President Savarin asserts Dominica’s solidarity with Cuba at UNGA

President Charles Savarin

President of Dominica, His Excellency Charles Savarin announced that Dominica continues to stand with the international community calling for the removal of the economic blockade imposed on the Republic of Cuba by the United States of America (USA). He was addressing the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) held in New York on Thursday.

The United States embargo against Cuba prevents American businesses, and businesses organized under U.S. law or majority-owned by American citizens, from conducting trade with Cuban interests. It is the most enduring trade embargo in modern history.

The embargo has had a negative impact on the Cuban economy resulting in a loss of billions of dollars in trade and other opportunities.

“Dominica continues to stand with the overwhelming majority of the international community, calling for the removal of the 60-year-old economic blockade imposed on the Republic of Cuba by the United States,” he stated.

He pointed out that in November of 2022, this body voted overwhelmingly 185 to 2, condemning the embargo.

“Even Ukraine could not bring itself to support the United States in this outdated and unjust measure and abstain from voting,” the President said.

He continued, “This body must continue to condemn this violation until it is lifted as it has severely impacted the lives and livelihoods for ordinary Cuban citizens for the last six decades.”

Meanwhile, Savarin stated for the last 30 years Small Island Developing States (SIDs) have been advocating for resilient building measures based on the inherent vulnerabilities and the frequency and magnitude of its increase in global shocks.

He indicated that the lack of adequate assistance through development partners and international financial institutions has forced governments to borrow, “resulting in high repayment cost and unsustainable debt levels for our fragile economies.”

Mr. Savarin said to this end Dominica fully supports the work of the multi-dimensional vulnerability index which contributes to unlocking the type of financing which is so urgently required.

“Additionally, Dominica pledges its full support and participation to the upcoming SIDs conference to be held in Antigua and Barbuda in 2024,” he stated.

The 78th session of the UNGA is being held under the theme “Rebuilding Trust and Reigniting Global Solidarity: Accelerating Action on the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals Towards Peace, Prosperity, Progress and Sustainability for All.”

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  1. Batibou
    September 25, 2023

    Savarin, what is the meaning of the phrase ‘international community’ in your book? You make out that the international community calls for the removal of the economic blockade on Cuba. So that means that Russia, Belarus, Venezuela, China, Iran, a few rogue African states, etc. in your book represent the international community. Well Savarin, you are telling a blatant lie. You and your political master are blatant liars. I that why you went on a tour of jolly to tell lies?

    • September 26, 2023

      The fact remains that Savarin is better educated than all of you UWP BLUE MONKEY SUCKERS.

      • Romeo
        September 28, 2023

        Why don’t you just shut your cake hole? He might be better educated than you but doesn’t really mean a lot. Who could possibly less educated than a latrine diver.

      • RomeoC
        September 28, 2023

        Why don’t you just shut your cake hole? He might be better educated than you but doesn’t really mean a lot. Who could possibly less educated than a latrine diver. Get out…

    September 24, 2023

    More nonsense from this man. I know the cocktail parties were very nice on the east side of manhattan. If he likes the socialist parade so much, go live there. Why not move the United nations, to havana. I heard the mojito’s are slamming there. just have the 185, nation to trade with cuba, why would cuba who chose communism/socialism, want to trade with an so call evil capitalist america. karl marx would not like that. Tipical socialist, they want communism and say in power for life, they get it, and they are not happy. Let them and cuba suffer.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 4
  3. kubulol
    September 24, 2023

    I respect the President but he does not seem to know the exact situation :
    The embargo (and not the blockade) was established following Castro’s coup in 1959
    Since then : no free elections !! A communist dictatorship !
    assassination of political opponents, no opposition press, human rights violated, etc….and poverty
    Even Obama didn’t remove the embargo!
    Cuba is not required to trade with the US and is free to trade with its dictators friends : Venezuela, China, Russia, …
    There is no blockade of the island !

    ( Hope my comment will be published by DNO ; I know it won’t please everyone )

  4. violation
    September 24, 2023

    It is sad that Cuba is still being punished for failing to allow the USA to exploit its natural resources. I applaud both our President and PM for not remaining silent on this issue.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 4 Thumb down 7
  5. Ibo France
    September 23, 2023

    This is not news. Every September at the General Assembly Meeting at the UN, all the English-speaking countries of the region call on the US to remove the economic blockade of Cuba, but pto no avail.

    What they need to do is all the members of CARICOM come together and organise a face to face meeting with the president of the United States then make a compelling case on behalf of Cuba.

    All members (CARICOM) have voiced this same refrain individually for eons with no positive results but you continue. Time to try something new.

    • Mocratic Fire
      September 25, 2023

      Tell that to the hundreds of thousands of Cubans who fled Cuba and is now living in Miami. Is who in the kitchen feeling the heat. The developed countries should stop doing business with Dominica 🇩🇲 until the Island return to being Democratic. You can’t have it both ways. If your house is on fire at the same time with your neighbors house, the logical and sensible thing to do would be to put out your own fire 🔥 before you run to the neighbors and try to put out their fire 🔥 while your house is burning. I personally think that life in Cuba 🇨🇺 is much sweeter than in Dominica. So don’t sit here acting cute. Your house (Dominica) is on fire 🔥.

  6. Bring back the kidnapped parrots
    September 23, 2023

    The United States fought a war with Vietnam a communist country from 1956 to 1973 and lost over 58,000 soldiers and yet has normal relations with their former enemy. The US has never had a war with Cuba and yet no relations. Why? We know it has to do with all the Cubans living in South Florida and members of the US Congress from Florida who are from Cuba they block any effort because Castro took all their ancestors money when they fled Cuba they are still mad. The Mafia is also stopping normal relations too because they lost most of their assets in Cuba.

  7. MEME
    September 23, 2023

    The message calling for the lifting of the embargo on Cuba is good, although the messanger is a bad example; a terrible example. Cuba has helped Dominica immensely in the field of medicine, agriculture, architecture, education, etc… But back home Savarin CANNOT call on the Starboy of Stupidity, Skerrit, to lift the embargo on the UWP not being able to use DBS Radio, to lift the embargo on trump up cases against Dr Fontaine, honourable Lennox Linton, honourable Eddison James, etc. Savarin Skerrit should lift the embargo on our monies being held outside of our treasury, to lift the embargo on election RIGGING and STEALING, to lift the embargo cronyism and nepotism, to lift the embargo on leadership by deception, etc.
    Guess this trip was the farewell trip for Savarin, (Skerrit’s president), before he leaves office. Savarin you served Skerrit well, while Dominica sunk 6 feet deep.

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