Dominica has done well in preventing the spread of COVID-19 – Dr. Sam Christian

Medical Doctor, Dr. Sam Christian, has applauded all health care and frontline professionals for doing what he says is an exceptional job in preventing the spread of COVID-19 on the island.

During an interview with Dominica News Online (DNO), Dr. Christian said compared to other Caribbean countries, Dominica has done well in protecting its citizens thus far.

“I want to big up our health care professionals, our entire health care system from the Ministry of Health and every single doctor and nurse who are working in the districts and the clinics who have prepared…we have no deaths, nobody on ventilators, a lot of our patients are recovering and we have had no new cases in the past several days,” he said.

He commended the security forces for having control over the curfew periods and to persons who have complied with these procedures.

Since the first confirmed case on the island, Dr. Christian said he has seen an increase of precautionary measures being taking by citizens in protecting themselves from this disease.

He continued, “People are intelligent, they can see for themselves what is happening and we have all seen the mask-use percentage go up; maybe 95% of people are wearing masks.  Dominicans have been outstanding and we have been very good in complying with the health directives and so I think that has to do with our performance.”

Dr. Christian also encouraged people to focus on important steps that need to be taken to recover the economy and added that it is through vigilance, persons will be able to regain control of their destiny.

“We have to hope that we will survive this not only physically as human beings but also economically; we have to be able to rebound when we come out of this,” he remarked.

However, Christian, who is the Chairman of the United Worker’s Party COVID Committee, believes that there are some things that could have been done better.

He said Dominica was not proactive enough in closing its borders which resulted in the inevitable importation of the Covid-19 virus into the country.

“There were problems with quarantine set-up, some of which have been resolved. Chronic issues of selective stimulus, inclusiveness, transparency need to be addressed,” he noted. “Patriots at home and abroad have spoken forcefully on these topics and believe that government responded, whether they acknowledge it or not.”

Dr. Christian said that, overall, the country has to give thanks and praise that “our collective efforts have not been in vain” and although things might change, “we are as prepared as we can be”.

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  1. April 25, 2020

    @Which ghost, the mere fact that you are referring to God as it, tells me that you know nothing about Him.

    But if you believe that He helps those who help themselves however you believe that, you are claiming He is a Living God.

    And He has His people in the World from day one, the day that He said: “Let there be Light”. And with His Mighty Power, He would not allow any man to interfere in His work of guiding, teaching, and disciplining His people.

    It seems as if, if you believed in Him, you would not plug your mind with what you described above–you are speaking about things that might have happened–not as vague as you said it–since the stone ages ago.

    And by the Christian messenger is a disciple of God (Christ Jesus; the Word of God tells us that we were first called Christians at Antioch. Christianity is not a religion, it is for those who choose to live in the Light

    So why choose the darkness against the Light, to remain as a blind bat

  2. April 23, 2020

    “All the praise, glory and honor goes to God who protected us from that deadly virus” @My little take

    I was about to agree with your statement above, but you changed my mind with this one: “I know Skerrit will try to take credit and use that to boast of himself as the disaster pm–“. So #25 thumbs down mine to you.

    You are right to say that the glory belongs to God, but how do you understand that?

    God can have no glory without a physical medium to demonstrate His traits of Love–that was the reason for Jesus, the Son–the Great Spirit of Light, in the form of a man for the mission to save man’s Life

    Jesus did what He was sent to do, now He expects mankind to follow His path–those who work in the field of health and other social services play the greatest role in demonstrating God’s glory.

    Yes! PM Skerrit is well aware of that truth, that is why he will always have victory, come high come low–for it is all God’s glory through him.

  3. Ras B
    April 23, 2020

    Admin: I am now convinced that efforts are afoot to silence me by you! How else can one explain the non-allowance of my postings which are of a modest tone and non incendiary. You have noticed the general response to my comments and for some reason known only to admin, there has been an attempt to withold my postings from the public forum of ideas. Recognising your intention, I will endeavour to make it easier for you by ceasing postings forthwith. I wish you all the best in your efforts to portray Dominicans as idiots but the truth can not be hidden for too long and others will discover your intention, so your death knell has sounded.

    ADMIN: “Efforts are afoot to silence me by you!” “…Death knell”?

    We don’t see any other unpublished comments under the name Ras B within the last 3 days.

    You can always try resubmitting your comment or emailing us at if you need further assistance.

    We know its easy for some to believe they are being discriminated against because they don’t see their comment, note that we may moderate hundreds of comments during a given period but we do make the effort to respond to individuals if they seem genuinely interested in understanding why their comment was not published.

    For general guidance we refer you to our comment policy:

  4. April 22, 2020

    @ Francisco, you are full of hate and jealousy and don’t want to see Dominica progress under Skerrit. Now he says Dr. Sam is gravitating towards Skerrit. Francisco, you are a sick, disgruntled old man. You would have loved to hear 50 people in Dominica are dead due to covid-19. Francisco, you are a sick, old man. Lennox will never be the Prime Minister of Dominica. Get a life, your broke millionaire.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      April 23, 2020

      I don’t fear a dog with no name; what am I disgruntled about?

      I might be disgruntled if there was something I want out of Dominica, and could not get it. I would probably be disgruntled if I was a puppet of Roosevelt and he fired me or something like that.

      If I was one of those of you who live on handouts, and have to kiss Roosevelt Butt, to get it; and he refuse to feed me I might be disgruntled; the fact is there is nothing reasonable that money can buy that I cannot buy for myself; even if I am an old man add to that comment; he is a damn well-off  old man who do not need Dominica; or anything out of Dominica.

      I give to Dominica; I have people right this minute in Dominica employed doing work for me, the money they earn circulates in the economy of Dominica, what are you doing; ……….., don’t worry about me!


      • Talin
        April 24, 2020

        well said Mr. Broke Millionaire (A.K.A Telemaque)

  5. Eagle-Eyed
    April 22, 2020

    Dr Christian, as a knowledgeable health professional yourself you would know that countries that were not yet affected by the virus could not willy-nilly pull up there draw bridge to keep out the rest of the world until the World Health Organisation had enough evidence that the virus had in fact become pandemic. On one hand you praising the steps taken to prevent the spread on the island, on the other hand you are playing politics by your criticisms of the government actions in the earlier stages of the virus when everyone else was looking at China to see what was happening. If the Chinese were successful in containing the virus within their borders, then we would not have been dealing with a pandemic. Dominica health officials like all other countries around the world followed guidelines from the WHO. You guys should stop with your mischief and continue playing your part to ensure that we don’t suffer too much from this virus.

  6. CB BOSS
    April 22, 2020


    Reveille. Now let’s wait patiently for Retreat.

    Still locked out,
    A billion thanks.

    • Zalp
      April 22, 2020

      How can our people be so ignorant and consumed with so much political hatred that they cannot acknowledge the obvious. The gloom and doom some were predicting, the total annihilation of the country has not happened. People, rejoice and be glad. The Doctor looked around and saw the virus has not caused the havoc the imbeciles were counting on, no one died therefore he gave an early honest assessment, he commended those in the healthcare sector, law enforcement and the citizens for the precautionary measures taken, tell me people why is he being looked upon as a traitor? In the next few weeks Hon Linton who is a savvy guy will do the same as the Doctor, will you call for his resignation? Guys drop the party POLITICS which is causing more destruction in Dominica than COVID-19.

      • Telepain
        April 22, 2020

        What a beautiful piece of common sense comment by Zalp, if it wasn’t for social distancing I would hug you. Your comment makes more sense than the rambling of this Mr. Know all Telemaque guy who seems to have a bandaid for every sore.

        • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
          April 23, 2020

          If I have a bandage for every sore, it is because I am very informed academically!

          I did not rob any idiot of an education; I went to school, both college, and university educated, I am not an idiot.

          My intelligence do not derive from a smart phone, nor Google okay!

          Ponder on that for a moment, and crawl back into the hole from whence you came!

          I’ve never smoke a joint of marijuana, Cigarettes,  nor have I ever sniff crack cocaine, when most of you were indulging, and continues to indulge: even when I was fifty years old; I was still attend university classes, I fear no barking dogs who are beneath me.

      • Two Face
        April 22, 2020

        Now you seeing that. The shoe must be on the other foot.

    • Lin clown
      April 22, 2020

      ME MYSELF you forgot to say in 2014 your party got 17,587 votes,in 2019 they got 16,434 votes.You forgot to mention,Shanks,Reid,Isaac,Loreen,now you have your party onetime FAKE POLLSTER forming a new party.Dominica is doing VERY WELL with COVID -19 so far,better than the USA .Hypocrites like you do not like it.ALL PRAISES TO OUR HEALTH PROFESSIONALS.

  7. Victor
    April 22, 2020

    This Dr Sam has refused to complement the government of dominica, but without the government putting the necessary resources and procedures in place and the quick and knowledgeable decisions with the Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerritt at the helm,this would have never been achieved.
    Had it been the other way around like how they had started on Q95 Roosevelt Skerritt and the government would be in the doldrums,
    Therefore the nurses, doctors,and the other medical personnel and the others in the fore front don’t work for themselves they are employed by the government with Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerritt as head.
    Ok Sam Christian.

    • Frank N Stein
      April 22, 2020

      Victor why should Dr Sam Compliment a fish because it swims? Isnt that what a fish is born to do?

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      April 22, 2020

      You need to shut up!

      Compliment government about what?

      Perhaps he should compliment Roosevelt for shutting down the school where Roosevelt children attends, while he told the nation that schools will remain open.

      Left to Roosevelt alone business would continue as usual; the travel industry including LIAT pulled the plug; had it be for that the corrupted clown; left the ports open in the hope that tourist ships would still visit Dominica. 

      People like you are sick, you are worst than the virus plaguing the world; revere Roosevelt if you wish follow him to hell, but by the time he is finished with Dominica most of you gullible waste of time begging for handouts recipients  will string yourself up!

      You are so damn phoney you are substituting someone face to be yours.

      Government of Dominica has not done squat to prevent the spread of the virus: all they did, is follow the protocol laid out by the WHO, and the American CDC, and followed the Chines example shutting down…

      • April 23, 2020

        Francisco. You just full of hate you will never say any thing good about Dominica. I wonder if you ever tell people the truth where you come from. My guess is you tell them you are from St. Lucia because you have never say one thing positive about Dominica yet is like nothing is good for you. Guys like you have a special place in this world not in the mix of human.

        • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
          April 24, 2020

          If and when the time comes and I find something good to say, you can bet your life on it; I will say something good!

          And even if I am very much ashamed to be a Dominican right now; there is no way I can, or will I ever deny that I am born in Dominica.

          I am from the village of Wesley, born to a mother in the person of the late Yvonne Dodds (Dods) and the late Hector Isaac Telemaque!

          My roots are from “Dods, Telemaque, Alfred, and Linton; the one who raised me and instill educational values in me when was a kid, her name was Magareta Alfred my grandmother, they called her “Ma John).

          She did not raise  an idiot.

          If you ever heard of Louis Robinson, his grandmother and mine were sisters you see.

          They were involve in the Back To Africa Movement with Marcus Garvey almost a hundred years ago, so hold your opinions, I know who I am; and from whence I came!

    • John
      April 23, 2020

      Who is the Ministry of Health ? O_O A private entity?SMH.

  8. Colorblind
    April 21, 2020

    In Dominica, we have a bunch of blind sheep. Blind followers of blue and blind followers of red. We allow our blind support to hinder basic common sense. Nothing is wrong with commending them if he believes they are doing a good job. He has the same right to criticize if he felt otherwise. We are so divided as a nation it hurts to see. People here feeling so betrayed because the man commended the ministry of health even insinuating that he was bribed. Smh My people rise above the ignorance

    • Da Girl
      April 22, 2020

      If I could shake your big toe…people are so blinded by politics that they fail to give constructive criticism and give praise where it is due. When good is done, say it is good and when bad is done, speak up. This pandemic has been and is being handled well by the authorities…give them their flowers man…they doing a good job!! And I really applaud the fact that they are being proactive by conducting active search instead of waiting for someone to come forward with symptoms..I do believe that there are asymptomatic people out there.

  9. Kalinago Justice
    April 21, 2020

    For those of you on here being critical of Dr.Sam for giving his professional opinion shame on you all!!! Dr.Sam is part of the health professionals on island and it’s his duty to support them when they do a good job. This has nothing to do with political parties or those holding politrickal office, it’s about the Doctors and Nurses doing their jobs professionally, which means, taking care of those infected. There are times when Dr.Sam has been critical of the health system at the hospital. What you all should be concerned about is chichi the oneman rogue regime prime mistake who does not think that the hospital and the health system and the island by extension,is not good enough for his children to be born in but want to rule those who live there for life.

  10. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    April 21, 2020

    Sam, I know that time is heard, money is scares  to a certain sector of the community; especially those who does not revere the great Satan!

    I notice you are slanting, in way I believe you are sliding towards the great satan. 

    Life is short; but, must go on, no  matter what one have to be careful and be a man, we should not allow hard times to cause us to sell our soul to the powers that be!

    And so I introduce you to:

    Matthew chapter 6:26. ” Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them.

    Are ye not better than they?

    Sam the medical establishment in Dominica has not done anything significant to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  All they done is follow a protocol established by the international community such as WHO; if Trump followed it 40,000 people would be alive!

    There is no medical cure its simply social distancing!

    ADMIN: Dr. Christian provided an update to the article that may address your concern.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      April 22, 2020

      Got it Admin: I appreciate  him taking the time to clear  the air!

    • Da Girl
      April 22, 2020

      And if there hand’t followed it you would bash them even more..what were they supposed to do..create their own guidelines, their own protocols????? You sound like a real counoumoonoo….blinded by hatred. They have done what responsible people should do…follow the guidelines set out by the international bodies who are of course more knowledgeable than they are and go even further to ensure proper control!!! They are doing that!!

  11. I, Me myself
    April 21, 2020

    Dr Sam you start to remind me of Tim Tim, Sam Raphael, Judas Iscariot & Dr. Feirara when they saw the grass was greener on the other side you know. So Dr Sam are you also on your way out?

    • Sam Christian
      April 21, 2020

      To those who are surprised at the views portrayed in this article, I have good news. I am too! I have asked DNO to included some important remarks which adds balance to what I actually said.

      The government’s health advisories for most part come the World Health Organization and PAHO. I wholeheartedly endorse them and am thankful for the results. Patriots have been strongly advocating certain preemptive actions which I think contribute to our favourable outcomes at this point.

      I need no favours from government. I’m good where I am. Have no fear. Sam Christian will continue to speak truth to power as long as God gives me breath.

      • Ras B
        April 22, 2020

        I have a hard time understanding the thought process of some on this platform. Let it be known that even a broken clock is correct two times a day, so by extrapolation, if some good is seen, there is nothing wrong, in my opinion to commend it.

        The fact that the number of covid-19 cases in Dominica continues to dwindle from 16 to now 7 is by any one’s imagination not only good but exciting news. One does not have to be red or blue but just be Dominican. I still believe that had Covid-19 gained a foothold in Dominica we would have been wiped out. I think it is commendable that Dr Sam is adult enough and sufficiently mature to compliment the government even if he does not support them. This is mature politics and I share Dr Sam’s view. We must grow up, be mature enough to give credit where credit is due. I suspect that we may have gotten lucky in the process but our results are unparalleled in the world. Let us continue to follow the guidance of the health officials locally.

      • Which ghost
        April 22, 2020

        DNO, Covid or not I think the original statement was coming from the good doctor’s heart indeed keeping with the oath of Imhotep. But now we can tell that the edit was scripted to suit the oath of hypocratis. 8-O

    • viewsexpressed
      April 22, 2020

      I, Me, Myself, you penned this nonsense rather than commenting on the situating and challenge that is before our people, including Yourself and family. So do not be this blind devious so called: “I, Me, Myself”.
      Now, Mr. Whoever you are to pen this ridiculous comment without any substance or at least to support these highly, committed, professional, decent Dominicans. In addition, you mentioned the following: Tim, Sam Raphael, Judas Iscariot (there you need repentance), & Dr. Feirara.
      “I, Me Myself”, let me educate you if you have been so blind, silly, stupid to know over these years what really has and is still happening in our struggling Dominica headed by this so called failed Leader called PM who is Skerrit. We know Skerrit is a failure and not many wish to accommodate him on matters of state interest.
      If our dedicated, committed, intellectual Professionals run away from Dominica, why are they and from whom are they running? Well, we`ll let you know. It`s failed Odd…

    • Delices in the US
      April 22, 2020

      Dominicans stop being ignorant. Pointing out the good that another party has done has nothing to do with being a traitor it is simply being human. People who gave the thumbs up need to realize a house divided against itself cannot stand. Don’t be like the idiotic Democrats and Republicans in the US that are so divisive that they can’t tell each other job well done when something is done right. We are Dominicans in good and bad and whether it be DLP or UWP that do good we should be able to commend them for the job well done. Bravo Dominica for a job well done in keeping COVID-19 at bay. It took the effort of every Dominican to get to where you are at. I see no traitor in this.

  12. God is good
    April 21, 2020

    Many thanks to God Almighty for seeing us through and for the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

    • viewsexpressed
      April 22, 2020

      “God is Good” and we praise his name. we have to recall that devious and corrupted on going behaviour in our government by this failed immature Skerrit and his failed incompetent Labour government is not tolerated by our God. For example:; Thou shall not steal, Thou shall not abuse states financial and other resources, Thou shall not tolerate the abuse the poor and take advantage of those in need. Thou shall not be disrespected to the Opposition Party and the people of Dominica who raise daily and loyalty that we have no more practice of thievery, deception, Bobol in our government. Thou shall not accommodate a failed, immature inept Prime Minister who has and continue to abuse the funds of the State and reduce our people to begging, suffering and poverty.
      God does not sleep, he overlooks our people and the wrath of God will someday fall upon this devious failed Labour government, it`s immature Odd Minister and those ministers who condone and support this nepotism and divisiveness.

  13. ??
    April 21, 2020

    Isn’t that the same man who said our health care was in a mess just a few weeks ago? Yes my people….

    • I, Me myself
      April 23, 2020

      @ views expressed, what did I say that was so bad to get the chastisement I got from you? After reading the article I, as a photo UWP was of the understanding that Dr. Sam was probably sounding like those former well respected UWP candidates that once criticized Skerrit and later joined him. I simply expressed my concerns in a very respectful way. Dr. Sam being the good man I’ve known him to be came back and posted his response and assured me that he was not heading in that direction and that gave me a new sense of hope again. I am very disappointed that you came and trashed me and called me all kinds of name uselessly. I never thought you were so ignorant. As a photo UWP I would always give you a thumbs up even at times without reading your comment but that done because you confirmed what Lin Clown and kid on the block and others would say about you. Man I am a photo UWP and Linton supporter and your ignorance will not blow me away

  14. Not Me Alonej
    April 21, 2020

    OMG look Dr Sam already behaving and sounding like Dr. Feirara. I wonder what Skerrit offered him. But UWP wrong because they should have learnt from his brief stay with the DFP

  15. Lin clown
    April 21, 2020

    I think I should like this guy.Well spoken DR.CHRISTIAN,when something is GOOD say it.When something is BAD say it.DR.CHRISTIAN should be UWP next leader,it’s not that he will win,he is much more NORMAL than LINTON.I heard LUNATIC BLESSINGS…………… trying to BURY DR.SAM CHRISTIAN on q95.

    • Kalinago Justice
      April 21, 2020

      lin the 🤡 clown; all of a sudden, Dr.Sam has become a good man :?: If the health professionals of which Dr.Sam is part of, has done a good job, he’s being honest about it.

      • Lin clown
        April 22, 2020

        KALANAGO,I have served and represented this country with PRIDE,not only in SPORTS.I have served in a FOREIGN COUNTRY in another capacity.I you do not like what is happening LEAVE DOMINICA.TRAITOR.

    • viewsexpressed
      April 22, 2020

      Madam, Clown, Hon Lennox Linton is well qualified, educated, intellectual, experienced, a broadcaster, has worked widely outside of Dominica, and has represented our Dominica well.
      Some people despise our Hon. Linton because he has alot to say and has said alot in the interest of our people, our Dominica and has scrutinised and expose the Bobol and thievery of this failed corrupted Labour Government and its failed immature, incompetent Skerrit. That is why our Country is in a mess. No jobs for our people and rather than lazy Skerrit who lacks political foresight lift our people up and use the resources of our states money well, he travels all over the place and returns empty handed where our states money has been abused and wasted.
      There is no development nor uplifted of our people over the past 20 years. Why?, because Skerrit is ignoramous of what development is all about, so he is spontaneously disgust created the Red Clinic so that our people will say “We love our PM”. Rubbish!

  16. My little take
    April 21, 2020

    While I agree with Dr. Sam for bugging up the health professionals for their hard work in combating Covid-19, I dare say that the reason Covid-19 was not hard in Dominica and the Caribbean has absolutely nothing to do with doctors, politicians or any human being whatsoever. All the praise, glory and honor goes to God who protected us from that deadly virus. We had 16 mild cases and thank God no one needed to be one needed to be on ventelators, which is a testimony of how Covid-19 was not bad here or the Caribbean. I know Skerrit will try to take credit and use that to boast of himself as the disaster pm and talk about his Cuban doctors; but all the fact is if we had gotten a little touch of Covid-19, we would be in deep trouble. To hear Dr Sam talking about how ready we are should we be tested later is a joke because Dr. Sam would know how ready US hospitals were to deal with anything and yet were not ready to deal with COVID-19. I know Dr. Sam is the person that gives hope so I…

    • Which ghost
      April 22, 2020

      Which God you talking about is it the one that said he helps those who help themselves? Or if it’s the same god that sent Europe’s Christian missionaries to us with a bible under one arm and a rope in the other holding human beings men women and little children with iron shackles around their necks, then by force instructed us to leave things to them, then that’s a real jacked up god – you can keep that ghost.

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