Protesting Marigot residents say they will not back down

Protesters set fire to debris on the Marigot main road on Monday

Marigot today is experiencing one of fiercest protest since residents there have been demanding electoral reform before general elections.

On Tuesday, residents blocked roads and burnt tires, demonstrating their distaste with the sitting government’s decision to go to the polls on December 06th without voter I.D Cards and a cleansed list.

Marigot resident and brother of the Opposition Leader, Brian Linton, told the media this morning that villagers are not backing down.

This is the second day that Marigot residents have been protesting, braving teargas, barricades and bullets.

“We have police shooting live ammunition and the people of Marigot continue to stand and resist oppression and we want to call everybody to join the protest…” Linton said.

Linton said the protest is simply trying to push for a peaceful resolution to the residents’ demands.

“We are demanding free and fair election, reform, and a clean voters list in the first instance,” he explained.

Furthermore, Linton said the protest is also leaning towards the need for righteousness and justice.

“The young people who are in the struggle are unemployed youths who are qualified, who see a need for change and they have decided to stand up against all the police bullets and teargas,” he said.

Meantime, Psychiatrist Dr. Griffin Benjamin, a native of neighbouring Wesley, is supporting the protest, saying that the time has come for the people to fight for their rights.

“You have to fight your way into power. I would be disappointed if Dominicans don’t stand up today, tomorrow and the other days,” he said.

Benjamin said residents are fighting against a powerful force, mainly built on money.

“If a force is pushing against you and that force has millions of dollars and you just have your natural energy and your fight, then you can beat that force,” he added.

Benjamin said the prime minister is a “savage and as he is going out, he becomes this dangerous animal”.

He said what is happening in Marigot is not violence but resistance.

“Statesmanship has gone out the window completely, so you must engage them. We need people who are willing to lay on the roads and say no bus passing,” he added.

Looking back to when Roosevelt Skerrit took up office, Benjamin said the Dominica Labour Party died with its former leader Rosie Douglas.

“This one who took over the party [Roosevelt Skerrit] is a vicious character,” Benjamin said.

Benjamin said Skerrit has been able to destroy Dominica “in such a short time.”

“He’s aged in fifteen years. He’s no longer the young man who you can give a chance. He’s an old man who is desperate to hold on to power and to live a legacy that Dominicans cannot identify with,” he lamented.

The psychiatrist said he is also concerned about the mental stability of the prime minister.

Benjamin who has been a psychiatrist for over thirty years said he was always against the appointment of Skerrit as prime minister.

“In 2004 I stood up against him being prime minister. I was kicked out of his house when I said you are not going to head Dominica in any way shape or form,” he revealed.

However, Benjamin said Skerrit rose to power in an undemocratic manner.

“He has destroyed lives of innocent men and women. His intentions were clear from the beginning. It was for him and who he decided are loyal to him. Just challenging him made you a disloyal member of the party,” Benjamin explained.

Benjamin is also predicting a win for the United Workers Party at the upcoming general elections.

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  1. Portsmouth girl
    December 4, 2019

    When you act like animals don’t be surprised when you get treated like animals. All you love talking about Rosa parks and Dr king to back up your actions. Burning rubbish in the street is not peaceful. They want noticing. Real change happens in court, in meetings , in offices. When you burn down the island you get NOTHING.

  2. En BA LA
    December 4, 2019

    With ALL UWP members in the US and elsewhere LEGALLY, IN POSITIONS OF POWER, RAKING IN HUGE PAYCHECKS why not contribute to your party’s campaign in LARGE SUMS or buy tickets- charter a flight to GO HOME TO VOTE. WHILE YOU ARE THERE SPEND – you will not because DLP is in power. LOVE FOR COUNTRY AND PATRIOTIC.


    UWP you all strategies have QUARANTINED you all in US and elsewhere.

  3. Lin clown
    December 4, 2019

    MARIGOT was the BREAD BASKET of Dominica.The handful of UWP idiots,Edison,Lennox & Brian Linton has turned it into a PIT TOILET.LET THE PEOPLE OF MARIGOT BURN.

  4. December 4, 2019

    “IBo France”, “Viewexpress”, “RandyX,” “Telemaque”, “Sylvester Cardette”, “Gouvelmane”, “Zandoli”, “Karlingo–” “I still red”, “Bwa badaye”, “Peter St. Jean” “Truth be Told”, and the rest of you;

    Why are you all hiding behind the “thumbs down rating” We want to know what do you all think about this news article.

    And I hope that you all are not going to blame the police when they lock, what his name–Linton’s brother, behind bars for the rest of his time in the body, eh!

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      December 4, 2019

      Elizabeth, if you had any commonsense; if you had the ability to read and understand peoples opinions, you would understand what we wrote in regards to the article.
      Because you are so shallow, you can only understand the nastiness, the garbage that develop in your own mind!
      And by the way, be careful what you say about Griffin Benjamin, because if you venture; if you attack him, you will have to deal with me!
      Just be reminded, his grandmother, his late father mother the late was the biological aunt of yours truly, she had a surname “Telemaque.”He might be the one to fixed your mentally derange head!
      He might be the one to return Roosevelt head to normalcy after the election is over.
      Elizabeth, Dominica is burning, it is about to implode, if you are so interested in the welfare of your country rather than a corrupted crook that black wet two head rat, that little mouse you would advise the rat Roosevelt to resign and save the country.

  5. December 4, 2019

    “Meantime, Psychiatrist Dr. Griffin Benjamin–is supporting the protest,– for the people to fight–.”

    Am I to believe that this man is treating the mental health of people in Dominica; someone who suggests that “You have to fight your way into power”?

    Benjamin said the prime minister is a “savage and as he is going out, he becomes this dangerous animal”

    My God! My God! Is this man listening to himself?

    PM Skerrit is a man with great humility, a man who humbled enough to shed tears on a World medium, because of the ravaged effect of a category 5 hurricane, against his Nation. And yet a so-called psychiatrist’s diagnosis describes his mind as being a “savage” and a “dangerous animal”?

    If that man can conclude with diagnosis against the Prime Minister, how does he decide when a person is really mentally ill?

    Or is he one of those truly “mad” and “insane”; so much to the point that he wasn’t able to search his mind before speaking?

    • SMH
      December 5, 2019

      So Skerrit talking about balls and boxers is totally acceptable?

  6. December 4, 2019

    “He said what is happening in Marigot is not violence but resistance”.

    How can you use “resistance” to condone the conduct of those people, resistance against what–the Law of the Nation?

    “Benjamin said the Dominica Labour Party died with its former leader Rosie Douglas.”

    And yet God allowed a plague of death to reign over His God-fearing people for 20 years, and the majority of the Nation are contented with that plague of the death, “a vicious character”, who rules over them; and on December 06, they will choose him again?

    “In 2004 I stood up against him being prime minister. I was kicked out of his house when I said you are not going to head Dominica in any way shape or form,”

    There it is! You have lived with “vicious hatred” against PM Skerrit, beyond the time of his reign as the Prime Minister of our Nation. How coward of you, to use another deplorable conduct to spill out your gust against him?

    I repeat it, COWARD!

    • Eddy A
      December 4, 2019

      Your PM is a gangster. Why don’t you come to your senses, you hypocrite!

  7. December 3, 2019

    @The Truth Be Told, “I know this PM has spiritual discernment, HE prays too, so Jehovah will always guide him.”

    Yes indeed, my friend, I am also one who is blessed with profound “spiritual discernment” and I know what you are saying about PM Skerrit. I now that God did not attach me to the Life of that man for no reason at all, I am not interested in politics.

    It is not by the minds of the majority of the Nation, that PM Skerrit has been the Primary Authority in Dominica, it is by the Mind of God that they continue to choose him, and they will do so again at this coming general election

    And this meg minority, regardless of their status, has no power over God’s decision. The harder the enemy try to stand the harder he will fall

    Let us pray that PM Skerrit will hold on strong, knowing the strength behind him is the MIGHTY POWER of the Living God of Heaven & Earth, in His Person, Christ Jesus, no man can stand against that MIGHTY POWER.

  8. God's child
    December 3, 2019

    Wake up Pastors!
    I listened to one of our Pastors give his views on the political climate in Dominica. Based on what he said I could tell that there would be chaos in our land. What has happened to our spiritual leaders? What are we doing? What’s our position? Are we getting so consumed with politics that we are forgetting our real calling? While we are hating, fussing, and gossiping the devil is indeed having a good time. “Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people”

  9. Labor power
    December 3, 2019

    Margot has been targeted by Skerritt for years…. Imagine landing n driving through the village is just shameful….
    Houses still uncovered.. It’s time to fight back
    Victimization of marigotians.. Time to fight back
    No signs of hospital. It’s time to fight back
    No jobs for the people. It’s time to fight back
    Bad roads in marigot its time to fight back
    Poverty in marigot. Time to fight back
    Disrespect for their culture. Time to fight back
    20 years of squeezing marigot people. Time to fight back
    Hardly marigot people getting jobs n contracts.. Time to fight back
    When Skerritt consistantly disrespect their pal rep n by extension a fou a we. It’s time to fight back..
    The fight back is a long walk to freedom….
    To much corruption, bad leadership, Choas, break down in security, dealings with rogue states, selling of passports…
    Marigot want their cake tooooo. It’s time to stand uppp. They fighting the power in a non violent way…
    Time to fight back…… And…

  10. Watchman
    December 3, 2019

    Why is it the DLP want to force it’s self on Dominicans all the people asking for is free and fair elections ; why it’s so difficult to give them thire wish. This also was the advice by the observer’s why Skerrit being to difficult?
    Can you continue to blame the people and supporters for standing for their rights?

    • Observer130
      December 4, 2019

      who is all the people you’re referring too the few vagabonds that creating the chaos …SMH

      • RandyX
        December 4, 2019

        No, all the clear thinking patriots that refuse to attend your masters red clinic and decline election envelopes and CBI card board homes.

    • En BA LA
      December 4, 2019

      In times like this people get all HYPED, People LOSE RATIONALITY

      MEMBERS OF UWP are no longer rational – RASH DECISIONS from this time forward is what is going on.

      A statement should be out there CALLING FOR CALM AND SETTLE DOWN AND GET READY TO VOTE. With this nonesense what is happening you have ANGRY people going out to vote and will not accept the decision – the OAS SAID IT.



      A challenge to see how your would lead

      MR LINTON CALL FOR CALM – let us see what happens.

  11. Insomnia
    December 3, 2019

    You mean marigot people taking all that tear gas just like that?

  12. shrewd
    December 3, 2019

    Win, lose or draw Skerrit MUST GO! the people are prepared to die. no revolution is without bloodshed.

  13. SMH
    December 3, 2019

    Why people are behaving like this is th first time they see people protesting? This happens all over the world.
    I guess many of you here were not alive in 1979?
    Do you remember what the now President did to (the same Dominica)

  14. December 3, 2019

    From the outside getting a perspective of what’s happening inside. This is an interesting article with an interesting character (the psychiatrist). He supports the resistance which is to create mayhem (probably) for the unemployed youths to secure employment to rebuild what they have destroyed. In that case it seems to be the opposition party’s way of creating employment.

    Still don’t understand the level of hostility/aggression/violence by the opposition party supporters who are confident of winning the elections…. Or is it that they are panicking??? But just that you all know…the aftermath of civil unrest is much worse than the aftermath of a cat 5/6 Hurricane.

    • Roberta Edwards
      December 4, 2019

      No they are not panicking. They a fighting for justice, fairness and a corruption free Dominica. A good course in my book.

  15. TI NOM
    December 3, 2019

    :lol: u were always against the appointment of the prime minister, well nuff said. if you never liked him to begin with why would you like him now :?: I know you all are very emotional now, but be careful the words u utter, because they are very revealing. Is there anyone is who is unbiased in Dominica?

  16. Lenny
    December 3, 2019

    This violence and harsh protest saddens me. Whether or not the current government is doing what they are supposed to, this sort of behavior is uncalled for. My mom does not like it when I say this, but I have no hope in this country. Things are already difficult as it is. Why can’t the people live in unity? How can such a protest be alright and is even condoned by persons who are supposedly educated? I watch afar off and my heart aches for the country. As the world watches with me all we see is a family at war; Not a pretty picture.

    December 3, 2019

    Desperate people, doing desperate things led by two psychopaths. Lennox and Brian Linton.
    Endorsed by doctor Benjamin the mad monk.

  18. Danziger
    December 3, 2019

    The woman that was chasing the Cardinal, GO TAKE CARE OF YOUR SICK HUSBAND YOU LEFT ALONE IN THE HOUSE.

    • RandyX
      December 4, 2019

      The Cardinal? What Cardinal?
      You have been taking your red snuff tobacco again. Stay away from it man!

      • Danziger
        December 4, 2019

        @Randy X, Are you a MASSISI, MATTADOR or a COMAR? know yr position.

    December 3, 2019

    When you all are through burning down Marigot, go and look for Alex Bruno because HE lied to YOU ALL about his greasy poll.

  20. Amino
    December 3, 2019

    Go Dr. Benjamin! Nice speech, I totally agree with you! Skerrit needs to be committed, there is a bed for him in APU chronic conditions ward.

  21. The Truth Be Told
    December 3, 2019

    Benji & Brian, don’t u all feel for the children, elderly of Marigot 2 b supporting violence like that? Who suffers? Who inhales this black smoke? The same persons whom u want to support Mr. Linton. Right? That cannot b right & shows your lack of love & disrespect for authority & others. What do u think? When u train those young ones to do this despicable things, they will turn on you guys if your party ever win an election in Dominica and forms the Government. Where are your common sense? Don’t u notice the support 4 the Red party? Are u trying a coup? You guys cannot be speaking for the majority of Dominicans. Wake up, seek the Lord 4 guidance. University graduates please humble b4 God humbles u. There is the Creator of the Universe. U have seemed to forget him. Humble, repent b4 it is 2 late. Put God 1st in all u do. Jehovah is a just God. He is merciful, kind, forgiving but also a God of wrath. Repent b4 it is 2 late. Stop the violence! heed not the warning

    • Peter Froggy
      December 4, 2019

      You are a labour operator disguised as a religious person. Boy all you can’t fool us any longer. You all are history. Get your sorry behinds out of here.

  22. jamie
    December 3, 2019

    Keep the fight going,Skerrit is a scam,You all Shall Overcome,the corrrupt regime atrocities.

  23. Concerned
    December 3, 2019

    “The psychiatrist said he is also concerned about the mental stability of the prime minister.”
    I concur with the Psychiatrist. He should use the powers under the Mental Health Act to commit Skerritt before December 6, 2019

    • The Truth Be Told
      December 3, 2019

      The PM mental stability is perfect. If he was not, we would be in a depressing state of affairs as per you people’s plot. Remember the word of God says that Jehovah turns for good what the enemy has planned. You plot and plan to have a coup, get him to lose his mind. Concerned Dr Benjamin hates people so he cannot be used to take care of our people who need psychiatrist assistance. Here what he says and his outburst about the PM. A professional man like Dr Benjamin who should show example of respect 4 authority. Showing hatred openly so means that he should not be trusted with our mentally ill patient. I heard persons say so but now due to his outburst & his inate apparent hatred 4 others, he needs assistance not the PM who has displayed calmness/ peace under this difficult situation. Remember I have heard PM call on supporters to refrain from violence & I also heard Mr. Linton blame someone else for the uprising (young people). Who needs mental assistance? U guess !

  24. The Truth Be Told
    December 3, 2019

    cont’d Benji u are supposed to b a well respected doctor. Why condone violence. The young man has matured & makes decision by himself seeking God’s face. You see the problem with you guys is you always want to be in control (the Christians, Telemaques, you & many others) so u support one for a return of a top position ( no regard for anyone else in Dominica). Now Roosevelt has seen thru you all who has never shared his vision of love for people. so when u do not get what u want, u all get bitter & begin to hate him. I know this PM has spiritual discernment, prays too so Jehovah will always guide him. You all need to humble, learn 2 love others then God will give your rewards. It is Jehovah who promotes not man. Guys please repent of your evil thoughts for this man & country. Humble garcon. Bitterness of one man to kill DA must stop in the Name of Jesus. If you guys do what u need to do, forgive & stop hate, love work hard, God will elevate u when it becomes necessary.

  25. The Truth Be Told
    December 3, 2019

    “In 2004 I stood up against him being prime minister. I was kicked out of his house when I said you are not going to head Dominica in any way shape or form,” he revealed.” but Benji this is a case of hatred and jealousy (my emphasis). Benjamin said the prime minister is a “savage and as he is going out, he becomes this dangerous animal”. Benji again I cannot concur with this. I have never seen this man as an animal. Why Benji. Why Benji. You asked people to fight to remove this government. You are condoning violent means. Elections are a mere 4 days away. I would expect you to tell people to vote saw blue so the electoral process to be fair. You Benji now turn into what u wish for others. You have just turned away persons who supported your party. Garcon where is your brains? U have lost more by those protests instead of gaining. Again Brian u again. You need to get some anger management done. Guys repent. Most time pits dug are filled with the digger. cont’d

  26. That foolishness
    December 3, 2019

    So that’s what the no good Brian Linton has been up to. The few people in Marigot who think they are above the law should ponder on their actions because majority of the people are watching and don’t take our silence for weakness. We just love to see you, your brother and your uwp party make a fool of yourselves and loose the support of your followers. You are doing more harm than good to your uwp party and we laborites are actually enjoying it. You will continue to self destruct!!!!!!

  27. Eagle-Eyed
    December 3, 2019

    So the mad doctor supporting what is happening in Marigot. I don’t suppose he will be the one treating the children of Marigot who are breathing in those toxic fumes from the fires of what ever toxic materials being burned in the streets, nor will he be on hand in case of an emergency where emergency medical staff might not be able to bet past the blocked roads. Lets hope it might be one of his own relatives that might die as a result of this reckless criminal behavior which he supports. If that’s an example of the better Dominica lennox and his power-hungry UWP offering Dominicans, then they can keep it. Let them burn down Marigot and Salisbury. Labor supporting communities love their communities and care for the health and well being of their children and will never engage in such behavior.

    • SMH
      December 3, 2019

      Labour supporting communities????
      SMH it is one country!
      No wonder we are victimized in Marigot.

  28. Elderly
    December 3, 2019

    Mr. President, I am a law abiding citizens, who doesn’t need to be terrorized by a gang of uncivilized hoodlums. I deserve peace and tranquillity, therefore I am requesting that the Marigot village where the acts of terror are being committed needs to be sequestered. We deserve security, so Marigot should be 🔐 down. No curfew but locked down. Why Lenox feel that his brother and Edison James can hold us hostages. They are impeding my movement. Lock Down Marigot confine them to their surroundings.

    • Alexander
      December 4, 2019

      Who are you? The mother of the so called Chief of Police?

  29. December 3, 2019

    Benjamin you are a mad man try treating yourself. You have your personal issues with Skerrit and you do not like him, but why should you support a group of individuals that are only interested in violence and hatered. This group is not interested in electoral reform as what they are asking for is the enforcement of existing election laws. They not talking about campaign financing as this has to be the main ingredient in any electoral reform.

  30. Chester
    December 3, 2019

    Dr Benjamin can you please point out which election in Dominica at any given time was not free and fair since our independence? Linton has been misbehaving calling people all manner of names talking ill of the country he would like to lead even in our worst times after Maria, You never saw it feet to assist him mentally. The way you speak my brother and you know that I know you because we were in Cuba together, you sound disgruntled and disoriented. Calm yourself my brother don’t let envy make you stoop so low.

  31. Peter Edwards
    December 3, 2019

    Please wake up Dominica. All this is doing is damaging the reputation of the country some more. When the flights stop coming in that will be followed by the cruise ships authentic the cargo vessels. Who will be blamed then but those who are disrupting the normal flow of things in the island. Remember Dominica is an ISLAND and is dependent on many things coming in. Why is it only in Marigot that there’s to violet uprising? Stop and think for a little while. It’s only 3 days till elections. What’s wrong with the ballot box? Are you scared of who will actually win? Will violence be used if the UWP wins? When are we going to grow up as a nation? We who live overseas are wary of coming home to visit with situations like that. Don’t you need the money that all visitors bring to your shores? Vote and let your vote count.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      December 3, 2019

      Hogwash, nonsensical garbage!
      In a democracy anytime there is no justice, anytime a king or president, or prime minister decides to make the country his or her personal Estate, and operates above the laws of the country, demonstrations, and upheaval are appropriate.
      Thomas Jefferson on Politics and Government. Compiled and edited by Eyler Robert Coates, Sr.
      “A Little Rebellion Now and Then is a Good Thing: A Letter from Thomas Jefferson to James Madison.”
      Who was Thomas Jefferson the late?
      In case you do not know he was more than two hundred years ago President of the United States; as you may well know America is the greatest, the wealthiest nation on planet earth!
      If you read or a news tracer, you saw what took place in Hong Kong recently, as a result of the rebellion, the people accomplished what they demanded; you are a Skerrit upholder of wrong and evil, I am here to tell any rebellion in Dominica will not harm or hurt the country! 

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      December 3, 2019

      Peter Edwards, you have a very small none-ambitious mine.
      You mentioned Dominica’s reputation; if in fact Dominica is known for anything; is that we are known for our backwardness, lack of progress; hence, poverty is our people’s comfort.
      Because you think low, you see everything as perfect under Roosevelt; your cup, glass, is less than half; almost empty, nevertheless you view it as full and running over; yet whenever your financial needs arises, you are unable to take care of such needs. How many times you find people in Dominica taken ill, the medical treatment they need are not available in Dominica!
      So, what the unfortunate does is have people go on Radio, and Television and on DNO asking for handouts from the general public.
      Do you believe that humans; the majority of Dominicans are supposed to live in such state of poverty, without handouts their life’s could be forfeited?Meanwhile Roosevelt, and his political clones, puppets and associates even foreigners enjoys…

  32. Lloyd Larond
    December 3, 2019

    Keep the Candle burning Patriots. We have to get Justice . No Reform No Election. Dominica doesn’t belong to Skerrit. DA belongs to all of us and we are sending out a message this Election. Enough Stealing of elections. ENOUGH is ENOUGH

    • December 3, 2019

      It looks as though Dominica belongs only to the UWP, a minority group.

    • December 3, 2019

      @Lloyd Larond, you are right, Dominica belongs to all of us, yes indeed! And the majority of us have claimed her. Would you like to join with us? Because you have removed yourself at this moment

      • Lloyd larond
        December 4, 2019

        Majority with plane and boat loads coming to vote and go back ? Never again again we are standing firm.

  33. %
    December 3, 2019

    This is the result of touching honourable Lennox and honourable James..
    Please don’t touch those patriots.

    • December 3, 2019

      Patriots my toe, only concerned about themselves. Why is Edison so desperate to put Lennox in power? Why at his age after he said he had retired he is back? Why isn’t men like prevost doing the same thing. Just a bunch of greedy hypocrites.

      • The Truth Be Told
        December 3, 2019

        Patriots don’t condome violence. Smoke the people they expect 2 represent. Patriots love others as themselves. Patriots do not hate those in authority. Patriots do respect authority so when they come in power they will be respected too. Patriots do not try to push their opinions down others throats. Patriots do not heckle bishops, or those who preach the word of God. Patriots fear God which is the begininning of wisdom. Patriots seek godly wisdom not earthly wisdom. Patriots love their country not only in words but in action. Patriots give meaningful suggestions when needed. Patriots do not oppose just 4 opposing sake. Patriots do not hate God & as a result love each other. Patriots would embrace the leader (DA son) & would honestly work to bring development 2 the Nation. Patriots would not destroy anything in a country they love . Patriots would not block roads to prevent visitors from going to the Airport. Patriots would not trample on others rights. do not b a patrisort!

      • Danziger
        December 3, 2019


  34. Langue Kabwit
    December 3, 2019

    Benjamin I am really disappointed in you can’t believe. A man like u who is supposed to be educated can stoop so low. To say the least that this is not a protest and fighting for their rights, I think you have the mental problem. See one on your kind, shame on u.

    • %
      December 3, 2019

      This is a peaceful protest..Enough respect to the Patriots of Marigot..
      Stand strong..
      We need electoral reform!!
      Whey is di money?
      Whey is di money?
      Whey is di money?

  35. Chris
    December 3, 2019

    The cult followers of the Rev Jim Jones- sorry I meant Skerrit are out for Dr. Benjamin’ s neck. Lets pity these followers for that don’t know better- well cult following transcends education and socio-economic levels- lets pits them. Sooner or later5 they will come to their senses but then again they are so far down they may not.

    • December 3, 2019

      The cult followers of Linton……

    • December 4, 2019

      @Chris, and who invited him to stick his neck out with such a deplorable attitude? Do you realize that he has simply made it worse for the people of Marigot to choose Lennox as their constituent candidate?

      If Lennox has any confidence left in him, I am sure he is saying to that Benjamin person: Man, what is this that you have done? Ayelaaaaaaas!

    December 3, 2019

    It takes a MAD to take care of the MAD,
    Benjamin, please take care of your MENTAL STABILITY first before YOU point YOUR finger at Skerrit.

    • Justice
      December 3, 2019

      Agreed. He needs to look at his own house-hold, families, relatives and friend circle.”…..Psychia-CO…..

  37. Bravo
    December 3, 2019

    U this mad doctor should b avoided by all who come across u as u are way more dangerous to us Dominicans than the marigot trouble makers. And u are slyly using your social status and psychiatric training to play on d minds of the people and especially the young ones who are easy targets to your deception but u cannot fight God. All your blue effirst are useless. We want democracy and peace not vulgarity and violence like what UWP is presenting

  38. mine
    December 3, 2019

    DR Benjamin is sick just as the one setting the fire buu who laugh last laugh the best worthy unto all of you, whenever you play with fire on day fire will burn you. You aall are wicked people. Only people with bushe would do such attacking bishop it show the sign.

  39. Realist
    December 3, 2019

    Benjamin, if you are predicting a win for the UWP, why are you supporting lawlessness and violence. You come across as a jealous contradicting hypocrite.

  40. Observer130
    December 3, 2019

    Benjamin it seems you forget to take your medication as well …ou foo …

  41. DC
    December 3, 2019

    Benjamin save it! Who are you to trample on my right? I am a supporter of the Government, like you, I am entitled to my freedom. I believe Benjamin is the one with the mental deficiency. You people just think you can bully others. We shall go to the polls and the will of the people will stand. Not Benjamin dictating to others his wish. Give me a break! We have a voice too!

    • Bravo
      December 3, 2019

      Amen and amen. I 100000% support that. Because the UWP supporters MUST understand that we the rest of Dominicans who oppose them and especially their violent nature are also DOMINICAN just like them and we also have a legal right and voice in this nation just like them. So we can’t stand by and allow a. Minority bunch of them to take away our rights from us and enforce their own on us so let d polls talk period. If its skerrit Dominicans want then we will know and if its Linton then all will know. So enough of this violent acts as its contrary to the DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS AND PRINCIPLES workers pretending to promote and want

    • The Truth Be Told
      December 3, 2019

      Benji & Brian, don’t u all feel for the children, elderly of Marigot 2 b supporting violence like that? Who suffers? Who inhales this black smoke? The same persons whom u want to support Mr. Linton. Right? That cannot b right & shows your lack of love & disrespect for authority & others. What do u think? When u train those young ones to do this despicable things, they will turn on you guys if your party ever win an election in Dominica and forms the Government. Where are your common sense? Don’t u notice the support 4 the Red party? Are u trying a coup? You guys cannot be speaking for the majority of Dominicans. Wake up, seek the Lord 4 guidance. University graduates please humble b4 God humbles u. There is the Creator of the Universe. U have seemed to forget him. Humble, repent b4 it is 2 late. Put God 1st in all u do. Jehovah is a just God. He is merciful, kind, forgiving but also a God of wrath. Repent b4 it is 2 late. Stop the violence! heed not the warning

      • Lyn
        December 4, 2019

        The government could not have love marigot people when they took away their health care. They kept silent for years and you all said nothing. Si stop the bull like you all are concerned about love and care.

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