“Crime is inevitable”

Inspector Weekes.

The issue of crime as outlined by United Workers Party’s (UWP) political leader Ron Green does not get the endorsement of the Dominica Police Force which believes its
resources are ample to handle the level and nature of criminal activities on the island.

Green said last week that the police needed more resources to arrest the crime situation, while expressing his dissatisfaction with the approach to a crime upsurge her.

Weekes believes conditions for criminal activities are all but avoidable.

“I don’t totally agree. Dominica police is not ill-equipped. Crime is infectious
and affects nations both regionally and internationally,” he added.

The police PRO believes that “crime is inevitable and no community is immune to it, no matter how ample the resources.”

He suggested a more multi-dimensional approach to the subject and calls on the
public to “get on board in breaking the culture of silence” as it relates to crime
and security at any level in Dominica.

Weekes said the force is committed and is doing “quite well with its resources
and equipment.”

He cited the situation on sister islands like St. Lucia and St. Kitts/Nevis where he
said “crime is worrying.”

“I think it has to be a collective effort with input from national and possibly
regional bodies,” Weekes said.

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  1. Watcher
    August 19, 2010

    @GO: Why??? Your reason ??

  2. GO
    August 18, 2010

    Please visit doctor Griffin Benjamin sir…

  3. Watcher
    August 18, 2010

    @nature boy: Do not castigate and vilify persons. Where iis your evidence to call people thief. You should have evidence and I mean evidence nto repeating gossip and rumours. As I have always and will always say down with Gossip and I add slander, lies etc. top Politicking everything as I have said in my earlier comments. If you and those who cannot contribute without politics cominig in then stay out of it. The topic is addressing the crime situation in Dominica and not BLUE, RED, GREEN, ORANGE, YELLOW, PM, LEADER OF OPPOSITION, it is about our LOVELY NATURE ISLAND DOMINICA, OUR BELOVED YOUTHS (CHILDREN) THE LEADERS OF TOMMOROW, PATRIOTISM, LOVE OF OUR COUNTRY AND THE PEOPLES OF DOMINCA, COOPERATION, COMING TOGETHER TO SOLVE OUR GROWING CRIME PROBLEMS . FOR ONCE LEAVE OUT POLITICS. IT STINKS .. IT DOES NOT SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS .. WE ARE HURTING ONE ANTOTHER .. TALK SHOW AND MORE TALK AND IN THE END THE PROBLEM STILL THERE AND BLAMING PERSONS AS THOUGH THEY SEND SOMEONE TO COMMIT THE CRIME. TOGETHER LET US ALL (BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN, PURPLE, WHITE) STAND UNITED TO CONTRIBUTE MEANINGFULLY TO THE FORWARD MOVEMENT OF THE COUNTRY.

    i think anyone who cannot contribute without insulting and using badmouthing, vilifying should stay silent and not contribute meaningfully.

  4. August 18, 2010

    Crime is a result of an oasis of sanity in the statist wasteland created by the government’s education system.

  5. Anti-hate
    August 18, 2010

    @Watcher: Hey I’m with you. It’s just that they’re so predictable…

  6. Neg San L'agen CB
    August 18, 2010

    Yes, I know. Mwein sot, but before alu open alu gel taita think about why Inspector Weekes might make such a statement.

    Just maybe, they (CDPF) are facing difficulties in people coming forward with info. Or some might have the info and during the course of these ongoing investigations refuse to cooperate with the police. I would be frustrated too. The PRO knows exactly what is being said.

    Alu believe just because alu travel (where ever the hell you are in the world) ciweke doesn’t bite. Zou ka saway in alu house and talking about police in NY, Chicago, Miami, LA, and Houston (the 3rd most stresful city). Alu better wait for alu next tax return to come to DA and help us fight some crime.

    Nous gen dominique tous ami bate lange sal nous. Alu too doh good and negative.

    August 18, 2010

    That policeman’s statements are not only irresponsible,it is asinine..The statistics will show that there are way more unsolved crimes than solved. There are political over-tones in those statements as well….What you are saying is just a cop-out.The first step,and one of the more effective step in fighting crime,is the prevention of crime…
    The Police dept.,is not effectively doing its job in the prevention and solving of crime…Who is responsible for adequately equipping the Police dept. to fight crime?…..do you do finger-printing,do you forensics and other modern crime fighting technologies?,,,,,and you are saying you are not ill-equipped?…..this is 2010,not 1910.
    When you say..”crime is inevitable and no community is immnue to it”…does that means you are suppose to just lay down like dogs and let it continue,or get out of hand?….

    Ron Green made some valid points,he is right.Let me tell you something see.The way to solve crime,is you have to deprive people of the motivation of criminality…We must offer people alternate means to criminality.Give them opportunities. Discourage them from the path ot crime,by offering them more viable means to earning a decent living with better opportunities.
    Get up and do your jobs..The public is tired of the dead ends.Many times they provide you with information about crime that were commited and what happened?…nothing!….
    You need to do a much,much better job and leave the politics out if it.
    All the Best……

  8. On De Fence
    August 18, 2010

    @Well said: Well Said your words are very well said. Not only in St. Lucia are such irresponsible statements are being made but in other caribbean Islands to include the USVI where I now reside. When the then Governor was out campaigning his main platform was crime and his decision to reduce the incidence of violent crimes in the Territory. In 2009 we experience a record number of murders 58, to date, we are 40 and that does not include robberies, wounding etc. and other gun crimes.

    Ron Greens statement is without substance and should take it with a whole bag of salt. How much did his administration do to reduce crimes. How many vehicles, how many policemen did they hire, what input did they invest in the police except of victimizing police officers, how much was budgetted to ensure the police had adequate resources, zero. His administration’s main achievement in fighting crime was the victimization … Mr. Green’s administration had a Ministry named ” Ministry of Ports and Unemployment” with Mr. Prevost being the Minister. Did he do anything to create employment and if he did how many people did he employ.

    Mr. Weekes your force is doing damn good with the resources that you have. The USVI with all its resources does not have a greater success rate than your force. Keep up the good works and don’t get distracted by your distractors.

    One more thing, many people on this blog calls for the investigations of the Prime Minister and his ministers, and the famous Attorney Lennox Linton (BC) must present all the evidence to the DPP (Director of Public Prosecution) for investigations. Maybe then Mr. Linton can tell the DPP whether he has himself committed any crime by having e-mail and other documents which were not intented for him. He will have to show the origin of the documents(e-mail) before the DPP can begin an investigation, for any evidence which was obtained illegally cannot be used and any other crime/offence which is deemed to have been committed is also ruled to be illegal. Maybe Attorney Linton will do some more research before producing his mountain of evidence to the DPP.

    Keep the faith Mr. Weekes and continue to be a model police office and God Bless the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force.

    August 18, 2010

    Mr Weekes you said it good does mr Green know that the Dominica police is the fastest to catch those criminals in the carribean Ron must follow news and stop talking junk.The problem we have here is when those wicked criminals reach in front the chief magistrate and others with their two foot monsters(i mean lawyers) they get bailed not Tiyani Behanzin he does keep then in side the others does let them go so they are free to commit their crimes after the police work all night catch drug dealears and bandits thives rapist,etc. they should not be bailed.and when their time come for the case those monsters especialy those women monsters always plead that they are inocent or they are first time offenders.breaking the heart of the magistrate and they are free again but the lawyer get their fat check,so they dont realyn care.wicked they wicked those criminals must start killing those lawyers two foot monsters.you could imagine a cowboy just shooting in Dublanc and the chief magistrate bail him. we want to see if she going to bail those from NDFD. when she do that Dominicans should take to the streets to fire her.

  10. ZERO
    August 18, 2010

    Mr Weeks to make such a rediculous statement that your resources are ample to fight crime in Dominica,you either have to consult a dictionary for the meaning of the term ample,or you should be laughed at!!!!! So is it a deliberate ploy that the police force is just not doing enough?
    So why is it that people who violate the law are not charged? You have everything that is required to get them and to outsmart them…

  11. Driver
    August 18, 2010

    Mr Weekes is defending his administration and those that are under its branches …

    we can’t even fingerprint or trace from a body or have forensic and weekes talkin tht crap

    typical example: the murder of the Bajan – still unsolved

  12. nature boy
    August 18, 2010

    mr. Weeks
    some time ago i heard you ask the populace to “break the code of silence” on information to catch delicuentes and criminal.
    now can you specify which criminals becuase for weeks now i have heard Mr. Linton on his weekly programe ” between you ans me” call our Pm and other thief and u have done any thing come sir break the code of silence

  13. Watcher
    August 18, 2010

    @Anti-hate: See my comments previously. Let us not politicise everything that needs concerted and collaborative effort from all us. Let us put our thinking bands/caps and let us look at objectively. Leave out the UWP, PAPPY. FREEDOM, LABOUR , DEMLAB whatever ites is in the country. Let us nationalise the problem – Ask what can I do to alleviate some of the problems esp with criminal acts. As I said before it is all our business because the next victim could be right in our backyard. and let us first and foremost pray for the nation and let our tongue say positive things. Down with the negative talk as I have said in most of my comments. Brods/Sis – Life and Death lies in the power of the Tongue. Let us use it wisely.

  14. BB
    August 18, 2010

    How can one say that there are ‘ample’ resources in place to handle the level of crime in the country? The issue should not only be crime handling, it should also be to deter or prevent crimes in the first place. Though crime is often part of a developing society it does not mean that it should be accepted as such. Of course it can be handled (laws are in place for this handling). HOWEVER, there is ALWAYS room from improvement. More resources to deter means a chance that the incidence of crime will be lessened.

  15. Watcher
    August 18, 2010

    @Gcy: Respect.

  16. Anti-hate
    August 18, 2010

    The UWPites are now going to say that Skerrit bought Mr. Weekes.

    August 18, 2010

    The police PRO in my view is playing politics. Any additional assistance that could be given by the present administration should be welcomed. To say that you have adequate resources is short sighted and ignorant. You can never have enough resources to fight crime. Look at the tremendous amount of pressure that the state of NY places on the federal government. They are constantly fighting for more resources. Stop kissing the behind of the government and be bold – take a stand – you need more resources and don’t be afraid to say so.

  18. Cruzian/DA
    August 18, 2010

    We can also help in stoping crime by have public meeting around the Island. The same way there were political meeting. Let all of us hear how bad crime can distroy a country. Invite speakers from the countries where crime is much higher than ours. To let people know how much crime is distroying there country. Maybe we all might listen and make Dominica safe again.

  19. Gcy
    August 18, 2010

    @watcher…Amen to that,
    To add to that I would like to suggest in order to make the resources more readily available to fight and address violent crime, robbery and petty theft; Marijuana needs to be decriminalized to re-deploy those resources, including man power that are permanently dedicated to to its eradication (which has proved impossible given the track record over the last 40 yrs.).


  20. ZERO
    August 18, 2010

    Mr Weeks this is a grotesquely horrible comment made by you,and if i am to take it as a literal statement, it is only fair that i conclude that the police force with AMPLE RESOURCES is deliberately not investigating ‘white collar crime’.The only crime that the police is quick to investigate is that which involves the poor man,the hungry man who steals a packet of biscuit,but the big boys are free to do whatever they want Mr Weeks,and the police force hiberantes on these issues..
    Another of your nonsensical comment is the one calling upon the public to break their culture of silence. Never in the history of Dominica,has the public had such an upsurge of “diarrhoea of the tongue”. Every day in the media members of the public are calling upon the police to investigate alledge cases of fraud,theft and many other nefarious activities of this government (the Skerrit administration) with respect to government officials who have unaccounted property..Not one work is said by you and ilks in the hierarchy of the force.The unvarnished truth is that the public is extremely cooperative with the police,but the oath that you have taken to perform you duties without fear of favour has gone into oblivion.
    I support Mr Green,because the situation of dissatisfaction on the ground in this country is tantamoount to an abysmal failure by the police to protect the citizens of this country, and your statement is quite scary,when all and sundry is seeing your shortfalls as police officers,but you are telling us that you are up to the plate,you have sufficient resources,,,QUITE A LUDICROUS INDEED!!!!!!!

  21. August 18, 2010

    Mr. Weekes, although it’s a bit late in response to Mr. Green’s statement, but I think it is fitting. I heard Mr. Green responding sort of to the high day robbery in he city and attributing the robbery to poverty. Can you believe it, a former minister of Education, Former Opposition leader, a community leader and now Senator is making such a careless statement. I hope Mr. Green will reflect on his statement in the very near future and make some adjustments.

    I reaclled prior to the emergence of the now ruling party in St. Lucia, the said party let off a barrage on the Kenny Anthony Administration, saying that crime was unmanageable and the governmemnt was doing nothing to curb the crime situation, now guess what? They are in power and the crime situation is worse than it use to be. The moral of my story is very simple for Mr. Green and Cronies, that when you are out it is easy to make irresponsible statements and when you are in it is a different ball game. Stop the cheap politicking and let us hold hands to help formulate policies that will assist us in keeping crime under control, for it must be borne in mind that we cannot stop crime. Further, to add a piece to Mr. Weekes’ statement “crime is inevitable.” Let us work together as a people for the greater good for the greater number and move on.

    Some of us may claim to be politicians, but not all of us that may ever get the opportunity to sit in parliament as a Parl. Rep. or to emerge as Prime Minister, also there are some person that may never own a house, but yet still this does not mean that we are lesser persons, So in the quest to sit on the throne, let us remain focus and do what we are suppose to do and remain focus to the task and in spite of where we get we should all say I have serve and it did it with distinction.

  22. Watcher
    August 18, 2010

    That is why I made my point in the other article. We should not play blame game but see in what way we can assist or do whether by education, spiritual tutoring or just by being each others keeper. Do you know that you neigbour’s son / daughter could listen to you (although they are stubborn to their own parents) and you could impact on a young persons life. We just need to speak to them with love. You may opening an avenue for someone to turn their life around and you should also listen to them. Let us stop blaming and saying that is not by business … Is not my child … but remember the problems is ours … the strike may be our home … so it is our business .. Let us collaborate … it is a collective effort. Please DNO readers let us objectively look at this prob. Hello do not hit at Mr Weekes … He is a policeman and playing his part.. Also he is one of the exemplary policeman who has given his life to Christ… Outspoken yes .. bold .. bu tI know he has the love of Christ in him and it hurts him to see some of our youths getting involved in ungodly (crimes etc). His comment comes from the heart.

    I appeal to you do not use this forum to bash him or any other person in Government or Opposition. Let us see where we can help.

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