Caribbean could benefit from an Obama win – Thomson Fontaine

Dr. Thomson Fontaine

A second term for Barack Obama as President of the United States of America will result in greater US support for the Caribbean, especially Cuba.

That’s the view of Washington-based economist, Dominican, Dr. Thomson Fontaine.

Dr. Fontaine spoke with Q95’s “Hot Seat” host, Matt Peltier, earlier today, shortly after Americans started casting their votes in what is being described as an extremely close contest between Democratic President Obama and Republican challenger, Mitt Romney.

Fontaine was talking against the back ground of significantly reduced interest in, and assistance to the Caribbean during the past several years including President Obama’s first term.

“The Caribbean is no longer as critical as it was during the time of Reagan, during the time of the Cold War so that (lack of) support mirrors that fact the importance of the Caribbean as a strategic partner is just not there,” says Fontaine who was for many years, an IMF economist based in Washington.

He says the fact that there’s no longer the need, for example, to have a counter balance to Cuba, has contributed to the diminishing of that support from the US.

“More can be done and my sense is that a second-term Obama will see a lot more of that, a lot more support, a lot more support for Cuba, for example. Barack Obama has been very cautious in the way he approaches Cuba because it’s a hot potato item but I can guarantee you that if he wins, when he wins that election, Like I said, just looking at the electoral map which is what decides this election, there’s no way he’s not going to win this.” Fontaine stated.

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  1. Francisco Telemaque
    November 8, 2012

    TP, I pondered on your comments a bit before I decide to input my comments, and whereas I must omit wishful thinking I must say the Caribbean has always been on the lowest of the gender as far as America is concerned.

    If you are accurately familiar with American politics, and the way in which they dispense aid to countries, and let me say here I am not talking about developing countries, you will find that there is a part of the Caribbean the Federal Government of the United State refers to as ” the Caribbean Basin” of which Dominica falls into that category.

    Pertaining to aiding that part of the region has never been a priority for the United States of America, beside you have never heard of any President of the United States, making money available directly to any government in the Caribbean, including Dominica.

    They have a system to which a certain amount of money is allocated and sent; through that system located in Barbados, and under control of America, distributes accordingly to the islands of the Caribbean Basin!

    Here is an i.e., a long time ago when I came into this knowledge, in 1962, the amount of money they gave for distribution among the group term ” the Caribbean Basin ” when you divided the amount of money by the amount of people living and residing in the Caribbean Basin at the time it worked out to be less than two dollars per person; if the money was distributed to every individual person.

    So, the islands of the Caribbean has never benefited in abundance from the United States, and they only commenced giving hands outs to us after we became Independent, that’s how they became involved in helping to resurface some of the damage Roads in Dominica, after the devastation of Hurricane David.

    As for Cuba, it does not matter whether Obama or a hundred Black person becomes President of the United Stats, the relationship between America, and Cuba will remain the same as long as the powers that be in Cuba maintain communism and their communistic ideology, perhaps if Cuba adapt the democratic system of government, the relationship between both countries will normalized.

    Talking about the late former President Regan, and concerned for the Caribbean, I cannot condone that theory either. If Eugenia Charles had not gone to Regan and ask him to invade Grenada, because of their fear of Communism, and what Bernard, and his thugs did to Bishop, Reagan would have passed on without even knowing the geographic location of the Caribbean, or the Caribbean Basin for that matter.

    Always remember, the places, which benefits finically from the United State, are the nations which are of some sort of strategic importance to America.

    Now in World War II Dominica was of some strategic importance to America, and the allies, that is why they attempted to build an Airport precisely where our municipal is located at Melville Hall, and even that failed, not because of the efforts of the United States, but because of the small minded Dominicans in that era!

    TP, do not anticipate any dramatic deviation from the way it is right now between the United States, and the Caribbean, I doubt that is one of Obama priorities right now.

    Iran might be his greatest worry outside of the economy of the United States right now.


    How many Prime Ministers, and even dating back to the days of our Chief Ministers in the Caribbean have you ever heard got an invitation to go to the White House to discus any issues affecting the Caribbean?

    They have given us a boat or two to intercept drug smugglers from flooding Dominica with drugs, however, have you noticed not once you ever heard any American politician address the issue of Bird island, Dominica, and Venezuela?

    Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

  2. anonymous2
    November 8, 2012

    You ought to know. Both of you are puppets for the U.N. serving the master.

  3. remember
    November 7, 2012


  4. November 7, 2012

    Mr Fontaine, you must be living in a dream land, am surprised at your comments.

  5. Pato
    November 7, 2012

    Doc Fontaine won’t return unless he is PM. In the meantime he calls on the phone.

  6. Anonymous
    November 7, 2012

    Good that all of you can attack Dr. Fontaine for expressing his views. If you know better why don’t you publicly voice your opinions as well to provide another side of the argument and stand by your opinion. No because we are cowards afraid to speak our mind. So we hide behind computer screens. Dr. FOntaine thanks for giving your views, continue expressing yourself when you want to and leave the small minded people in your dust.

    • lightbulb
      November 8, 2012

      improving links with Cuba has very little to do with Obama, every US president has progressively reduced the harsh stance against Cuba. The US needs a market for its agricultural goods, and Cuba is hungry

  7. stupes
    November 7, 2012

    Thomson u need help!!!!!I doh tink u got good head at all!!!!

  8. Morihei Ueshiba
    November 7, 2012

    Boss Zbigniew Brzezinski dictates US foreign policy, Obama is just a puppet. Sheesh :-D

  9. Chakademus
    November 7, 2012

    With all due respect to Dr Fontaine that is a bunch of Malarkey. For his first 2 years he had a filibuster proof majority in congress and what did we get? Correct, nothing. Now that he is way short of a governing majority, why do you think it will be different? Remember too, that all spending bills originate in the house of representatives. Congress is the one that passes the budget.

  10. November 6, 2012

    “I guess you all should be bible students. So you all should know that the “Israel” that the Bible is speaking about has “nothing” to do with this Israel of today. When the King of kings shall come, He will be coming for His church (Israel). And who are they? That “Israel” is everyone who forms part of the “Body of Christ”. Not Israel in the “Middle East”. You people are putting your focus in the wrong place. “Christ is coming for His people (Israel).”


    Among the many important points in your comments above, this one in quote here is my favourite one. I needed to alter it a bit, just to highlight your point more intensively.

    What you spoke above is a “wisdom and understanding” that so many of us who claim to be Christians, church goers, or whoever we are–saying that we believe in God and His Person of Love, Jesus Christ–we have yet to receive.

    But how can we receive that wisdom and understanding, when though we declare our belief in God, we do not know Him. Yes a few of us may be reading the Bible, but how well do we understand what it says to us–especially those who have no reading comprehension, but won’t acknowledge that truth in them.

    Yes you are so right, too many of us are focused on the wrong issues in the wrong places!

    Yes indeed! Israel of today is “physically Israel” meaning the land and it people, for most of them have not received the Gospel of Jesus Christ–the are simply a religious group of people; but God wants nothing to do with religion; for it rules and laws are not of Love -the Life of the God of Spirit and Truth, in us, by faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. The things of religion are the rules and laws of death! God is Life in us, through Salvation in Him having been reconciled to Him.

    Yes indeed! “Israel is all people who have formed the Body of Jesus Christ” by their faith, and they gather in a Church House to worship God in Spirit and Truth as they conduct fellowship with their fellow brothers and sisters of that church family. Isreal of the future has to be the Spiritual Israel of today, knowing the One True God of Love in Spirit and Truth, and Jesus Christ, who is His Person of Love.

    The Book of Acts tells us that: And the disciples were first called “Christians” at Antioch. Acts 11:26 This means that those people were both Jews and Gentiles as they were identified in those days. But why were they all called “Christians”? It is because they had received, believed, and accepted, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to practice His ways of Love–by the wisdom of faith, the very Life in them.

    Mr. Barack Obama is a human being like every other man. It does matter what he endorse or what he does not endorse, as the Primary Leader of his Nation, there is so much he can do when it comes to control in the minds of human beings, who are like himself.

    Also, men and women are all over the world, seeking for fame, popularity, and power–their intention is not to give God the glory–hence He cannot make His ways or control, known through those men and women–which would exalt His Love in this world.

    Nonetheless, a Christian who knows that Holy Spirit is his and her sole control in Life, will know also, to follow His commands, as it flows to the mind from conscience, by his and her channel of faith. In other words, a person who is under the control of the “Living God” of Love, by the Power of Holy Spirit, will not intentionally do the things that are wicked, evil, and sinful–no matter if the greatest human being in this world, says it is not wrong, evil, wicked, nor sinful.

    Again I am saying that abortion, homosexuality, prostitution, rape, and all the bad things that human beings do, they do them by their own choice–the leaders of their country has no control over what a man thinks in his mind. For the word of God in Proverbs says: “As a man thinks in his heart so is he”. Who can change that man if not God Almighty alone?

  11. Gary
    November 6, 2012

    Why is Dr Fontaine naive in making such a statement or believing such thing. First of the foreign policy a gender of the US towards Cuba is not decided by the President. It also seems to me that Dr Fontaine forgot what happened at the last Summit of the Americas held in Trinidad and Tobago regarding Cuba’s attendance and the Obama administration policy towards Cuba,well that is not going to change. The belief that we in the Caribbean are going to get more support from Obama if he wins a second term is very cynical, there is no facts or evidence to prove such thing will happen.

    We are so focused on the US election thinking that it will affect us but right now The Peoples Republic of China’s Politburo is going through changes with new leadership and the possibility of a new leader emerging, this is where we should be focused and our concern should be. It is reported that the new leadership could change China’s economic destiny.

  12. The Deanvoy
    November 6, 2012

    @Move up and others who are saying these negative things about President Barack Obama.

    Wasn’t same sex marriages something that has been happenning in the U.S.A? Both parties have batty men and women in their ranks. And if you all are Bible believing Christians then you all should know that it says very clearly that these things will come to pass. So Barack or not it will become reality. What we have to do is not be part of the Sodommie. Don’t play we oppossing and then behind closed door we are participating in it.
    Now you all call the president a Islamist, which is pure nonsense. Most of you writting these foolishness might be Catholic or some sunday church going christian. But do you all know that Islamic faith was created by the catholic JESUITS to fight the Bible truths?
    I hope all those bashing Obama not voting for any kind of man because all serving the prince of darkness. Our P.M has joined the FREE MASON movement for so called protection, yet we all over the air waves thanking God for him. Do you know if Mitt is not already in the FREE MASON also? IS Abortion worse than free masonary? it is one and the same evil. Saving babies but then sending young men and women to be killed in some stupid war for the greed of the republican party war men who are making Billions saling weapons.
    I guess you all should be bible students? So should know that the Israel that Bible is speaking about has nothing to do with this Israel. When the King of kings shall come, He will be coming for His church(Islrael). Who are they? It is everyone who forms part of the body of Christ. Not Israel in the middle east. You people are putting your focus in the wrong place. Christ is coming for his people(Israel).
    Won’t support the devil(Obama according to you all) because of abortion and same sex marriage which was there long before him and will be there long after him or us, but support all those skull and bones leaders and new age people. Which of the two Devils is better? In both camps there are people who abort, who are homo, who are free mason s, etc.
    So judge the man on what he has done.
    It looks like it is a lesser evil to let someone die because he or she does not have health insurance than to abort.
    It is also a lesser evil to rape than to abort according to the REPUBLICANS.
    I hope those speaking that foolishness will let there daughter or wife keep child if they get pregnant throught rape.
    Some us like talk but when it comes to walk the walk we backing down. When our daughter come saying I’m pregnant first thing we do is run and abort. In that case there’s no religious belief. Be Catholic or protestant.
    I am pro-life and against same sex.

    • Gary
      November 6, 2012

      The first duty of a man is to think for himself
      You sound like someone confused and not having an understanding of the things you believe in, and that describes your chaotic thinking. A mind like yours can be easily compromised, put simply you are not someone who thinks independently or has a mind of you own.

      You are so caught up in that pro-life agenda thinking that it is the most threatening problem on the Planet that you miss out on seeing and understanding how Politics and Political leaders like Obama and Romney are not the people you imagine them to be.These two so called leaders are victims just like you following someone agenda.I will tell you this, the problems facing America and the world cannot be solved by Politicians period, or by voting for either of these two as we are made to think.Finally i will leave you with this it is a great fortune for Politicians when voters cannot think.

  13. Anonymous
    November 6, 2012

    Education is not wisdom

    • Anonymous
      November 7, 2012

      Well said! So many Phds and Master degrees in Dominica. More than ever before yet the least amount of wisdom. Least amount of common sense. Least amount of intelligence.

      We are very good at cramming and regurgitating but zero capability in critical analytical thinking.

      • *
        November 7, 2012

        You are one such ignorant person, or a semi illiterate, since you failed to say why you think his PHd is almost worthless.
        I know him to be an honest country loving man.One with character, who cherishes the principle, thou shall not cheat, steel, principle. I LOVE HIM..

  14. Anonymous
    November 6, 2012

    How can Thomson Fountain speaks for all Dominicans? Unfortunately, Thomson talks a lot of BS.

  15. ??
    November 6, 2012

    Admin, I think the your rating button is way overdue. Please have Marpin or somebody fix it for you. Some of these comments a just too much for me.

    • November 6, 2012


      You don’t need the rating button, because it would hide your identity.

      All you need to do is to write under the comment that you do not agree with, saying I give you(a number)of thumbs down–that indeed, is bravery!

      Even if people do not know the real you, at least they would know that you are the same person–unless you do not change your identity, or someone else does not impersonate you–of course such person would also be a coward!

  16. J.J.John-Charles
    November 6, 2012

    I believe an incumbent should run his campaign, not on promises, but on his accomplishments and promises kept.So Doctor tell us. What has Dominica have to gain in his second term?.No wonder you mentioned Cuba and not your own country Dominica.
    Oh I know, maybe Obama in his second term will tell our government they must change the laws to allow men to marry men and vice versa or tell us we must legalize abortion.
    Obama believe if a mother goes to the abortion clinic to kill a baby and it so happens the baby survives the abortion.He is against the state taking care of the child.
    These are his own words on the subject.

    “It would be a BURDEN to a mother’s original decision to assess and treat them.” April 4 2002

    I repeat president Obama deny right to infant who survive abortion.Three times he voted against it. ,,,,,bornaliveinfantprotectionact

  17. Good-to-go
    November 6, 2012

    Dr. Fontaine, I beg to disagree. Obama has done nothing to ease the crippling embargo on Cuba during his first term. If anything the embargo got tighter under Obama.

    He also failed to close the Guantanamo prison which he promised to do and which Cuba would welcome.

    If Romney wins Florida’s 29 electoral votes which more than likely he will, then Democrats will not want to do anything to reduce their chances of regaining Florida in the next election. Hence Obama will do nothing for Cuba in his second term so as not to further alienate the Cuban exile community in Miami.

    November 6, 2012

    Not only the Caribbean will benefit from Obama’s win, but the Afro Amarican race in the USA
    Just imagine if Obama becomes the 6th one term President,there would be doubts for a black/woman to be nominated/selected in the future for this important post the President of the USA. ihope the black voters realise/consider this before casting their votes

    • wesleyman
      November 6, 2012

      here you go…. this is not about race and gender, it is about people being able t pay their bills. the unemployment rate in the country is 7.9% in the black community it is 18%, should these unemployed people be happy their millionaire president is black?

  19. Distured
    November 6, 2012

    Ohhhh yes. He will be good for the Caribbean indeed. Just don’t visit my house. Support for bati-man is a step in the wrong path.

    I’m against these leaders with 2 faces. Personally, we shud just take the best from each and all sides and make one unified party. Place a law on them to finish current projects or face execution (this should have been done long ago).

    And what’s this about especially Cuba? Please, dem still at internal and external warfare with each other. Only an idiot would believe everything the news tells you.

    A smiling politican is the last thing to trust.

    Politics (Poly – tics) Poly – many; tics – bloodsuckers.


  20. ME
    November 6, 2012


  21. Move up
    November 6, 2012

    How could someone who promotes lifestyles of death be good for Dominica or any country.. Including partial birth abortion, same sex marriage and sucking up to Islamist while ignoring and insulting Israel? Did we check our conscience and values at the door? What if the Republican Candidate was black would u vote for him? Obama’s policies have failed and we need change.
    The job is above is pay grade. Obama is a weak president.
    Blacks are worse off today than before Obama got into office. We do not need a weak morally bankrupt America! Stop fooling Dominicans because we know better! No more Obama.

    • none
      November 6, 2012

      Added to that, with the control of both houses for more than two years and billions handed to his hand-picked business friends what good programs were implemeneted – that benefited the Caribbean. And what do you expect him to accomplish with support of the senate only? Think of it he may be the first to be impeached if he goes against the will of the people this time by pushing his executive orders.

      November 6, 2012


    • Joe
      November 6, 2012

      Bravo we just Bravo…..

      I myself doh give two hoots who win they are all the same!!!

      The lobbyist (especially the so-call Jews) control all of them… So it is 6 in one half a dozen in the other .. meme barguy!!!

    • Banan
      November 6, 2012

      I concur.Do we need a President who openly support the killing of innocent children inside their mothers, in the name of being there for women? ofcourse not, he is black and I’m black, but what exactly has those innocent children done to deserve a death penalty being imposed on them?

    • Rastaman
      November 6, 2012

      shut the hell up u ignorant who u r go vote romney and c how in deep u gonna b i dont fink u reside in d u s

      November 6, 2012

      According to our Prime Minister Skerrit…..STOP IT AND STOP IT NOW. Please do not count me as one of the Dominicans that supposedly know better and may be fooled. I am not.

      Okay, I accept your comment in generally -not specific to Obama- with regard to the moral bankruptcy of America -although that is much too harsh but how dare you say that the job is above the pay grade of Obama. Like Carette would say in one word- Utter Rubbish. Have you forgotten a President by the name of BUSH! You may be critical of Obama on matters of policies but not his intellect, abilities, and statesmanship and handling of the presidency.

      Is Obama really responsible for the economic economic woes of America?
      Is Obama responsible for what you claim to be the moral decay of America?
      Are you questioning Obama’s foreign policy sucesses?

      Tell me does morality, values and conscience stop at the door of gays rights and abortion? Does it include equal pay for work done irrespective of gender, race or ethnicity? Does it include living in peace in a world without war? Does it include care for the less fortunate, ensuring that people have health insurance/health care?

      This is not about race. Personally, I would not vote for anyone (black, red, white) who advances the hypocritical, extreme right views of the Republican. Similarly, I would vote anyone (red, while or black) with the type of overall progressive agenda as the Democrats (except for a few social policy issues)

      I do not think you are for real. I shall only respect your opinion and move on, while I extend an open invitation to join the after election party tonight, when we shall be celebrating an Obama victory.

      Roseau Valley

      • Move up
        November 6, 2012

        Thanks for the invite Roseau Valley…But maybe next time. I might be too busy bawling my eyes out to party :lol: I am thankful that we live in a country where we can be on opposing sides of an issue and still live at peace. I read your long posts on DNO all the time. peace

      • November 6, 2012

        @Roseau Valley

        As I already advised someone, who called for the return of the “button ratings”, so I am doing here: I mean that I have given you 10 thumbs up for your sentiment above. Nice going!

      • Joe
        November 7, 2012

        Them man too like war boss, why did they work with the handful of power hungry men in Lybia to get rid of Gaddaffi? Why haven’t they step in to get rid of Asad? Why are they putting sanction on Iran?

        Like George Bush and Iraq, they are after all the oil rich countries in the middle east and that is what causing all the hardship in the world today!!!

        That is why i say i doh give two hoots who win, their foriegn policies are the same, nothing for caribbean except prevention of drugs filtering through us to them. Whether Romney had win or it would still be as if is Obama who had won!!!!

    • *
      November 6, 2012

      The same applies to Skerrit in Domninica… Dominicas are a million trillion times poorer today than before he assumed the post of PM.Next time i will vote right, done worry! I will never repeat my mistake twice!

    • November 6, 2012

      Speak for yourself, not the rest of us…

    • NYC
      November 6, 2012

      Move up I suggest you should take a long hard look at the Mormon religion which is what Romney is. A long hard look….and although I believe marriage is between a man a woman it makes no difference if republicans are endorsing civil unions. What Romney and Paul Ryan have in store for poor folks, would make Jesus walk on water again. It’s down rite scary. Again study the Mormon religion just to see what Mitt is all about.

  22. Anonymous
    November 6, 2012

    who could we benefit…………by man sleeping with man ,……………just asking

    • NYC
      November 6, 2012

      People vote on other issue. And you would vote for Romney who is part of cult? Take an inside look at what goes on in the Mormon church …..just saying. Sin is sin right?

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