STAY WELL & SPARKLE: Virus to take a thousand in Dominica?

Li Wenglian

Please pray I’m wrong. Seriously. This Novel Corona virus is dominating the headlines. Tracking its deadly spread is like life imitating art – as in the chillingly prophetic 2011 movie, ‘Contagion.’

The number of cases worldwide is doubling every 5 days. Why 1000? The mortality rate (in developed countries) is two percent. Factor in our estimated population. Anyone can do the math!

The shocking death of perfectly healthy 33-year-old eye doctor Li Wenliang was a worldwide wake-up call. His post on a private chat about a cluster of mystery patients went viral. They were all linked with the Wuhan Seafood & Wildlife Market. Dr. Li was detained and threatened by authorities for ‘rumour-mongering.’ Tragically, he contracted the disease on the job and perished just a couple weeks later despite the best care.

Kudos to our own medical professionals who will be on the front lines when the battle likely comes to Dominica. They hit the pulpits this past weekend with practical information on how to avoid contracting and spreading the Corona virus. Since it is really a kind of flu, warnings against handshakes, hugs, and kisses of strangers are no joke. Elbow knock is becoming the preferred greeting.

Just last week I treated a 3 year old suffering with fever, cough, runny nose and vomiting. His mother carried him in. Apparently, he picked up the bug from kindergarten. He bounced back beautifully. But look now his parents developed the same symptoms and needed time off work. This dramatised how difficult it would be to effectively isolate an infected family member if this was actually Coronavirus.

The worse pandemic in history was Spanish flu in 1918. It infected 500 million people worldwide. 50 million died – a 10% mortality. A century later, we know better and, we should do better.

China itself could be a victim given what we know about biological warfare and the medical-industrial complex. Dominicans must be resolute in avoiding xenophobia and safeguard especially our Chinese guests at all costs. One simply has to appreciate China has done some truly impressive things in this fight. At the same time, there are those who are more concerned about propaganda than the safety of their own population.

Case in point: A ship’s captain dutifully reported multiple passengers onboard suffering from unspecified ‘respiratory disease.’ The cruise line understood fully that destination authorities have the solemn responsibility of taking whatever action they deem fit. What is there to hesitate about?

Right now, the Caribbean harbours a number of unconfirmed cases. Ports of entry currently quarantine travellers for at least two weeks, monitoring them for symptoms. Test results take that long to come back from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) in Trinidad.

Cancelling the Lunar New Year in China is equivalent to us cancelling Christmas and Carnival combined. Imagine schools and churches closed – for how long? Emo’s live interview with our Dominican students in Wuhan grimly illustrated their nightmare reality. Keep them in our prayers.

Should Corona come to the Nature Isle, we may suffer an estimated 20 times the number of fatalities inflicted by Hurricane Maria. Most of us should survive – by God’s grace. But now is the time to strengthen our loved ones’ immune systems, especially the very young and elderly. Use moringa, ginger, turmeric, garlic, honey, and citrus/ Vitamin C more regularly. Stock up on dry goods, sanitizers, bleach, Lysol, masks and the like. Plant plenty itals!

Worries about earthquakes, economy and equal opportunity pale in comparison to this ominous virus threat. This cannot be business as usual. How Dominica does in the coming months depends on you; depends on me. Indeed, if ever there was a time to hope for the best and prepare for the worst – this is it!

Dr. Sam Christian is a consultant surgeon, general practitioner and health advocate. Tel: 265-0886.

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  1. Ras B
    February 10, 2020

    I am not into fear mongering or instilling fear among our people but simultaneously we must not be wantonly engaged in flippancy. I have in previous posting about this virus indicated that it is virtually impossible to quote a mortality rate (MR) for this virus on our population but our typical third world intelligentsia, continues to quote the mortality rate in first world countries as that to be expected when the virus reaches our shores. It may not be far away.

    We saw the plans from our ministry of health. Let us look at island states and their plans: TNT and J/ca, travel advisory, B’dos on the verge of being able to test for the virus and St. Lucia has four people in Quarantine. Suspected presence of virus in Anguilla. Compare this proactive stance with what was said by our health ministry. Surely though the death toll of Coronavirus is 724 from 34,822 worldwide, MR of 2.07%. Is this the MR expected in D/ca? WHO is most concerned about the impact on us with vulnerable health…

  2. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    February 10, 2020

    I’ve never known people to be as stupid as our people; these people talking nonsense does not have any commonsense.
    Some idiot is talking about fear mongering, and media, when people are dying from a virus of which there is no medication to control it; never mind a cure.
    To compare bronchitis and a common cold to the Corona virus (coronavirus), is dumb because the condition of bronchitis and common clod are treated  conservatively, with antibiotics being administered only as indicated by a positive sputum culture.
    Symptoms may be relieved through the use of humidifying devices that produce either warm or cool moist air, cough compounds (I don’t like the term mixtures), and aerosols to reduce coughing and sooth the irritated tracheal, and bronchial mucosa: bed rest is usually recommended to promote healing, and minimize the effects of the inflammation.
    Fluids are forced, and a well balanced diet is recommended.
    If people die from bronchitis, and common cold in Dominica…

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    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      February 10, 2020

      I would like to complete this by saying if people are dying from the common cold, and bronchitis in Dominica; that only proves our backwardness, and the incompetence of the medical establishment in the country.
      That is proof that the Cuban doctors, and China-man doctors Roosevelt brought into the country serves no medical purpose, that means they do not know what the hell they are doing.

      Asthma don’t kill people, there are simple ways to treat the discomfort: i.e. inhalers with medication agents are used.
      There are millions people of all walks of life, lawyers, doctors Prince and kings, children, and adults living with bronchitis; I have close friends who have been living with bronchitis all of their life in their 70’s!
      Only in Dominica we find people talking fart as if they are an authority on everything, even know better than Sam who is a trained medical doctor. Dominicans are simply to be left in their stupidity, and misery; the triple doctor Roosevelt Skerrit will cure…

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  3. boto
    February 10, 2020

    Elderberry tincture is the best immune booster. I know it does not grow in Dominica but the people should buy them dry and make this tincture. Dr Sebi swore by this!

  4. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    February 10, 2020

    Your thought is very foolish; if not dumb!

    There is no cure for the disease, at the moment, not even a vaccine; so how can you suggest Christian or any doctor check pill and expatriation date?

    What can anybody do except prevent people ” host carriers” from China entering into the country, bringing it along with them and infecting the whole island.

    Right now Roosevelt should ban Chines traveling from China into Dominica, but he is such a puppet of communist China, he will rather urinate in his pants than to take measures as such, and stop the entry of Tourists ships into the port.

    Rather than talk nonsense you should pray that the virus is not carried by the wind, because if it does; and it becomes pandemic, as the bubonic  plague, in the 1800’s more than half the worlds population could die if a cure is not found soon!

    And what the crap does the mouth of the Atlantic have to do with it?

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    • Barbara Saunders
      February 10, 2020


      This is a frightening time for everybody. I guess you did not hear of the cases in the USA where you live. In Britain, in Canada, in France and in so many other countries. so we have to be careful about people originating not only from China but from all the countries which have been affected.

      At least, people originating from China would have to be cleared through a few major ports of entry before arriving in Dominica but if you Francisco decided to leave the USA and come home for carnival we are more at risk from you than a person from China.

      I believe even our students who live in China were told they cannot come home. I hope there are similar arrangements for anyone else travelling to Dominica from China.

      I really cannot understand how normal human beings can try to turn everything into a political issue to score points and of course everything has to be laid at the feet of one man. It is disgusting.

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      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        February 10, 2020

        Barbra, you either not reading me correctly, or simply wish to distort my comments.

        I am fully aware of what is going on; I can tell you as of today at least eight or nine hundred people, plus or minus one hundred people are dead including one in the United States as a result of the virus.

        It is more than frightening situation; I am not kidding about it, I am simple amazed at the stupidity of our people.

        We are always first in everything, next thing you will hear is they have some sort of bush cure in Dominica for the virus.

        Watch this: ” Elderberry tincture is the best immune booster. I know it does not grow in Dominica but the people should buy them dry and make this tincture. Dr Sebi swore by this!”

        So, you see how people are ignorant, that stupid notion has nothing to do with immune system and coronavirous.

        The bush medicine syndrome is already in effect.

        Shall return:

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      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        February 10, 2020

        So Barbara, I see you continue to underestimate me!
        It is ignorance which causes people to assume one don’t know; I am not the average born Dominican, I am academically educated, what I did not learn in some university, or college, I do research and find things out as documented.
        And so; that is why I can present to you a bit of statistics regarding the coronavirus, it has been around long prior to now: It originated in China, and was covered up by the Chines government, meanwhile people who traveled to China were getting infected!
        Feb 06, 2020 · CORONAVIRUS cases and deaths rise every day as the epidemic spreads. How many have died from the deadly virus? How many have been infected?Feb 01, 2020. How many people have died from coronavirus?

        As of this morning, the latest figures are that 259 people have died from coronavirus while over 11,900 people.12 days ago · As at January 23, 2020, 800 death cases have been confirmed in China and additional 25 deaths have added. Chinese…

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        February 10, 2020

        Twelve (12) days ago: As at January 23, 2020, 800 death cases have been confirmed in China and additional 25 deaths have added.

        Chinese statistics showed that over 130 people have now died. The number of death has not totally covered as the real number is likely much higher.

        You can call out all the name of countries you think I don’t know never heard of will not resolve the backwardness of our people.

        If anybody is politicizing anything, blame McIntyre, who came out talking fart with two vicious angry puppets on each side.

        • February 12, 2020

          “I do research”! Well, this is new coming from someone who claimed to hate “Googles”

          What happened to all the medical books that you claimed to be using? Have you finally discovered that they are all outdated?

          And by the way, the “immune system” is there to fight away all endangered germs, viruses, etc that enter the body. That is why our immune system should always be healthy

          Why is it so wrong to say that a “certain herb” can boost the immune system, to fight against that present deadly virus? No one is saying that the herb is a cure.

          • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
            February 13, 2020

            Elizabeth, you are making yourself look more ….. than one could imagine.

            Prior to Google, how did people research things, medicine and all?

            Each time you open your mouth against me you only put your foot in your mouth; I told you already, you cannot ever compete with me because you are less educated than I.

            You are fighting a loosing battle, you have never been into a secondary school never mind a college or university.

            You claimed you were a teacher in your village, but no need to remind you in your day, when one finished the seventh grad “standard (7) seven” they could go on to teach kindergarten okay, so don’t let me expose how …… you are!


            Are you not tired of getting railroad by me?

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  5. Ti Garcon
    February 9, 2020

    The best thing you decide to do is to participate in fear mongering? Panic? Despair? And you wanted to become a leader- potentially health minster? Is that how you would publicly address the issue? Get real. Even with Spanish flu and the like, the entire population of any country, city or town doesn’t collectively all the disease as some people have stronger immune systems than others. With a 2% mortality rate, why spread unnecessary panic? Talking about 1000 deaths, there should be laws to arrest people who willing incite unnecessary panic to cause destabilization to the economy.
    Doesn’t these flu’s occur during flu season as the seasons change from warm to cold or vice versa? Once the weather warms up and peoples bodies adjust, the spread will gradually subside. Giving time to get a cure for the next flu season. every 3-4 years there’s some new mega flu that the Western Media obsesses about, grow the f up.
    Geez this is a pathetic attempt for clout or to stay relevant.

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  6. Efficacious
    February 9, 2020

    What steps has the doctor taken to prevent this virus from reaching Dominica? The Island is in the mouth of the Alantic.However,good observation, check the tablets in your care,date,manufactory and place of origin. Just a thought.

  7. Terry Jones
    February 9, 2020

    Stop fear-mongering! More than 1000 people die each year in Dominica from complication arising from the common cold and flu – often labelled “bronchitis”, “asthma” etc. Remember, once the media is involved in anything and push a narrative, the reverse tends to the be real truth.

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  8. Ideal
    February 9, 2020

    Thank you Dr. Sam Christian. we quiver to think of this virus hitting Dominica considering the state of our health services. Let us pray that that will bypass us. We must all heed the advice of Dr.Sam and take good care of ourselves and each other. May God continue to bless our beautiful island and its people.

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