LIVE: Opposition Leaders response to PM’s Budget address

UWP leader, Lennox Linton file photo

Following a vote to effectively limit all opposition members responses to the PM’s budget speech to just 30 minutes including the opposition leader (all government ministers would be allowed 1 hour). Danny Lugay was subsequently forcibly removed from the house. All opposition members subsequently left the house when they stood to protest what they saw as a grave injustice to the process of our democratic system.

As a result, the leader of the opposition ,Lennox Linton,  and the rest of the opposition members were unable to deliver their budget responses in parliament. Linton speaking via Q95fm radio has indicated that this vote was a punishment in response to his leaving during the Prime Minister’s budget address on Wednesday.

Linton has also pointed out that the Prime Minister has consistently (on all 6 occassions) been absent from the house during the opposition’s response to the budget.

In the interest of airing all sides of the debate DNO will be relaying Lennox Linton’s response via their “Worker’s Voice” programme from the Q95FM Facebook Page from 8:00 o’clock this evening.


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  1. Money man
    July 31, 2021

    Parliament is not a rum shop to just walk in and out so you should be happy you was even getting 30 minutes to parlay pawol sot!

    • Viewsexpressed
      August 4, 2021

      Money💰Man, who do you think you are?
      I’m a bit lost. What really is your stress and what is it that you’re focus on in the interest of our government and this failed incompetent Questionable sitting Labour Government and FAILED Immature Visionless Prime Odd MINISTER. This is a shameful on going failed incompetent government and Prime MINISTER.
      It appears that this fake weak Labour Government has lack concept of Socio-Economic Development that our People, Youth and Families will be in a position of meaningful development and towards employment and stability under our well TRUSTED, MATURED, VISIONARY UWP Political Leader Hon. LINTON
      -PRIME MINISTER. That we do NOT have under the Failed incompetent PRIME MINISTER and his failed Questionable Labour Government. We need change in leadership, Decency in our government and country. We welcome Our well Distinguished Committed Leadership of the Opposition, Hon. LENNOX LINTON to lead this country and our people towards Development.

      • Money man
        August 17, 2021

        Who to lead which country????? not under this sun, dream on :lol:

  2. Ibo France
    July 30, 2021

    What is kidnapping? To restrain the members of the opposition from free movement by locking the gates of parliament is a form of kidnapping. Thugs and rogues are in charge in Dominica.

    Mendicancy, poverty, thievery, corruption, greed, lawlessness, opacity, arrogance and other vices have taken up residence in government. All offices of the Dominica government need to be fumigated.

    You give Mr. Skerrit a centimeter and he takes four hundred and fifty billion kilometers.

  3. Lin clown
    July 30, 2021

    Here we go again.This walking out thing was discussed on q95 before UNCLE walked out.Uncle and his bunch of coonu decided he (Linton) should walk out during Skerrit’s budget address.This was planned before the budget address.What UNCLE did not know is that ,he does not have the rights and prevalage Skerrit has as Finance Minister.Once again his advisers made him look like a JACKA.Nobody said Linton MUST listen to Skerrit but,if he(Linton) does not he will SUFFER the consequences.CASSANI IS KING

  4. Lin clown
    July 30, 2021

    Educate them KID,educate them,they only listen to PROPAGANDA Q95.UWP got 40.99% of votes in 2019 less than what they got in 2014.The international media is looking and listening.Dominicans are looking and listening and,they all believe UWP is a USELESS party party.Just like IBO is a disgrace to humanity.

    • Joke dat man
      July 30, 2021

      Ahh did they win or did China finance it and won. I’m quite sure they will also finance UWP if they win, it’s in their best interest to finance these things, but it’s also in our best interest if we change government from time to time.

  5. Ibo France
    July 30, 2021

    This is my humble advice to Mr. Linton and the UWP. You and your party need to use the regional media much more. Expose Mr. Skerrit and his nakedly corrupt regime for exactly who they are.

    They(DLP) use the regional media to paint a rosy and misleading picture of what’s happening in Dominica. (things like healthy economic growth; feverish construction of new roads, bridges and homes; utopia is happening in Dominica). All this while resident Dominicans are living a nightmarish life.

    I reiterate, you and your party need to be more proactive by using the regional media much more to paint the objective facts about life in Dominica.

    Expose the wickedness of this autocracy to reputable international organizations. Bypass CARICOM for that’s just a toothless and worthless elitist social association.

    I can’t emphasize it enough. Use the media much more and interact with your constituents more often.

    • Pipo
      July 30, 2021

      Ibo yes, but this is P.R. Which has to be paid for. The DLP and those who benefit from Roosevelt Skerrit’s regime have money to sponsor this type of advertising, disguised as news. That is the handicap the opposition have, a lack of financial means and the meagre financial resources they do have at their disposal are severely drained by having to fight the government in court, who’s fees are paid from central funds by that same government. It is an uneven fight and unless opponents of Skerrit’s regime, of any persuasion, are prepared to fund a counter offensive in the media this will remain but a pipe I’m afraid.

      ADMIN: We believe we understand why you might come to that conclusion, however, we would like to clarify the following: we do not accept payment to publish news.

      We make the effort to clearly differentiate between news and paid advertising/announcements.

    • Man bite dogs
      July 30, 2021

      @Ibo, Nobody is listening to your sad old crazy cowardly crap, only an idiot would write such nonsense as you do every day like that.

  6. Man bite dogs
    July 30, 2021

    Ugly Lenny, is a puppet pull his strings and he will form the fool for you, look now he cannot even response to the budget properly this guy is a bag of coal dust, dust, dust!!

    • Viewsexpressed
      August 4, 2021

      Madam Lin Clown 🤡🤡, do Not disrespect our DOMINICAN People and our States GOVERNANCE.

  7. Eugene Francis
    July 30, 2021

    No wonder i dont see my comments. Dno i am not red , blue or green but followed the debate and must say this is incorrect reporting, the only person who was asked to leave was Danny Lugay. The others left they were not forcefully booted out. as you said, please correct this.

    ADMIN: As far as we can see all your comments have been approved. If you still do not see your comment you can try resubmitting.

    As to the content of your comment: we acknowledge your point, however, we have already corrected and updated the information in the post.

  8. Arrogance Supreme
    July 30, 2021

    This is a blatant display of one-party, dictatorial aspirations. It is said that ” every dog has his day”, and while these labour cronies and sycophant individuals believe that they are untouchable, their merry run surely will end one day. We are all human beings, born to die. None of us lives forever. Surely as wicked and evil leaders have met their demise in the past, so will this current crop. People who have forgotten where they come from, and their humanistic obligations, always “get what is coming to them”. All these fat and arrogant labourites are (will be) no different. The universe is watching.

  9. Ibo France
    July 30, 2021

    The United Workers Party represents a significant percent of the electorate (people). When a sitting regime prevents or severely restricts the Opposition from participation in the parliament, this equates to the disenfranchisement of citizens.

    What was done by the rogue ruling regime and members of the Death Squad armed to the teeth in parliament can only be described as the death of democracy. Democracy has been officially executed in Dominica.

    My question is – Will the media, business sector, clergy, the legal fraternity and the rest of civil society sit back and watch their once proud democracy be taken to the hangman’s noose by a corrupt misleader and his depraved, spineless disciples?

    Skerrit declared there is no need for any opposition in Dominica. The influential voices and the majority of citizens remained closed lipped. A country gets the exact leader/administration it deserves.

    • Google
      July 30, 2021

      Dont you think its time for the UWP to remove LL as its leader to move it forward?

      • Ibo France
        July 30, 2021

        Very bad idea. Not even the most popular Dominican could over-
        come the resources of the State at Skerrit’s disposal and the most corrupt electoral system in the Western Hemisphere.

        The UWP lost the last election because of massive corruption and many thousands of imported votes.

        Mr. Lennox Linton is the most feared man by the DLP leadership and their rabid supporters. Let’s create a level playing field and watch what happens. It’s no fault of Mr. Linton. It’s the large swath of electors who just want handouts and a belly full rather than preparing to work hard to financially secure their future.

        • August 2, 2021

          Fear no one but God. Whom do you fear? They are not saying anything. You are the one running your mouth for handouts and a belly full. If Skerrit gives you handouts, I guess Linton will give you run-outs. That CBI money will not be used to pay Linton’s insurmountable debts. Nor will it be used to pay yours either.

      • Man bite dogs
        July 31, 2021

        There is no one else ugly Lenny, is a confused comedian always on the look out for cheap jokes and a laugh.

      • Viewsexpressed
        August 4, 2021

        Google, go Google yourself and come clean as to what is it that you really want to say or talk about? Your interest ought be on our Country, our Nature Isle under this FAILED INCOMPETENT Visionless Leader Skerritt and his failed questionable, inmature OUTDATED Labour Party. What a Fiasco, what Political Hypocrisy. To confess, why on earth has this Failed PM Man created this devious “Red Clinic” where this Fake government has openly dismissed our well established WELFARE DIVISION with its well committed Welfare Officers. This devious Red Clinic MUST NOT and should NEVER be recognized, nor respected by the people of Dominica. The Government Ministers by now should have penalised Skerrit for his obvious Failed Incompetent actions as it relates to this Red Bobolistic CLINIC just to gain votes and Fanfare. This political Clown 🤡 Behaviour must, as Skerrit once said to us:
        “Go to Hell…Go to Hell….it’s none of our Damn Business”. Well Failed incompetent Skerrit, this is peoples…

  10. Bussman
    July 30, 2021

    That qwaypeh skerite and his hungry greedy for money hyenas and their zero value supporters is going to far now.. I mean these people are so greedy for money ..more money they have is the more they want.. what is 30 minutes ? Why they can’t get one hour to properly deliver their budget address? Man these people has gone to far now

  11. %
    July 30, 2021

    Seem like Linton alone is more powerful than liar Skerrit plus all the other useless ministers. It is clear that he would expose all the fake figures in liar Skerrit’s cut and paste budget. That’s why they wanted to give him just 30minutes.
    If i were in cabinet on DLP side, i would have voted against this.
    It is wrong!!!

  12. Ibo France
    July 30, 2021

    With this gross miscarriage of justice, that’s all you can offer DNO? This is unprecedented. It has never happened in Dominica before nor any other Caribbean democratically managed country.

    The media should be crying foul. They should be leading the fight along with the masses. This is an all out assault on democracy exactly what Moise was doing in Haiti.

    The Opposition members are greatly outnumbered by the immoral, unconscionable ruling dictatorship – 24 to 6. Yet, the conniving regime hatched a plan to severely restrict their response to the budget.

    Where are the NGO groups, CARICOM, the whole of civil society? What will it take for the media and the masses to rise up and take e stance, a BLOODBATH?

    This precisely what happens when a country has a rogue leader, a weak and cowardly media and a docile people.

    DNO you and your lame pathetic, cowardly statement about airing all sides. Only one side creating mayhem and political mischief. Call out the culprit! COWARD!

      July 30, 2021

      If it was Kid who wrote this comment, it would not have seen the light of day on DNO’s site.

  13. Web of Lies
    July 30, 2021

    Again and again the bush man habitual lies are catching up with him. The world saw your childish behavior when you walked out. Shame the devil tell the truth. You don’t. have the temperament nor the charisma to be a leader, you better off going back to Marigot to throw stones after bagass!

    July 29, 2021

    You haters must stop spreading your lies.
    The response to the budget speech was that every minister would be allowed 1 hour to speak and 30 minutes for every one else.
    Lennox was given the privilege the same amount of time to to speak as the the minister of finance but he chose to do other wise. Lennox action was deliberate just to cause the chaos that took place in parliament. This guy knew exactly what he was up to when he took his bag and left before the budget presentation. Now he crying foul.
    This guy believes he is the PM and needs to see a psychiatrist. He is definitely sick.
    Today he doesn’t talk of 2.8 billion any more but 4. whatever billion. OMG!

    • Ibo France
      July 30, 2021

      Your comments have revealed how daft, unlettered and insanely irrational you are. You know KID, you sound sooo much more intelligent when your mouth is shut. Stop making yourself a four legged beast of burden.

        July 30, 2021

        Ibo MALAPROP France, Are you referring to the four legged beast of burden your mom told you about that she admired so badly? Especially when feeding it night time?

  15. Braindamage
    July 29, 2021

    What are we hearing there? 30mins… for opposition members to deliver their contributions and 1 hr. for the government side to do theirs..?

    Whether one is supporting the government side or the opposition..
    or none of the above, Skerrit is stretching it too far now.
    That’s a sign of a one government creeping in slowly but surely into our stomach.
    Had not been for Lenox Linton enlightening Dominicans on the every day corruption of this labour government, Dominica would have been sold long ago… God help us..

    • July 30, 2021

      That is because they will be spewing a bag of coal full of dust. You braindamage, aren’t tired of damaging everything that Skerrit does just to please your foolish self? Lennox Linton has nothing productivity to say but spewing the same s… over and over. That is not what people use a pulpit for. Look at his posture at the lectern? The man is far, far away form Maurice Bishop’s posture at the pulpit. Again he is not as handsome and magnetic as Maurice Bishop was. you guys like braindamage, RandyX or Malcolm X, %, stop getting vicarious pleasure out of watching and listening to the Supreme Leader, Sir Roosevelt Skerrit. That is not real love. That is infatuation. How many times must I say that for you all to get it. Look up the meaning of vicarious in a dictionary.

      • Roseau girl
        July 31, 2021

        Dominica don’t have a supreme leader but rather a supreme gangster at the top. As for you, you are as crazy as they come.

        • August 2, 2021

          Dem Roseau girls, bayo bwa. That is what they deserve. Lennox Linton will never be the PM of Dominica, not on this earth, not on the next one, not on the one after the next one. Long live our Supreme Leader, Sir Roosevelt Skerrit. You are the gangster woman. Nobody but you.

  16. Fairplay
    July 29, 2021

    I know you will ot publish but to be fair this is not how the situation arose. From what I observed the Opposition leader walked out just before the Prime Minister started hiss address. From my recollection this is the first time this disrespect has materialized. You should report the incident fairly.

    ADMIN: The article has been updated with more accurate and detailed information to provide better background for the incident.

    *edit* It is important to note that Opposition leader did walk out of the house before the PM’s budget address and that also the PM has been absent from the house for every response by the opposition leader.

      July 30, 2021

      DNO, YOU are very smart but not clever. No apology can repair a damage already made.
      That has not been your first time.
      I watched and I saw the leader of the opposition packed ALL his belongings and walked out BEFORE the minister of finance made the budget address and not during like you said.

      ADMIN: Yes, we have made mistakes and we do our best to own up to them we would ask the same of everyone (including you, the opposition and the government).

      We have edited our response to indicate that Linton walked out before the PM’s address.

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