge.

  15. Hello
    February 9, 2024

    Brother i still feel sorry for you, despite your indiscretion. I read the entire article yesterday. As an adult and head of government, your actions showed that you were a bad example dressed in jacket and tie. Our decisions have consequencies. You had a choice, and at one point you did ask one of the guys if he was an undercover agent, but the greed for the $$$$$$$, still forced you to mess up your life, in the same way you would have messed up the lives of countless others, if you were successful.

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  16. Juanita
    February 9, 2024

    Does anyone recall the signs that were plastered all over the City of Roseau in the late 1970’s to early 80’s : “Gairy gone, PJ next , Alliance is the answer?” Gairy referred to the late PM of Grenada and PJ, of course was Patrick John. Eh bien! look and listen to see who’s next.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 22 Thumb down 3
    • February 9, 2024

      @Juanita, pray and fast so that you won’t be next.

    • February 11, 2024

      Hopefully, Juanita will be next. We will see. Stay tuned.

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