Benji says Triple Kay did not encourage violence at carnival opening

Lead vocalist of the Triple Kay International Band, Wayne 'Benji' Benjamin

Lead vocalist of the Triple Kay International Band, Wayne ‘Benji’ Benjamin, has refuted police reports that his band egged on persons displaying violent behavior at Carnival City on Saturday night.

Police Public Relations Officer, Inspector Claude Weekes, told Dominica News Online that police officers were not pleased with Benjamin’s response during his band’s performance while police attempted to stop a fight on the Pottersville Savannah.

“We had to advise the leadership of the Triple Kay International … we were not very impressed because even when we were advising the Triple Kay International to stop so that we could manage the behavior [of the youth], the vocalist began prepping up the crowd and it was a very large crowd. He said things like, ‘The police said we should stop, you think we should stop?’ The crowd said no and the fight continued,” Weekes said.

However, Benjamin told DNO that his band members were not aware there was a fight at the time. He explained that the band was not provided with a reason when the police initially asked them to stop the show ten minutes into their performance.

“If we knew there was a fight happening we would stop … they [police] just came and asked us to stop and really and truly we were wondering why they asked us to stop and none of them said nothing to us, but just walked away until the stage manager had to come and say there was a fight happening. When we understood there was a fight happening, that’s when the band stopped,” Benjamin explained.

He also stated that the fight was not in proximity of the show, pointing out that it was near the gate exiting the savannah.

“The police have their jobs to do and we have our jobs to do. However, if we see a fight happening we will stop to make the policemen adjust. That fight was nowhere in the range the band was playing at the time. From what I understood, the incident happened maybe close to the gate of Festival City… we don’t condone violence and we don’t preach violence,” he added.

According to him, after the stage manager instructed them to stop the performance, the band decided to completely end their performance at the event. Benjamin recalled there were a few other violent incidents during the road parade band.

Meanwhile, Inspector Weekes is anticipating the cooperation of bands during the carnival season, and has launched an appeal for band members to work with the police in minimizing disorderly conduct.

However, Benjamin pointed out that cooperation with the police is common to his band.

Police Inspector Claude Weekes

“What the police PRO is saying, the band is the one who encouraged the fight. I’ll have to say no to that; and that’s just discouraging hearing it coming from him… to say we saw a fight happening and the police tried to get us to stop that’s not what happened at all… when we recognized there is trouble we actually stop the band immediately and make the police do their job. We respect the police and what they have to do,” Benjamin said.

His advice to the youth during carnival is to walk away and stay out of trouble. The bouyon band singer is also encouraging the youth to abstain from sex or use protection.

Meantime, Weekes has reported on a very peaceful opening carnival parade on Saturday. The parade was reportedly well policed.

He warns persons that the police will not tolerate violence and the carrying of offensive weapons.

“The police are resolute. We are resilient. We will continue to ensure the safety and security during not only carnival but all other activities we will not tolerate any criminality. We will have a zero tolerance on weapons, on violence … justice will be brought before the courts. We want the Real Mas to be free; we want it to be enjoyable we want people to enjoy themselves without any difficulties, without looking over their shoulder at all,” Inspector Weekes asserted.

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  1. like trouble
    February 12, 2010

    welll goin out to IGNORANCE IS BLISS,,, i must congrate u on ur speakin.. u seems quite educated an knows wat ur speakin about seems like u kno about morality and ethical behaviour….. and in addition to that benjie realy think he above the law.. even if he wasnt presented with a reason he soposed to stop… he should hae been arrested with obstruction to justice..END of my STORY

  2. February 6, 2010


  3. Ignorance is Bliss
    February 6, 2010

    From reading the comments on this page, it is amazing to see how people decide to be in ignorance and support ignorance from their birth till possibly death!!! The last time I checked, the police were there to serve and protect the PUBLIC and we as the public have to allow them to do just that. Many of you here are actually supporting this ignorance on the part of Benji who thinks he is somebody above the law now????? Whoever said the police have to explain anything to Benji????? If the police make a sign for you to pull over while driving do they owe you an explanation BEFORE you pull over??? The problem with Dominicans is that everybody thinks they are so intelligent when they do not even know their own constitution and do not obey the law!!!! There was a situation involving imminent danger to people’s lives…those involved in the fight and those not involved and as a result the police had to stop the music. Personally, he should have been arrested for his indiscriminate act of defiance which many of you seem to enjoy. But please remember, if you are being attacked by anyone on the streets during carnival, .. and the police just may not have the say in stopping the jump up to get to you in time…be very very very careful how we speak and what we accept as right, because once you have gone against what is morally and ethically and legally right…all hope is lost!!!!!

  4. Rick James
    February 3, 2010

    If the carnival comittee has decided to shorten the time i would like to hear what Benji has to say he’s always asking the Almighty Father for guidaince to see him through his days but seems to me he don’t care about others he is just another Thugg oh and much love to Rahh

  5. Sharlene
    February 3, 2010

    If this was UK police that asked for the band to stop and they didnt (no matter what the reason) Triple K would never be able to grace the streets of notting hill again. Stop means Stop.

    How can Triple K sing songs such as ” Wood Dem” and “Bullet to your head” and when the are finished say that they are not insighting trouble.

    I agree that more time you will always find a fight in a Jam but Benji and the rest of the group are role models to the the younger generations of Dominicans and if that is the best thing they can teach the youth in Dominica is Scissors well what hope is there for the youngsters of Dominica when Triple K are who our young aspire to be.

    As a company we bring over many acts from the caribbean and as a Dominican I cant even bring over one of the acts from my island because if i do people would laugh Triple K off the stage amd that would be a big shame on me as a promoter.

    February 2, 2010

    Greetings, we need solutions people not more reason to quarrel. The Lyrics of the various local Bands, except Stars are unacceptable. The XX Rated chants are clear to all even the kids yet we advise them to stay away from sex, Please, cant preach hot then cold. Check out the chans from most of the bands and the sexually explicit lyrics of the tracks that we think is bouyon. You can love your band and hate another, support your band and not another, but facts are facts they do not run away becuase you think other wise. When the LAW says stop, a band CANNOT ask why? You must show example to all your fans by simply stopping the performance because the citizens wearing the uniform paid for by the state, the group we call Police, paid by the state, asked that the band stop playing and Benji, I love you, but you should have simply STOPPED. Can you imagine the Police trying to give you that reason over the volume of you Stage Monitors, while someone is being stabbed repeatedly and you asking the Police, THE POLICE, why they asked you to stop performing. Thats an easy call, DISRESPECT, TOO HIGH ON OUR POPULARITY. The issue is not about band vs band and all of that, it is about the Law asking a band to stop its performance. Anyone who has attended a bouyon jam or Carnival knows that once the POLICE comes up to you is one of two things, TIME TO STOP OR A FIGHT. Dont attempt to take shots at me because I am one who knows both sides of trhe coin. Benji you need to accept that on this occaission you erred and no one is perfect ok my boy. Are we saying that the Police hate Triple Kay, I think not, it happened to be Triple Kay on that Occaission but the Police have one side, the Law, peace and tranquility. What would happen to all of us if the Police took Vacation on the Carnival Days?? When the Police Officers are performing their duties and anyone or any band does or does not do an act, upon request from the Police, that prevents the Police from performing that duty, isn’t that person or band committing an act of Obstruction? Just asking!! PEACE.

  7. maJJJiii
    February 1, 2010

    throw triple kay in de incinerator, Pure rubish!!… pang, pang, pang!!!

    January 29, 2010

    This shows the level of disrespect that the bands and their members have for the police. The police said stop you should at once then you can try finding out why you were stopped. The police dont have to tell you why they are stopping the band. so benji with all due respect you and the band should be charged and brought to court.

  9. look joke
    January 28, 2010

    in my opinion none of the bands are good anymore becuse they followin a bad trend…WCK back in the day was THE BAND! but now im just disappointed. young people show more and more that they llove to listen to nonesence thats y all the bands now are continuin to follow tripple k’s trend by making rubbish for young uneducated teens to listen too n display their bad manners

  10. Candid
    January 28, 2010

    Well if I am reading this right the police said to stop then the jam should have just stopped. So when police say to stop Triple Kay has to ask the people in the audience??? HMMN!!! I don’t have anything against Triple Kay but listen to the police man, they might have their ways but they are there to enforce the law!!! Better safe than sorry so they must have a reason for stopping…

  11. January 28, 2010

    Benji well the most I can say is that if or whenever a police to comes to you at a time of performing and tell you to stop, just go ahead and do so, because I can understand to an extent why you did what you did all because you were in the heat of the action, and I clearly understand that if you knew that was a fight you all would have stop immediately, nevertheless weather it is a fight or not and the police say to stop please just go ahead and stop. we all make mistakes and you are not the first and will not be the last.

  12. .............
    January 27, 2010

    Msz Sarahdy@ You are the one who seems to be embarassing Dominicans by typing in all CAPS and not using spell check. As I said before its only hoodlings that is Benji and KKK supporters. Benji rich? Okay well thats a first if I have ever heard one. I would say something that would prove he isn’t rich but I don’t want DNO to be liable for my statements. Who pay $60 for KKK? Oh yes, you “Msz Sarahdy”. Police ask Benji to stop playing they should stop plain and simple! WCK is the best band and they are better than “Cripple Kay”. CK has survived all bad things thrown at it and they still standing even though most of their supporters not living Dominica anymore. So please take your all CAPS and your hoodling talk of DNO. Benji don’t need any lawyer (though you suck at it). Benji is worried because like raw redeem their 15 minutes of hoodling fame is about to be over! Its a wrap.

  13. aha
    January 27, 2010

    aye dey tel slop Benji den stop respect wck boy u mad respect you cant test
    who triple k ting dey are.

  14. Msz Sarahdy
    January 27, 2010


  15. Homeboy
    January 27, 2010

    You all need to think critically and stop using this to voice your ignorant opinions. The police say stop! Then stop it is! Period. Deal with the matter at hand, stop injecting hypotheticals into th equation.

  16. @ work NY
    January 27, 2010

    To “What’s wrong with our people”. Benji or any of the Triple K band members are not children… ” ‘ don’t touch the stove.. why”??? save us the drug store psychology. If the police said they should stop then they should stop it is that simple. but like you said they did stop at the time.

    But they are not children so you need not make excuses for them

  17. Abz&Latz
    January 27, 2010

    allu Dominicans to .. impossible..Triple Kay all d way..All d tym it had music playin y allu cudnt carry out allu fight as kkk reach allu want 2 burst fight..ALL ALLU HATERZ JUS KEEP ON HATING MAN…i agree with Benji they send him 2 entertain d crowd so dat he was doin if he had do otherwise and stop it wud b a problem 2…and nobody nt treating dem kkk man lyk no God everybody jus showing dem d love they deserve so allu can say what allu want..KKK is De Band..DE bouyon band..De internation band…

  18. Anonymous
    January 27, 2010

    respect d lil band kkk but respect d BIG BAND WCK….FXXXK da police do allu job fada…DEY BLAMING WEE BUT D PROBLEMS ON D STREETS..SQUADDY TAKE IT EASY GO EASY……………………..

  19. JA!!!!
    January 27, 2010

    i can never see triple kay being on WCK level. Bouyon is not, and was never intended to be a catchy chorus and one two words in between. Look at the history of triple kay….tell me a verse in “wood dem” or a verse in “sortie desandre” or a verse in “souse” ….you can’t you know why, because triple kay relay’s souly on that lil wistle effect you hear in the beat, and saying a phrase over and over. That cannot last for ever. Go back and listen to some WCK tracks….balance batty…too chau too flam….riddim like rain…caribbean girls….no tie…..yooww tell me which right thinking individual can compare triple Kay to WCK…thats retarded. thats all i got to say about that. and even their current tracks have verses, and is on another level. Cawat alone that does be following triple kay looking to make trouble. This carnival everyone know WCK taking it…thats where everyone going to be come carnival monday

    January 27, 2010


  21. MIlly
    January 27, 2010

    Benji, if the police come to your house and tell u summtin happening,……..RUNNNN……….u going to ask them “But WHY NAH?”. You of all ppl should know that in the worst situations u act first and ask later. that was a desrespect to the police period, u guys need to act better than that.

    TO these dominicans who think that this issue brings about the so called “WAR” between WCK and KKK……….this just shows me how narrow minded you guys really are. this is not about the music or the stature of persons. it is about the resect for authority in out country. learn ppl and learn well!!!!!

  22. lal
    January 27, 2010

    kkk has cool ppl but their music may cause ppl 2 b rough and in so doing cause fight. i am pretty sure their intention is not to ceate discord but it happens. anywayz i prefer MFR they are not as stuck up as the members of kkk.
    the people who go to these jam choose to fight becasue they have these weird rough dance going on and obviously knowing how their blood runs so close 2 their skin well ur asking 4 trouble. and u know the gang business going on right now–well sa!

  23. Curious
    January 27, 2010

    The action of the band leader was a demonstration of total disregard for the law. He the officers me the law ask you to stop Benjie, you stop first, then ask a question. Because the fans look up to you. They model you more than you know.

  24. What"s wrong with our people?
    January 27, 2010

    I’ve been reading all these commits since yesterday and it seems to me people use this opportunity to
    hit on benji and not looking at this as a Triple Kay band. The band name is Triple Kay band and not benji and Triple Kay. Benji doesn’t make all the songs promoted by Triple Kay he is the lead vocalist.
    First of all we will start on the Issue of the Police saying to stop. I personally see nothing wrong in asking a question. As from an early age we a taught to ask question. ex. “Don’t touch the stove?” we ask WHY?
    The police arrest us. We ask Why? and on what grounds? But today 15mins into triple Kay performance the lead singer of the band ask why should they stop play and I see every one bashing out at benji for asking a question.( And mind you the band did stop at the time).
    Second, to Jay who said the lyrics are horrible and what sound is “bend down for the wood”, that came from a cartoon on television that our young kids look at. (And that sound was not made by benji), also
    “Bullet in your head” boy you people need to listen to the words of this sound, cause it goes like this.
    “Every day is more problems.
    what you doing to control them
    Violence is on a rise, why you acting like you so surprise
    so many in the jail, for them no Bail
    when you do check the news, another dead by the gun they choose.
    The way you living your life is no surprise, that thinking
    this gun will stay at your side.
    you never listen to me but one day you will see.

    You running and you running away, you no ganstar you no murderer, bullet in your head.

    This basically saying if you don’t leave that ganstar life one day you will die with a bullet in your head.
    To me this is a message.
    Third, I personally have been to Triple Kay band and they do not promote or stand for violence at all.
    once a fight break out and they see it they stop the band immediately. That where they get the sound,
    “Go Easy Fada Don’t Hurt Your Brother.”
    Right now triple Kay is one of the International band right now that can go out there and promote our bonyou music. Do you know how proud it is to see our band among man big artist around the world and they have our Flag representing our country. Imagine the guys from the Triple Kay band was in their early 20’s not more than 25yr in Belgium representing Dominica. So many of the people didn’t even know where Dominica is or even know we exist, today they visit our island just because of Triple Kay.
    When these guys enter a foreign Port they are treated with respect and like real International artist.
    We Dominicians treat our artist like trash. For example: During World Music Festival they were allow 1hr and 30mins to play, 45mins into the performance they told them get of the stage and one of the organizers pull off the plug from the key board. Is that respect for our own artist, the question is would they have done that to Morgan, Marshall or any one of thee foreign artist who came to perform.
    We all know the answer to that, “NO!”.
    I wonder what would happen if the Triple Kay band or WCK would leave our own Carnival and go to let’s say Trinidad, I wonder how we the people would feel. AS they say no CK no carnival.
    Stop being haterz and try to be united.

  25. Dominican to the bone
    January 27, 2010

    I AM IN SUPPORT OF THE POLICE > If they say to stop you should stop. They are here to uphold the law and peace in the land. If thier was a major incidence during the show and people had lost their lives, we would say why the poloce did not do anything about the matter.

    IF TRIPPLE KAY was on the road in Nottinghill carnival and the police say to shop they would have to then asked questions after, THE AUTHORITY NEEDS TO INTRODUCE HEALTH AND SAFTEY REGULATION AT PLUBIC VENUES TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC .

    I must also compliment Mr weekes for doing a great job

  26. Astounded
    January 26, 2010


  27. do it ure self
    January 26, 2010

    all of all u dat talking kkk not good dis dat ill c all u on more sewo dvd jumping like grasshoppers to dem eh..dca all trying to somewhere but cant…yall too like to say mr n2o iif popo say stop stop……neither ck or kkk good lol lol lol

  28. celebrity
    January 26, 2010

    Lyrically speaking, all triple kay “music” is total rubbish. You think I can buy a CD with tracks lik “you playing gangsta…bullet thru your head” and “wood dem”?!?!?!? Choops. Tell Benji to go educate himself on music first eh before he consider his band international..

    The police officer told you to stop, you should just stop the music, no questions asked.


  29. DEE
    January 26, 2010


  30. Beltman
    January 26, 2010

    Hey, the bottom line is this ….The Police ask you to stop……YOU STOP!…no questions asked………if you wany to ask any questions …STOP first…….ask question after.

  31. ...
    January 26, 2010

    lmao.. so u mean CK put such a pressure on dem they even make DNO.. hahaha n not 4 nothing good nuh awa alu shud be better dan that. KKK keep alu head up, doe fraid!! jus relax man!!

    CK 4 life!!

  32. look biznis
    January 26, 2010

    boy look kikson DNO……i personally don’t allow my children to listen to triple -k’s “music”. but we are not talking about the music here…if the police says to stop u stop. questions come after….u are not above the law mr. benji

  33. blu blu
    January 26, 2010

    …i was at the park and the police needs to better handle these situation. where the fight took place was not where the band was. so why cant they handle it isolated rather than turn everyone’s attention to them and thier duties.

  34. January 26, 2010

    benji u need to shot the hell up and listen to the police ,u keep too much ..noise and say is music u playing ,.. nobody understands what u are saying when u say is sing u sing ,so listen to the .. police .

  35. gwah bay
    January 26, 2010

    struuuuuuuuups ….tell benji pack tan…CK 4 LYFE!

  36. January 26, 2010

    So what allu have to say about rihanna’s Russian Roulette…should everyone who listen to it go and commit suicide????

  37. January 26, 2010

    I think many of these arguments are too sensational. Comparing Triple Kay to WCK? If Triple Kay is bad, well WCK is worse. …

    It’s just a bunch of swell headed individuals,….. Right now, the vocals are terrible and the tunes are confused. So please, if you are hitting on Triple Kay, don’t base it on WCK being a better band. Give me a break.

    This personal attack on Triple Kay for what to me clearly stems from miscommunication, and yes, Benji should have stopped, is unwarranted. And WCK? Puuulllleeeeezzze.

    It’s very bad what you people are doing. I sense jealousy and hating. Benji is too poor to try to make something of himself? As a Dcan reading this, it is hurtful and Im in no way connected to the guy. Triple Kay is for Gutter and Tarish Pit? There are more gutter and pit rats roaming the respectable communities of Dca.

  38. look joke
    January 26, 2010

    well well wellll ma gush sombody make benji feel like heaven wi pal! how u can say benji is the best soca/bouyon artist nah man. thats wrong on all levels! look up the definition of artist and come back on DNO and tell us why benji is the best soca/bouyon artist. i am crackin” up so much inside

  39. Jay
    January 26, 2010

    I believe that triple k’s ‘beats’ have them where they are today….their lyrics are horibble….what message can you posibbly be sending when you say to ‘bend down on the wood’ and ‘bullet through their head’ etc etc etc. i agree with the person who commented that they listen to rap and don’t want to put a bullet through someone’s head but at the same time you don’t go in a crowd and be jumping up to rap music. In Jamaica there was this controvery about gaza and gully side where enemies amongst the people were created and even murders through that same nonsense. In fact the people who sing those songs are not enemies. When we see someone as a role model the simple nonsense that comes from their mouths affect the ways of thinking of our youth….especially those who do not stand with a firm mind.
    Triple K we are not hating on you, and if you the members of triple kay band or the fans think we (the public) are, think of it as constructive criticism. there is an outcry about your lyrics think of a way you can change this. Remember, people of all ages go to carnival and other shows etc (clearly i want to refer to ppl above 18 to 40+++) so you should try to satisy the listening pleasure of all ages.

    Food for thought*******

  40. .............
    January 26, 2010

    Tripple Kay is hoodlings band. Gutta, tarish, roseau central deep holes, fly city, fond cole and doh ask for the biggest hood in DA Charlottesville!!

    lol you name the hood in DA, you will find their people there. When they tired dem hoodlings going and cause trouble in WCK. Just like back in the day when WCK nd SERENADE use to battle and all hoodlings from the above mentioned ghettos and those hoodlings from la pointe use to come out . As soon as serenade stop playing they joining WCK and causing trouble. So yes WCK does have fights but is because all their diehards gone overs so all u see is a bunch of hoodlings fighting in CK sewo…

    wck best band

    January 26, 2010

    BENJI u helped in making an already bad situation worst. You was asked to stop the music for a while but u prompted to band to carry on. … All they said was to stop the music while the radicals were fighting. Fame is goin up to ur head boi. U need to come back down to reality. There today, gone tomorrow.

  42. abroad
    January 26, 2010

    Irie! LMAO.

  43. Impacttheworld
    January 26, 2010

    I am all for cultural expansion; and whether you like it or not, all DA bands should be commended for their contributions to the arts. They are different in their perfomances, attitude, and lyrical content. What one likes or does not borders subjectivity. There are different styles of music for everyone. Foremost, a musician is an artist; and as such, he/she should be able to express himself as he/she wants. You either like a style of music or you do not; and what you may not like someone else may like. If you do like somethings, why give yourself a headache…Just do not lesson to it…simple!!

    Give it a rest, already. The argument that many people are making here has nothing to do with who likes or dislikes Triple, WCK, etc.

    Let us keep the argument to what it is: Did the lead singer cross the line by not abiding from a directive given by a police officer? An officer of the law, or anyone else who acts on behalf of a state or country does not have to give an explanation to citizens in the event of an emergency. Of course, it would be helpful, but they do not have to. The protocol is: (1) The command is given (2) the command is followed. The officer may give an explanation to the parties involved if he so chooses. If the officer does not give a reason or explanation, and the parties involved want one, they simpley have to ask, but he is not obligated to provide one. If Benji did not follow a directive from the police, he is wrong. I guess with his adrenaline on level ten as a result of his performance, his brain got a bit cloudy. It happens sometimes. If the officer’s comments are correct, then Benji needs to check his ego, and come down a few notches. Do not let you ego stretch so far ahead of you that you cannot reach it anymore. If you made a mistakes, admit it to yourself so that the next time you do things differently.

    To all the bloggers on this site, let us keep the arguments to what they are. Stop drifting into oblivion.

  44. abroad
    January 26, 2010

    If the police say to stop. You should stop. Then ask why. Not the other way around.

  45. jah boss
    January 26, 2010

    okkk somone told me dont be bashing ‘Dominica’s hottest band’. If dominica’s hottest band is tripple K …goes to show how much trash dominicans accept. i dont wana hear n e thing bout dont criticise bla bla bla becuse yall know we deserve better from a band. maybe have some good lyrics in there so that the only thing lil kids will be remembering from the song wont be ‘bend down for the wooood’. and then yall wonder whyyyy bouyon isnt known internationally YET ……(stilllllll)! all you people agreeing with me on there in some way… other tripple k lovers are gonna say we ‘hating’…urmm maybe becuse we have greater expectations fr dominica and maybe becuse we see that after all these years bouyon hasnt made it international..why lets try somthing different to see where that takes bouyon.

  46. Woosh Coocoosh
    January 26, 2010

    WILD INDIE please show me what Benji have for anybody to be hating on him. He is the best bouyon/soca artist on the island??!!! Since when? Point of the matter is that the issue here is not about who grudging Benji or not for things that he obviously doen’t have! That is just like ignorant people like you to come on here and defend Triple Kay for their nonsense. They always pausing jam when it have a fight and you speaking from personal experience? Steupss…. Clearly you’re affiliated with the band or you would not be condoning their disregard for authority. What more is there to understand about the situation when it is clearly printed in black and white? There was a fight and the police asked the Bouyon Rass to stop and he didn’t because he felt that he deserved a more elaborate explanation. Triple Kay was put in the shade on saturday by the other bands .. you coming on here and crying haters? Grow up!!!

  47. Wild Indie
    January 26, 2010

    Whoa yall really come out on DNO ..!, I can understand why you guys would be hating on Benji and Triple kay because Benji is the best Soca/bouyon artiste on the island and he representing DA strong with the best Bouyon Band triple kay!.
    Hating on Benji will only boost his morale because he know he doing some shit right iight??

    you guys don’t understand the situation so I suggest you ease up on jumping into conclusions so fast and making your hate known by making very unrelated comments to the OP.

    Benji dem always pausing jam when they know it have a fight or something. I know from personal experience.

  48. hmm
    January 26, 2010

    boy leave it to Dominicans to completely ignore the point of an article and personally attack someone.

    1. Regardless of the negligence of the police force, Benji you should stop if they say to stop. They are not obligated to provide you with a reason although in a sense it would have been necessary since the fight occurred out of your view.

    2. Musical lyrics and content do NOT make a person behave aggressive. I listen to rap and I never feel like shooting anyone; I listen to rock and roll and do not feel like worshiping the devil; I listen to R&B without feeling the need to be in a relationship. My point is this: STOP LOOKING FOR SOMETHING OR SOMEONE TO BLAME FOR A PERSON’S ACTIONS! People will fight no matter what music is playing, drunk or sober. Is either we blaming the Prime Minister, the government, TV, parents. Right now “blame it on the music”! Grow up people!


  49. My Goodness
    January 26, 2010

    Dominican need to stop bashing Triple k and the other banks for that matter. Burning Flames use to sing so much none sense before and we use to jump behind Flames every time they come DA. Jam Band say put ur hole mouth over they hole. Those of you that do not like the band music just do not go to there jam or buy there music. Them Jamaicans is not any better and the Trinis they all sound alike

  50. January 26, 2010

    @I Want to Know…your explanation seems plausible. I don’t see why the police could not have said it’s a fight, to me its a matter of communication-not respect. Police have asked the band to stop the music due to fights before and they have complied…additionally they have on their own stopped music.

    @Sensible I agree that the problem is not the music per se. Number 1 is ALCOHOL….It’s incredulous to me that no one has mentioned it….How many of us have seen teenaged kids drinking from Kubuli to Carib to Guinness… who drinking step up and red cap and what not. Add too much alcohol to a thumping beat and a hungry belly and yes there is a significant chance that there’s gonna be a fight.
    On a social level, Dominica has a lot of issues. My first time in warehouse I was in Sixth form and is a vole chance I take. Now I seeing all kinds of little children in Jam. Last year I didn’t even go Ti Pawadi cause I not in that children melee….. so the question begs to be asked. who are the parents that are letting their 14 and 15 year olds go to Krazy Koconut till 5AM??????

    Stop blaming the bands, if you don’t like their music don’t listen and don’t come to the jam. If you don’t like Triple Kay go Swinign Stars, If you doh like Stars, check WCK, Fanatik there, MFR there, Esaclav there, Caribbean Vibes there, Natral Vybez thee….you doh want to be in the crowd? go Big Poppas and chill by the beach and listen to some good Reggae. Triple Kay can’t please all the people all the time. I like their songs, the beat, the catchy lyrics…I don’t over analyze and say OMG this is some good stuff …I don’t do it when I listen to Soulja Boy, I don’t do it when I listen to Missy Elliot. I do it when I listen to say Common, Nas, Nasio Fontaine, Bunji Garlini…and nine times out of ten its due to the lyrics not the beat. but enough of that

    @For Real I agree with some of what you say but as far as people walking off the dance floor when they hear Dominican music…first off there is no shame for the Dominicans who stay, if any thing we are ticked off that Trinis and Bajans walk off because if Bunji Garlin and Peter Ram come and sing on a Bouyon beat they will stay. when our Cornell Phillip was playing for Rupee and Rupee come out with the song I think is JUMP-(I stand corrected) but it had a lapo kabwit vibe…you think they said oh a dominican help make that beat let me not dance??? no they dance cause they love Rupee….Check out the Leggo Me Riddim—and tell me that is not Bouyon–but Faye Ann Lyons on it singing “who Standing” and Machel dere singing”Jamishness” and they all rocking but put a CK conch shell and they gone! Hello is de same beat-just about….

    I think the main problem is they are not familiar with our slangs and our accent.

  51. Wise Up
    January 26, 2010

    Triple K is the worst band ever!!!!!!!!!! Their songs makes no sense and those people that jump and wave to that crap it feel sorry for you

  52. Stupes
    January 26, 2010


  53. Conerned
    January 26, 2010

    Mr Benji when u have a song saying ” Bullet throught their head” isn’t that form of violence. You all need to look at the lyrics of the songs you all play. You make women look so cheap by the lyrics of the song. When you have a song ” Bend down for the wood” and ” Ladies to you wanna party on my disco stick” what does thay say? You might have your meaning but we all know what they mean.

    And any time people i authority tells you to stop the music, you don’t need NO explanation. They said Stop just Stop they have their reasons.

  54. Waitukubuli
    January 26, 2010

    I have never listened to tripple k’s music – and i do not know about these guys, but I think that Benji should be aware that the young people look to them as a role model.

    It would have been better to stop and find out what’s happening, than to do the reverse. By asking the people’s opinion as to whether they should stop or not (whether as a gig or otherwise) after being instructed by the authority, is merely encouraging disobedience to authority. That was not wise. It is about time these people realize the impact they have on the nations youths. WE NEED TO RESPECT AUTHORITY. i think that we play the police for pappyshow too much – our attitude towards AUTHORITY must change –

    Just my penny haypney.

  55. en ba la
    January 26, 2010

    Yes triple Kay you are above the law. The police asked to stop what do you do? You stop, You are involved in an area where there can be lots of violence so you should be very much aware.
    The police approaching you are requesting that you stop should be enough to trigger some common sense that there could be a problem.

    This shows how disrespectful yes you are or the law. There should be some form of punishment for this deliberate act espcially if anyone got injured.

  56. Outraged
    January 26, 2010

    Its not surprising that Mr. N20 wouldn’t follow the police advise. … Boy please wake up and smell the coffee. How can a fight in your band determine how great you are? Remember how triple got their fame..You guys have beat that’s all, but lyrically you need to come again. A chorus and beat aint making a great song. Check the lyrical content of your songs that’s what people are hearing and listening to so that’s what you would expect them to take advice from. Don’t give a speech and tell teens to keep away from drugs and sex when your songs and dance moves on stage are promoting it. Then you’ll say its just a performance. STUPPPPPSSSSSS

  57. January 26, 2010

    I agree with the post that Sensible wrote. It goes deeper than the music. Young people have grown up into a culture of violence. The bands and the music is only an incitor. It pumps them up. According to the other poster, you never hear “Don’t worry, Be Happy” playing and anyone getting hurt.

    That said, i also want to make comments on the songs. People talking about the message Triple K have behind their songs. While I totally agree with that, I still listen to Alison Hinds, Patrice Roberts, or any of the Trini, Bajan songs. All they singing about is “wining, wuk up, push back da bumper”. These songs are not any more sensible than what Triple K putting out.

    I think the problem is the BEAT. That heavy thumping, driving, hard-core beat leaves alot to be desired. Maybe the bouyon beat needs to be toned down a bit. Make it half a beat slower. That’s why you see all these people just bumping or mashing their butts to the guys’ fronts. No time to even fashion a dance step.

    And we in our little island, we’re so easily satisfied. Once a drum machine gives the beat, people could dance whole night to that. I think we the listening public needs to call out the bands on the kind of music they turn out. Let’s not be satisfied with those one-liners and repeated chants that pass for music. Let’s demand that these artists actually WRITE songs. Get a theme whether is violence among youth, drug use, whatever it is, actually write songs. There are so many budding song-writers here. Collaborate with a few and produce something that we can be proud of.

    I heard a track from a young man “Too Greedy” I think it was called Hangover. I don’t know who actually wrote the song, but his was a brilliant effort. We need more like those. Let’s raise the standards, so we can actually start SELLING our music beyond D’ca’s shores.

    It’s not just about producing music. But producing music that people actually want to buy and listen to. Too often when I go to West Indian parties overseas, as soon as the DJ pops in Dominica’s Bouyon music, everybody leaves the dance floor except for the few dominicans who are too shame-faced to walk away from their own island’s music too.

  58. Blade
    January 26, 2010

    Huh i dont think it have nothin to do with women in Dominica making them man head swell just like every band have both male and female following them….. and thats good to hear it form you mr benji to stay away from sex or use protection… how ever triple lyrics means soo much when it comes to that… like you have it deep in you … as i put inside so you put it outside…. souse… the cervice and the list goes on…. so maybe you guys should rethink the lyrics.. sensibl eyou have strong point the problem is deeper than just the band… its a fact that kkk cooperate with the polic.. smetimes b4 the police see the fight and they already stop singing and assisting the police to what direction or area the fight is… howvere benji this one was a wrong move you guys should have stop… and when on the road for carnival the police say stop just stop.. you all see a fight from far still do as you all normally do and stop and assist the law officers

  59. .............
    January 26, 2010

    WHat else do expect from a mediocre band? The police tel you to stop…..STOP!!!!! They don’t need to give you a reason especially when it have a bunch of noise and caios! One thing they can say what they want about WCK stopping and starting but thats one exemplary band. Some of the police in DA corrupted we know that but most of them are hardworking and they are here to manage the law. … Is for one of those for folsk to jump on their truck and tey will see how much they will be begging the police to stop the jam. … He shouldn’t be llowed to say things like that.

    WCK is the best band Respect to CK!

  60. shoff
    January 26, 2010

    I am a bouyon lover so I don’t appreciate all the bashing of triple k. If people want to fight, they will fight, sans music. Just a lot of stupid folks out there using carnival as their disguise!

  61. Jay
    January 26, 2010

    I am a dominican living abroad and i seldom listen to kkk (well easter monday live 2009 i think). whenever i play it in the presence of my spouse he pleads that i turn off the nonsense. honestly their music is horrible and the singing is just worse. one or two songs- i enjoy the beat but that’s it. i remember when WCK used to be on top like how you all are, police didn’t have to say stop bcuz a fight is going on the band members will try to calm the fight themselves. so mr benji, i don’t know who you think you are to tell the people ‘police say to stop if you all should stop’ obviously they would respond ‘no’. but you as the band leader should be wise enough to respect police decision to stop. they do not have to give you a reason. if u were not satisfied, when they asked you to stop, you should have enquired about whats going on. but you all think all you to great with the garbage you all sing and hte young people don’t know any better. i hope this year u all have better lyrics and a word of advise get another .. lead singer……..sorry people it’s just my opinion

  62. wat!
    January 26, 2010

    TRIPPLE K Believe they Run tings in Dominica Cuz The Rise Up a bit. Dont make You’ll heads Swell Up Guys. The Law is D law. Go By It!

  63. Anonymous
    January 26, 2010


  64. sense
    January 26, 2010

    This is the problem in Dominica that needs to be addressed. In other countries where the police actually have authority, when they ask you to stop they don’t need to give you a reason. You follow the instruction. It seems the police here command no respect from people, unless they pull out their batons.

  65. Sensible
    January 26, 2010

    So many ignorant people in this counrty. Benji the police come and tell u stop u should just stop. They have the authority in a case like that. What that really bothers me is the people who saying triple kay lyrics causing violence. Look nonesense. I remember when WCK was the biggest band around. Every WCK jam was a fight and a hashay and all kinda madness. No Triple kay is the most popular band same ting. Wether they singing balance batty or send your body or souse or pressure it always having fight. So those ignorant people need to get their stats and their facts straight before they come on here talking all kinda nonesense. If tomorrow WCK or MFR or Esclav have the big crowd behind them it will still have fight. The band is not the problem, its deeper than that.

  66. d/can
    January 26, 2010

    but is coshoni kkk singing. they doe expect people to fight den? i never once her a song from dem. jus a set of stupid lines dem …. singing… ck for life. all u doe see ck park dem for d opening

  67. yes i
    January 26, 2010

    … I just checking de 5/0 tell u too stop doe have urself boss grow up! U should just stop. I am not a fan of none of the bands sorry

  68. lol
    January 26, 2010

    oh yh btw… music has a lot to do with motivation and certain types of music u listen to encourages you (pumps u up) to be aggressive. e.g you dont see gang members listening to happy songs before thier drive by shooting…

  69. HUH
    January 26, 2010

    Benji and dem man just too up. d man actually say ” run d riddim, one more i say! **! that is wat i say! benji must b d manager of d band? dem man full of crap. their head does get swell up too fast. and dem girls dat doing dem dat. dey making dem believe dat dey…………….i dou even know. God or sumting. dem man not God. dey just local artist dat have d seen lock down but dem music dere can only b enjoyable around carnival. well dem D/A woman dat have dem so…. dey think dey can get wat woman dey want so dey have powers. … u dou see dem man come out!?>

  70. lol
    January 26, 2010

    all that is the police own fault cus no one takes them seriously n e more. 4 benji: i dont kno who mr think he is and the rest of the band memberz if they think they above the law becuse dominicans jumping to their none scence…. news flashhh (n e way) you guys music can never go international becuse all your songs are based on cr*p. you need to have a real message in your songs for that to happen.

  71. 2010
    January 26, 2010

    Mr Benji N2O, why do you constantly act like and A**?
    The Inspector is right, the manner in which you handled the situation was wrong.
    when police ask you to stop playing, it’s not mandatory that they give you a reason, .. on a mission to prove yourself to Club DVD,Fanatic and Riddim and Hits while forgetting that the ones you have toprove yourself to are your fans.
    And as a bouyon lover, i am disappointed in you and your band members. Mr wood dem champ, Mr Power man. And this carnival i want to see if you’ll ask your truck driver to drive away when i fight break out…
    Remember you saying for this year?
    Is the trend you’re setting as a performer, a band leader, a father Mr Wood Them Champ

  72. idi amin
    January 26, 2010

    triple twen not easy. before rah did not use to wait for police to come tell them to stop .as soon as a bouso lavie start light shine on dem and rah said if the fight don’t stop jam over.why benji couldn’t do that.

  73. nectar
    January 26, 2010

    Dominicans are the BIGGEST Hypocrites on the PLANET. All you committing ADULTERY, FORNICATION, MUDERING PEOPLE Left Right and CENTER, STEALING and doing all kinds of Terrible things in THE DARK. but because Triple K make two little songs THAT TALKING ABOUT WHAT ALLU DOING ALLU VEX and BLAMING THEM for all kinds of things.

    By the way: ” SOUS” , “WOOD DEM” , and all these songs. ARE BOUT ALLU !!!!!!

  74. I want to know
    January 26, 2010

    When I heard of the incident I really wanted to know what happened so I looked for benji to find out the truth.
    The vibez I got from him is totally different than what the police is making out to be. I was informed that the band was hired to perform for one hour. After about 20 minutes a police officer is making a sign for them to stop with no apparent reason.
    The band was under the impression that time was up and the police was shutting down the gig because of time. If that would have been the case obviously the crowd would need to be aware of this because at the end when the people are not notified they go home with the impression that the band short changed them.
    All benji said was …. ” They say we got to go, massive you want us to go?” like any ordinary gig. You would call this inciting violence?
    If like most gigs I attend and there is a fight I see the police on stage giving instructions to the band and then the proper message is conveyed to the crowd that an act of violence is taking place. This was not done and according to Benji by the time he got backstage to find out what was hapenning the police had skipped off.
    I think the police were just trying to excercise their authority and playing big and deadly but coming from the Police PRO who is supposed to be the mouthpiece of the force he should not be afraid to come and inform the people that a serious act of violence is occuring and they have to shut down the event. Not make signs and then run away.
    I was in the crowd and if they didnt stop the gig i dont think anyone would even know about the fight because it was so far away from what was going on.
    But lets all have a peaceful carnival.

  75. Tut-Tut
    January 26, 2010

    Is this guy for real police have to give Benji a reason to stop the jam. You are told to stop, YOU STOP!! you are no authority, the police is the law. Who the hell he thinks he is that police have to stand and explain to him why they ask him to pause the noise they making?

    He damn well know why they ask them to stop, why would the lead vocalist say ” ‘The police said we should stop, you think we should stop?’

  76. January 26, 2010

    Everyone makes mistakes. These young guys are making an honest contribution to our culture. Their lyrics and melody may not be to everyone’s satisfaction, but take it easy on them. For many years the WCK was the number band and we always had gruesome fights, tear gas etc in our carnival celebrations although the WCK was a great band with wonderful songs.

    As a child I grew up seeing men swinging cow chains and helmets in carnival bands to the sound of ‘Chway Yo”. And in those days we had Wadicole, Walsh Trucking and A & M Sounds. People jumped mostly to hifi.

    Benji should learn from this experience. And, of course, I do agree, work on the lyrical content of songs to come in the future. But I think they can go far, so don’t break down the guys. They stop doing what they do, and we complain that the youth is negative and unproductive. So keep it positive. It’s not a WCK or Triple Kay thing.

    When the police need to exert force, they don’t… with all those drug lords and murderers who walk free and cannot be prosecuted. Choops.

  77. Vybez
    January 26, 2010

    @ Irie, I must tell you that I am very impressed by your creativeness…great job! :-)

    On the other hand Mr. Benji, I like your music and I am always encouraged when I see young people engaging themselves in positive things but this time you made a bo-bo (error/mistake in judgment). If the police – who has MUCH HIGHER authority than you in the country says to STOP, fadah you SHOULD STOP IMMEDIATELY! The police does not have to give you ANY REASON NOR EXPLANATION! You could have incensed more people to anger by asking them whether you should stop as the police said…you should not have done that and you should simply admit that you were wrong and apologize to the cops. Whether you knew there was a fight or what the police reason for asking you to stop is IRRELAVANT fadah. Think about that…

  78. help
    January 26, 2010

    hey !!!!!!!!!! they should not be playing in d opening in d first place . if d police ask u to stop is stop and then u can ask why . no respect for the police so what are u telling the youngsters who are looking up to u ?

    January 26, 2010

    From the beginning i was never impressed with Triple K and their lyrics, we need to look at what positive vibes they are bringing to our youth and the answer is NONE.

    Whenever i come home for Independence and Triple K is schedule to perform at any activity i simply stay away because honestly there is always some kind of violent act taking place during their performance. So i really believe this band should be STOPPED. T

    The leader should also know he is not above the LAW and if the police tell them to stop he should just STOP, not ask the crowd if we should stop. NONSCENCE

  80. FAMILY
    January 26, 2010

    for CHAWE WCK never use to sing never hang your hat,that song was sang by DE RABBIT in the early 80’s and then in the 90’s redone bouyoun style by the SERANADE band,and we cannot stop the bouyoun music you don’t like it block your ears,ge me de bouyoun.

  81. John
    January 26, 2010

    All them band singing … so ban one they should ban all

  82. enjoyin 2010
    January 26, 2010


  83. Envar
    January 26, 2010

    Well, certain people surely have ways of putting things……. if every-time KKK k play there is fighting something need to be done… However the strength of music dem fellas have to learn to behave like humans else KKK have to put up some “NO ANIMALS ALLOWED” signs. I really cannot inderstand why all the fighting………….

  84. Dyann
    January 25, 2010

    Nothing allu have to say, i disapointed in allu ppl, benji .. right!! the police makin their living, the same way he makin his .Dem ..police have to go chek their sin! bouyon, kkk playing, like it or like it not that is dominica culture to, and the young people enjoy benji’s music. they never say ” wayne, theres a fight, gotta stop” and knowing benji, he like to hype his crowd. by the way………aresst dem? that i see there!! to set wat..example, papa god! I doe give a (beeep) wat allu have to say, is that allu want not tru, triple kay not playing no more…………….
    LOVE YOU KKK!!!!

    (p.s watch out!!)

  85. observer
    January 25, 2010

    Triple K is a disgrace to music and with this constant fighting in their jams they should be banned.
    It began on the street, close to Jollys on the way to the bridge.
    They incite violence and Benji’s teeth distract his brains which by the way have swollen out of control.
    These guys have to respect the law and law enforcement officers, clearly they believe they are above it… should not be allowed to disrupt carnival celebrations.
    None of their lyrics make any good sense, only derogratory……..
    And with a name like KKK what do you expect?? shameful

  86. just a thought
    January 25, 2010

    why not focus attention on the culprits…. you arrest the two clowns fighting or the group of clowns fighting… you dont come pointing fingers… secondly the ppl blaming the fghting on the music please stop that nonsense as a young person myself, I dont need music to act a fool, stop making excuses or speculating why we get on a certain way.

    We do what works for us irrespective of the consequences…its part of growing up… Stop blaming many for the actions of a few..

  87. blackpepper
    January 25, 2010

    Too muc h … lyrics these days . Then we all wonder why our music is not making it on the international market . Grow up writers ! Fanatic has just come around and they have already set a standard .Listen to good clean carnival lyrics. Education is always first in everything . All due respect to swinging stars to .

  88. belbagay
    January 25, 2010

    it was an opportune time for the police to make an example of these guys in these gabbage bands with all these so called boyon music, officers keep a close eye on them for the season and if needs be permission should not be granted for them to play on the road, as a matter of fact its only gabbage i am hearing

  89. @ chawe
    January 25, 2010

    u looking good like a plate of food tonight i want to go in ur ……..

  90. Shame
    January 25, 2010

    I don’t expect king guetto to say otherwise. After all he is the king of causing mishaps. ANd he wonders why he cant ever be international.

    January 25, 2010

    when WCK was playing it didnt have any fight ka mem……….WE ARE BACK wck for life.

  92. Dominican abroad
    January 25, 2010

    irie, you could not put it better than that maybe Benji should use this in one of his songs, you have talent my friend, i could not stop laughing.

    but the truth is the truth thats the only way they would have understand the police.

  93. Shame
    January 25, 2010

    benji come on man. The policemen would not ask you to stop for stopping sake. Shame on the band.

  94. Wah Papa
    January 25, 2010

    IRIE you real funny. LMAO LOL

    January 25, 2010

    its foolish of anyone to think that the police should give them a reason at the moment why they should stop. this is our problem we have allowed gang fool attitudes to cloud our sense and our country is being distroyed in times past people respected the officers and the officers would not have all these explanations to give because our parents and community understood that the police is our protection. but today we think that our parents were just being chickens and snitches and fools and that we know better than them so we v can no longer respect our police . we want reason when they give an order and then we complain that they are not doing their jobs . lets put aside our foolishness and respect the law enforcment officers . we are not sayingthat they must abuse their powers but we need to show them the respect they deserve and our country will be a better and saferone to live in

  96. mouth of Pointe Michel
    January 25, 2010

    Benji if the police say stop my brother you gotta stop. You don’t expect to see all fights and you are right the police have to do their job and they were doing it but you didn’t do your job by stopping. Yes at times the music does encourage fights because of the lyrics and melody and when the young people drunk they behave disorderly and before ur hand take them they wanna lash you. Band leaders check the lyrics of ur songs.

  97. sewonice
    January 25, 2010

    Irie, you had me lmao and rotf with that response.

    Anyway, I find those guys well high up. So police have to give them a reason to obey a command? So when police tell a person to freeze, police have to qualify de command and say why dey telling de person to freeze? Ebeh weh. Is so Dominica reach? All you better make up all you mind eh on what all you want. Law and order or lawlessness? There is a difference between police using their power unjustly and unfairly, and police using their power to maintain order and reduce crime. All you should learn the difference.

  98. wooooh
    January 25, 2010

    Eh beh look sin papa……. I not in D/ca but when hear wood dem I was like what kind of song is that… alas

  99. observer
    January 25, 2010

    A few years ago, a former Speaker of the House described the modern day beat in Dominica as “Fight me man”. I tired listening to some KKK “music” on the radio the other day and up to now I cannot tell you one thing the “song” saying!
    This sort of NOISE encourages decadent behaviour among the youth.
    Sometimes I wonder whether we are going or coming.

  100. Shakier Scotland
    January 25, 2010

    In Da alone you guys will get away with that bullcrap ……. Where in the US or Canada police officers asking you all to stop and you’ll will be carrying on with the music …. HMM ..

  101. son of the soil
    January 25, 2010

    kingghetto please wake up and smell the cofffie we are living in th new age why are u trying to keep dominica in the dark. we need to try to catchup with the rest of the caribbean, we are so far from the world

  102. XTE
    January 25, 2010

    Dem police like to look for cooperation and they themselves do not cooperate. Show respect to get respect man. I’ve seen how the police putting an end to a Jam and is just to exercise a show of power. The officers must look to portray a sense of identification with the people if they want to improve relationship and community policing.

    Benji maybe was a little hyper that night but usually people complaint that the band stopping for any little thing when they responding to acts of violence.

    People complain and dis what is our own but they accept all kind of imported $h!t form BET and else where. Listen to your favourite rapper. Look at heavy metal music and rock and roll. But look at how those people appreciate their music.

    I listen to some of our local fellas pursue a shot at reggae. Before you hear them speak you wood swear is from the outskirts of Jamaica they came from. Why can’t a local Dominican speak and sing in our own style, something we can identify with? No wonder Creole is not appreciated our anything that is ours for that matter.

    Before you criticize how Triple Kay sing? speak out loud. Just check how you speak. Should I ask? Dat iz speaking?

  103. frisk
    January 25, 2010

    nonsense!! this is absurd…the band should be charged for disobeying law enforcement

  104. January 25, 2010

    The truth is no electronic band should be part of the opening.And still trying to figure how this music in particular is part of our culture.Just hearing gangstar rap music with a different beat.

  105. Proud Dominican
    January 25, 2010

    Benji, Triple Kay certainly did not encourage the fight, them young boys are just mischievous and will find any occasion to conduct their malice. And I don’t blame you for not wanted to stop either. Continue to promote the bouyon music.

  106. Chawe
    January 25, 2010

    myself doe even know what triple k doin there if dat is singing!!! Dem songs have no meaning, no value, no moral!!! Pure nonsense!!! No wonder people have to be fighting when they hear dem things!!! Can remember d days wen songs had meaning like wen WCK used to sing never hang your hat where ur hat cyan reach it………..but nowadays is pure S***…girl u lookin good like a plate of food…. Let a man tell me dat….i will certainly put him straight!!!!!

  107. Digital
    January 25, 2010

    So you mean to tell me that if the police ask all you to “STOP” they have to have a reason to ask all you to “STOP”??? WCK for life…HOLD DEM

  108. LMAO
    January 25, 2010

    wowweeeee.. the police asked the band to stop and they refused… interesting.. i guess the jam was just too hot to stop!!


  109. January 25, 2010

    Can someone tell me what happening?wood dem,push dem,jam dem.I do not see why this garbage should be promoted and being on the road opening of carnival.

  110. KKK fan
    January 25, 2010

    I can’t seem to understand Benji…If the police asked you to stop…my God..Just stop~ simple as that. I do not see why the police must give you a reason why they think you should stop.

  111. Hmmmm
    January 25, 2010

    Ain’t we suppose to follow the instructions of the Police? Why should the police provide an explanation for why the Band must stop play?

  112. Irie
    January 25, 2010

    De police, try to stop de fete in de wrong way, his communication was flawed, what he shoulda have say is:

    ‘Mr Benji 2.0, I am MISTER OFFICER and I need you to ‘SORTIE DESSAN’…. there is a fight taking place in de ‘SOUS’ and it is causing ‘PRESSURE, PRESSURE, PRESSURE’ , and while de girls ‘LOOKING GOOD LIKE A PLATE OF FOOD’ if you don’t stop dis SSI-SI-SI-SIWO right now we will have to ‘STICK IT, STICK IT REAL GOOD’…..

    if he had just say it like dat, dey would understand exactly what he meant, and de fete would stop one time! LOL

  113. January 25, 2010

    My suggestion is that if enough man power is available. A police officer should be detailed to work on the truck next to the Driver,his main function is to monitor the behaviour of some of those trouble makers,and attention seekasses during the two days carnival Monday & Tuesday. Should the officer suspect any sign of trouble he should direct that the music stop playing immidiately, of course all logistics should be in place and be prepared to spring to action if it becomes necessary comining from Headquarters. We have the best police force in the caribbean no doubt. But as we all know there is always some who are bent on causing problem regardless of what the police do or say. Hang-in there guys maybe some time in the future ” FATIGUE” will return to complement the officers if so I am ready to come on board. Keep up the great job.


  114. Rid us of rubbish
    January 25, 2010

    They should be banned for ignoring the valiant efforts of our CDPF Officers…

  115. mannie
    January 25, 2010

    It is time that we learn to respect authority. If the police officer comes and ask the the band stop playing then they should respect that and stop. After all what example are we as adults setting for our young people. Please Please let us respect those in authority.

  116. Woosh Coocoosh
    January 25, 2010

    Benji I find you come out! Don’t you think that if the police asked you all to stop there must have been a very good reason for that? If there was a fight I really don’t see where they would find the time to go into details as to why they want you to stop. You were soo busy trying to outdo WCK and Riddim & Heats that your jugement was clouded. It’s ok… It happens to the best of us. According to you… KKK has its job and the police officers have theirs, but it’s your obligation to cooperate with them. So grow up and assume responsibility for your actions.

  117. unknown
    January 25, 2010

    im not a fan of triple kay but i dont agree with how the police are going on… so because they have a little power they want to walk on people

    Explain to the band why they have to stop SIMPLE…..



  118. January 25, 2010

    let us see what happens next

  119. lookscene
    January 25, 2010

    loooook scene

  120. madmax
    January 25, 2010

    they police should arest benji and the triple k band. set an example on them

  121. BMS
    January 25, 2010


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