Dispute between High Court Judge and DPP continues

Charles-Clarke (left), Baptiste

A very public dispute between High Court Judge Victoria Charles-Clarke and Director of public prosecutions ( DPP) Evelina Baptiste continued on Wednesday when the judge refused to hear the DPP in court.

The court was hearing a murder case when the judge told the DPP that she will not be heard.

“I will not hear you,” the judge said to Baptiste.

Charles-Clarke repeated that she will not hear the DPP, who eventually sat down.

The court matter was then taken over by one of the state attorneys from the office of the DPP.

Recently Charles-Clarke had chastised the office of the DPP for what she described as not doing “enough for the speedy prosecution of matters.”

She noted that matters at the office of the DPP were “unacceptable” since important judicial time was being wasted before matters were prosecuted and the office must put its house in order since things have gone too far.

She also said efforts must be made to improve operations at the office of the DPP.

But DPP Baptiste hit back with a press release, blasting Charles-Clarke for being “DPP and Judge and setting cases for the DPP. ”

She said the judge’s statements were “erroneous and unfortunate”.

Baptiste accused the judge of usurping the authority of the Director of Public Prosecutions by setting matters for trial.

“It is the Director of Public Prosecutions, in consultation with the Judge, who is responsible for setting matters for trial,” she said.


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  1. getto yout
    June 25, 2017

    Can’t we all just get along?

  2. mine
    June 24, 2017

    What kind of behavour is this, very rude.

  3. Anthony P. Ismael
    June 23, 2017

    I think we should send these two Legal Eagles to a rum shop in Lagon, buy them two shots of D-Special and just let them take out some “Mapwi” in public for an hour and problem solved. :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P

  4. Mouton Batalie
    June 23, 2017

    Dispute my behind. Unless you are a victim and has a case that is ten years and counting, you will not understand. Our justice system is lacking in many areas. People even forget their testimonies because it happened so long. Instead of using energy responding, channel that energy into closing a few cases. Now get to work!………

  5. Shameless
    June 23, 2017

    This is sad indeed. Two egoistic maniacs with hormonic juices running through their veins fighting to see who have more BALLS. But Miss Baptiste over-reacted and now we have two female crabs in the same hole fighting to see who is queen crab. This shows how immature those authority can be when they have power. May the best, more “well connected” woman win. I have my popcorn so turn on the movie :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    Assertive like Moses’ rod! :twisted:

  6. EnfantDiable
    June 23, 2017

    Is the Dominica Bar Association aware of these developments?

    • Me
      June 24, 2017

      Perhaps yes, maybe no but do they care,that’s the question. Are they held over a barrel at the bar by a well known barrator?

  7. Let The Truth Be Known - Original
    June 23, 2017

    We do know there are pros and cons in this matter. The judge embarrassed the DPP in front of those who were present. The DPP was obviously angered and she took her response to the Media.
    The judge is angered with the DPP. The judge started this. She could have controlled her temper and informed the DPP she would like to discuss the matter with her in private.
    We would like to know if the judge had a right to speak to the DPP in that manner and in front of the public.
    We would also like to know if the judge had the authority to deny the DPP from speaking, saying, “I do not want to hear you.” I think this is rude of the judge and talking down to the DPP.
    We expect a response and through the Media from the proper authorities. It would be interesting to hear/read their response. I suppose whoever will respond is preparing it for those concerned and for the public. Let us hear/read it as soon as possible to set the records straight now that it is in public.

  8. blue ray
    June 23, 2017

    Something needs to be done about the DPP’s office, and the judicial system in Dominica in general, think the judge was the only one brave enough to say something .well done

  9. Court Clerk
    June 23, 2017

    Never seen that before in Dominica where the judge and the DPP are going after each others “throat” in the public square. It is reasonable to beleive that in the past the office of judge and office of the DPP would have had reasons to “quarrel” over procedures, delay in bringing cases, quality of evidence, inadequate preparation etc. etc. Never have I seen or heard such a public display. We used to have a female judge and male DPP or vice versa. They agreed to disagree. Now we have two female resident judges and a female DPP. This comment might appear childish or silly at best. But it begs consideration. Can the women at the head of the judicial system here agree to settle their differences – rightly or wrongly at another forum. This situation is fodder for the tabloid chat radio shows. Unfortunately, PM Skerrit will eventually be be blamed for this sad state of affairs between two learned women. The accused will always remain the losers. Time for the Chief Justice to intervene.

    • Toto
      June 24, 2017

      Of course P.M. Skerrit will be blamed. While he is advocating world peace in Russia the High Court Judge and the Director of Public Prosecutions are at war in his own little country. When the cat is away, mice will play.

  10. danja plea
    June 23, 2017

    New Sheriff in town. For a long time now Dominican have suffered from the injustice of the court system which systematically help back or fast forwarded cases according to their liking. The DPP office has remain complaisant for decades.

    The destruction of the moral fabric of justice and the term innocent until proven guilty had been erased from these peoples minds and they operate like a cult. If the cult decides you are guilty then you are and they make it their duty to punish you.

    These Magistrates and Lawyers form a click, and they conspire with each other to the detriment of others. This mob-like business have to stop. they put their personal feeling into play because every time is a friend of a friend of a family.

    Oh, so they can tell you shut up and sit down.. i did not know that..

  11. Patrick A Ansderry
    June 22, 2017

    I am horrified at the seeming lack of JUDICIAL TEMPERAMENT that is in evidence by Justice Clarke. She might have been seriously ‘psychologically handicapped’ by a long, uneventful , controversial and uncomfortable tenure as DPP in St Lucia ?
    As an avid student of Science I purposefully recall the famous Pavlov Experiment . This returns my argument back to the aforesaid psychological in terms of the un-devirginized fact of the automated effects of conditional learning . My learned Judge has to liberate herself judicially from a DPP mindset and escape from the inapplicable tenets of aspects of the St Lucian Civil Code. Legal kneeJerkism if not tamed can be a judicial cancer. Temperament is as critical to perception as legal constructivism. My lady you have to maintain an acceptable degree of decorum at all times. Never appear to be unapproachable and combative .Arrogance never defeats humility. You have made a huge mistake in not allowing the DPP to speak,this has personalized it.

    • Tjebe fort
      June 23, 2017

      Patrick my boy you trying to be too smart. many people that are not psychologists are familiar with the Pavlov experiment and I beg you to tell us which of the protagonists resembles more Pavlov’s subject of experiment? I trust you were not alluding to that in some sly sort of way. still the question stands.

    • Dominican
      June 23, 2017

      You Mr Ansderry has more psychological issues than the learned Judge. Take a step back to realize that this is not the forum for your verbal diarrhea and it does you no credit to throw up a dictionary here. Just come simple and save it for when you two meet. Your bubbles are not even academic lol choops

    • Anon
      June 23, 2017

      What, have you been living under a rock with no idea of Dominica’s DPP track record? We are in the age of technology, a simple search on DNO can help, simple.

  12. Helas!
    June 22, 2017

    Why not support the Judge because, yes matters are taking tooooooo long, and not call news where you appear to be unrepentant, because matters are not being heard , or taking tooo long in being heard.
    And the all kinds of files always go missing. Keys dissappearing or missing etcccccccc.

    June 22, 2017

    The Judge thinks that is school children she talking to . She can have her say and no one else must respond to what she has said . Talk always bring talk. The DPP and her enterprising staff of lawyers do have their reputation to protect . Old people say talk is not all but RESPONSE THAT IS MET JEL. We first heard of Judge Charles Clarke public attack on the DPP’s Staff in the presence of a jury then Evelina Baptiste exercised her Constitutional right to respond and respond she did .
    She stated the whole truth and nothing but the truth and we thought that this fiasco had ended . However the Dominican public was stunned by yet another emotional outburst by Ma Clarke. We are seeing judicial grandstanding of catastrophic proportions from the bench. A DPP has been estopped by an inexperienced judge from prosecuting in a MURDER CASE in Dominica not even in Syria this is possible . Where is the JUSTICE for the family of the murder victim ? Ma Judge respect us or get out. Thats 2 much.

  14. Ruthaniel Wilson-Mathurin
    June 22, 2017

    Please calm down Miss Clarke. Mate you must show deep respect for good judicial temperament AT ALL TIMES .Your office as Judge must never be relegated to the LABASS of gossip but be elevated unto the platform of integrity . An psychologically unsound posture is unacceptable . A judge must mediate and never confrontate. The court is not a private property and it must never be treated as such . Dominicans will respect you but ONLY when that respect is earned. Our two peoples share very strong Historical ties and this emerging judicial civil war represents a major embarrassing situation which your utterances have created . The unthinkable Chastisement of a fellow distinguished officer of the Court Baptiste DPP is a moral and judicial outrage . We the people expect better .The region is keeping a keen eye on ‘things’ and muting the operational framework of the learned DPP Evelina Baptiste in a murder trial cannot be JUSTICE . STOP IT.

  15. Let The Truth Be Known - Original
    June 22, 2017

    Director of public prosecutions ( DPP) Evelina Baptiste, hold on there. Keep your head high up and try to be patient. Ask God to grant you patience in this matter.
    I visualize your job is not an easy one, also based on what you stated. Your responsibility is a huge, stressful one filled with anxiety.
    I consider you cannot get angry with lawyers if they fail to show up for a Court case to represent their client which delays the hearing. I am certain, even though it frustrates you, keep your cool on this matter.
    Have a meeting with those attorneys to inquire about their absenteeism. Even though they are their own bosses, they probably should produce a doctor’s certificate for absenteeism if it is due to illness and constantly. Attorneys must take their jobs seriously. They are also the cause of this situation.
    God bless you and see you through this type of situation.
    Fellow D/cans, let us please pray for the DPP. Let us support her wherever we reside.

    • I
      June 23, 2017

      Amen to that. The DPP’s job is VERY VERY stressful with all this increased crime, and poor staff and resources, lack of proper police work when taking and processing evidence, and the list goes on ……
      The volume of crime have more than tripled, has the staff in the DPP’s office increased over the last 5 or 10 years? Think about it people. All cases of murder, homicide, sexual assault etc. . have to be prepared for by the DPP office, one DPP and about 2 or 3 lawyers.

      Let us pray for the DPP and her staff, let us pray that the justice system and those involved at a higher level will recognize what the real problem is, and do something constructive to improve and enhance those resources, which in turn will improve justice system, and we will have better and more timely outcomes. Everyone needs to do their jobs reasonably and fairly. That includes the judge, the DPP and staff, the AG, Police, Justice minister and the government by extension. Do an assessment and see what is…

  16. saint lucia
    June 22, 2017

    I worked under Miss Baptiste when she was OECS REGISTRAR GENERAL and never have I come across a harder working lawyer. She is well organized and efficient . Review the addresses of many Chief Justices and Judges who are familiar with her work ethic and wide legal knowledge . She does a lot of good with very little. Judge Judy has so much to learn from Miss Baptiste who is far more experienced than her on the Bench as Chief Magistrate for several years. I need not speak of the DPP’s decorated qualifications. She is very versed in civil & criminal matters.
    Ok my fellow country woman Judge Charles did serve as St Lucia ‘s DPP. Am not going to dry clean anyone dirty judicial linen in public ; this wont be patriotic at all. However please go to the SNO ( St. Lucia News Online ) and type in its search engine DPP VICTORIA CHARLES-CLARKE and read read read. One of the many attractive attributes of Evelina is great humility.

  17. Let The Truth Be Known - Original
    June 22, 2017

    Is the judge the DPP’s boss? I think the judge should have arranged a private meeting with the DPP to discuss this matter civilly. The judge obviously annoyed the DPP. Her reaction was to respond through the Media.
    Did the judge have the right, authority, not to hear the DPP in Court? We are referring to the case; not on this matter or a personal matter.
    If the DPP was rude to the judge in Court, it could be understandable but to inform her she will not hear her? I find the judge is out of order.
    The Judge may have to be dismissed from her post. From my point of view, what the judge stated to the DPP is unethical. Send her packing back to St. Lucia.
    Someone in authority, the PM or the Attorney General should immediately intervene and set the records straight. There is no doubt that Dominicans would like an explanation of this and why the judge felt it her duty to address the DPP on this matter and to refuse her to speak in Court. This is a serious matter.

  18. Madame just chill
    June 22, 2017

    How did we reach in this mess?
    Judge Clarke makes unfavorable & unprecedented remarks in open Court against an ill equipped DPP Office which the press and unfortunately the jury heard. These distasteful comments which were unbecoming of a judge were published in our local media .
    The DPP Evelina Baptiste maintained her judicial calm and after sober reflection decided that she had to issue a Press release to defend the good name & reputation of her staff and DPP Chambers . The Release was thorough , accurate , just and reasonable . Baptiste had to set the records straight .
    Subsequent to the multiple Press coverage of the outrageous utterances of Judge Clarke and The Baptiste powerful reply , A murder case was being litigated this Wednesday. The DPP rose to address the Court and the Judge refused to hear Miss Baptiste. Another counsel who didnt come to present that case and was not prepared to do it had to act on the behalf of Miss Baptiste . This is unjust. Judicial dictatorgoat.

    June 22, 2017

    Justice was kicked in the face by JUDGE CLARKE on Wednesday . She has to act impartial and not determine which lawyer in the DPP Chambers she should hear; this is clearly not her role. The DPP Baptiste works tirelessly with her team with very limited resources and inadequate attorneys to deal effectively with the large task . It is the DPP who meets with her lawyers, discusses approaches to a case , research , strategies and allocate judicial functions i.e specific legal assignment for court trial . How on earth can a judge make a bold and manifestly draconian , unilateral and monstrously inexcusable decision to silence the DPP. Enough is enough . This Judge is to be told that Dominicans are not fools and while we seek for an improvement in the system we are completely dissatisfied with your short fused mentality. You may consider Anger management . You unprecedented refusal to listen to the DPP prove her case meant that a lesser experience and prepared lawyer had to do the case.

  20. Continue:

    If the judge acted within the law, and Baptist violated the by responding the way she did, the most the judge should have done was sanction her with a monetary fine; or she could have sent her to jail for seven day for contempt of court!

    The way the so called judge is behaving right now seems to go beyond what happened in court; she is acting with malice!

    June 22, 2017

    The Judge is fighting for the people of Dominica to get the justice the deserve.

  22. Marcus Hill
    June 22, 2017

    I knew this was coming. You can not criticise a judge publicly then show up in this same Judge’s court and expect to be heard.

    When the DPP went out on a limb to rebuke the Judge’s court statement , in such a public manner, she (the DPP) should have drawn up a plan B.

  23. 1979
    June 22, 2017

    as I’ve said before. you have to embarrass authority in Dominica to get their feet moving… who else to breathe fire under the DPP coalpot to get things cracking…let the judge take names in the morning. This is long overdue. If they don’t want to be embarrassed, they need to get their act together.

    • 1979
      June 22, 2017

      is it the Magistrates duty to save face for the DPP’s office. I say blast them self.. the DPP need to let its work do the talking and save their breath for the courtroom with their nonsensical rebuttals

  24. %
    June 22, 2017

    I am for neither one nor the other.Both should be sent packing to another jurisdiction.

  25. June 22, 2017

    the judge is clearly stating the frustration that everyone feels about the justice system and process but miss baptiste do have the right to defend herself .

  26. Anthony P. Ismael
    June 22, 2017

    It’s quite shocking that there’s a dispute between the Director of Public Prosecution, DPP and the High Court Judge on the island of Dominica. I had no idea we even had a DPP on the island. This analysis is as a direct result of numerous cold-cases, unsolved cold-blooded murders, evidence disappearing from the evidence locker room at Police Headquarters and rape cases that were thrown out of court due to poor preparation by the non-existent DPP’s Office and legal technicalities that saw cold-blooded criminals sprung free on legal technicalities. Then again, I really should not be surprised at all. The keys to open the “Registry” are still missing up till today. :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      June 22, 2017

      To see you have been constantly accessing, reading and commenting on this Website, where have you been all those years that you had no idea there was a DPP on the island?

      • Anthony P. Ismael
        June 23, 2017

        If we had one, the percentage of cases won in the High Court would be much more robust.

  27. truthman
    June 22, 2017

    The judge is on the public side. These matters has to be dealt with swiftly. DPP is either u have a case or you don’t.

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      June 22, 2017

      I recognize how nationals feel especially the victims and the victims’ families, when criminals are acquitted. While not knowing the situation, I would personally side with them.
      Now that you (we) have read the DPP’s side, give this due consideration. The government must find a way to calm and solve this situation in order to make the overall system a better one.

  28. June 22, 2017

    This is a representation of Dominica life, private issues must be played out in the public.Two African women in state places ,whose positions have become bigger than who the really are, these colonial educated women, having the shackles removed from their limbs, have remained mentally disoriented. I personally would not have known these women, had their pictures not published, you see their faces not knowing whats in their hearts.I commented on the story earlier, asking about the input of the attorney general, who in reality is their boss, but then again, we Africans coming out of chattel slavery , have not learn to live, love, or get along with one another. The field of knowledge they espouse, is one that diminishes the human spirit, and they end up living in the HELL that they have created, HURTING OTHERS.Bob.

  29. zandoli
    June 22, 2017

    These people are acting like high school children. They ought to know better and behave as adults.

  30. Silver Sliver
    June 22, 2017

    we need to be objective, and put the function and business of the court before personalities and egos. We all know of the frustrations of delays, postponments, adjournments and extensions experienced at the local courts! I would find it wery difficult to think that this was the first communication of concern for the process by the judge. This seems to me like an expression of exasperation by the judge. I do not think that trying to get the cases that are before the court moving, is being “DPP and judge”, unless there are cases that are being delayed for whatever reason. Someone seems would prefer not to have the short-commings at the court highlighted! Time to set aside all these puffed up chests and get on with the important stuff, the job. Remember,justice delayed, is justice denied!

    June 22, 2017

    This Judge is stretching the matter too far and is undermining the independence of the judiciary . The lead Counsel DPP came to do the case and she refused to listen to Miss Baptiste . That St Lucian JUDGE must show greater judicial temperament or leave this jurisdiction . Emotionalism has no place on the Bench and her conduct is unacceptable . The family of the murder victim must be in great shock and their case is weakened by the judge frustrating the attempts of DPP to prosecute. Is this justice ? No way . ONLY IN DOMINICA .

    • June 22, 2017

      Undermining the independence of the judiciary? Only the judiciary is at play here. The judge and the DPP.

      • Lookit
        June 25, 2017

        DARLING the 2 arms at play are the judiciary and legislature, not judiciary and judicary…. re-learn the separation of powers please

      • Lookit
        June 25, 2017

        i meant judiciary and executive branch, my bad! :lol:

      • Lookit
        June 25, 2017

        i meant judiciary and executive branch, apologies :lol:

  32. Dominican away
    June 22, 2017

    The DPP looks all fired up.

  33. Tjebe fort
    June 22, 2017

    I don’t care good ladies. It takes too long in Dominica for cases to come to court. You are wasting precious time squabbling like this. Do your work and fix the system. People must get justice without delay like this and I don’t even want to mention all the cases getting rusty waiting for a judicial review that never comes. That is worse than a joke, is a tragedy.

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      June 22, 2017

      Have you ever traveled and resided overseas? Or are you? Have you ever discussed this with some others who especially reside overseas?
      The same situation occurs right here in Canada/Toronto. I would think the same in the US and Europe. A few murderers and other criminals were acquitted; a few released from prison, due to that same type of system. Who is truly at fault?

  34. Ibo France
    June 22, 2017

    Some authoritative figure or relevant institution has to intervene to bring an abrupt end to this squabble before it leads to a miscarriage of justice. This public scrimmage should cease forthwith for the sake of the proper dispensation of justice. Again, both Judge and the DPP should cease and desist from this juvenile behavior.

  35. ?????
    June 22, 2017

    What’s up with that Judge? She really need to find out what’s happening in the DPP’s office, before she make her false accusation. Those people in that DPP office work all hours, after hours, day and night, weekends, including the DPP, I know what I am talking about. With the heavy increase of crime in DA, that office has no where close to enough staff to handle that volume increase in crime, and NO ONE is addressing that. They have limited resources and personnel, so the judge need to work with the office of DPP, because the DPP and staff has a job to do, and the judge has her job to do, and that’s not to overstep her bounds. Policy and Protocol needs to be followed, and it does not sound like the judge wants to do that. She may be blaming the wrong party, she need to look at the root of what she is seeing as a problem.

    • concern citizen
      June 22, 2017

      The DPP. and her staff must say it as is,
      Tell the DPP and her STAFF and U that I say stop supporting all the none sense which SKERRIT is doing in D/ca
      Why the DPP and her STAFF cannot bring out the case of Gun Emmanuel, why there is such a loll?

  36. Not a herd follower
    June 22, 2017

    I think the Chief Justice or the Attorney General should intervene, The DPP should not be prevented from prosecuting cases, which is her remit.

    • Anomymous
      June 22, 2017

      Hahaha, the AG. ? That man is so ineffective and weak he could not even challenge a fly.

      • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
        June 22, 2017

        This is what goes on in your little mind and you assume. This does not mean you are correct and insulting the AG at that, as if you are intelligent. One day you will pay for that.

  37. Shocked
    June 22, 2017

    Ok. The DPP has proven time and again that they are very inefficient. The whole country is aware of this . Unfortunately in this instance i think the judge is abusing her power and being petty. She is clearly angry at the press release that the DPP put out. The worst type of people to hold positions of power are petty people who never hesitate to abuse their power to suit their own agenda.

    • Barrack
      June 22, 2017

      Persons need to be educated on the structure of the legal system/judiciary and how it operates. The Judge is within her right .. it is her Court … to refuse to hear the DPP. If the DPP felt aggrieved with the statements by the Judge IN COURT, she had every reason to challenge her, but through the judicial system. Did she write or complain or as the Madam Chief Justice to intervene? No! She went straight to the public as if the court is an extension of the political system in Dominica. The Judge was very truthful. Only in Dominica persons have to wait years and sometimes languish in prison on remand before a Case is heard. At every appearance you have to pay for lawyer, transport etc.

      The DPPs Office should be organised sufficiently so that if a Lawyer is sick or unavailable, the DPP should take conduct of the matter.. this is pure incompetence and inefficiency for the DPPs Office to request adjournment after adjournment at the Court’s expense, that of the victim etc.

      • June 22, 2017

        The judge did not write to the DPP about her concerns, she made a statement in court and last time I checked the court is a public place. So Miss Baptists was within her rights to give a public response to the judge. The judge is been petty and arrogant and it is time that the chief justice intervenes .

      • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
        June 22, 2017

        Only in Dominica you say? With the ever-increasing crimes worldwide, lawyers are also overworked. They cannot cope as best as they could. They must be given time to prepare the case. Witnesses have to be called, some searched for, prior to the Court hearing. This takes time.
        As the DPP stated a few are sick and therefore are not able to come to Court.
        You do know when a crime occurs, the police ask that witnesses come forward. In the meantime the suspect is incarcerated.
        Not the same but consider these days with ever-increasing illnesses, how long do you have to wait prior to obtaining a doctor’s appointment or for surgery?

      • Joshuwar
        June 22, 2017

        BARRASS is a more fitting name for you. Your statement is pregnant with frightening ignorance . The Judge can launch her judicial missile in open court which the media sensationalized and you are telling me that the learned DPP had no right of rebuttal ? The Court is not the Judge’s court. Why do you think its a piece of land Mr Charlo had bequeath to her? I guess you must see the title deed of the court in her name .
        People languish in prison for many years in many very developed countries even Uk and USA before their matter is legally settled. This isn’t an excuse but every island in the West Indies have been faced with that major problem . Miss Victoria Charles-Clarke asked for an additional 10 extra lawyers , plus 2 more crown counsels in St Lucia to deal with a huge backlog of cases when she was their DPP. DNO do your fact check via SNO. Dominica doesn’t even have 5 lawyers at the DPP yet the Judge said the DPP has a full battery of staff. What an untruth statement to make .

  38. Leroy
    June 22, 2017

    It is sad to see to public Law enforcement individuals fighting over issue that can be resolve privately. I believe that if the judge feels that the DPP has a problem for speed trials there has to be a reason, therefore, the DPP should explain to the judge the issues behind the delay. In my opinion this the reason why so many murder cases a been lost by the DPP office. Therefore, I call upon both the Judge and the DPP to put their difference aside and serve the public to their best of their ability. The criminal justice have no place for this type of behavior especially in the court system.

    Dr. Leroy Registe

    • Barrack
      June 22, 2017

      Sometimes some people’s ego take the better of them.. I hope the DPP apologises as her actions were totally disrespectful to the Judge and the honourable and noble legal profession.

      • Hurting
        June 22, 2017

        I hope so too. And i agree that the dpp’s work load is thicker than a birch tree butthings take too long to be prosecuted.. and they are on a loosing streek with murder cases…and ppl are being freed because there is a lack of evidence to her so why bother try …suchh nonsence they should send the investigators back to do their jobs…However things are just lax in dominica. Win or loose they get paid. Thats the system .

      • June 22, 2017

        Respect goes two ways, wasn’t the judge disrespectful to the DPP?

      • LAW
        June 22, 2017

        When a JUDGE CLARK refuses to allow the prosecution chief Evelina Baptiste THE DPP to prosecute in a murder case then we can now see where the Ego lies.
        The Office of the DPP is a creature of the Dominica Constitution Order 1978 and that very office has to be functionally independent . The efficiency of its operations is governed by the availability of resources which the Government not the DPP is mandated to provide . This DPP has made consistent request to the state for the provision of additional resources .
        Miss Baptiste owes no one any apology for clinically presenting the unchallenged evidence to the very media that carried the Judge’s criticisms of her staff. She had a right to defend as much as the Judge had a right to attack .Dominica is yet to hear the judge address any of the points expressed by Evaline in her seminal Release. The Judge recognize the distinction between her role and the DPP. I guess its psychological . She may be still in a DPP mindset. Judge Lapsed.

      • LAW
        June 22, 2017

        When a JUDGE CLARK refuses to allow the prosecution chief Evelina Baptiste THE DPP to prosecute in a murder case then we can now see where the Ego lies.The DPP’s Office is a creature of the Dominica Constitution Order 1978 and that very office has to be functionally independent . The efficiency of its operations is governed by the availability of resources which the Government not the DPP is mandated to provide . This DPP has made consistent request to the state for the provision of additional resources . Miss Baptiste owes none any apology for clinically presenting the unchallenged evidence to the very media that carried the Judge’s criticisms of her staff. She had a right to defend as much as the Judge had a right to attack .Dominica is yet to hear the judge address any of the points expressed by Evaline in her seminal Release. The Judge dont recognize the distinction between her role and the DPP. I guess its psychological . She may be still in a DPP mindset. Judge you Lapsed .

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      June 22, 2017

      . . . And the DPP must be given an opportunity, time to respond.

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