Corbette matter in spotlight again

courtThe matter involving police Inspector Lincoln Corbette, who was arrested and charged with wounding Nicholas Roberts at a Roseau primary school compound in July 2011, is back in the news again.

Corbette was granted bail in the sum of $30,000 in August 2012 and has been suspended. His lawyers have made several attempts to have the matter dismissed, but to no avail.

In fact, Roberts had taken the stand and stated under oath, that Corbette was not responsible for his injuries but that he (Roberts) had “accidentally shot himself” and that he was not willing to offer any further evidence in that matter.

But the office of the DPP has consistently refused to accept Roberts’ comments and said it had enough evidence to proceed.

On August 13, 2013 the matter again came up before a Roseau Magistrate and and Lennox Lawrence, Corbette’s lawyer, asked that the court be cleared while they made submissions.

Lawrence asked the court to “dismiss” the case but police prosecutor Inspector Claude Weekes, stated that the office of the DPP had full and total conduct of that matter and he was not able to deal with it.

“That matter is with the DPP and they are the ones to take a position as to what happens with it,” Weekes told the court.

He further stated that since Dominica at present was without a DPP, at least until October, he was asking for an adjournment.

The magistrate interjected and stated that she was not sure what effect that Lawrence’s ‘dismissal’ submission would have since the DPP was not present and was not able to respond.

The matter was adjourned to August 16 in order to give the office of the DPP time to respond to Lawrence’s submissions.

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  1. DominicanBorn
    August 16, 2013

    Whilst ordinary members of the public are expected to follow the law, this policeman can stand as judge, jury, and executioner of justice, if he believes that this man had been trying to sexually molest his daughter. This case highlights everything that is wrong with the Dominican Police force: THEY THINK THAT THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW.

  2. fredey
    August 16, 2013

    Give. Corbette back his job free up the man froM all that trouble ..the police force siding with criminals now? No wonder why them police afraid to do their work the head is rotten and his men don’t trust him its pure politics and devision in the police force soon we will have a corrupt police force where nobody cannot trust each other and society becoming more lawless

  3. ex police
    August 15, 2013

    he shot himself? where is the weapon he use to shoot himself? was the bullet retrieve, was it matched with any weapon or that of Corbette? oh i forget dominica police lack investigations and forensic skills,

    • Justice and Truth
      August 15, 2013

      Anyway, it is now his word and he does not want to testify. Is the Court going to continue the case and force him to testify? If he was the supposedly victim and he refuses to testify, saying that the inspector did not shoot him, what logic is this for the court to pursue the case?
      My view is he harmed no one. They cannot force him to testify for or against himself of all. Who will they build their case on and baste it on, only Corbette? It is time to quash this case. The inspector was performing his job.

  4. August 15, 2013

    The Police force is much better without you.You were an embarrassment to the force.You think you were above the law take what you get you deserve it.STAY OUT.We don’t need you we don’t miss you

  5. marion
    August 15, 2013

    how can you shoot yourself with no powder burns? c,mon mr lawrence we got you this time

  6. marion
    August 15, 2013

    tell the dpp and weeks to produce the medical report that the dpp was given by dr paul. where is it?you think all dominicans stupid? ask pestina for it.

  7. kalinagowarrior
    August 15, 2013

    What if the father of this little girl not there on the stop at the time, who knows what this guy would have done to this child? So any father who love and cares for his child be it boy or girl would have done something / any thing at the time to prevent the incident, the guy intention was maybe to rape the child and this father intervened at the time, just in time. I would break his neck. We all have to protect our children. No one would like this to happen to our little loved ones. This justice system is just upside down and left shoe in right foot and so on and so on.

  8. I am
    August 15, 2013

    All you not easy in that Dominica there eh!! Only in DA! What a country? hehehehehe!

  9. jim jones
    August 15, 2013

    Robert him self. Should be jail how can u disamed a train police sargent take his gun and. Shot his self. If that’s. True. He need and must go the police training school too get some. Training

  10. Listening
    August 15, 2013

    I know if it were my child I would be in the same situation as Corbette is right now, actually I would not have aimed so low so I might be facing murder charges. So many cases I know of that are thrown out when the victim refuses to give testimony or withdraws complaint. Why are they so hell bent on seeing justice brought on this matter when so many other more pressing matters go unheard? I would like to see the father with a gun who would act differently if he were placed in the exact possition as Corbette. We always hold others to higher standards than we hold ourselves. I continue to pray for Corbette and his family, that this will work out and they will be free to move on with their lives.

    • Anonymous
      August 15, 2013

      So according to you we should forget about the laws and do what we want.
      Whether Mr Corbett is innocent or guilty there is still a process which is as much for his sake or the alleged victim.

      • Listening
        August 15, 2013

        So all of a sudden we are a law abiding state? lol!!! Could have fooled me!

    • Justice and Truth
      August 15, 2013

      Because they are projecting that they have no common sense and are stupid for people of their status who should know the Law.
      I wholeheartedly agree with you. In any democratic Court of Law, if a victim or witness withdraw their complaint and refuse to testify as long as they did not harm others, the Court has no alternative but to terminate the case. Is it any different in Dominica?

  11. Green
    August 14, 2013

    Their is really rules for one and rules for another
    What or Who has made this Man say he shot himself??? :?: !!!!! What is going on we are really upside down and inside out :cry: :( :mrgreen: :oops: :-x

    • Justice and Truth
      August 15, 2013

      What can the Court prove to continue this case?

  12. Justice and Truth
    August 14, 2013

    He said that Inspector Corbette did not shoot him. It is his word and should be accepted as the truth. The man wants the case dismissed. He does not wish to testify. Is the DA Court System holding this against Corbette and himself?
    It is nothing unusual if supposedly victims change their testimony. The Court has no alternative but to dismiss the case, even if it means, giving them the benefit of the doubt. The Court cannot go against the victims/witnesses words.
    What is so different about Dominica’s Court System that they refuse to dismiss this case? Why do they continue to doubt the man and want the case by all means heard? Who will be gaining from this? It is already costing the government time and money.

    • Papa Dom
      August 15, 2013

      Truth and justice demands that the matter be tried and that is what obtains in all courts. What you are saying is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. Only in Dominica for example, will you find a case of sexual assault or domestic violence being dismissed because the victim refuses to testify. Once there is enough I dependent evidence of the crime being committed the prosecution does not necessarily need the victims’s testimony to proceed with the case. Of it were a private prosecution then the victim would be free to discontinue but in a few exceptional case stand the risk of being charged with wasting the court’s time.

      • Justice and Truth
        August 15, 2013

        You are more stupid. You deviated from the subject article. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Do not insult people especially whom you do not know lest you be insulted which you deserve.
        I am not referring to sexual assault, etc. I commented based on this case of what the man said to the Court and has no wish to testify against Inspector Corbette.
        If the man refuses to testify, is the Dominican Court System going to haul him to Court and imprison him? Do you know I can take this case and some others that I read about to the International Human Rights Court? I can contact that organization.
        This D/ca Court System needs to be overhauled. It appears that they are in need of new judges and magistrates. You noted that one has recently left the country. The former DPP retired. Is he of retirement age?
        Well, if you want a new government, probably the new one will do better, do something about this, change what needs to be changed and implement what should be implemented.
        The Court is not giving the man the benefit of the doubt. They want to base their case on their assumptions. Is this correct?
        Let us say for example that the man was shot at and he does not want to testify against his victim, the Court has to close the case. Only a stupid one will pursue it. Who will be the witness in this case?
        In this age where all sorts of people have computers, putting it mildly, some of you call people stupid but you have absolutely no sense in your empty heads.
        If you were the man and Inspector Corbette what would you say? When the shoes are on the other feet, it is usualy a different story.
        If the man wants to bring a case against Inspector Corbette, so be it but he does not want to pursue the case. You may reside in a one-sided country of a two-tier Court and unfairness.
        All of you make a fuss when murderers, drug addicts and other criminals are released on bail. Utilize your common sense in this case. Stick to the topic!
        I do not fear any one of you and your thumbs down which mean absolutely nothing for some of you do not read properly and comprehend what you read, if you read the comments at all.
        I know I am speaking the truth which makes sense. To the uneducated, inexperienced and ignorant, what I state does not make sense to you.
        Some of you appear not to have a mind of your own and do not think beyond and wisely. You do not reason matters out.
        You merely state what is on the surface of your mind which bears no substance. Go on and place further thumbs down. Who cares?
        When some of you stand before God you will have a lot to answer to him for. One of it is for not utilizing your God-given common sense that He gave you and the other is unfairness.
        I stand for love, truth, justice and peace. Do you? Do you really?

    • Cupid
      August 15, 2013

      You must first ask yourself whether the charges were criminal or civil. If it is civil then Roberts can opt to withdraw his claim; if it is criminal, the DPP can proceed with the charges without Robert since a criminal offence is one against the State and the State can choose proceed as it pleases

      • forkit
        August 15, 2013

        so whatdo you think, is it criminal or civil with all that roro going on

    • Dominiquen
      August 15, 2013

      The defendant is a mental case. :?:

      • Hmmmmmmmmmmm
        August 15, 2013

        The fact that the victim is a ‘mental case’ makes the need to prosecute even more necessary as this man is vulnerable. The fact that he has a mental illness does not give one the right to shot him and get away scot free. Even more so in the case of a police officer, and a senior one at that!! What if Joe Blog had shot the gentleman……..should he not be prosecuted either on the basis of the victim’s mental illness? What about if he had been shot dead? Should the perpetrator not be questioned and punished if required by law?? Hmmmmmmmmmm, talk about lowering standards!!!!

    • Anonymous
      August 15, 2013

      Big man!!! You call yourself ‘ Justice and truth’ but you seem to not want justice and truth to be the outcome!! Let me tell you something…a perfect example of the power of the DPP to pursue a case despite the victim not wanting this done is in the case of rape. As we all know, there are times when the victims will not want to pursue the case because they feel scared, they feel threatened or they feel sorry for the person who committed the crime and so they back off. However, it is a very serious crime and so the DPP and his office have every right to follow the leads and prosecute as this person must answer for the crimes committed in order to maintain the integrity of the judiciary and in order that persons are aware that they will be held accountable. This case is just as serious as this involves a police officer, an officer of the law who appears to have committed an act which is possibly contrary to the law. His actions must therefore be challenged in a court to decide whether or not he did in fact break the law. If he has and is attempting to use his position or connections within the force or elsewhere, this must be challenged and punishment must be brought forth for those involved in this attempt to corrupt the justice system. This is the last case which should be thrown out of court and if it does happen, this would be a travesty. Our country really is accepting too many incidents where our laws are being flouted and disrespected. Wake up sir and seek truth and justice for our country………

      • Mac Vibes
        August 15, 2013

        Well said.

      • Justice and Truth
        August 15, 2013

        Do not give me any trouble for standing up for the truth. As it is said, few people are fair and just, just as few are truly loving and generous. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
        Revert to the case of Sarah Lyn Augustine who murdered her two children. The DPP, no doubt the Court in general and the government knew about the case.
        The woman was out on bail; the case was to be held; Dr. Benjamin examined the woman. He stated she was fit to stand trial and the DPP said that he was not pursuing the case and whatever else he stated. That case is not yet closed because she was allowed to leave D/ca without a hearing.
        Consider how many D/cans were disappointed and upset at what he did and the numerous comments also on Face Book including a petition which was spreading to also oust that DPP.
        How quickly do people as you forget as if you do not have a memory. When you criticize others, think of this and other cases which were not brought to justice which some of you are sisappointed and ngry about.
        Some of you get me angry due to your lack of common sense and not putting on your thinking cap if you have one. Pray to God for enlightenment and this grace.
        A Court cannot bring a case against a national, even though he is a member of the Police Force if the supposedly victim changed his mind and refuse to testify.
        In this case, it is not a crime against the state or the people. THE MAN DOES NOT WANT TO TESTIFY! HE HAS NO WISH TO TESTIFY! GET IT INTO YOUR THICK HEADS!
        If the man pursued the case, it is another matter. The Court is going to haul them to testify and accuse the inspector of injuring the man. The man says that he injured himself. What will the outcome of this case be?
        From those cases I have been reading about, the judge and magistrates need to be re-trained. They make Dominicans and the Court System including themselves look stupid and uneducated and that they are not proficient in their positions. This is the manner in which they are viewed due to the manner in which they exercise their duties towards the Dominican people in the Court System. What are they being paid for?

    • Francisco Telemaque
      August 16, 2013

      Justice and Truth, this is a situation where the victim, once again became a victim a second time; by siding with the culprit, either because of a promise of quid pro quo or some other reason!

      If the victim agrees of not cooperating with the police he would gain something financially that could be his reason. If that’s not the case, it could be that something is psychological wrong with the victims mind, and also perhaps there is something personal between them, which may involve other, thus the victim prefers to refuse to testify in order to shield himself and others.

      Remember the Patter Hurst story, the daughter of the Newspaper mogul who was kidnapped many years ago, more like forty years ago, in Northern California, by some criminals, who robbed banks across the nation.

      Well, remember she eventually joined forces in sympathy with her captures, and abusers, and even went and robbed a bank with the criminals, indeed she was photograph with a machine gun in hand robbing a bank!

      Eventually, she was rescued, what happens is history, she eventually got parried to the police officer who rescued her.

      the human mind is very fragile, and anything is likely, as for the situation in Dominica, what we are reading is not normal!

      Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

      • Francisco Telemaque
        August 17, 2013

        ” what happens is history, she eventually got parried to the police officer who rescued her.”

        Well, that should read “what happened next is history; she eventually got married to the police officer who rescued her!”


      • Justice and Truth
        August 19, 2013

        Yes! I remember the Patty Hurst story. Some case and story it was.
        I am saddened at what is occurring in D/ca. Assuming, even though the man stands to gain by not testifying, it is now his word that he changed his story. I cannot see a Court of Law pursuing this case unless they can prove otherwise that the man is siding with the police and vice versa.
        They could conduct their investigation for further proof. Until they have it, their hands are tied. In the end they will have to close this case or leave it open until additional evidence is heard. They should reinstate Corbette. They must also keep in mind that Corbette was performing his duty. He is not the crook.

    • Justice and Truth
      August 17, 2013

      Take the example of a man/boyfriend/husband who assaults a woman, sometimes viciously. She lodges a complaint with the police against him. Then she turns around and withdraws her testimony. These occur too frequently. The case becomes a closed one.
      The Court will never pursue it. The Court will never hold the woman to her first testimony; likewise if it were a man. The case becomes a closed one.
      If it is done for one, it should be done for all with no exception and prejudices.
      Would the Court pursue this case? I bet not! Why is it that because he is a policeman they hold him to what the man previously stated then the man turns around and says the opposite. What is the Court seeking about him? Concentrate on this.
      This is why I stated, it is a two-tier Court system.

    August 14, 2013

    :oops: :twisted: :mrgreen: :?: Why is it that every time someone in authority find themselves on the wrong side of the law,there’s always a footdraging or they never face the consequencies of their actions,can u respond skerrit :oops: :twisted: :mrgreen: :?:

  14. citizen
    August 14, 2013

    the law covers every one police and cevilians, idf corbette is innocent the court will find him innocent so too if he is guilty the court will find him guilty, justice can only prevail when the public see’s that justice is performed.

    • Justice and Truth
      August 15, 2013

      Will the Court cause the man to rescind his testimony? This is left to be seen and heard. Jokers!

  15. "O" STRESS"
    August 14, 2013

    everything is inside out, everything is upside Down, and if I didn’t know better. I would have said we have two sets of rules with our justice system.{“SmFH”.}

  16. B.E. B.
    August 14, 2013

    Why the dragging of the feet for so long, if there’s a conflict in the matter set the officer free. Is Insp. Corbette on half or full pay? He deserves to return to work to continue his duties

  17. Doc. Love
    August 14, 2013

    Subject to correction, wasn’t Robert short in the buttock or back or thigh. I wish someone familiar with the incident could confirm, because I have a problem with the confession of Robert shooting himself.

    • John Paul
      August 14, 2013

      Why a gun ? when one slap could have done the job ,Have You seen the Officers hand?You mean that man could take a gun in His hand and shoot Himself ? Story time!

      • Justice and Truth
        August 16, 2013

        One way or the other, a book could be written on this story among others that were brought before the Dominica Court with more in the future and how those cases were handled. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Dominican Queen
      August 14, 2013

      Doc. Love, maybe he sat down on the gun. Things does happen, eh.

      • Justice and Truth
        August 16, 2013

        Could also say that the gun went off accidentally. There is no case for that except negligence in handling the gun and probably not.

    • One Love
      August 14, 2013

      Does it really matter what you have problem with? He may not be telling the truth but that is the evidence that he is giving and he is the one that was shot. This matter has been out for some time and has been in the public eye. If the DPP said that they have enough evidence why isn’t the case being heard. They are putting the accused corbett under undue pressure and fustrating him. This should not happen and the court must take action. If they aren’t ready to move forward dismiss the case and allow the officer to continue with his duties and stop eating the hard tax payers money without working.

      • Justice and Truth
        August 16, 2013

        I agree. Sorry to mention this if you are not in favor of it, they held Green for 5 years in prison prior to calling the case. Any excuse for that?
        They act as if they have something against Corbette.
        The DPP allowed Sarah Lyn Augustine to leave Dominica without a hearing for the murder of her two children. We must look at those cases and more…
        God is taking note of their Kangaroo Court System and the manner in which they conclude some of those cases.
        God will hold them (all concerned) accountable for not fulfilling their duties responsibly and handling some cases negligently with preferential treatment, as they bail out murderers and other criminals soon after they commit the crimes.

    • Papa Dom
      August 15, 2013

      Not only dat but corbette himself admitted to shooting the guy in self defence, there was no mention of a struggle. Once he realised though, that he could not rely on that defence;the force used being disproportionate to the perceived threat and the evidence suggested by the entry point of the bullet, the process began to try to dismiss the case.

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