UWP calls on gov’t to speed up reconstruction in energy sector

UWP leader Lennox Linton

The United Workers Party believes the pace of restoration of electricity post-Hurricane Maria can be significantly accelerated through an intervention by government that establishes a public/private partnership designed to secure the funding, technology and manpower requirements for climate resilient reconstruction of the energy sector.

The September 2017 category five storm forced a shutdown of electricity services island-wide with widespread damage to building structures; generation units; and hydro-mechanical, electro-mechanical and control equipment that left the transmission and distribution network with restoration needs estimated at EC$90-million.

More than 4 months later, 85% of the consumers across the country are without electricity, consequently, the economy continues to suffer from the inadequate availability of energy to spur strong, national revitalization of income earning and employment generating business activity.

In the circumstances, the DLP administration appears to be leaving it up to the private corporation DOMLEC to determine how and when its resources will allow for a complete restoration of electricity services. This approach is ill-advised.

The devastating impact of Hurricane Maria on our vital energy sector has given us yet another opportunity to move it away from dependence on fossil fuels and thereby reduce our carbon footprint in line with Dominica’s 2012 Low Carbon Climate Resilient Strategy.

We, therefore, recommend the following:

1. A strategic plan for climate resilient rebuilding of Dominica’s energy sector that divides the country into specific zones and sets out a distribution/ generation approach for renewable energy utilization in each zone

2. A partnership between DOMLEC and the state through which government will source the grant funding and soft loan financing required for:
– 1) complete restoration of electricity services within six months; and
– 2) 100% of Dominica’s electricity requirements to be generated from renewable energy sources by 2023

3. Immediate commencement of a specialized one-month training program utilizing funding from the National Employment Program (NEP) and technical assistance from DOMLEC and CARILEC to provide at least 200 lines men to meet the manpower needs of restoring and maintaining transmission lines around the country

4. Immediate commencement of a specialized training program utilizing funding from the National Employment Program and technical assistance from renewable energy experts to provide at least 200 technicians skilled in the basics of setting up hydro, solar and wind energy systems

The UWP strongly urges the DLP administration to adopt these policy measures in the public interest for full, effective, climate resilient restoration of electricity services without further delay.

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    January 26, 2018

    Mister doh have face… help assist, make contributions, work together, now that the government getting the country back up and running the do nothing start to open his mouth!

  2. shrewd
    January 25, 2018

    Very good suggestions Mr Linton, they would definitely speed up the process.

  3. Expat
    January 25, 2018

    Is it the same Linton who made fun of the word ‘ Resilience’ recently in his new year’s message ? Linton needs to revisit his past statements before venturing further.

  4. Ibo France
    January 25, 2018

    A responsible opposition party should present alternative, practical and sound ideas to the electorate. They should always make themselves a viable option to the incumbent party. By offering rational advice to the government, Mr. Linton has shown a willingness to engage in nation building. Those who scoff at the ideas put forward by Mr. Linton are apparently dead from the neck up. We need to slam the door on political ugliness and divisiveness. In order to punch above our weight, we have to work as a cohesive unit. The petty party politics is adversely affecting the country. It’s time for it to end.

    • Barbara Saunders
      January 26, 2018

      Ibo France
      In an ideal world your comments would be perfect. Unfortunately the opposition has not, so far, been responsible and their words and actions have not in any way appeared to be nation-building in character. Going across the globe bad talking the country even after Cat 5 Maria and trying every trick in the book to bring it down in the hope of bringing down Skerrit is not my understanding of nation-building.

      Some of us, in spite of the thumbs downs here, have been trying to advise the opposition party to behave in a manner that would allow them to position themselves as a viable option.

      If the party is now, though late, genuinely trying to turn over a new leaf, I don’t think its suggestions should be scoffed at but examined for practicality and feasibility and adopted if they pass those tests. It would be even better if they would be presented to the bipartisan body being proposed by government so that the required seriousness can be applied to them.

  5. Waiting on God
    January 25, 2018

    say what you may……but in your hearts , you know which pARTY HAS THE and is on the right path for sustainable development for the country………….don’t shoot the messenger nor the message.

  6. Sams
    January 25, 2018

    Where u was linton u was sleeping now u get up

  7. JOE
    January 25, 2018

    i just cannot stop LMFAO with the UWP and their governance strategy…. Man DOMLEC belongs to a bigger family who can provide all the technical assistance they need… SMDFH!!!!

    • Neville
      January 25, 2018

      Yes of course but that family seems to be too small to give Dominica light in the rural areas. 4 month gone and counting.

  8. karla is back
    January 25, 2018

    well my dear mr linton what can i say skerrit priority is making sure that his naked costume band come out for the carnival and important matters such as financing of houses and roofs, taking people out from under tents since rain seem to fall every other day,our schools and the list goes on…….

  9. winston warrington
    January 25, 2018

    Electricity is required for construction and without it,construction will be severely delayed. But one can’t Just rush into electricity production and distribution because it is desperately needed. That would be dangerous at best and fatal in the worst circumstances How do we train an electrician in one month?
    Then there is the plan to locate all electrical lines underground; how do you hurry that up? Once it is understood that water is a good conductor of electricity, we should understand that all electrical components must be inspected to eliminate all potential hazards. Decentralization of the national grid had been suggested many years ago; but we can’t rush into it for sake of mere expediency. Better play with fire than joke with power.

    • Looking on
      January 25, 2018

      I am sure the newly trained people will be supervised. I really think Domlec should speed it up. Even if they have to import skilled people. They dont seem to have the necessary equipment to meet the needs of hurricane ravaged Dominica.

    • UKDominican
      January 25, 2018

      Winston, the U.K. Is a very wet country but most of its power lines are underground.

    • Barbara Saunders
      January 25, 2018

      That’s because talk is easy. Everything has to be a point-scoring exercise. We all wish the pace of everything was faster but some of us are behaving as if Dominica has and has always had a money tree to shake and just make things happen. Thank God for CBI money in spite of CBS60 minutes .

      These people posting comments here have to make up their minds. In one breath they are mad with gov’t for giving contracts to foreigners to speed up the work. They are encouraging Leblanc and others to go to court. Now in the other breath they want to import linesmen. Didn’t we have foreign linesmen here in the immediate aftermath of the hurricane?

      I don’t want to go low but some people who are finding fault with the pace of everything have nothing to do but look after themselves; talk endlessly and pick up their salaries every month but they still have tarpaulins on their houses. Why not let charity begin at home and speed up their efforts at their own homes?

  10. Shameless
    January 25, 2018

    Thats what I am talking about! Instead of focusing on important issues like this they (Dr. Pun Cabal) are hell bent on banning DICE’ song because it exposes what was kept secret….Who shot the looter? :twisted: :twisted:

    Assertive like Mazeeh Maria! :twisted: :twisted:

  11. Bro
    January 25, 2018

    Man I dint want to laugh but what pappyshow recommendations are those??!

    What are we, Venezuela? The state can’t dictate or interfere with the runnings of a privately owned shareholder company, no matter the circumstances. Doing so is an act of nationalization, which if whoever recommended this had half an education would now that it hasn’t worked in any country.

    In puttin the recommendations, they failed to complement the hard work of the domlec employees- it can even be taken as offensive. If one wants to be a leader, you gotta present your suggestions in a more diplomatic manner.

    The suggestions of using NEP for linemen, my god. Even putting a figure of 200 as if one can use any dog on the street. Shouldn’t they at least require an engineering background first? Whether an electrical or mechanical degree from D.SC.? And is the intention to shove them down DOMLEC throats? As if DOMLEC won’t have safety and protocol concerns which would take MONTHS, not a month.

    • Bro
      January 25, 2018

      Then there will be the issue of authority, will these NEP linemen be answering to DOMLEC? Cuz it seems once the gov’t has made such an investment, they may want to act a know it alls and take over DOMLEC’s operation.
      Then what happens to these linemen once the job is done- it would be a waste of skills to just have them trained extensively for a 2-3 month gig- if that.

      The same goes for the last suggestion where a figure of 200 is just put out there. Does the UWP live in their own fantasy or are they consulting with DOMLEC and the business community of Dominica?

      Boy is best they had never put out that suggestion cuz no Western donor would fund a country with such ideals. It was the UWP the sold DOMLEC, and I believe privatization is for the best- but now they have this nationalization agenda? Now who wants to be a dictator?

    • Looking on
      January 25, 2018

      Nonsense you talking. There is definitely a need for people to ‘pull wire’. This would speed up the process. Many of Domlec workers have no degree. I think the suggestions were great. It can be adjusted to suit the situation. Too many negative comments. We need to try everything possible to improve the situation. Domlec promised to bring back electricity by March then it changed to April. Stop being negative!!!!

      • kingman
        January 25, 2018

        More hands or men don’t necessarily mean more work would be done or get done faster.
        After the all the crying and noise Lennox and the opposition made when the government loaned/gifted HHV $500,000.00 now they want government to secure or raise $90 million for a private company who have been making profits year on year.
        LENNOX need to put a check on his tongue, his words always come back to bit him

  12. NUWP
    January 25, 2018

    What kind of Braff malay is dat nah?

    The man just mixing words and not realising what is it he is asking for.

    Is like a braff with cweam coco in pig snout braff we.

    If u talking intervention let’s talk another company joining hands with h domlec.

    But how do o u equates that with climate resilience nah a a.

    If u don’t have anything to say just shot up nah man

    • Florida Diaspora
      January 25, 2018

      You dummy!!!! It looks like you are satisfied with the slow pace at which things are getting done in this country

      • NUWP
        January 25, 2018

        English please I will pay ur schooling for hand ur leader so u can learn to use your common sense

    • Neville
      January 25, 2018

      You are a simpleton if I’ve ever seen one, BRAFF. That’s the kind of people Skerrit wants around him. Poor Dominica!

    • Looking on
      January 25, 2018

      Dont fool your self. There are many members of the NEP who have a sound high school education.

  13. Onlooker
    January 25, 2018

    Very good Idea. I hope the government adopts this plan.

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