Arrested billionaire investor wanted to start cannabis business in Dominica

David being escorted by police following his arrest

The Greek billionaire who was arrested at the airport in St Kitts and Nevis for possession of over one million dollars’ worth of cannabis, has told the media that the weed was for the setting up of a business in Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda and St Kitts and Nevis.

On Tuesday, Alkiviades “Alki” David, 50, a billionaire who is also heir to Coca-Cola was arrested by the Anti-Narcotics Unit at the Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport after a search of his private jet uncovered more than EC$1.3 million worth of cannabis on board.

The wealthy man told the media that the plants on board his private aircraft were “all hemp” and were intended for a new venture to start a legal cannabis business in the region.

He and Chase Ergen, the heir to a satellite fortune, announced in April that they had formed a consortium aimed at developing the cannabis business in Dominica, St. Kitts-Nevis, and Antigua and Barbuda.

According to the Daily Mail, David and Ergen (who was also arrested by St. Kitts’ police for drug possession days after David’s arrest) said in a statement, “We’ve have met with Prime Minister Harris to talk about coordinating support efforts before we leave next week for meetings in Dominica and other Caribbean island nations that have shown great interest in our cooperative partnership.”

Dominica News Online (DNO) was able to contact the Head of Public Relations for David’s company, Owen Phillips, who told us that  David “has had meetings” with Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit but has not yet visited Dominica. He said Ergen has close ties on the island.

“Alki David has cleared up the situation with the authorities in St. Kitts-Nevis and his passport has been returned to him,” Phillips further stated in an email to DNO. “He looks forward to continuing plans to develop the medicinal cannabis industry on the island [St. Kitts], bringing new prosperity to its citizens.”

Phillips also wanted to make it clear that no hemp was “found” on the private jet which brought David to St. Kitts. He said the hemp was declared by Alki David upon landing.

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  1. DAgirl
    May 18, 2019

    That ain’t no problem. Marijuana will soon be a booming business. We should stay ahead.

  2. carlty
    May 17, 2019

    Pragmatism is not something often practised by our people because they allow politicism to cloud their better judgment. Roosevelt Skerrit is automatically attached to any negative news. Be pragmatic in your analysis people. Issues are not solved this way especially if you are looking for your party to come into the office. When Skerrit is gone, where will the blame lay then?
    As I said, we have had an issue with cannabis abuse and overuse in the Caribbean throughout the decades and these cannabis laws are encouraging these men. They WILL come to the Caribbean and try to capitalize off these issues that we have been trying to curb again for decades. As I have always said, out young people will be the ones to fall in the line of fire. Let us be careful, I pray, with these cannabis laws.

  3. Man bites dogs
    May 16, 2019

    I hate saying it but I can see all the hall marks behind that story. The opposition blackadders has always been mentioning about wanting to invest in cannabis farming, then all of a sudden a so-called European billionaire wanted to start a dope business in Dominica and why I asked myself then a nasty smell started coming from the so-called Workers criminals party HQ.

  4. dissident
    May 16, 2019

    one more billionaire tied to Roosevelt Skerrit in trouble with the law!!!!
    what a pretty Resume for a PM of a country that sells passports to run de economy.
    I am quite certain that Skerrit sat in Caricom heads meetings discussing Canabis. PM NEVER reported to us on any discussions. Also we notice Barbados Antigua and St Kitts making serious strides toward Canabis while our PM has remained suspiciously silent.

    Personally, I have been watching how Barbados, St Vincent and Antigua approached de investment with promise while Roosevelt Skerrit tell us there will be no economic benefit to canabis as an industry in Dominica. At the back of my mind that translated into : skerrit identifying and locating de heaviest investors on canabis in a private business venture with targeted local growers of canabis to develop a secret canabis business to benefit his bank account…..I am reminded by

    why can’t locals get first benefit?

  5. OpenMindSet
    May 16, 2019

    So le me see if I understand all the bruhahah.
    1) A man lands in St Kits – No drama, no issue (But the headline is about Dominica)
    2) A plane lands separately, searched, weed is declared and the the 1st man is arrested (The man declares the weed, it is not searched and then found)
    3) This is in St Kitts – But the headline is about Dominica
    4) The man says he had a meeting with PM – Not necessarily or specifically about weed, did not say when the meeting was and if the meeting was about growing weed, but the headline is about Dominica
    5) He mentions Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda & Dominica – YET DOMINICA IS THE HEADLINE

    and all these readers just drink the cool-aid and quick to lambast Dominica and it’s government? So easily? No questions asked?

      May 16, 2019

      OpenMindSet, you know the culprit behind that is the MEDIA WHORE! The ONE IN THE HOT SEAT IN THE MORNING and ON THE BLOCK in the afternoon. He says things with no proper investigation. A little wind blows he will say is a hurricane.
      The biggest hypocrite and pretender on that BLUE RADIO STATION.
      He will take a mold and turn it to a mountain and will keep going on with the senseless thing as if is a rosary he rolling. Yet HE will say HE loves the country and is not affiliated to any one organization but the blood in HIS veins is BLUE.

    • talesofwoe
      May 17, 2019

      because he said he intends to come to Dominica next. St. Kitts has decriminalized marijuana. Dominica has not budged. OUR PM has adamantly stated that there is no intention to legalize it previously. His Attorney General has also stated so. PM has also stated that there is not economic future or gain for Dominica in Marijuana. But yet, we hear from the man that he was coming next to Dominica to meet with OUR PM (in his same planeload), after he meets with OUR PM’s good friend, Dr. Denzel Douglas. His purpose for coming was, “for meetings in Dominica and other Caribbean island nations that have shown great interest in our cooperative partnership.” Its relatable to Dominica and the Dominican public in every way. Our leaders are lying to us and fooling us and pulling to wool over our eyes while they engage in secret dealings in the very things they prohibit the nation from.

  6. shaben
    May 16, 2019

    oh boy come on Dominicans don’t forget the pm say in his independent speach that marijuana has no economic benefit but behind close doors he negotiating with a billionaire that interested in the cannabis industry SMFH.

  7. Dominicans First
    May 16, 2019

    At this rate, Linton don’t even need to campaign… Skerrit shady dealings destroying his own credibility with no input from the opposition.

    But lets talk nuh… in Dominica, we locking up young men/boys for a spliff, burning down farmers crops, raiding man etc… but opening the flood gates for rich white men to come and make money while our locals stay poor? Really? Thats what we doing here??? We racist to our own now???

  8. Sybil nowell
    May 16, 2019

    I have never come across such judases as us Dominicans. My God how much does it take to sell your own country just to prove some point that hoes without without truth what so ever. This story was aired in England and my God it was so different to your reporters in DA. What you guys don’t realise is not the government, or the opposition’s alone that the spot light will be on but it is the entire Dominica.
    People hold your tongues it appears that every Dominican are lawyers.
    Pray for us and yourselves to ask God to help us because we need it.

  9. May 16, 2019

    Jonathan Y St Jean, would you, as the Prime Minister, throw out something like that, which is so sensitive and definitely has no base at this moment, to the people?

    Why is it is so easy for you all to condemn the Prime Minister? You read this thing from someone else –you don’t even how stable it is, but there you go.

    When he speaks about his objectives, you guys claim that he is lying; he is desperate; blah, blah, blah. When he waits to pronounce them, you guys call it corruption.

    It is simply that you all are empty barrels making these annoying noises, as the roll towards a dead end.

    In other words, you guys’ grievances and demands are like an old song on a broken record–all you need to stop it; because you all are not helping; but is making the matters worse for those who are trying to understand and decide.

    I am saying it again, you guys are simply useless and futile; there can be no victory with that flimsy weapon–now face it!.

    • Ibo France
      May 16, 2019

      Elizabeth, you have said a mouthful which amounts to nothing when it is carefully analyzed. Stop trying to make this most corrupt head of government seems honorable. Liz, you are on the wrong side of history, jump over to the other side. Stay away from dishonorable folks for you will get infected by their contagious diseases of avarice, dishonesty, crudity, corruption, lying, selfishness and insensitivity.

      • May 16, 2019

        Ibo France, as I have told you already, you cannot make my choice–I can decide for myself and my decision is final!

        How do you decide that I am on the wrong side of History and you are on the right side? Huuuuuuuuuh!

    • Frank N stein
      May 16, 2019

      ElizabethXavier you are one of those who see the writing on the wall but call it a fake. You posts no longer hold convictions these days its like your hands type but your head is not in the game. You will soon run out of defenses as things begin to unfold. You really want us to believe that the PM double crossed a Dominican Elvis Papi Edwards, stole his idea and brought in a quesionable, uncouth billionare and hid it from us because it is too “sensitive?” :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
      If you dont believe that crap how you expect us to believe it?

      • May 16, 2019

        Frank N stein, well I am glad that I being noticed so frequently, is there something about me that you all are afraid of?

        If you think that my thought is without conviction, why do you bother to write it out; if I were you I would simply ignore it. Or do you see a weapon that you need to stand firm against? But you are already defeated anyway–so give it up!

        And thank you for the attention and let it be known that I am not through, writing my thoughts in support of what I believe.

  10. Shjjj
    May 15, 2019

    Everytime i read a story on dno i my blood pressure goes down. But i like the shockers every now and then. So Dominica name always in a laylay eh…

  11. My Little Take
    May 15, 2019

    I would be surprised if this billionaire does not hold a Dominica Diplomatic Passport. How could a billionaire, who is a friend of Denzel Douglas and a buddy of PM Skerrit not have a diplomatic passport? So we might very well get to know that another diplomat of Skerrit got arrested.

    • time has told
      May 16, 2019

      not just that, transporting illegal substances across state lines. Imagine if i was found with two blunts on my person while travelling? they will say im s criminal and a drug smuggler. But this guy and his friends are welcomed. Personally just legalize it. We use it like its legal anyway. Just walk or drive around the country. No hypocrisy. Let it be for all who want to partake. Treat it like a mango. Some people like it some dont. No problem, those who dont like it they dont eat it. FYI Sage also gives you a similar high, but sage is legal. I just want to be able to have my couple trees for my own personal consumption and peace of mind without having to worry about a stupid neighbor or someone telling police i have weed growing by me to have a big cinema in the area when they come to arrest me for a couple (3-7) plants.

      • time has told
        May 17, 2019

        you know is that they does want. To see you go to jail so they can laugh at you.

  12. Midatsaydat
    May 15, 2019

    If Dominicans do not want to open theirs eyes!! Lennox was made fun at when he reported on visiting the USA to get an understanding of the cannabis business! Dominicans were told by this administration that there was no big benefit in cannabis..but they making deals behind the scenes because big money talking!

    • time has told
      May 16, 2019

      They said,” Right colorado he had to go to smell cannabis oil, then they laughed out loud”, They said, “when we have marijuana right here”. But Marijuana isnt legal here, because the government ant the attorney general dont want it to be. Not for us at least. So he rightfully went to colorado where the top grades are. The legislature is there, the commerce and economic impact is there. After Amsterdam, Colorado is the best place to go as an emerging cannabis destination. Very smart move. He met with a DOMINICAN who is involved in very lucrative cannabis operation who explained the system. Boy you may not be a personal user or supporter of weed lennox but you see and have embraced the vision. You know it can heal the nation economically, socially, medically, every ally. the others are hypocrites and want to use it only to their benefit when they see if necessary for only them. Why havent we moved on from the last national consultation, but yet you secretly meet with these people.

  13. Sea export
    May 15, 2019

    But I am not surprised you know. In fact I even believe something is already working behind the scenes. When you listen to the vibes and see how small fishing boats are coming on shore in and the people involved you don’t have to be smart to conclude that some people are working and have been working on behalf of some people. It’s no secret in the constituency; the police know that, villagers know that and some people know that. My question is why not just make it public so people could eat bread by the sweat of their brow? Why is just a few that eating so much?

  14. Ittassi Too
    May 15, 2019

    If it is a shady deal no matter how far it is, expect Roosevelt to be part of it. If it is a dark corrupt deal, expect Roosevelt to be part of it involves breaking the law expect Roosevelt and his crooked Diplomats to be involved That’s the new definition and job description of Diplomats, thanks to Skerrit.
    The sad thing about that deal is the hypocrisy of Skerrit. I have no problems with him working to get market for cannabis, since it’s a natural plant God put on earth and we can grow it here thanks to our rich soil and water. But to pretend that he is so concerned about young people and how cannabis could hurt them and behind the scenes he making his personal connection is just too hypocrite

  15. Frank N Stein
    May 15, 2019

    Why does everybody Skerrit associate with turns out to be a crook? The man making millions for himself and making them come up red clinic to beg for the westar but hear them 5 more years. Anyway some of them doing that to take the money but they not voting him. Skerrit you dont even know who is with you and who is not because of your dutty ways. Right now not even your shadow is real. What a way to go down.

    • Neville
      May 16, 2019

      Frank, the answer is simple because he himself is a crook. Birds of a feather flock together. See how lack he is with crime in DA.

  16. time has told
    May 15, 2019

    “I see there is no real economic benefit in the legalization of Marijuana” – PM.

    Certain seeds can be sold for US$100’s. Ive bought seeds at EC$3. 00 a seed (bubblegum and blue berry). Now imagine 150 seeds at $3.00 each. Commerce and economic impact. – these guys are strain hunters who look for original strains all over the world and they will pay to have them. why? economics. Ive seen other video of them looking for 3 strains in south and central America.

    Now imagine how much money this billionaire spent just to get his seeds and plants on this plane. more economics. I think our Attorney General and PM need to have that debate with UWP or at least an honest open discussion where their real opinions and intentions on the issue are laid on the table. We cannot continue to hide behind the excuse of the youth anymore as it should be treated like every other controlled substance like prescription meds, cigarettes and alcohol…

    • time has told
      May 17, 2019

      FYI – Dominica itself has Original Strains.

      Scroll all the way down, you will see in the best new style of farming category, a Dominican has won second (2nd) place by introducing his own strain cultivated from original strains from Dominica i believe. His strain is called Legend. Everything is in place, from the research to the technical know how, to the economical studies. Countless examples from other territories but yet we are still afraid.

  17. Tim Robinson
    May 15, 2019


    Was this Cannabis business intended to replace Ross University? Don’t chew my head off, I am just nosey.

  18. derp
    May 15, 2019
  19. 💕Me💕
    May 15, 2019

    I guess that’s it for the blue waves, their $ purses just got blown in the Red Sea. My boy % you boat 🚣‍♀️ start taking water before it could start sailing.

    • %
      May 15, 2019

      If you were literate you would have seen Skerrit’s name in the literature above not that of Linton .
      Why not attend night school?
      Your level of illiteracy is shocking .
      Skerrit Must Go
      Skerrit Must Go
      LAZY Skerrit Must Go Now

  20. Zandoli
    May 15, 2019

    Something does not add up for me. This is purported to be very wealthy. He is a businessman. Why would he not do the desired due diligence before exposing himself to that kind of humiliation? Why didn’t he let his underlings do that kind of work? Why was he not dealing with and get clearance from the government before he set foot on Kittitian soil?

    • Annon
      May 15, 2019

      He has a big ego and plenty of money to buy his way out.

    • Langsal
      May 16, 2019

      the guy declared the cannabis it was not found by police. read in its entirety.
      its just that he exposed the corrupt king of dominica, who was probably trying to setup business for himself as usual.

      king: marijuana will not bring economic activity to dominica, while he fooling dominicans he setting up a virtual shop for himself.boy look some teabeh dumbinican bigots

  21. Jonathan Y St Jean
    May 15, 2019

    The typical underhanded way that Skerritt operates. He hasn’t informed the country that this initiative is to be expected. This thief in the night kind of operation shouldn’t be entertained until the population knows of it and who is behind it. The Skerritt administration likes to hide behind the words due diligence, and should tell the public on what basis this company representatives were selected to come to Dominica to set up shop in the cannabis business. Even though the medical marijuana business has potential to be good for our revenue earnings the possibility of corruption must be eliminated from the start.

  22. Anthony P. Ismael Minister of Free Pameprs
    May 15, 2019

    What’s hidden in the dark must come out in the light.

  23. John
    May 15, 2019

    (The billionaire who was arrested in St Kitts told the media that the weed was for the setting up of a business in Dominica,Antigua & Barbuda and St Kitts & Nevis). This report has top the list as the biggest joke in the Caribbean. Pure nonsense. If i known a news site business, this garbage would not be on my site. But again news site business have to make money their per viewers rating.

  24. Lay lay
    May 15, 2019

    This guy reminds me of a guy name Ted who lives in another island and is all over face book busy commenting on all issues but cannot control his wife who it is alleged is involved in all kinda of immoralities.
    Why you coming in our islands wirh your weed?

    • Laylar
      May 15, 2019

      Laylay you seem to be taking the weed the man was bringing. Ted has not been married for years now. Even if he was his wife is an adult human not a dog he doesnt need to control her. The man is single, no wife so stop gettting personal all because you cannot handle Ted’s postings. Did he touch a nerve?

      • Lay lay
        May 15, 2019

        Man all I saying is if you cannot control your own life leave other people alone and a wife should be disciplined and have respect for you whether you want to call it control or not

  25. May 15, 2019

    These persons coming into the Caribbean to invest in Cannabis have to be properly vetted. We have to ensure that the local benefit adequately from the cultivation of cannabis, and we don’t work like Donkeys, while others take the big Dollars out of the region. We cannot have a repeat of what happened in the Sugar Industry, where Outsiders got the Sugar, and we got a few shillings.

  26. Rubbing shoulders with.........
    May 15, 2019

    Who did he speak to in Dominica? He couldn’t be so mad to travel with all that, without somebody knowing. Remember the photo? Remember who likes to rub shoulders with millionaires and billionaires? Dominicans, too much SECRET DEALS. Wake up or be damned.

      May 15, 2019

      Are you referring to the leader of the opposition? Rubbing shoulders with…..
      Lately he has been talking about the marijuana dollar very often.
      Was that a campaign deal?

  27. Lin clown
    May 15, 2019

    Lennox Linton,Viewsexpress,Ibo France,Massacre and% should go to St.Kitts,to negotiate the Marijuana business.

    • %
      May 15, 2019

      Clown who likes to cut cake and hobnob with very wealthy people?
      Not patriot Linton for sure
      Skerrit Must Go
      Skerrit Must Go
      Lazy Skerrit Must Go Now

      • time has told
        May 16, 2019

        Since Monfared, he never wear the Versace shirt again!

  28. ??
    May 15, 2019

    Mister is trouble. i hope he doesn’t set foot in Dominica. That’s some shady business. You negotiate your deal before you showing up with your supplies…..

    • Jenner
      May 15, 2019

      You guys are so innocent and clueless. Of course they did organize their business. The plane was not supposed to have been searched. Happens all the time in DA except no planes are ever searched. The police could not have known about this because the substance is still illegal.

    • time has told
      May 16, 2019

      That not no shady business. They give him back his passport and let him check his vibes. they say when he finish with Denzel, he coming and check Roosevelt irie with them things. CLEARLY, the man has a free pass to do what he is doing in the region. It cannot be shady when we in the dark. All those people on the plane are high profile with too much to lose. they knew that nothing will happen to them.

  29. Kermit
    May 15, 2019

    Mama!! We lose out big time there Wii boy

    • derp
      May 15, 2019

      the dude is a clear shark though other companies will try to scope up the market just like what they tried in St Vincent a Canadian company wanted the farmers to accept $50 a pound when the going price was like $300 EC

      The locals should have the advantage and not foreigners…

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