Linton, Durand, condemn arrest of videographers, ‘Mystelics’ and Stuart; urge Dominicans to ‘express their disgust’

Stuart. Mystelics

Civil rights activist, Loftus Durand, has called on Dominicans who believe in justice to turn out in large numbers outside of the Police Headquarters in protest to express their disgust following an incident that occurred yesterday where two men were arrested for allegedly flying a drone in Morne Daniel.

Well-known vlogger Lynworth (Mystelics) Mitchell, and videographer/photographer Jahwanza Stuart, were taken into police custody for allegedly flying the drone in that area.

“This case is a clear case of intimidation and indeed a travesty of justice, so we are calling on right thinking Dominicans, those who believe in justice, those who believe in country to come out and show their disgust, like it is being done in all other democracies around the world,” Durand said during an interview with Dominica News Online (DNO) on Thursday.

He continued, “When persons are disgusted with any democracy they come out with their voices, their placards, their drums, their pots, their pans and make it known that what is going on they do not stand for it.”

Meantime, Opposition Leader Lennox Linton, through a Facebook video, said he believes the incident is , “very political”, oppressive and discriminatory.

Linton indicated that the charge as he understands [it], is espionage under the State Security Act chapter 14:02.

He explained that espionage is about activities that are prejudicial to, harmful to, hurtful of the interest of the state of Dominica in so far as it concerns the country’s security.

“I took a little time to read that Act this morning and, frankly, from a common sense reading of the law, I see nothing that these gentlemen could have been doing yesterday afternoon that warrant[ed] the action by the police against them,” he remarked.

Linton is expecting more people to turn out to express their outrage at what he referred to as the savagery that is being visited on the two young Dominican men.

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  1. David Camron
    March 8, 2021

    It’s time for this nonsense to stop. Where else in the world can this happen? Lock them up and for all those who do not see a problem should fly a drone over Lennox’s house……

  2. david
    March 7, 2021

    “it must be clearly stated that it is illegal to fly any drone/surveillance aircraft in/or around the residence of any Heads of State or Government buildings. As a matter of national security, politics aside, on can never be too careful in the world that we are living in today”
    What a load of overblown, pompous self important nonsense…..this is Dominica, what do you mean by ‘National Security’ – are there countries out there with plans to invade Dominica..?? Are there terrorist organisations planning to blow the country up..?? I don’t think so…….most people in the world don’t even know where the island is…so what exactly do you mean by national security..?? What exactly is it that’s under threat by a couple of guys flying a drone..?? Do you think that they are going to bomb somewhere…!! For goodness sake get real about things………

  3. A voice
    March 6, 2021

    That’s no civil rights activist if he’s only on one side. If there’s an issue,,, if not at least afford the man his privacy. I step out of my back yard naked sometimes, I’d hate for anyone to be droning over me possibly live on the web. That’s bad panda.

  4. Natureboy
    March 6, 2021

    Show us the law that says Morne Daniel is a no fly zone.

  5. Tobby
    March 5, 2021

    There is no offence in flying a drone, unless some form of statute was passed in parliament. Is there any reason why those guys are arrested. If is for flying a drone, I can bet my last dollar, even the police charge those guys the matter will get dismissed.

    March 5, 2021

    Luftus looking for attention
    Lennox looking for position
    Should everything goes their way, one wonders what Dominica would be like.
    Hungry men sharing food. OMG!
    Both guys always support things contrary to the LAW and think they have the answer for everything
    Where in the world can anyone fly a drone over a no fly zone and not be investigated when apprehended. In the US these guy would be jailed forthwith.

  7. Anthony P. Ismael
    March 5, 2021

    There has to be a better way. It just appears that commonsense and decorum has gone out the window. This needs to be made clear to all and sundry. There are more important issues to contend with, instead of all this foolishness.

  8. Silver fox
    March 5, 2021

    Linton and his loonys kickass supporters keep pushing and pushing to see how far they could get my message to you all every dog has it day it is so much one could take enough is enough no more said! 🙊

  9. Stephen Nicholas
    March 5, 2021

    It should be noted that flying a drone over any Head of State Official Residents and over Diplomatic Territory is a violation of National Security.
    So the police had the right to intercept and confiscate the drone and carry out a partial and honest investigation and the persons operating the drones have to be open and honest with the investigating officers during their interrogations.

    • CopRobo
      March 10, 2021

      …. this has absolutely nothing to do with a violation of national security but it has everything to do with Skerrit not wanting to reveal the identity of a certain person living in the direct neighbourhood.

  10. mind your buisness
    March 5, 2021

    The point still remains that they are wrong and they violated the law. Do you know that there are laws in regards to operating a drone?? for those of you that are running your mouths against the arrest…. They were dead wrong and its not the first time they are doing something like this. Mistellics needs to stop making his vlogs so political thats why a lot of people have stopped looking at his videos.

    • Nonucular
      March 10, 2021

      Which law? Tell me which law did they violate? If you don’t have facts, don’t come on here and regurgitate Skerrit propaganda. Why don’t you ask Gucci, perhaps she knows why her husband is so agitated about this.

  11. Iamanidiot
    March 5, 2021

    I get it. It’s not wise to fly drones over an embassy. But give them guys a slap on the wrist for making a stupid decision, stop acting like they were stealing state secrets to sell for a spy organization. Come on

  12. Poly Sye
    March 5, 2021

    The law as it pertains to the operations of drones is clear in the US. Drones have to be registered and there are restrictions on altitude and location as to where one can fly a drone. Are there any such laws in Dominica?

  13. TeteMorne I From
    March 5, 2021

    My Lord! What is this world and Dominica coming to? So, one cannot fly a drone over or near the Dear Leader’s residence? What HARM can a drone cause/do? They are upset that people like Mystellics are outspoken and expose their nonsense. If this is not like the Biden administration, what is?
    That said, they cannot handle the truth, but the truth shall continue…

  14. Outsider
    March 5, 2021

    Interesting. What does the applicable law say? Everyone must abide by that: citizens and leaders.

  15. March 5, 2021

    Listen what has talking done over the past yearssssss. NADA. NOTHING!!! This rogue seem to be untouchable and he will continue to dictate for years to come until, until other actions apart from talking is taken. Because of his handing to you of some so called sweet biscuits you continue to have him dictate your lives. Shame on Dominica. VOTE THIS MAN OUT.

  16. Don Bradman
    March 4, 2021

    Did we not see a man at Linton’s house with a briefcase in his hand, whatever happen to that invasion Mr. Commissioner?

  17. March 4, 2021

    I would not be surprise to hear is Lenox Linton that is behind all of this chaos. Because he knows fully well these guys are wrong. On January 3rd 2020 former President Trump authorized to assinate an Iranian major general Qasem Soleimani and it was a DRONE they use to do the job. Any leader or Prime minister would be concern to see a DRONE on their property. Wrong is wrong. The only time people does hear Lenox Linton mouth is when time to create confusion . If he was the Prime minister he would have taken the same action. Son of a hooker stick as he is. And those uneducated protesters worse than their opposition leader.

  18. March 4, 2021

    “Civil rights activist, Loftus Durand, has called on Dominicans who believe in justice to turn out in large numbers outside of the Police Headquarters in protest—News article

    When is Lennox Linton and Loftus Duran ever going to face the fact that they their battle is for evil and wickedness, which they can never win in Dominica?

    The majority of Dominicans are peaceful people, who also stand with the Government of the country, how do you two expect them to turn out in large numbers to create discord and disharmony which is what the two of you are craving for, among your own people?

    The two of you are just sitting around like what I would call “mad dogs”, waiting for the situations that suits the liking of you two, and to start the loud barking that deafens the airs of the people–who wants that?

    So continue that way until your tongues fall off, but don’t expect Dominicans to join in with you all’s foolishness–because that is what it is!

  19. March 4, 2021

    The gardens would be a good place to fly your drone, why select the residence of the PM? But again UWP and their operatives love breaking the law and then act as if they are victims.

  20. our Sisserou laying Eggs
    March 4, 2021

    to be blunt, if they flew the drone over the prime minister’s airspace then that could possibly warrant a plausible cause for their arrest. if they were flying it no where near the airspace of government ministers, embassies, or airports, then they have wronged no one.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 40 Thumb down 14
    • Viewsexpressed
      March 5, 2021

      So its alleged that it appears that this so called Prime Minister’s airspace was trespassed upon by some flying Drones!?. Are you people really serious? Did it land on Skerrit’s house or property yard, or was it flying literary exactly be within the boundaries of this man’s house 🏠 home and were they intercepting anyone?
      If Skerrit has no work to do, he better get on with it, although it’s likely that he won’t, Because he may not have work to do, but engaged himself into childish behaviour, appears to gain loyalty and fame upon the innocent young people.
      Drones have been seen flying overhead of many places and areas around the world! Why don’t these idiots just behave themselves and use the states time and money 💰 to undertake specific tasks that we pay you our tax money 💰 to undertake your tasks and that of the interests of our suffert poor in people. We feel that Skerrit has overstayed his time in our Government business and he & fake DLP must move on. Welcome Hon Linton…

    • click here
      March 5, 2021

      Absolute nonsense. If you are my neighbour and i fly my drone over your house while i playing with it you going and have police arrest me? DOMINICA HAS ABSOLUTELY NO DRONE LAWS. Skerrit not living in an airport or any port of entry that bars video or picture taking. What gives him the right to arrest anyone? because he is the PM? Again, there is absolutely NO law regarding the flying of drones in public places. Espionage is a very trumped up charge.

    • JP
      March 5, 2021

      Does the PM own an “airspace though”? Please enlighten me.

      • VereTere
        March 10, 2021

        The only thing or things Skerrit owns have been stolen from the country or have been paid for with monies belonging to the citizens of DA. Let’s be very very clear about that. Just in case the PM feels insulted by this statement, all he has to do is show us independently audited CBI accounts and his expense and travel accounts. So no need to be upset

  21. Ibo France
    March 4, 2021

    The whole air space over Moan Daniel is now a No Fly Zone area. This is what happens under corrupt leaders when the public remains stoically unmoved by false arrests, victimization and intimidation committed by the state against law abiding residents.

    *A healthy adult male died in police custody recently – deafening silence
    * A farmer’s large acreage of crops bulldozed – no outrage
    *Mr. Linton faces fabricated charges in court up to this day – no protest
    *Danny Lugay physically assaulted and falsely arrested – no remonstration

    This apathy further emboldens the undisciplined, despicable oligarchs to continue to treat Dominicans like toilet paper.
    Lesson: Of twins babies, the more rambunctious, noisy one gets more attention.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 40 Thumb down 30
    • March 4, 2021

      Of all the buildings in morne daniel why the residence of the PM? The drone operator is a commited skeritt hater and prolific presenter of his productions on You tube. If Lennox was charged on fabricated evidence then any third rate lawyer can have the charges thrown out. Danny Lugay threatened to take a lawyer if he was not a christian. As usual UWP just a bunch jokers and cry babies. Tell Gabriel Christian and Dangleben to go and fly their drones over the whitehouse.

    • Man bites dogs
      March 5, 2021

      I am sorry to say Ebola France, you sounding silly by the day is it Dementia? Symptoms or what Diagnosis is now available to you in Dominica hurry up.

  22. Corona
    March 4, 2021

    They must have something hiding in morne daniel. They were too quick to arrest but no arrest was made for the guy who died in police custody. Still waiting

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    • click here
      March 5, 2021

      The thing is, Skerrit removed a totally perfect wire fence he erected right after Maria. That fence was ripped out late last year 2020 so that he could put a substantial concrete wall. This is where he will be building his 3rd mansion. right next to the 2nd one. Regardless, they did absolutely nothing wrong. If i stand across the street up on the mount of dirt, i can see the entire farm and the existing NH mansion. If i decide to take pictures, will i be arrested? this is what is being implied here. I have absolutely no right to film or take pictures in the area. Not even in i live right next door. This is a dictatorship.

  23. Eagle-Eyed
    March 4, 2021

    Linton and Durand, i dare you to go to the US, UK or any other Democracies as you mentioned, and try flying a drone close to the White House, Buckingham Palace or Downing Street where Presidents, Prime Ministers or Royal family resides and see how you would be quickly arrested and thrown into jail for your actions. If you can’t do it in these countries why do you think you should be allowed to do it here, where the prime minister and his family reside? Drones don’t only carry cameras. They can also be fitted with lethal weapons. As for encouraging people to gather in large numbers outside the Police Station, wouldn’t you be encouraging people to break the COVID restriction rules and endanger the lives of hundreds of Dominicans?

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 63 Thumb down 26
    • TeteMorne I From
      March 5, 2021

      True. But, this is NOT the US or any of the other countries you mentioned! A little ole drone flown ( in little ole Dominica) by a young, curious, intelligent, mind, like Mystellics can cause no harm.
      I cannot blame the police; they do what they are told, or, they too, will land in jail. It’s a dog eat dog world out here…

    • Viewsexpressed
      March 5, 2021

      Eagle Eye your comments make no sense and we are bewildered by this autrocity of vague thoughts in arresting these young people unnessarilly.
      Drones are well designed instruments that are publicly available for sale and attractive to our youths and young people exposing themselves to instruments openly available for your sale, yes that our unemployed Youth have been abandoned and ignored by this failed incompetent Labour government with be a Government with an extremely oversized ministry of said ministers(?) and other loyalties while our youths and people and country goes nowhere as we see and witness Incompetence and silly talk about this and that under this Failed fake incompetent Labour Party Government. There is no concept of Socioeconomic development taking place in our Dominica. I challenge our people to go drive and visit our rural villages to observe the poverty, deprivation and no jobs. Our agriculture has been dumped for sale of our passports. Shameful idiocy by Skerrit.

    • click here
      March 5, 2021

      These countries all have laws and policies regarding that. Please tell me what law we have. In America they can kidnap you for 72 hrs without just cause. In Dominica you cannot! Our laws are different. We dont live in America, UK or anywhere you mentioned. In Dominica we can drink openly in public. In america, you will be put in jail for that. In America the police can shut down your business is you sell rum after 2am in many states. In Dominica …well you get the drift. In short, we are not AMERICA, UK or the other democracies. Hate when yall act like yall living else where.

    • Ibo France
      March 5, 2021

      This guy has swallowed the police version of events line, hooker and sinker. It is as if the police’s explanation came from the mouth of the God we serve.

      What is so bewildering abut this is every honest Dominican knows that the present police force distorts and mangles the truth. Still there are some among us who believe that their words are divine.

      Ponder on this. Do you believe the police’s report of the healthy young man who died in their custody less than twenty-four (24) hours after he was arrested?

      Why have they not reveal the findings of the autopsy of the local pathologist?

      Think about it. A closed mind is dangerous.

    • Viewsexpressed
      March 6, 2021

      Nonsensical ridiculous thoughts. It is this ugly Eagle 🦅 Eyed that was out there flapping it’s noisey wings over the Skies that interrupted absolutely no one. Airplanes helicopters fly over London and Buckingham Palace practically everyday and there are no issues to vocal above.
      Some people are Creating out of class concepts just to be heard and go after strong, decent, hard- working people.
      If Skerrit area is droned then it’s his own issue and problem, not we the people of Dominica. We absolutely have nothing to hide nor worry about. All we ask and fight for is decent trusted People in our government to have the respect and decency in High Office, that is this Failed incompetent Government and worthless Incompetent worthless Incompetent immature visionless Labour failed Leadership and Fake government. In office over 15years with Failed incompetent immnature non- visionary and unable to comprehend the processes of Socioeconomic development. We proudly welcome and respect Hon…

    • dissident
      March 8, 2021

      The official PM residence is still at Morne Bruce. Skerrit does not live on state property! That is a private residence!!!!
      Furthermore, knowing that Skerrit have all de tentacles of de law at his disposal……de police released the gentlemen “without charge”!!!!!!!
      De minister of security and de attorney general both moo moo on this one!
      Somebody put their tail between their legs….. Suspicion of espionage was totally unfounded!!!!
      A big charge like espionage!
      And the police authorities didn’t request caricom assistance!

  24. BobD
    March 4, 2021

    Liberty is on the clamp down where ever you go. During the Maria Pandemic, the young men stepped Stepped Up brilliantly, in showing Dominica’ devastation. That was then, this is the NOW. Anti Gov’t remarks then, is now playing out itself. Drones can be use to do whatever it is programed too, and in all cases will play havoc with State security. The way things are heading, the Gov’t is looking to make an example for others not to follow, and mind you, they the Gov’t or any Gov’t, have the right to check on Drones flying over secured areas. Mr Linton as Prime Minister, would have been concerned if the shoe was on the other foot. Data from the Pics can be very damaging, depending who you dealing with. The support these young men have presently, will evaporate when the magnitude of Drone possible crimes are revealed. When U play wit Fyar be prepared to feel the burn, all in the name of National Security .

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 33 Thumb down 12
    • Shaka zulu
      March 4, 2021

      It is the same government who brought a foreigner to plant evidence at the home of the opposition leader aided by the police. While the police and the government is complicated in inviting people to citizens home you are now harrassing citizens for flying a drone.

    • Anthony Ismael
      March 5, 2021

      This is another “Wag the dog moment.” And the police officer was righteous in slapping an unarmed man with a Bull Horn.

    • click here
      March 5, 2021

      Morne Daniel is not a secured area. It has always been a free and open residential area. Dont have yourself. Skerrit doesnt own the area.

    • A voice
      March 6, 2021

      Again BobD I give you a thumbs up, whether you like the guy or not.

  25. En Ba La
    March 4, 2021

    Loftus Durand first of all what are Political Activist or Civil Rights Activist?

    There are other Civil Rights and Liberty violations that are worthy and you choose RIOTING to create the situation. The State Department giving you an award I am assuming was intended to have you spread the rioting and anti-government sentiment. COPY and PASTE.

    Like an Architect told me another architect told him – “…come up with a better solution”.

    How many of you all can take your drones and fly over the white house or state capitol and any state capitol as a matter of fact.

    Today, more than ever. We are a small developing country, you should not be allowed to fly drones over people’s properties, especially where you have drones crashing in people’s places and in the vicinity of Prime Minister’s residence and even the Leader of the Opposition -who wants to be the leader the country some day.

    There is a lot that I am not saying. National Security and Technology – stay ahead…

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 36 Thumb down 15
    • Viewsexpressed
      March 5, 2021

      Eagle 🦅 Eye, you’re out of Context. Keep Buckingham Palace out of your weird thoughts please. You’re out of context.
      There are too many people, visitors, tourists and others out there at Buckingham Palace be where hundreds of photos are taken and shared with family, friends etc.
      A drone flying passby over our Government State House 🏡 with so many other houses and people residing in this area and how on earth can this affect Skerrit our servant just because of a passing drone? This is hypocritcal and politically Immature and out of focus.
      We believe that Skerrit and his Failed incompetent Labour government has failed us and Overstayed their Welcome in our Dominica’
      My people just look around of our Dominica’ and suffering people. Skerrit his failed Labour government has failed we the people of Dominica and Skerrit must get out, he’s a failure and a waste of time. Openly Incompetent and lacks visionary. Therefore unable to plot the Development of our Dominica and our people…

    • Viewsexpressed
      March 6, 2021

      Eh Ba La, for your information for many years we active young people have flying kites all over Roseau, Goodwill, Pottersville, Laginy, Gutter Village, Newtoi, Loubiere, Madrelle etc etc for years and during the Kite season, it be will continue. And That’s a fact. It’s our entertainment civil rights and we have been enjoying it with our parents and families and friends.
      On the other matter there is no way this failed fake Labour government and some resident are not going to have our police arrest our up coming educated, committed, disciplined, Sports boys and girls to interrupt in their thoughts, entertainment, Leisure who enjoy the outside leisure and not have them in prison.
      The UWP will always express themselves on the matters of the independence of our Young people, tomorrow’s Children, in government, police officers, teachers, parents and we are the ones to embrace them, direct, listen to them, prepare them for employment and to know of the process of Development of our…

  26. Alas
    March 4, 2021

    And who is Loftus again? Lynworth please give this up and go back to the days when your vlogs were entertaining and educational. I stopped viewing, not because I love the government, I don’t , but because you are too focused on politics right now.
    See what you have your mother suffering right now. Her home is being ransacked by police bearing guns. Your father most be turning in his grave after working so hard to leave you all well off and that’s what you have become.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 36 Thumb down 20
    • click here
      March 5, 2021

      The words of cowardice. No wonder we are where we are now. Willing to lay down your rights in fear.

  27. Dr Clayton Shillingford
    March 4, 2021

    “Espionage under the State Security Act chapter 14:02.”

    I don’t get it What were they spying on and for whom..Has that been established?? Sounds quite ridiculous

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 32 Thumb down 24
    • Viewsexpressed
      March 5, 2021

      Dr. Shillingford, I wholesomely concur with your comments. Well said and welcomed.
      Much appreciated!
      Alas, (your name!?) for your information, Loftus is Loftus and it appears that you are not in any position to attempt to address him on there matters based on the stupidity 👿 of what we read of you. What were you thinking and trying to say? Well it makes no sense, try again let’s converse on matters of our failed Dominica and government under this failed fake incompetent Questionable Labour government and Immature visionless leadership.
      Our people desperately need decent committed intellectual trusted people to lead the Development of our government and Dominica’and our suffering people under this Fake failed Labour government.
      God Bless🙏 us all. Amen. We desperately need Decent trusted committed Leadership and we welcome our distinguished experienced Hon. Lennox Linton and his trusted competent professional UWP – United Workers Party.
      Gods Blessings and Guidance.

  28. jaded
    March 4, 2021

    For obvious reasons, certain places should be off limits to drones; and, in addition to airports, the Prime Minister’s residence should be off limits. It is reasonable for the Prime Minister to perceive a threat if he sees a drone over his property. Mystelics needs to be more careful. He is running a business and he just can’t invade people’s privacy by flying drones over their property.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 34 Thumb down 16
    • Don Bradman
      March 4, 2021

      Did we not see a man at Linton’s house with a briefcase in his hand, whatever happen to that invasion Mr. Commissioner?

    • Frank N Stein
      March 5, 2021

      Whhy are they not charged with violating air space?

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      March 8, 2021

      Shut up; there are more important issues in Dominica for people like you to worry about than talking fart about drones.

      I live in a city of several million people, with  at least four International Airports in addition to small commuter Airports, People still fly their drones.

      People also go up in Hot-Air Balloons: people; use drones to invade celebrity activity in Hollywood and all over the place, what the hell is so special about Dominica that one cannot fly a drone?

      There is no law in Dominica prohibiting the flying of drones!

      Now that I said it the Chines are going to dictate that Roosevelt create a law to prevent people from flying over his $64,000.00 rental house per month; He don’t want the drone to photograph him sitting between his two burning fire place!

      The only house in the Caribbean with two fire place in it;  is Roosevelt Skerrit house!

      Well it snows in Dominica you know.


  29. Luca Spark
    March 4, 2021

    There’s a pattern of victimization and oppression emerging in this country #domichina

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 18 Thumb down 26
  30. Politically Neutral
    March 4, 2021

    I don’t support all the doings of the present administration however, why the hell are you flying a drone in Morne Daniel an area where the Prime Minister lives as well as the Chinese headquarters? In another country they’d have tortured you to find out the reasons for being in that area. You don’t even have to do much research to find out if these actions are wrong, it’s prevalent in the everyday news that we watch and even movies. And I’m disappointed that Lennox Linton is even supporting that rubbish. Tell these guys that they are wrong and should not have been in the area. That’s a breach of national security.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 42 Thumb down 18
    • March 5, 2021

      And in some countries there would not be 900 Chinese WHO/WHAT in a small Dominica and there would not be a fraudulent, fake and phony president /prime minister. Remember that.

    • JP
      March 5, 2021

      In case you have forgotten that before the Chinese embassy and Skerrit lived at Morne Daniel, other Dominicans lived and are still living there. So, why can’t these young men be there? Or is it that these two sets of people now own all the lands and airspace of Morne Daniel?

  31. Righteous
    March 4, 2021

    “This case is a clear case of intimidation and indeed a travesty of justice.” How so? These fellas always come out and make statements without any fact finding or reasoning. While the charges against these young men may probably be dropped once an investigation is conducted, it must be clearly stated that it is illegal to fly any drone/surveillance aircraft in/or around the residence of any Heads of State or Government buildings. As a matter of national security, politics aside, on can never be too careful in the world that we are living in today. The drone must be confiscated, and there must be an investigation into the communication of the operators to rule out anything more serious. Remember the Bayou of Pigs.

    I you are going to have the tittle of ‘Civil Rights Activist’, it can’t just be against the law.

    #OneLveDominicans #OLD #NoFlyZone

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 26 Thumb down 15
  32. Pope
    March 4, 2021

    Lol they flew in a no fly zone. Not only is it near an airport but near the prime minister’s residence and ambassador’s residence. No if they weren’t arrested the same people would cry how Dominica backward and lawless.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 38 Thumb down 12
  33. lol
    March 4, 2021

    Why is Linton always supporting lawlessness?

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 43 Thumb down 18
    • Alas
      March 4, 2021

      Notice the crowd they got today. Don’t know why these guys don’t give this up. You don’t have the support on the ground.

    • Viewsexpressed
      March 5, 2021

      Who on earth told you do? How on earth did you arrive at this Nonsensical thoughts of yours.
      HON. Lennox Linton is Leader of the Opposition and a formidable man who has our interest and out Dominica’ at 💖.
      You need to follow more of his work and his written and spoke issues. You will learn alot of the concept of good governance and focus on this failed incompetent Questionable inmature failed Skerrit and his failed questionable Labour government. To create this “Red Bobolistic Clinic” Red Clinic is shameful and trying to gain loyalty from our poor people. This L’abour Government and its incompetent failed Labour government and Prime Minister has failed us.
      We welcome our Decent United Workers Party (UWP) and our distinguished experienced commited trusted competent professional trustworthy reliable Hon. Lennox Linton and his trusted Formidable UWP.
      Our Dominica needs decent trusted committed UWP Government. We need to be lifted to higher heights for our children, people and…

    • Viewsexpressed
      March 5, 2021

      Lol… who the hell told you this crap? Are you for real?
      You just read and repeat what you read and hear and you regurgitate this Nonsensical thoughts
      Well, it’s just not so!
      Open your eyes and ears and capture your thoughts and comments openly that we all are able to comprehend.
      We have a failed Labour government in office running our government and country to the duldrums. Our economy is dead, agriculture dead and other matters of State is also dead. There is no meaningful development taking place in our Dominica.
      My people, please wake up by and smell the Red soup.
      We need Decent trusted committed UWP Government to take our people and country to higher education and higher heights.
      God Bless 🙏 our Dominica and our people.
      We need focussed decent people in our Government. Welcome UWP. HON. Lennox Linton. We’ve got to elevate our Dominica to higher heights in education, jobs, politics, sports etc. Apres Bondie CE Later. Amen. God richly Bless 🙏 us All. Amen.

    • Viewsexpressed
      March 6, 2021

      Mr. LOL….How on earth did you arrive at this thoughtless Disgusting out of tune Nonsensical thoughts? We just don’t understand this fake thoughts of yours.
      Also, Hon Lennox Linton is a most intellectual, decent trusted committed DOMINICAN and Politician we know. We look forward to him winning the up coming Elections in Dominica. That will be welcomed wholeheartedly.
      HON. Linton is versed and exposed and experienced in multiple skills and exceptionally knowledgeable of Socioeconomic, good Governance, the Concept of poverty, unemployment and agriculture, and has worked in our Dominica and within the Caribbean as a well established Professional, aware of the concepts of good governance and its management. Our Dominica’ is desperately in need of decency in leadership, in good governance, loyalty to our State and our people. We need that urgent change in our Government its management, accountability, transparency in government and the professional development processes in our…

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