Linton urges supporters to go out and vote in massive numbers

Linton, speaking to Matt Peltier, in the studios of Q95 FM

As Election Day draws near opposition Leader Lennox Linton is encouraging supporters of the United Workers Party (UWP) to turn out in massive numbers to cast their votes.

Linton was speaking during a live interview on Q-95 Radio on Thursday morning.

He said his party has decided to contest the general elections even though he believes that it is not fair, nor it is going to be free.

“We have what is available to us, something called a vote and that vote can be exercised and will be exercised tomorrow,” Linton said.

According to him, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit can do what he wants to make the elections not free, to make it unfair in his favour as he like it to be, “but this election is about we the people of Dominica and it is our numbers that’s going to count in that election.”

“And so tomorrow we are going out and we are voting in massive numbers regardless if it’s an attack on the freedom of elections, regardless if it’s an attack on the fairness of elections which we have established, we are going out as brave soldiers in the cause of Dominica to win the elections in a landslide,” Linton stated.

He added, “That is the option that is available to us right now.”

Meantime, Linton said the reason the country is where it is today is because one man has decided he will “violate the constitutional provision that guarantees or provides that the electoral management body of Dominica, the Electoral Commission, will function independently and outside the direction and control of any other person or authority.”

He said Skerrit has exercised violated that violation mercilessly for 15 years.

“Roosevelt Skerrit has also been disobedient to the law, because he insists that if there are no amendments, the amendments that he wants to make to the House of Assembly Elections Act and the Register of Electors Act, if these amendments don’t go through, are not passed in Parliament then there can be no reform,” Linton remarked.

He said the reform the people are asking for can be taken care of by the Electoral Commission under the existing law.

The General Election is carded for Friday 6th, December 2019.

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  1. December 7, 2019

    Not even linton voted for himself he voted with eyes and he make the x by the πŸ‘  hahahaha

  2. Alicia
    December 6, 2019

    My congratulations goes out to Linton and his team. For being once again a bunch of

    that’s for making Dominica and Dominican’s loool bad for your personal gain.

    Next 5, we taking marigot. Shame on u.
    You are not an opposition leader But an Oppressor, which dominica does not need.


  3. look it
    December 6, 2019

    PM in waiting Mr. Linton, this should have been your first message from day one. After the results ,Are you going to give up independence? or bring in the RUSSIANS.

  4. How to vote
    December 5, 2019

    Voting Instructions:
    1. Look for the saw.
    2. write your X next to UWP, the saw
    3. make sure your X stays within the lines, do not let your x touch the outside lines.

  5. Workers Win!!!!
    December 5, 2019

    DNO, tomorrow’s headline will read: THE UWP WINS!!!! :lol:

  6. Lin clown
    December 5, 2019

    Biggest bunch of idiots UWP.Destroying the country in the name of electoral reform.No reform No election ,then they go to the polls with no reform.An election they are going to lose,why destroy the country and peoples lives

  7. In awe
    December 5, 2019

    How were the Americans treated passing through the barricades?

  8. BE B
    December 5, 2019

    If Linton is sure he is going to win the election, then why is he still condoning these protest action, causing all these damages over the country, putting the electorates in fear, that’s what I call election not being ‘Free and Fair’ Instead of causing all these chaos, he should allow the election to carry on and await the results

  9. December 5, 2019

    VTO- Vote Them Out; this will be the best electorial reform.

  10. Concerned citizen
    December 5, 2019

    The Freedom Party has a lot to answer for. By pulling out because it didn’t think it could come close to winning seats, it gave voters no alternative to the two warring parties. This was a mistake. Even if they were far back in third place, they should have seen that some people in this country are sick to the teeth of both the DLP and UWP but they have no-one else to vote for. They missed an opportunity to offer an alternative.

    • Realist
      December 5, 2019

      Did the Freedom Party have a choice? They are a bunch of jokers with the leader being the biggest joker. The Party has not been able to stand on their own feet from the time Ms. Charles gave them the lethal injection…she killed the party. First they were in bed with the Labour Party, then they started shacking up with UWP. They also seem to follow the actions of UWP; not able to make a statement or take action on their own accord, they have just been UWP followers….shame on them

  11. WE are VOTING
    December 5, 2019

    We are going out there tomorrow to win as many seats as we can even with Skerrit’s cheating. The more seats we have in parliament the better our chances of getting what we want! Put your X for UWP, the saw.

  12. Let's Go
    December 5, 2019


  13. save your country
    December 5, 2019

    We must go out and vote! Yes! I agree with Lennox Linton. We cannot allow Skerrit to win all the constituencies just because we did not show up to vote. There are constituencies we MUST win even with Skerrit cheating. on December 6, 2019, Let us bathe, say a prayer and go and put our “X” for the United Workers Party!

  14. Insomnia
    December 5, 2019

    Mr linton, inspite of all what is going on, tell our brothers and sisters, the patriots of this land to step down and let things be peaceful from midnight tonight and go out to vote tomorow in large numbers. We have done enough and the good lord will fight for us.

    • December 5, 2019

      “We have done enough and the good lord will fight for us”.

      You are right to call yourself “insomnia” because you are lacking of sleep which would cause your mind to function effectively.

      Also, you could not be speaking about the Lord that I know, for He is not “good lord”, He is “Good Lord” But perhaps your good lord will be fighting for you all to give all you the “huge defeat”

      But if you think you can push the “Good Lord” around, after all of those days of civil unrest; you are even to claim that you have “done enough” pertaining you all’s “violent protest”

      You now conclude the He will be on your side in less than 24 hours–who are you?

      Did you not hear Him asking you all to “be still and to know that He is God”, not the Leader of your group of hooligans? I am sure you know his name. Good luck!

  15. we voting UWP
    December 5, 2019

    Go and vote tomorrow! Vote for the United Workers Party. Vote for the SAW!

  16. Vote Skerrit out!
    December 5, 2019

    At first I wasn’t sure about voting but I now understand why I must vote. I must vote Skerrit out! If I don’t go and vote labourites will automatically win. We cannot have such braindead people in full control of our parliament.

  17. C. ben-David
    December 5, 2019

    There is a fundamental contradiction in Lennox Linton’s position: if the elections are as rigged as he says, Roosevelt Skerrit is bound to win regardless of how many opposition votes are cast.

    Accordingly, aren’t the best options: (a) not vote at all and fight like hell after the election to subvert its illegitimate outcome, a strategy people have used all over the world, or, better still, (b) to mash up the election using direct action tomorrow to prevent people from voting, stop election personnel from working, destroy enough polling stations to invalidate the results, or combine these and other efforts.

    When elections are not free and fair, voting only validates the lack of freeness and fairness.

    Will the second option put people in harm’s way? Of course it will. But a country not worth dying for is a country not worth living in.

    • December 5, 2019

      @C. ben-David:

      Both A & B will put a lot of lives in danger and not to mention a long term of jail. People are lucky that PM Skerrit is a man of God. However, whatever happens, will be by the hands and power of God, not his, Dominicans be sure to keep that in mind

  18. LL
    December 5, 2019

    I am voting for the dlp

  19. December 5, 2019

    Linton is setting up an atmosphere for civil unrest. In the above article it is reported to have said that “his party has decided to contest the general elections even though he believes that it is not fair, nor it is going to be free”. Therefore, if he looses the election he is already establishing grounds for certain course of action.

    Linton is also saying Mr. Skerrit β€œviolate the constitutional provision that guarantees or provides that the electoral management body of Dominica, the Electoral Commission, will function independently and outside the direction and control of any other person or authority.” However, he provides no evidence to support his claim. Again Linton is reported to have said “the reform the people are asking for can be taken care of by the Electoral Commission under the existing law” how clearer it would be for Dominicans if Linton would just quote the section of the law of which he speaks, in this regard?

    • December 5, 2019

      @Alvin Jarvis:

      You have spoken on my behalf, I was about to out all that you mentioned about Lennox, but you did it all for me.

      “Go out and vote in massive numbers”; and yet for 3 days before the votes, he encouraged a few of his hooligans to mash-up his own constituency–claiming that they were protesting their rights–what kind of a mind is that? Does he really believe that he gained voters through that situation?

      Lennox is a man whose mind is grounded in self-pride jealousy, envy, anger, and bitterness; he speaks like someone who is sitting at the “edge of night” except that his situation is not a soap opera.

      I think that man will need an exorcism to pull him out of that state of mind, but only God can be that “exorcist”. No bishop, priest, pastor, nor preacher can do that for him.

  20. Goodweed
    December 5, 2019

    Linton STFU, these are similar words that Trump was preaching and then he won the election. SO if you win the election, will you still preach that it was unfair and we should go back to the polls? or would you still want electoral reform?
    But mark my words, if you think things are bad in Dominica wait until UWP is elected.

    • Braindamage
      December 5, 2019

      Good weed, things will be bad as 90% of the sales of Diplomatic Passport goes to Skerrit and the country getting 2%… according to Al Jezeera reporting..?

  21. βœ“
    December 5, 2019

    “He said the reform the people are asking for can be taken care of by the Electoral Commission under the existing law.”
    No my brother, not the people.
    The reform you are asking for.
    From where I stand the majority elected skerrit so skerrit is actually passing the reform the people want.

    • December 6, 2019

      @βœ“! Bottom line! Tell it to him again!

      It just inflames me to read this guy speaking about the people, as if he is referring to the people of Dominica, who are the God-fearing people and the wide supporters or followers of the DLP–he needs to know who are his people and to stop thinking of them as “the people” we are not his people and we never will be.

  22. Critique
    December 5, 2019

    I am very happy that good sense prevailed over the big ego.
    I feel confident that the protest will be massive at the polls. Even some of those who were given tickets to come down will either vote UWP or spoil the ballot

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