COMMENTARY: A calculated statement, a hollow apology

Rany Felix, Levi peters

Following the election of Mrs Sylvanie Burton as President Elect in the House of Parliament on Wednesday, September 27, 2023, the Hon Attorney General (AG) of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Mr Levi Peters rose to offer congratulation remarks to Mrs Burton, or so we all thought. Instead he chose to take direct aim at the opposition, both within and outside of Parliament, and quite frankly brought himself and possibly, Parliament, into disrepute. In my view, the AG was out of place, out of hand and out of his mind to have made that “drumstick statement” directed, as it were, at Mrs Annette Sandford, former Senator and presidential nominee of the leader of the Opposition. Mr Levi Peter lacked political class.

The voices of individual women and men and women’s organizations, notably the Dominica Nurses Association (DNA) and the Dominica National Council of Women (DNCW), roared in protest, calling either for his resignation or an apology or both. Almost one week later, Mr Peters crawled out of his safe haven, with what he referred to as an apology. His feeble attempt to contextualize and to “clarify” the statement, only made matters worse. It only revealed his efforts to justify a deliberate and malicious attack of and on the second presidential nominee.

AG Peters posits that his statement was taken out of context. Really, Sir? You stood to extend congratulations to the President Elect, yet your opening statement was loaded with your feelings of anger and disgust. Oh, how you wished that you were in a different forum, where you would have verbally crushed the bones of all these lesser mortals of the opposition, who dared to put forward another nominee in competition to the nominee of the Supremo. You behaved, Sir, as if the opposition’s nominee, was less Kalinago, less woman, less academically qualified than that of the Government’s nominee. A close examination of those two individuals would reveal to any objective observer that, notwithstanding certain concerns about each candidate, they both were presidential nominees, of which Dominica and indeed, the Kalinago Territory could be justifiably proud. In this regard Dominica was destined to have its first Kalinago, its first woman President irrespective of the vote. The outcome of that parliamentary vote was always a No Brainer on the simple basis that the “I’s” almost always have it.

Of course, Mr Peters was not obliged to support the opposition nominee. He had/has that constitutional right. By the same token, he should not have so rubbished their nominee as to suggest that they had no right to participate in the very process which the constitution caters for and which he is being paid to protect. What made the AG’s utterances even more offensive is that he is a Public Officer, and he ought not to behave like a politician. I seem to recall Attorney General Anthony Laronde, (1995-2000) being cautioned and advised against that kind of behavior, and rightly so, by no less a person than Mr C A Savarin, Hon Parliamentary Representative of Roseau Central at that time. Mr Laronde was wrong then, Mr Peters is wrong now. As the saying goes, a car is a car is a car.

I condemn the derogatory statement of Attorney General Levi Peters. And given his lame attempt to clarify and justify his statement, I consider his “apology” to be hollow, lacking substance, void and of no effect.

House Speaker Joseph Isaac, is not allowed to escape. He failed miserably in his responsibility to the House by not reigning in Mr Peters and asking him to withdrawn his statement. The Speaker should reflect on his inactions and consider dealing with the matter at the next sitting of Parliament. Unbelievably, there were women on the Government’s side who sniggered and considered the utterances of Mr Peters to be funny. Shame on you!

Within the past few days, the Hon Prime Minister has come out in defense of Mr Peters. WoW! What a travesty!  Mr Peters has been under pressure to resign and it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the short term.

I strongly recommend that Mr Peters makes an unreserved apology to Parliament, Mrs Sanford, the Kalinago people and the people of Dominica and further recommend that the offensive Drumstick Statement be expunged from the parliamentary records.

Given the current circumstances, I am also of the view that the position of Mr Peters as Attorney General is untenable.

To this end, I wish to unequivocally lend my support to the ongoing call and agitation by some women for the resignation or removal of the Mr Levi Peters from the  office of Attorney General. Our public officials need to understand that it is not simply a matter of penning policy, signing international charters and conventions and legislating laws but that they must be exemplary by their words and actions.

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  1. Jonathan Y St Jean
    October 10, 2023

    @Mark, answer me this question. Didn’t Levi apologize? Are you saying that the newly minted president doesn’t know of the fake apology? Give the highly educated and qualified president her dues. Don’t try to think or speak for her. I know she will do what is the right thing to do. Mark, irrespective of what the motive was for nominating another Kalinago, calling her a “drumstick” an insulting reference, is the crux of the matter and that’s why Levi apologized. Do you think President Sylvanie Burton is OK with another woman being insulted, and called a drumstick? Don’t expose yourself as a chauvinist by trying to defend the indefensible.

    • Mark
      October 11, 2023

      Jonathan, I am not going to debate the sincerity of Mr Levi’s apology because it all depends on what side of the fence you’re on. DLP supporters will say it was sincere, the opposition will deem it as fake. You’re never going to satisfy everyone and that’s a fact.

      No one should be okay with insults, be it man to man, woman to woman etc so of course the new president is not okay with what transpired but the AG apologized so let’s move on.

      I am of the firm belief that this episode is more than just Mr Levi’s ill advised statement. He placed his foot in his mouth giving the opposition a perfect opportunity to lash out at the government and they’re rightfully so, exploiting the entire situation.

      Jonathan, you cannot just discount the motive for this is where it all began. A lot of people were disappointed at the opposition’s choice for president because they felt that
      Mrs Sanford’s candidacy was designed to create disunity and that’s exactly what it accomplished.

      • Jonathan Y St Jean
        October 12, 2023

        Mark, Mark; calm down bro. To say that the choice of the opposition was to create disunity is to not respect the democratic process. The political system is in itself antagonistic, with one side free to see and do things opposite to the governing side. If when they choose to do just that you and many others see it as disunity then you don’t accept and understand the adversarial aspect of a multi party political system and want an autocracy where the government gets whatever it wants and the opposition just rubber stamps the government decisions. Isn’t that what happens in China? Let those who want to disagree do so because it’s their right. Now to insult the choice of the opposition, that’s what causes disunity. Mark politicians and their supporters can disagree but to be disagreeable is another matter, man. You are being disagreeable. Move on.

        • Mark
          October 12, 2023

          Jonathan, I’m going to move on since we’re not making any progress. I believe you know exactly where I’m coming from but you’re just being difficult.

          The government does not expect the opposition to rubber stamp their nominee. That’s an untruth and you probably know it. They also can’t dictate whom the opposition selects but they expect them to be responsible (not controversial) in their selection.

          I believe you reside in the US so you’re probably familiar with the last senatorial race in Georgia where the incumbent was Black so the opposition fielded a black candidate, not the best candidate according to their own party but a black man. Same scenario here, government nominated a Kalinago woman so opposition nominates a Kalinago woman. Motive, let’s muddy the process by creating chaos, disunity etc.

          Let me end by saying, Mrs Sandford was NEVER on a short list for president far less to be the nominee of the UWP. I can take that statement to the bank.

  2. Ronald Charles
    October 10, 2023

    I hope that the many very disparaging statements that were made against the character and reputation of an otherwise decent and Christian lady will receive the same kind of attention as the “drumstick” statement. “Wrong is wrong” right?

  3. Jonathan Y St Jean
    October 10, 2023

    @Mark, just like Levi you are trying to explain away calling Ms Sandford a simpleton and saying that she was used without knowing or understanding what happened to her. For crying out loud, your spin isn’t working man. She had to have been consulted before her name was put in nomination and as a qualified and educated nurse who was a senator she knows and understands much more than you give her credit for. To imply that she is “unsuspecting” and “naive” is to denigrate her. It’s saying that she lacks understanding of the process and she’s going along with her nomination when she doesn’t understand what’s going on whichmakes her stupid, as if she was drunk or high on some drugs so she lacked the capacity to participate in the process of her nomination. Thank God I’m intelligent enough to see clearly what you are saying and to call out your denigrating of Ms Sandford. You owe Ms Sandford an apology. Levi apologized now it’s your turn. are you man enough?

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    • Mark
      October 11, 2023

      Jonathan, I am not questioning Mrs Sanford’s intellect or abilities. Who am I to do so? She probably has what it takes to be president. What is baffling to most thinking persons is why did she agree to be the nominee for the opposition party, to go against another Kalinago woman. The decision just doesn’t make any sense. She was well within her rights to do so but why? This is why I concluded she had to have been duped by UWP. It sometimes happens to the brightest of persons.

      You must have noticed by now that I have always referred to UWP as the opposition. This
      is because I also believe that Ms Jesma-Paul was manipulated by UWP. I am certain that the decision to nominate Mrs Sanford did not come from her.

      You wrote on September 20th, “Belle bowl Boog”, nice googly from Jesma-Paul to the I’m the people leader. He cannot have a comeback to this as the choice of the leader of the opposition is a Kalinago woman.

      Can you truthfully explain to the readers what you meant by…

      • Jonathan Y St Jean
        October 16, 2023

        @Mark, you are allowing yourself to be manipulated by the ruling cabal for seeing the opposition action, when they follow the law and the constitution, as manipulative. I’m sorry for you.
        What I said was a googly by the opposition is the fact that the “I’m-the-people” leader chose to take the opposition to task for not accepting his nominee. He disparaged them for denying Dominica of it’s first woman and Kalinago president. Therefore when the opposition nominates a qualified candidate who is a woman and who is Kalinago this action deflates the tirade of Skerritt.
        Your beef with two candidates coming from the Kalinago is asinine.

        • Mark
          October 21, 2023

          Jonathan, you must not be familiar with the ball referred to as a ‘googly’ for your explanation is very weak. FYI, a googly is a “trick” ball meant to deceive the batsman, bowler delivers the ball with the same action “leg spin” but the ball breaks the other way, off spin.

          This was your understanding of UWP’s move, TRICKERY, designed to create disunity and chaos amongst the populace.

          Don’t feel sorry for me, Jonathan. I am quite capable of thinking for myself. I do not have an agenda unlike you who always finds fault with everything the government does. You are the one who could easily be manipulated by UWP.

          You may say that my “beef” is asinine but deep down, you know it’s the gospel truth.

    October 10, 2023

    You ALL UWP followers, members and supporters really have nothing to do.
    Even Satan fed up with you ALL

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    • Jonathan Y St Jean
      October 11, 2023

      @KID ON THE BLOCK, for the amount of vitriol you espouse on this forum I’m not surprised to see you express that you are Satan’s spokesman. How could you not know that Satan is fed-up with persons who have a moral Fibre.

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  5. Drumstick
    October 9, 2023

    look mark…even if skerrit hold AG stealing a drumstick…he skerrit will still defend him…he AG stole it but skerrit will say he gave it to him…oh birds of a feather flock together…same class…rany I am proud of u…expose those vacabonds…..I am concerned for Dominica….Dominica has been heading down a serious precipice….and skerrit is captain incharge …with his no good team……employment is at its lowest….people who are qualified…where should they go…..? working NEP?you call that employment? oh Dominica….bunch of lazy thinkers….

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  6. October 9, 2023

    Yeah. I’m looking forward to the calypso, which remains the most potent form of social commentary in Dominica.

  7. JAH KAL
    October 9, 2023

    Levi Peters must go , or we will make him go, Dominicans we need you all by the thousands on the streets of Roseau on Friday October 13th 2023 then we going and hitting the streets where the fool live.

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    • Ronald Charles
      October 10, 2023

      Some time ago, in the aftermath of the “if I was not a christian I would kill all of them fellas,” and the “apology that followed” statement, I had a very engaging exchange with my friend and wife. I had written publicly criticizing the apology as the person making the statement was justifying his desire to kill those who did not support him politically but avoided so because he was a “happy born again”. At the time my friend found everything correct and right with the pology. We had a serious exchange of views on the matter but could not sway each other either way. But in the end we agreed to disagree. We certainly were not disagreeable. The shoe is now on the other foot and this “drumstick apology” is wrong meriting nothing less, but political blood – resignation. Wow!! We do agree though, that a wrong then is also a wrong today. Consistency of positions on such matters, carries a lot of weight. But then, when all is said and done, its all in the partisan politics melieu.

  8. JAH KAL
    October 9, 2023

    Levi Peters must go , or we will make him go, Dominicans we need you all by the thousands on the streets of Roseau on Friday October 13th 2023.

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  9. OneMile
    October 9, 2023

    Yessa, allu STILL on that?

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  10. Mark
    October 9, 2023

    Mr Rany Felix, you are dead wrong in saying that Mr Skerrit defended Mr Levi’s statement.

    Mr Levi is a big boy quite capable of defending himself so he doesn’t need Mr Skerrit or anyone else to defend him.

    Mr Skerrit was attempting to address the calls for Mr Levi’s resignation so he said “the statement did not meet the threshold for resignation”. In simple terms, he felt that the punishment “resignation” did not fit the crime. The AG apologized and he felt the apology was sincere so he said, let’s move on. Too much time is being wasted on this. It’s time to get back to governing.

    Mr Felix, you say, “how dare the opposition go against the Supremo’s choice for president? Wrong again. There was no objection to the opposition selecting a candidate. It is in the constitution. The problem arose with the nominee, an unsuspecting and naive Mrs Sanford. There would never have been any outcry had the nominee been anyone than a Kalinago woman and you know it.

    Quit this…

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    • Jonathan Y St Jean
      October 9, 2023

      @Mark, you are adding insult to injury by suggesting that Ms Sandford was an unsuspecting victim. You are implying that she is too stupid to understand what was happening, you can’t get out of the old saying in Dominica, “quaib sot” , so you think that a qualified nurse and past senator like Ms Sandford is too stupid to understand what’s going on. Sounds like you are heaping as much scorn on Ms Sandford as Levi did. I’m not surprised, considering that Levi apologized because he knew he was wrong to say what he said but you are trying to justify what he did. Get outta here, hypocrite.

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      • Mark
        October 9, 2023

        Jonathan, I believe you completely misunderstood my post. I was in no way trying to imply that Mrs Sanford is stupid.I said she was naive, big difference but I never felt that she was stupid. She allowed UWP to use her for reasons unknown and that’s why I used the word “unsuspecting” in my post. That’s the only reason I could come up with to justify her decision and by the way, I am not alone in that regard.

        Who am I to imply that someone is stupid anyway? I leave this name calling to your kind, the very intelligent amongst us. Go back and read what I wrote and maybe you’ll find that you misunderstood what I actually wrote.

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  11. Rajim Raheem
    October 9, 2023

    I’m looking for something to happen in parliament to curb the use and publications of nasty lyrics which degrade women and children. If we are trimming a diseased branch then we need to cut down the entire tree. Stop the nastiness that keeps bringing down the country to the gutters. This Levi ought to know better, and so much better for carrying the name “Levi.” This is a priestly title which he keeps misrepresenting and disrespecting. Who gave him that name?

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  12. Mark
    October 9, 2023

    Mr Rany Felix, let me state from the outset that I do not condone Mr Levi’s statement, a statement for which he has since apologized. You may refer to the statement as “lame” but this is your opinion.

    This entire episode could have easily been avoided had the opposition (UWP) been sincere with their nominee. The selection of Mrs Sanford was a calculated and deliberate act meant to sow confusion and caos amongst the Kalinago people and by extension the Dominican populace. Someone referred to the move as a ‘googly’, a “trick” ball meant to deceive the batsman. Mrs Sanford was never being considered far less to be on the short list of candidates for president. She was only thrown into the ring after the selection of Mrs Burton, a Kalinago woman.

    I equated that move with the last senatorial race in Georgia, US where there was a black incumbent so the opposition selected a black candidate. Same senerio here, let’s put one Kalinago woman against another. This was the problem.

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    • Yzop
      October 14, 2023

      Oh shut up! I’ve had enough of your ‘clever’ talk. You are nothing but just another one of those Skerrit enablers, desperately trying to defend the indefensible. In simple terms, why do you defend a gangster? Are you one yourself? Get out of here.

  13. mine
    October 9, 2023

    Where was this man when young women were called prostitutes, was he sleeping? Where was he when certain woman was called vemine and all sorts nasty name was in wonderland? A true and honest person should condemned wrong in all shapes and form, but being one sided is very hypocritical.

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    • Martin
      October 9, 2023

      Whoever stated the phrase prostitutes wasn’t far of the truth. I have eyes and ears that function still very well. Unlike those of the red supporter, hear no evil, see no evil, but speak evil.

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    • Ibo France
      October 9, 2023

      You acolytes of Roosevelt with your WHATABOUTISM lying defence. Mr. Lennox Linton is always circumspect with his utterance. He is no rogue. He is a man of unquestionable integrity, honesty, generosity, humility and many other positive attributes.

      Time to refrain from trying so desperately to embroil the man’s name in your web of lies and deception.

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      • Putin
        October 10, 2023

        “Mr. Lennox Linton is always circumspect with his utterance.” :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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  14. MEME
    October 9, 2023

    Unlike you all, i blame the speaker of the house for the entire episode.

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    • me
      October 9, 2023

      I am with you on that 1 000 000 000%.
      He said NOTHING!

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  15. If we knew better
    October 9, 2023

    I Fully Support that sentiment. That man acts like noone can say anything to him and he is above everybody else. His arrogance and disregard for the everyday people has reached its limit. We have no use for him. He is a dog of the PM and nothing more. Rightfully so you are NOT a politician. you are there to advise the government and the ruling administration of legal matters. Where does he get off giving her feelings and opinions on non legal matters to even want to insult people in parliament. YOU ARE NOT A POLITICIAN you too damn rude and out of place and lack respect. GET HIM OUT !!!! and we do not want any further explanation or excuse from you feller. You said if you were in a different setting you would have said more, now you want to apologize? Man kick rocks with that. Get him out of that office. Rude and out of place!

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  16. Truth Be Told
    October 9, 2023

    Too much disgraceful, delinquents in high position in Dominica nowadays! Gone are the days of honourable, distinguished members of society commanding the upper echelons of our society and its governance. Now every pig, dog and cat are welcome and they are so eager to display their ill-manners and bad ways! It is as if members of this Labour party are in competition to show the nation how nasty they can be or who is the nastiest! From the Prime Minister to the Speaker of the House and now the Attorney General. It is like the animal farm in this Labour party!

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  17. Nkrumah Kwame
    October 9, 2023

    Could not have said it better.

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  18. Ibo France
    October 9, 2023

    Levi’s apology is no apology. What he did was to pour salt into the wounds of the people who were injured by his loathsome, septic remarks.

    Such a filthy minded individual is unfit to hold public office. We often find these men of thuggish character in rum shops drowning their sorrows in alcohol. Levi should be booted from Cabinet. In fact, the whole Cabinet should tender their resignation forthwith.

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    • October 9, 2023

      Think of how many times you have insulted the Supreme Leader and his wife. I just do not see why Levi is apologizing. It makes no sense. You all are not deserving of an apology. All you wanted to do was to create chaos in the place after the PM selected Ms. Sylvanie Burton as the nominee to become the next President. You all mad no UWP kakarats in Government. Dominicans are not stupid that is why they pay you no mind on Election Day, your election-day loser.

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  19. Juanita
    October 9, 2023

    Politicians in Dominica never resign unless they are “told” to do so by the leader. And in this case, the Dear Leader has “defended” the AG’s remarks, saying “I don’t think this statement has met the threshold for resignation………” What did we expect? Birds of a feather always flock together. It seems that they are have not read the same Civics textbooks that they want to re-introduce in schools. Keep holding their feet to the fire!

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  20. Iamanidiot
    October 9, 2023

    I agree, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt that the “drumstick” comment was taken out of context. “Oh I didnt mean it like that ” ok cool, sure, Sir you started saying how disgusted you was, and if you was somewhere else you’d have used stronger language. So if you’d meet her by Astaphans you’d have got on ? a man of your stature and office? “Oh the drumstick was a joke”, but that’s after you expressed how disgusted you were.
    But as the PM said eh…time to move on. A man that supposed to respect his office and fellow colleagues get on like that but hey…lets move on.

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  21. Jonathan Y St Jean
    October 9, 2023

    In Dominica we say “ci ei pas ni soutiwe, ei pas ni voler” meaning if there aren’t enablers then there won’t be crimes. The writers of speeches for the inarticulate “I’m-the-people” leader must also be excoriated for this dismal and shameful address in defense of this demeaning attack on the opposition’s nominee for president and also on women and Kalinago people by extension. The women parliamentarians on the government side who just sat through this tearing down of another woman and have not risen to the defense of a highly qualified female must not be allowed to escape with their hypocrisy. Politics is one thing but being disagreeable is another. Shame on all of them for putting a stain on the elevation of our first female president.

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  22. Wild goose
    October 9, 2023

    I am waiting for the drumstick calypso. These people are taking this thing way out of context like they have nothing important to do. The bad words that are used to describe Mr. Skirrit by the UWP are worse than this comment. He should take them to court for calling him a thief.

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  23. Jonathan Y St Jean
    October 9, 2023

    Levi accused the opposition of not wanting unity. He was under no obligation to give any remarks in this sitting of parliament but he “chose” to do so. In so doing he is the one who has created division and disunity in the country.
    This is straight from the playbook of the “I’m-the-people” leader. He causes division and foments disunity and in the same breath acts as the victim and tells his supporters that they too are victims by extension, where have we heard this before? from Donald Trump!. This is populism in it’s rawest form.
    An honorable and humble leader would not have lent his voice of support to this indefensible speech by the AG, but he told us that they sing from the same hymn sheet of ” fu#k y’all we do as we please. What is the message being sent to the youth by this behavior and the endorsement? I hope the new president will step up to the plate and lend her voice in the defense of women and Kalinago people. The speaker has lost credibility. Levi must go.

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    • Mark
      October 9, 2023

      Good try Jonathan, good try. You’re still trying to sow the seeds of division with this crap you wrote.

      The president knows fully well that there was no disrespect meant towards the Kalinago people and women in general so to suggest for her to step up to the plate and condemn is total nonsense. The AGs’ ill advised statement was directed at Mrs Sanford, a naive politician who allowed herself to be abused by UWP for their own selfish agenda.

      Go back to your post of September 20th and take a look at what you wrote then. You read the opposition’s move perfectly, a move designed to create confusion and disunity. Place Kalinago against Kalinago, a low down dirty move for which the opposition should be ashamed of themselves. Do you think that the new president is so blind that she cannot see or figure out the motive behind Mrs Sanford’s candidacy?

      Common man, don’t insult our intelligence with that nonsense. I understand it’s politics but at least have a consistent message.

  24. Garçon
    October 9, 2023

    Who is Rany Felix? Where was he when other women were insulted and degraded throughout the years? Is it only offensive when women from a certain group are at the receiving end? Man if you want to be respected at least appear to be honest and evenhanded. Shame.

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    • Putin
      October 9, 2023

      “Who is Rany Felix?” The husband of Rosie Felix.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 9
      • Brain Damage
        October 9, 2023

        Garson Putin, that’s your husband..

      • Mark
        October 9, 2023

        That figures. Thank you Putin. Another hypocrite who has been missing in action and who now feels it necessary to come out with all this crap.

        He said a car is a car is a car meaning call a spade a spade not just sometimes but all the time.

        Live by your words Mr Felix then people can take you seriously.

  25. Lawyer
    October 9, 2023

    I agree with every word Mr. Felix said, in particular with: ‘I condemn the derogatory statement of Attorney General Levi Peters. And given his lame attempt to clarify and justify his statement, I consider his “apology” to be hollow, lacking substance, void and of no effect’. I also agree with Mr. Felix with regards to his remarks about the Speaker.
    Then again I ask myself, why am I surprised about the behaviour of these Red politicians? After all corruption goes hand in hand with a lack of character. Even the most basic rules of common decency are lacking with these creatures. Dominica, you made your bed now sleep in it. You were warned!

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 22 Thumb down 7
  26. October 9, 2023

    Of course it is a hollow apology as there was nothing to put in it. Just more political hypocrisy, this required absolutely no apology. Mr. Felix where was your long winded commentary when women were called prostitutes by a former UWP opposition leader? Not one apology was tendered, yet you continue with naked hypocrisy.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 11 Thumb down 20
    • Jonathan Y St Jean
      October 9, 2023

      @Point, you want to use the past to justify the current behavior of a leader, the one who advises the government and people of what’s the right thing to do. So, Point, would you use the old behavior that women should be seen and not heard, to justify any demeaning of women today? Bullying was commonplace in recent past, so would you justify any bullying today by pointing to the fact that someone bullied in the past so they have no rights to call out this behavior today. You continue to make no sense. The AG was wrong that’s why he apologized. However you lack the moral fortitude to back down. No matter what an owner says or does to a dog, the dog still loves them because it’s dependent on them for it’s existence. Go figure.

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      • October 9, 2023

        @Johnathan Y St. Jean , did you ask the leader of the Opposition UWP(Linton) to apologize when he refered Dominican women as prostitutes? It appears that you and your gang support insulting and degrading women when it is done by friends of yours. Degrading and insulting your fellow humans should not be encouraged but your political biasness will not allow you to accept this simple doctrine.

        Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 2 Thumb down 6
        • Jonathan Y St Jean
          October 11, 2023

          @Point, keep living in the past. However it doesn’t justify the present behavior that’s why Levi man-up and apologized. Keep living in the past.

      • Lin clown
        October 9, 2023

        Jonathan,Annette Sanford is NOT a nurse,she resigned in 2019 to contest the Salybia constituency as a UWP candidate and lost by 265 votes.It is like saying your brother Gabriel Butcher St.Jean,who retired from the police force is a policeman.Annette was trained as a nurse,she is now employed as a lecturer at the college.You are a university graduate,stop making yourself a Jacka.Annette was not qualified to be nominated for President,as she did not follow Section 21(2) of the constitution,and she knows that.

        • Jonathan Y St Jean
          October 11, 2023

          @Lin clown, and what’s your point? If Ms Sandford is a lecturer at the state college then she is educated enough to be qualified to be president of Dominica. I said she was educated enough and qualified. Keep looking in the weeds for justification that she’s not qualified. The opposition was within it’s legal rights to nominate someone other than Ms Burton for the position of president of Dominica. Ms Sandford is duly qualified and educated enough to serve as president. Annette didn’t nominate herself, she agreed to be nominated so if the process wasn’t followed then it’s not on her. All she had to do was give her consent.

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