(WITH VIDEO) Bus drivers from Portsmouth and surrounding areas protest

Bus drivers gathered at Burrough’s square in Portsmouth

Bus drivers in Portsmouth and surrounding communities gathered in Portsmouth this morning to express their dissatisfaction with the $15,000 loan facility at the AID Bank which the government has provided as part of its COVID-19 economic relief measures.

Reports indicate that the bus drivers from the area are gathered at Borough’s Square in Portsmouth and have refused to ply the Portsmouth to Roseau route. It has also been reported that the drivers gathered there, are encouraging other bus drivers from the area to join their protest.

A number of commuters are reported to have been stranded this morning in Dominica’s second-largest town because of the protest action.

DNO will follow this story and bring more information as it becomes available.


Below is an interview with Ian Douglas parliamentary representative for Portsmouth courtesy EMO news

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  1. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    May 26, 2020

    “A number of commuters are reported to have been stranded this morning in Dominica’s second-largest town because of the protest action.

    “So, if one is talking about a second largest town in Dominica, that seems to mean there are many more towns than dirty Roseau and Portsmouth which seems be a large village.

    In any event; I listened Popeye Ian, and concluded the man is talking nonsense. Way back when I was a kid, people who own trucks and to some extent mini vans noted as ” Buss” in Dominica, simply transport people, collect their fare, put it into their spend some of it drinking rum.

    I have never experience truck owners, and van owners keeping a ledger, or engaging an accountant to keep track of expenditures; profit and losses. Ledger is a book containing accounts to which debits and credits are posted!
    How can this corrupted boy Douglas expect some of these semi-illiterates chauffeur’s to maintain a business record of their day to day expenses?
    All Roosevelt pay…

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      May 27, 2020

      If you have a give away in a crisis; why impose an obstacle in the way of the suffering?
      If you are extending loans, with the knowledge some of the recipients may never be able to repay, the alternative is to simply issue the money in the form of a grant!

      What I’ll never understand is this: Ian Douglas, Roosevelt Skerrit, the brute from Cottage, the animal who threatened and attack me when I was a little boy, at least I was smaller, and a few years younger than him; these people treat people in their constituency, like dirt; they treat them like dogs for four and a half years.

      Nevertheless, within five months prior to election, they shower the people with gifts purchased with money, which they cannot account for the source.

      These same motor vehicle operators who are on their knees begging today, are the same people who goes out and vote for their oppressors.

      The day Ross University School of Medicine left Dominica: Labor Party should be buried!

      • May 28, 2020

        Telemaque why don’t you stop adding foolishness to what you write to show people that you are the educated person you claim to be?

        You are talking about when you were a kid, “the son of a goat”, do you realize that was 65 years ago? So then, your perception about Dominica right now, is from that length of time ago, do you realize that you are the one who is way behind about Dominica?

        When I came to Canada in 1974, the Bank was still using handwriting for pass-books and their inside information, computers, internet and all of that stuff was out of sight –why do you expect truck drivers at that time, in Dominica to keeping ledgers and accountants in the stone ages when you were 15 years old?

        You are always trying to find a reason to put your own homeland in a dark hole because that is where you are right now. “For what a man thinks in his heart so is he”.

        • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
          May 28, 2020

          “the son of a goat”, (Elizabeth Xavier).

          Elizabeth, I cannot believe you called me “a son of a goat!”


          So, are you contending that I am an animal, eh, eh?

          Well if that is your belief, there is no point of me trying to defend against that; so I accept that I am animal eh!


          But; I know somebody who is a sukooyant; she takes her skin off in the night to go and fly into people house all over the place and drink their blood when they are sleeping.

           Remember I told you one night when you are in mid flight your gasoline will run, and you will drop to the ground and crash eh!

          Anyway although I am an animal, I still want to tell you the little foot Sukooyant to be safe, protect yourself from COVID-19, you are not invincible like your god Roosevelt.

          I finally found out who is his biological father: (Chichi).

          That disqualify him from being my Almost Nearly Cousin.

          • May 28, 2020

            You are the one who is calling yourself “kid”. so I know that a “kid” is the young of a male and female, what else should I say?

            I also know that a human baby is a child, boy, or girl, there is a big difference.

            And I don’t need your advice about Corvid-19, you ought to be more concerned about yourself–it is where you are that people are dying like flies. 100 000 at this point, did you know that?

            I follow the rules when I am outside. I do what I have to do and I return to my house. Better than I am in the arms of the Great Spirit of Light, the Divine Father in His Christ Jesus. What and whom shall I fear.

            And one more thing! Leave PM Skerrit alone, before God uses this Corvid-19 virus as His wrath against you, the man has done you no wrong. And I know why you turned against him.

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          • May 28, 2020

            correction: a young and female goat

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          • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
            May 29, 2020

            Kid or kids – are human offspring (son or daughter) of any age.

            Elizabeth, I know you have a certain amount of smarts about you, and I am not joking about that; at least this time anyway.

            I’ve seen your work writing that children book you wrote, kindergarten material; however it impressed me.

            Had you not be on the wrong side of the equation supporting Roosevelt Chichi Skerrit; perhaps your contributions would be appreciated, and you might get more thumbs up!

            Nevertheless, let me inform you, your rendition or definition of the term “kid” is wrong.

            One is termed a kid at any  age, the definition I gave at the top is true and correct.

            And if you don’t believe me, go to page 641 of Merrian Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (Tenth Edition), where it define Kid as “a young person especially a child, the word kid is often used as a generalized reference to a younger or less experience person.

            It also said: young individuals of various animals relate to goat!

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    • Lin clown
      May 27, 2020

      ZAMMY,what is a stimulus package?Matt and Q95 has been BRAYING for years,in 2019 they got an 18-3 beating.If Skerrit is so corrupt why is he always getting,MONETARY help from INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITIES?Skerrit is not the one AJAZEERA caught Conspiring to LAUNDER $470,000US,into Dominica,disguised as HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        May 28, 2020

        Rather than making yourself appear stupid, writing in upper case letters, perhaps you should pay a retired teacher with plenty of time to educate you.

         People who are ignorant, and are not scholastically educated are the ones who write in upper case, or block letters to emphasize a point.

        With that said here is the meaning; “definition” of the term stimulus package:

        “In economics, a stimulus is an injection of money into an economy by a government that’s intended to spur “stimulate” economic growth. This can take many forms, such as giving money directly to citizens via stimulus checks.”

        For your information; I am a recent recipient of a stimulus cheque issued by the Federal government of the United States.

        Now the amount I will not tell you, but I assure you government Roosevelt is no United States, and is not in any position to give money to stimulate economic growth in Dominica; since all the stimulus money in Dominica goes into a single thief pockets eh…

  2. mine
    May 26, 2020

    Sets of greedy lazy guys driving for years for people and want to protest. you hurting yourselves not the passengers. some of you all are so reckless and careless drivers too.

  3. Ibo France
    May 26, 2020

    Some apologists of the current ruling regime are making the lame excuse that the government did not budget for Covid-19.
    Here are some characteristics of good governance: transparency, accountability, responsiveness, effectiveness, efficiency, inclusiveness, equity and adherence to the laws of the land.
    The Skerrit led government has failed miserably in every category.
    An astute leader and effective government will always be well prepared for any eventuality, that is, expect the unexpected.
    The government, as of this moment, CANNOT account for billions of the people’s CBI money. Where is it? This is why transparency and accountability is crucial.
    Dominicans should be white hot with anger about the blatant disappearance of these colossal sums of their money.
    Corruption and Thievery must not be allowed to flourish in government as it does presently.
    People, guard your assets as a lioness guards her newly born cubs. Stop being sheep!

  4. Satan is a Liar
    May 26, 2020

    I say to all that Satan is a liar, a deceiver and a detractor. I say to all that Satan put this strike together with his demons so that no one talks about the failures of PM Skerrit,in light of the three professionals( the FS Rusmund Edwards and two top officials of CREAD), that resigned from top government positions. Satan knows very well that Portsmouth is PM’s potato garden and Borrow square where the strike started is a stone throw away from Ian Douglas house, the same Ian that told us Skerrit FOOLED him more than once. So Satan had Skerrit to dress up with tie on a Monday morning, a time when Ian would be in bed maybe suffering from the effects of a weekend, to lie to bus drivers. All you cannot see is Satan that organized that protest gason? Boy this is the same Satan than used a peaceful UWP protest in 2017, to burn down Roseau so police and PM could blame Linton for that. It was that same Satan that burned down the house of GOM Emmanuel because PM lawyer was accused of theft

  5. Satan is a Liar
    May 26, 2020

    I really don’t know what it will take for Dominicans to understand that Satan is a LIAR, a deceiver and knows how to distract by appearing as an angel of light when in deed he is the Devil and deceiver of the brethren! UWP had a very peaceful protest in 2017, after arrest of PM’s friend Alireza Monfared but to distract people from what happened and the success of the protest, Satan planned and paid his demons to escalate the protest and later burn down Roseau, so the police could blame that on Linton and his supporters. Satan succeeded because up till now Linton is still before the court and Thompson still cannot come to Dominica. We heard of a key lawyer that wan brought before the court with over forty counts of theft. But Satan again paid his demons to burn down the house of GON Emmanuel which destroyed the case. Today Satan organized with bus drivers to strike in Portsmouth to distract from real issues. So Satan had Ian Douglas who told us Skerrit fooled him, to dress up as a

  6. Let's Pretend
    May 26, 2020

    Stupes. What strike? That’s if is not Skerrit himself that organized with his bus drivers to strike as a distraction from the real issues so Matt and Dominicans would not talk about them. Look in the last week we heard of three BIG resignations and all three would be in a position to help us understand where our $1.2 billion and more dollars went to. Our FS Rosemund Edwards, who ought to know a lot about our $1.2 billion dollars that disappeared, just slipped out on us at a time when our airports are supposed to be closed due to Covid-19. Then we heard ofChief Executive Officer of the Climate Resilience Execution Agency for Dominica, CREAD, Dr.Pepukaye“Pep” Bardouille and the Chief Operating Officer, Colin Scaife, have both resigned from the organization and Mr. Scaife left since in April. So knowing Skerrit I would not be surprised if he organized with his so called bus drivers, since some might be driving for ministers, to pretend as if they are vex to distract from real issues

  7. May 26, 2020


    In Toronto, we have the Toronto Transit Commission. For Corvid-19, the number of passengers is also limited in every bus, passengers have to sit two seats apart from each other. Some of us don’t even pay the fair because we enter the center entrance–we must follow the rules

    But it has always been, from since the stone-age ago, that the bus driver has nothing to do with the fair; we do not pay with money unless we don’t have a bus ticket.

    Frequent TTC commuters buy a monthly pass–they ride the busses multiply times with pass all through the month. The commission is responsible for paying the driver’s Salary

    That way they are contributing to the cost of interference in their work–but Corvid-19 has nothing to do with their Salary, for they are working

    It would not be as big as Toronto, but Dominica should have a system like that from a long time ago, which would be looking after itself, as it brings in revenue to the economy

    • Toto
      May 26, 2020

      For once I agree with you lady. It is absurd that bus drivers in Dominica are expected to subsidise themselves because of action taken by government. And don’t put your complaint to Skerrit in writing because I hear mister use that same trick to often. Mister will put it in his poubel file and you never hear anything about it again but trust me, those foolish enough signing it will never drive for a government or party business again.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      June 2, 2020

      ” Some of us don’t even pay the fair because we enter the center entrance–we must follow the rules.”(Elizabeth).

      Well, it is not so much that you as a Dominican have to follow the rules; you are more than happy to sponge and get a free ride.

      You are the typical Dominican who like a free ride for nothing you all like everything for free!

      That is why Roosevelt have your family and the rest of Dominica under his treating you like dogs because he knows when election time comes all he has to do is drop some bit of his left over garbage in you all face, to get you to vote for him!

  8. May 25, 2020

    This is the time I have to say that some things are moving too slow in Dominica.

    The problem here is those bus drivers have been doing their own business. However they got the bus, they drive people from and to their homes, so what happened to the fairs which the people pay?

    It belongs to the driver alone, or it is shared between him and the owner. What about deductions for the government to put aside to use to compensate the bus driver, sometime, throughout his work or when he retires–there is none.

    In Ontario, a person who never worked is not qualified for pension income, because they contributed nothing to that pension. But they receive an income supplement; can Dominica afford this?

    Those bus drivers should be employed by a Transportation Commission in Dominica; they own the buses and the driver receives his pay from them. That way they would be contributing to the cost of income when their employment is affected, in certain ways.

  9. Ibo France
    May 25, 2020

    @Common sense
    Common sense is not so common among the DLP supporters for sure. Nobody even with a modicum of common sense will ever support a galloping dictatorship that isn’t even fit to run a pig farm. If the many billions of dollars from the CBI program had been managed well, the country would not have been in this financial ruin. Fiscal mismanagement, monumental corruption and incompetent leadership has the country in dire financial straits. Only sheep will fall for the government’s pathetic excuses. The PM has learnt well from his international fugitive buddies.

  10. Man bites dogs
    May 25, 2020

    This is a perfect example of why the government should stop helping any and everyone black people never satisfied most bus drivers do not pay taxes that’s why they cannot produce any documents as to take advantage of the 1%loan Mr Skerrit trying to help they are the ones that will turn against you let them eat dry cakes that nonsense must be stopped it’s time everyone must take care of their own responsibilities.

  11. Ti Garcon
    May 25, 2020

    This is nonsense. These bus drivers where constantly making money. When the number of passangers was reduced they doubled their fares!!! Today the gas prices here are 40% lower than in January and yet their fares weren’t reduced.
    What pisses me off is that these drivers usually run their routes under 50% full normally, but they acting like they always loaded. The real issues are they don’t pay Social Security so they can’t access those grants, and they don’t have a registered business so they can’t take these loans (which could easily be used to pay off their higher interest loans- and comes with a 6 month grace period!). They are delinquent and disorganised so they want fast cash to make bum.
    I heard them compare themselves to farmers and that was so disrespectful. Everyday these guys make money with no long term investment. As they make a $$$ is waste it on bum- well no more woman for allu!!!

    • Me
      May 25, 2020

      Farmers’ and fishermen earnings are tax exempt.

    • Willie
      May 25, 2020

      I couldn’t have said it better myself

  12. Obviously
    May 25, 2020

    But…but what I seeing there nuh? We just discharge our last COVID19 patient last week, and the first thing we doing on a Monday morning is protesting govt relief measures….protesting …the relief measures…in the middle of a global crisis.

    Aren’t we an ungrateful lot.

  13. god way
    May 25, 2020

    the big USA did not help small business we in Dominica want to depend on tax payers Money too much how many of the bus drivers paying taxs and SS ? it’s time to have MTA system this small buses is a waste of time

  14. Dr Clayton Shillingford
    May 25, 2020

    The concerns expressed by Ian Douglas here derive from the indiscipline, mismanagement and disorder in managing business small and large in Dominica .It is in times of crisis like we are facing with Covid 19 that these shortcomings come into sharp focus

    • mine
      May 26, 2020

      Clayton, you managed the DASS and it failed. you still cannot give an account of what happened to it.

  15. Tobby
    May 25, 2020

    Is Dominica has a Bus Drivers Association, if not they need to put that in place to query on their behalf. Government need to put some funds in place for them, likewise I hope some of them paying Social Security with all the money they used to make. But still is a Pandemic out their social or not the government has to make them feel goof and give them some cash. That’s what gvmt their for.

    • Zammy
      May 26, 2020

      The bus drivers are right. The government like others governments around the world should give them a stimulus package. Pm Skerrit it is very amazing that you are now saying that there is no money. Where is alll the money you had during the election?
      Bro Ian, yesterday you tried to make all kind of cinema n give dem drivers koko makak.
      Every Dominican should get a package from bus driver to those on the block.
      An idea, you n your ministars should alll take a 75% pay cut n give to Dominica..
      Bus drivers are right…

  16. RBD Cenema
    May 25, 2020

    That is just a distraction that will go absolutely nowhere. First of all the majority of the bus drivers that protesting are poto labor. Secondly, ask those bus OWNERS if Skerrit bought their bus for them, gave them duty-free or, gave them pàrt of the money. So don’t waste time with that movie the call protest.

    • DomFriend
      May 26, 2020

      You are 100% right. Most of them in Skerrits pocket. This is just a show.

  17. 72nations72elements
    May 25, 2020

    Bus drivers shouldnt protest they are still allowed to move and work, plus they are charging more per passenger. if i was government i wouldnt give them any loan at 1 % either. Not to the owner not to the driver. They are still owed to work. Give it to the boutiques and barbers and shops. also, is it really necessary now? they are all allowed to open. Unless it is to pay rent from previous months or for workers who too no pay during the last few weeks. Otherwise, no. and definitely not to bus drivers. with less people allowed to be in your busses, there should be enough for every bus to get a load, and still charge more per seat.

    • Me
      May 25, 2020

      Thank God you’re not the government!

  18. Media Observer
    May 25, 2020

    DNO I know you are trying your best to bring the news to us, thank you.
    But please check your story angle here.
    How can a story about bus drivers protesting in Portsmouth feature only the parliamentary Representative who is also a minister of government?

    The story is about the Bus drivers’ concern about relief with this COVID situation is it not?
    Where are their voices? What are their concerns? Let us see their faces, hear them speak.
    Kindly do a follow-up story to correct this biased story angle that results in stealing the spotlight from the people whose concerns need to be heard and giving it to the same old voice that we see all over the media all of the time.
    Let the story match the headline!! Thank you.

  19. Wickedness
    May 25, 2020

    Them man wicked. Stop these greedy ways! You illegally raise bus prices to “compensate” for your loss on the backs of the people who cannot afford their own transport. Now gas prices are the lowest they have been in 25 years, plus the easing of restrictions, and all this after government is giving a concessionary 1% loan? If that’s the case then everyone who has lost out due to COVID-19 should protest.

  20. Whocares
    May 25, 2020

    My take on that is give them man $5000 cash as grant money to help them cushan their loses and then they have an option to take the balance of the money as loan if they want to… Period

  21. Bwa-Banday
    May 25, 2020

    Finally I see Possie “trying” to stand up to this corrupt DLP regime. Let us see how this one will end. They did absolutely nothing when Russ left and are paying a heavy price for financially. But as usual, Possie people have become known as the having only chat but easily bought with pittances.

    I see Ian visited them bright and early and was wondering how many eye-openers he took before going there :mrgreen: :mrgreen: .

  22. Silver fox
    May 25, 2020

    Bus drivers you lots can protest until the fire off hell roasted your backsides and who ever is instigating you guys because of greed I could also smell a rat behind you lots creating trouble, there is a saying in England, Killing the goose that lays the golden eggs, which refers to the short – sighted destruction of a valuable resource, or to an unprofitable action motivated by greed. Also meaning that some of you Dominicans have very attitudes taking the piss of a good man Mr Skerrit and his government which Dominica in all of its history never had it so good, please don’t throw away what is good today for bad tomorrow, remember what that so-called Workers clowns party Edison James did to us just 20 years ago, don’t let history repeat itself: Respect to Mr Skerrit and his administration one love 😍

    • Johnson
      May 25, 2020

      These drivers must think we manufacturing money in Dominica…the kind of demands there are making. Its ridiculous. Its a global recession. A global recession. As in NO GRANTS.

      • Toto
        May 26, 2020

        Well Johnson, if you cannot afford to pay my fare you ain’t coming on my bus you understand. Just start walking or ask your mp for ride.

  23. Fake News
    May 25, 2020

    Oh welcome back DNO! You’ve been out on so many key issues that even had me to believe you were GIS, paid by and managed by Skerrit. A good example is your silence on cricket west Indies investigation that was leaked out by Michael Holding. In his report he questioned how the auditors report questioned how CWI was used to move $134, 200 to Dominica cricket association at a time when Skerrit’s right hand man Emmanuel Nanthan, was vice President of cricket West Indies and president of Dominica Cricket. I saw that on Caribbean cricket, west Indies cricket, Jamaica observer, Barbados news, Guyana news, Trinidad news, North America news, UK news and even India news and somehow DNO said nothing. Man Dominica is so messed up with the media being so weak and in some cases totally bought by Skerrit.

    ADMIN: Stay tuned we have been working on a comprehensive story.

  24. L C Matthew
    May 25, 2020

    It would have been nice to hear perspective of one of the protesters instead of ian douglas. He had his opportunity in parliament to do what was necessary. He indicated he understands where they coming from. What drawing board you want go back to now? Ian indicated that some small business use loans for not what it was intended. Well ian they follow the examples of leadership who use funds for world bank to play politics, politicians use state money to enrich themselves and their friends pockets, state money used to run political campaigns, and to manipulate people, passport money used to do all kinds of mischief. The PM himself never likes anyone tell him what to do with donations so he can mismanage. I am baffled that you are now concerned about what people do with loans. The amount of crap you speak in parliament i sometimes wonder if you have some brain damage. The whole country should be on protest now. No one should go work or go anywhere until cabinet resign.

    • god way
      May 25, 2020

      they all do it in office and out of office so what’s your point

  25. Ibo France
    May 25, 2020

    It’s not going to be easy for these bus drivers to persevere. Skerrit, his cabal and their rabid supporters will use every conceivable effort to break the will of these beleaguered essential workers. Yes, the bus drivers ply an essential trade. This is precisely what Dominica needs most, the ordinary man and woman to get up, stand up, and assert their rights. I hope they would not involve any politicians to hand the government the convenient and usual excuse of political interference by the Opposition. The propaganda machine of the corrupt regime will be working overtime to summarily distort and dismiss the genuine concerns of these struggling small business owners. Be strong bus drivers. Remember this! Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

    • Toto
      May 25, 2020

      Good for you fellers. This is one form of freedom of expression, which we are guaranteed under our constitution. I know some will be inconvenienced but not the big boys that have their vehicles, some paid for by government. Good luck.r

    • Common Sense
      May 25, 2020

      You do realize that the WHOLE WORLD is going through an economic recession right ? …so please oh enlitghtened one …where on God’s Green earth is our Govt and Skerrit supposed to find money to give people grants at this time ???

      Govt isnt collecting any foreign exchange, govt has to support multiple ppl who have lost their jobs, govt has to overspend on healthcare facilities now…any EVERY donor agency we can ask, has the same problems right now ….money doesn’t grow on trees !

      I swear some Dominicans dosen’t learn. It’s not business as usual, and its not gonna be an easy road for a long time. The govt is doing the best it can …given that most revenue streams have dried up at the same time.

    • May 25, 2020

      Quite sure the full details of the strike will be revealed in the next article. I am also quite sure that the government did budget for Covid-19 relief, and that the bus drivers have no personal responsibility for the upkeep of their business…

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