Dominica documents recovered from St. Lucian and Haitian in St. Lucia

A St. Lucian and Haitian national are currently in St. Lucia police custody, pending their arraignment, after being arrested for possession of fraudulent documents, some of which came from Dominica.

St. Lucia News Online ( -a sister publication reported that Solomon Justin Descartes of La Clery, St. Lucia and 31-year-old Stephenson Kelly John of Haiti were arrested, after a search warrant was executed, on the guest house they occupied at La Clery, Castries, about 6:30pm on Tuesday, April 13, 2010.

According to Constable Tamara Wilfred-Charles of the Police Press Relations Office, a total of 17 Haitian passports, a quantity of work permits, along with job letters from Dominica, four rubber stamps, including an Extension Of Stay Stamp and six refusal visa letters corresponding to the passports from the Immigration Department of  the Dominica Police Force were recovered from the men. One stamp from the Inland Revenue Division of Dominica, and one paid stamp were also found in the room occupied by Descartes.

The two men are expected to be charged in St. Lucia later, and appear before the court to answer their charges.

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  1. May 18, 2010

    What’s up DA people, greeting coming from the Nederlandse, I am a proud Dominican, Being a dominican made me prosperous thank our heavenly father. We Dominican, most of us goes 500% to reach our gold as good citizen in a foreign land. If we watch the world new, and remembering our history, hatian are our brother and sister, but wait, they the most ungreetful human being on this planet, there might be one good one, My country i am proud off,is finish. Why dominica, Stop sleeping. lol, our passport haitain using, Dominicans going to be ban from around the world, through being helpful. I had a haitain friend he had a u.s.a visa, Through a friend who reach in florida sent his passport home in Haiti,change the name in it. sent it through DHL, When it arrive the cost was US $2.500.00 . HE IS IN THE U.S.A. now. you can buy any thing in haiti. long as u got money. that why passports delivery are rejected by the fast delivery agents. The world out there is money talk. The people u put in government must put in laws for other foreigners, not only haitians. There are people, who want a short way out, to make fast dollars. use my country in their benefit. DAME RODENTS.

    May 7, 2010


    • Sugar
      March 25, 2011

      And what’s your point ? you are not making any damn sense

  3. Thadeus
    April 20, 2010

    My friends, I am a Dominican who have been through the American system like many, many other people to become a US citizen and get that US passport and it was a long long journey. Too long, so much that several of my counterparts either gave up trying or decided to live in the US illegally. But the truth is I became a US citizen so that I could legally and positively impact my community. Also to be an aid to my siblings and family in Dominica. The US government make it very very difficult to attain that privilege.
    Let’s get to D/A: it needs to be just as hard for any other national to become a citizen and have the privilege of carrying the Dominican passport. This is an absolute privilege that non-nationals need to work really hard for. Just like in the US, Police records, Background checks, the whole nine yards need to be completed on every passport application with extreme scrutiny especially when it comes to people born outside of Dominica. We have to enforce much tougher procedures before these documents are distributed and released.
    I don’t want to rant, but if there are impostors selling out from the inside of our beloved country, that’s a downright shame and disgrace and I will earnestly pray that these thieves be caught, brought to justice and if they received naturalization as Dominicans from another country, they will need to be deported back to their homeland. Now if they are born Dominicans living in DA, they need to imprisoned long enough so that they won’t have another opportunity to even come close to another official document (like our passport) ever again.
    Now to the government: it’s “OK” to ask for help if you need it. Shady security is NO security when comes to the country’s most important documents. Can the authorities truly say that they have put everything in place both physically and technology-wise to protect our country? Security is expensive, but may I say we cannot compromise security and loose our reputation in the process. Dominica, Nature Isle is “ALL” we’ve got people. The next step is to collaborate with the Anti-fraud task force around Caribbean and and the world at large and through an agreement no matter where these vagrants are found, bring them to justice and place their name in a world-wide “Traitor” database that will alert every other country.
    A person has to be of “Good Moral Standing” and be able to prove that with a clean police record, background check and show his investment in the country of request before he/she can gain access to important documents like our passport.
    I love my country, Dominica, and will keep praying for it’s success and prosperity. Good is greater than Evil friends: “WE CAN OVERCOME THIS”….as President Barack Obama said—Yes We Can….and we will. God Bless.

    • che nava
      March 12, 2011

      Light being wake up we are all African, and the Karibbean islands need to assist each other more and stop letting America and its divisive disconnecting system be the only blue print of sustainance an liberty. Yes we must protect our borders, but it seems like we’re opening our lands(mother earth Land) to the thiefs who continue to take take take take take take. as my grand mother always say bi api prann. AS A BORN LUCIAN i love everything about the island and i feel that the ancestors will hear our cries when we look to become one independant nation with one goal one money and one destiny, cmon people leave the racist european system alone and embrace your brothers and sisters true way of life. Embrace your true kins Karibs, children of Arawak, afrika Link up the time is now. i mean now. 2012 is now don’t wait for the future when it’s looking at you dead in the face. Future now action plan in full affect great ones rise up for the gods and goddesses are here to assist in more ways than we can possibly count, that’s right you can achieve greatness when you realize that you are not alone in the omniverse. the ancestors are ready to answer your wishes light beings(St.Lucia,Dominica,Haiti,St.Vincent,Grenada,jamaica,St.Croix,Martinique,balize,Guyana, bahamas,Trinidad, Guadeloupe, VI, Barbados, Antigua, etc.

  4. haitianbabes
    April 20, 2010

    ALAS PAPA MET,when we hate ppl we do worry about nothing is hang we hanging dem. what ppl in high place dat give stamp and papers? and we looking at dat to blame what england said to us. lets get things straight, and i find dat some of us DOMINICANS,just waiting for a bad news for us to run our mouth, alas papa met. to make a stamp is easy, a letter head is even easier, think ppl, AMERICAN MONEY, MAN MAKING IT IN THEIR BASEMENT, so much less for a rubber stamp and letter head, so lets stop looking for ppl to blame other than the ones that should be blamed, but it is all good, that all of these talk is going on because it means that the law have to do something about it and something serious too. the last time they hold dem on the waters is BIG MAN DAT SEND THEM, but the joke is dat they doh pay the big man, so now is big boys dat give them. we must remember that any where and every where have good and bad ppl, what we have to do is be more careful of who we let into our country, they way things are right now it is a bit hard to do so, but some thing have to be done. we can let our good beat us. some thing to ask also, have the st.lucian ever been to Dominica? Who ever is responsible for HAVING or MAKING the FALSE STAMPS AND DOCUMENTS, or dominica,should feel the full extent of the law, no mercy, THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW, PLEASE Mr. magistrate, please make sure that no high price lawyer gets them off this time. it is wrong that we honest DOMINICANs, male or female, who have HAITIAN spouses, have to suffer, because of a few ungrateful,scondrels, for there are honest HAITIANS living amongst us, just as there are honest DOMINICANS, living in guadeloupe, martinique, antigua, st.marteen, england, america and every where else, there is also a few who are NAVEL STRING,born DOMINICANS, making trouble for the honest ones, so too is the HAITIANS here, so let the bad apples, as we get them PAY, NO MERCY,they are making life for me and my spouse a living hell, by their illegal actions, and to DOMINICANS AND HAITIANS alike if you know of these people that are doing these illegal acts, bring it to the action of the police, and doh tell me dat the police in it too, go to the deputy, he is a good man, let us stamp out these nonsense that is BLACKENING our name. JAIL DEM.

  5. sadden
    April 19, 2010

    there is a think i heard you must help your brothers and sisters in need my god this haitians,has dominica as their own now they give passports giving stamp and giving job letters to ppl wake up dominica do some thing serious about the in flocks of these ppl come back to my homeland save the country.they need to be jail and then be deported back to haiti.i feel for them but they are doing things the wrong our country.

  6. April 17, 2010

    Most people read but it is very hard for them to comprehend what is written. The items found can be easily forged. I do not beleive that anyone in the government is responsible for what is going on contrary to popular belief.
    Take for instance in the Us where everything is hightek, there’s forgery going on in
    every corner especially with illegal immigrants. Every day on the news you see raids
    at different businesses. When these people are caught their supervisors present their documents to the INS. They look legit but after verification they turn out to be forged. So i can see why these people will take advantage of our system.
    Also if there are people who are involved in the sale of our passports no matter what rank you have in government they should be prosecuted.

    I do believe also, their might be some disgruntled people of the oppsition parties who might be trying to sabotage the government by bringing shame and digrace on them.
    Who knows what they had to say to the British?

  7. guadaman
    April 17, 2010

    not atol surprised,haitians are pro in these things,not too long a haitian man was caught in france with a forged passport,it was discovered that not less than 30 haitians had entered in france on that same passport,remember it,s only a small fraction of these cases get caught ,so what becomes of those that are not caught?

  8. April 15, 2010

    In Guadelope, all Dominicans are cosidered to be bad people. We know thats not true.

    Is that the same for the Haitians living here?

    • D
      April 16, 2010

      Mek I say somting Staffy! How could u compare Haitian to Dominican!!

      April 16, 2010

      Where did this Haitian man got that name????he does not carry a Haitian name something is definitely FISHY… we go again. as a reminder………………..Stevenson Kelly John… this is not a Haitian name and i hope the authority look into it. That Haitian man is carrying a False Dominican passport…………… No wonder Canada ban Dominicans< England banning Dominica even Guadeloupe and Martinique banning Dominica ……………………………what is becoming of Dominica. ????OMG we are f***.. Dominicans when will you awake from your slumber or that spell you are under?????

  9. child
    April 15, 2010

    our nature isle is no longer.give those hatians an inch the take a whole damn mile ..

    • MUTA
      April 16, 2010

      My sentiments exactly. Soon Hatian criminal elements will be significant in Dominica and crime will rise even faster.

  10. April 15, 2010

    People? These haitians are like flies on a mangy dog. The same thing is happening in Puerto Rico, and they are part of this whole mess. Right now, as of July 1, all Ricans have to get a new passport, so i would advise our Govtm, to follow suit, change the whole face of the passport, those holding D/A passport, would have to know the details of their geneology, and that would make it difficult for those imposters.not only the passports, but birth certificate too.


    April 15, 2010


  12. DA4LYFE
    April 15, 2010

    I’m not totally surprise….Dominica is very nepotistic/corrupt society its all about who you know or who you can pay to get a string pull for you in most cases…Those Haitians come to Dominica network get connections and then pay those overwork and underpaid workers for documents to stay in Dominica or travel abroad. What we need is better screening for government employees,better wages for gov’t employees,and judicial system that work, so when and if we catch the perpetrators (lol) we can trial them accordingly..


  13. Just wondering
    April 15, 2010

    Dominica is going to be so embarrassed if we do not change our Haitian policy that Dominican documents would not be recognized anywhere in the world. That would be really pathetic.

  14. Phmmmph
    April 15, 2010

    Before jumping to point fingers at the police and government, you guys should realise that it is easy to get a rubber stamp made and documents forged once you have the know-how.
    What we need to do is start regulating businesses that provide stamp making services, because I doubt the stamp came from an inside job, especially if 6 rejected passport documents were found.

    We do not even know if someone was killed to obtain those documents. Look at the number of people that have gone missing lately. So before blaming the authorities consider the situation carefully.

      April 16, 2010

      who you think you trying to blind in 2010 not me! fool those Dominicans in Dominica that do not know front from behind . Its the Government creating the atmosphere for these crime to take place. I you followed the news . One minister from the north was involved in taking Haitians money to send them to Guadeloupe. Haitians vote for dead people in the election . and a lot of things going on. You herd the Pm say he is above the law. so you see we are likened to Venezuela. just wait for the announcement of communism in Dominica.

  15. mwe mem
    April 15, 2010

    Is stat it start. Who give them Visa to come here? is the first question people should ask. Visas are approved by the Labour Commissioner, not the immigration department, nor the inland revenue department, nex ting since when Haitians have english names like stephenson or surnames like John? where he get that name? i beleive we have to start the investigations from the core. Begin from how they get to come here in teh first place ( they must have gotten a visa) to enter and then proceed from there……………….. we go see and we go hear. De dam greedy man, those haitians will start talking, jsut watch and heads will roll, we will hear … wey papa, lests listern alu hear, lets listen, i hope the PM doh spare no face when he doing his investigations.

      April 16, 2010

      The prime Minister do what???? you want his government to fall while he talking????? the next big announcement in Dominica is Communism like Venezuela. I don’t even think he will announce it you will soon realize that no election calling again. All the best………..

  16. Watching
    April 15, 2010

    I quite agree with you when u see our documents are easy to find. Recommendation for whoever is responsible………..persons picking up any documents on behalf of the person should have an affidavit for the people requesting you to collect or should u have to pick up something like a birth certificate, the person picking up should state the relationship and bring ids to collect the document. so either the child mother or father should pick up a birth certificate any body else should come in with an affidavit, time these old time procedures be erased. too much nonsense, so haitians incharge of our country, how comes they always have stamp so, that makes me mad man…………..

  17. spookie
    April 15, 2010

    I am so darn feed up with those d/ca’s that will do anything for a dollar,
    stop selling allu country to those darn haitians, because they are ungrateful. they using our country to go america, england and canada.. that is why we getting so much hard to time to get a little US visa them days…
    And our country needs to impose tougher laws to acess important dous, like a birth certifacte is so easy to get DA,,,, I agree with pass comments we need survalance cameras, acess badges and logins from pple, they need to sign security protection letters upon hired… when when they mess up their a** will get fired..
    we really need to take a look and our recording styles d/ca.. too much important douments are easy to get..

  18. Rosalie
    April 15, 2010

    The PM blamed Dominicans when England threatened with visa. He is allowing all this to happen because the more Haitians who get passport, is the more votes for DLP. As someone said let us forget about party colour and set our house in order. The Haitians can make their own stamps, it does not have to be a stamp from any government office. They do it all over the world. I will always say, Haitians are very ungrateful, believe me, I have alot of Hatian friends but…. They will spoil D.A.

  19. stupes
    April 15, 2010

    The simple and hard facts of mordern day technology is that persons now able to do almost anything at home. So our government departments must catch up with more advanced mitigation measures. No longer will a simple rubber stamp, letter head or signature be sufficient to authenticate an official document…

  20. ???
    April 15, 2010

    those stamps could be made by any stamp shop, may have been made in st. Lucia, what you think

  21. Domerican
    April 15, 2010

    Now we understand why Britain wants to place visa restrictions on us. I think it’s about time that the gov’t and the people of Dominica come to the realization that people on the outside are watching our every move. They do their internal investiagtions without our knowledge and then they come down with their laws and restrictions which hurt us. The British gov’t did not just get up one day and decided to put restrictions on us. THEY, ALONG WITH THE AMERICANS KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON IN DOMINICA. It is a shame that Dominica has gotten to this point.

  22. April 15, 2010

    You all are not looking at this in a rational manner. How hard all you thinking it is to get a rubber stamp made nuh? Just ask Mr. Charles of Rubber Stampls Plus. It doesn’t cost much. Less than $60.00. (DNO, you can research this)

    I’m not saying that he was involved in any way, shape or form. I’m just trying to impress upon you all that I don’t think the Haitians had Lucians had any help from any Dominican. All they have to do is to make a photocopy of a genuine stamp from a genuine document and request a stamp made just like it.

    But the implications are far-reaching. Our government needs to get real serious with these criminals. Send their butts back to their country when they mis-behave. Even if they are naturalized Dominicans, send their butts back. Once your navel string is not buried in a country, no matter how long u living there,you commit a crime, it’s back to your country for you, johnny.

  23. Rubber Stamp Maker
    April 15, 2010

    Isn’t anyone aware that a rubber stamp can be made by any stamp-making establishment by just reproducing the real one? All this talk of “shame” and “friends in high places” and other crap is just that – CRAP. Just stop for a while and think before jumping up to “jaw”.

  24. April 15, 2010

    inside jobs thats comes haitians always getting documents that belongs to the immigration department. MONEY TALKS/ BULL **** WORKS . we DOMINICANS we a not so stupid.

    • Flabbergasted
      April 15, 2010

      Why is it that everytime something goes wrong we blame the Government? This is not the Government’s doing. I worked in Government for a number of years and few things have changed. From the Freedome Party Administration to UWP to Labour Party, procedures are the same. This is where we need to concentrate. We need to revamp the whole process and put security measures in place that will at the very least deter people from attempting to do these things. For instance, it is time we have some kind of systematic process put in place where documents need to be requested instead of people coming to the departments and receiving them right away. This will give time for the person doing the requesting to be investigated to whatever extent is necessary and the proper person sign or place their seal on the requested document. The problem that exists now is sometimes the person is not there and a subordinate signs on their behalf. I think that there are particular documents that should be endorsed by specific persons which lends to accountability. Also, we need to get into the electronic age. Everything should be done electronically so that there is a record of who did what, when, where and why. Again, accountability. There would be no finger pointing. Every person in every department should be assigned specific duties but more importantly they should stick to procedures. Procedures, procedures, procedures…..this will start solving alot of the problems we are having.

      • Manchat!
        April 16, 2010

        Well said Sir. The whole system needs to be revamped and effective security measures need to be implemented……But its going to cost some money…..Will the Govt. do it?….

  25. jah cure
    April 15, 2010

    the next level,shame shame and more shame…

  26. April 15, 2010

    Help our native land oh God.

  27. JDB
    April 15, 2010

    send all dem haitian back to their country,no more haitians please MR.PM

  28. hmmm
    April 15, 2010

    i dont wana b dominican no morreee! all dog cyat and terrorist can claim dominican ..sighhh

    • Manchat!
      April 16, 2010

      Really?….i see what u mean. My sympathies are with u……..

  29. NegGwaTanse
    April 14, 2010

    Stuuuuuuupes. Dominica going to hell in a hand basket and nobody cares. Is not SEEWO all you like nuh? Well enjoy de seewo. Behind seewo that have hard time. When all you Dummies in cans catch your selves, your country would have been sold for 6 pieces of silver (paper), you will be second class in your own country, you will not be able to run to any other country, you won’t be able to trade with any other country and your leaders will all have second passports for countries with which Dominica has no extradition treaty.

    Blame Haitians, Skerrit, Lucians, Chinese – everybody but yourselves.

    Way to go. I am enjoying it.


    • D/CA abroad
      April 15, 2010

      He people!!! that is why we are called …. DOM…… inican….you got it? we need to be called wiseupcan ….

  30. D/can Lady
    April 14, 2010

    i have saying for years that we dominican do not take our contry business serious enough.we always let other people come and ruin our name and cause our country to be in such mess.we give certainship to certain nationals and all the want is to use our passport to get to canada or england.they don’t care about the damage they ma cause to potential dominicans wanting to visit these countries.


  31. April 14, 2010

    So no wonder all these things are going on eh, eh ,eh , that’s why we are going to pay the heffty fine

    of visa retriction from the Brittish. Can you imagine the amount of other people that they haven’t caught.

    We have to forget PARTY colours because we are all in the same boat and going to get drown.

    Well uncle, it’s time the PM step up or else he will step down.

  32. Passports for sale, Who cares?
    April 14, 2010

    The PM Skerritt indicated to Dominicans that they can talk for the next five years, that doesn;t trouble him. He loses no sleep on those disturbing incidents. So even though genuine Dominicans express concern about foreigners getting Dominican passports and other documents to do their illegal acts, that problem is not being tackled with any priority. Greed and secret dealings pervade the society and issues of human trafficking are not seriously dealt with because some people are benefiting BIG TIME. The situation will become worse because people in high places condone the inaction or piecemeal attempts to try to solve many of those disturbing illegal acts.

    17 Haitian passports, work permits, along with job letters from Dominica? Four rubber stamps including an extension of stay stamp? Passports from the Immigration Department of the Dominica Police force? One stamp and stamp pad from the Inland Revenue Division? One must conclude that there are some heartless persons working in those institutions mentioned. They do not care two hoots whether their actions will cause the further downfall of our beautiful country. The money, the money, the money by all means possible. Power, power, by all means possible. Passports for sale, Dominica passports for sale, whoever wants one may come to Dominica.

    Who cares? Those passports and rubber stamps were not stolen since no such theft was disclosed on the air waves by those institutions. Therefore the people of Dominica have to be speculative. That news is on the heels of the British expressing concerns with Dominica authorities regarding Dominican passports being obtained just like that by anyone who may use it to enter Britain

    My people, those things are happening too often. Don’t you all love your land of birth, sweet Dominica? But it will be business as usual. No investigation will be done as to how stamp from Inland Revenue ended up in Haitian hands. Do you like what you are hearing about your Dominica and issuing of passports to anyone? You like it so, because Dominicans all now continue to pressure those brave persons who alerted us about unaccountable and devious sales of passports. Haven’t you learnt anything at all from the sale of passports … millions made but no Layou River Hotel Project? Fooled again with more sales, secret deals and bogus persons wanting Dominican passport but not wishing to be a Dominican or wish to reside here?

    That nonsense goes on and will continue because there are persons and organisations, that Dominicans do not even know, who presently are still engaged in selling Dominican passports. Where the money goes to? No transparency. PM Skerritt entered into an agreement with East-West Consulting LLC, CEO Dr. Badi, an Iranian/American to sell passports. Dominicans never knew about that. Govt never told the people about the deal. PM Skerritt never ever mentioned such a deal was done. The ordinary Dominican will face the consequences for the …and …dealings of their GOVT and PM. But who cares? People will continue to talk about those wrongdoings but will not be heard. It will be just like the people of Layou, who expressed concern about the asphalt plant and the effect on their health, but were fooled, marginalised and cast aside in favour of the money man Gardhakan Ask the authorities what happened to the passport cases involving the ex-police, table tennis coach… The Haitians realise the fence around Dominica is so low that they can easily jump over it aided and abetted by Big Boys in High places making their money. What a shame. Is so we come? Tell me . Is so we really come? Who loves Dominica? Surely not those who continue to remain silent on those issues or think nothing is wrong with the continuation of bogus sales of passports to all and sundry by their GOVT.

  33. jen
    April 14, 2010

    let the truth be told the proof of the pudding is in the eating. In others words BUSTED

  34. Shasha
    April 14, 2010

    Its about time the authorities do something about our legal documents. They need to have more security features. passports and birth ceriticates are too easy to duplicate. anybody can go to the registry and request my birth certificate, no questions asked. this cannot be good.
    A national Id system will definitely help. But in the meantime stiff punishment should be handed down to those aiding and abetting these illegal act that makes it hard for all us eventually in the future. put them in jail regardless of their profession. All they do is embarass us,

    • MUTA
      April 16, 2010

      We need to tighten up sentencing and fines for criminal elements in our country. Laws won’t stop crime if they aren’t enforced.The present government should keep Dominica safe, especially from foreigners.

    April 14, 2010

    The system is corrupt from up to down..What a country!!

  36. Dr. Finger
    April 14, 2010

    How long are we going to sing the same song, “greedy people in high places” or something to this effect without providing the evidence. I mean our island is so small yet still it seems only a few people know who these people are. The fact remains that if there are really these greedy people taking part in Organized Crime then its time for law enforcement to play their part and seek out the offenders. If the police cannot carry out its mandate then heads need to roll. So, in conclusion I want to advise the police to do the job they are sworn to perform and let the justice system take its course regardless of the societal status of the offender. Otherwise, we need to stop broadcasting to the international community the presence of criminals in high society that get away with blatant crimes in Dominica. That does not serve us well.

  37. looking in
    April 14, 2010

    We should help others just the same way we are being helped out there but dont break the law you come for shelter take it in peace get them throw them in the jail and dump the key in the channel bad you bad what you get take

  38. truth be told
    April 14, 2010

    A hatian once told me even a death certificate could be forged in hati…anything we want to make.So our little rubber stamps are no match for them..No match

    • MUTA
      April 16, 2010

      Hatian criminals have just discovered a safe haven in Dominica !

  39. April 14, 2010

    Why are Dominicans vex? all haitians have friends in high places in Dominica, but one day those people will be found out . greedy dominicans selling their souls for a DOLLAR.

    • D/CA abroad
      April 15, 2010

      There is a saying that goes , MONEY WALKS BULL S*** TALKS!!! come on our people, are we so blind to see what is going on? seem’s like politics eating people’s brain…

  40. Paris
    April 14, 2010

    I also believe that greater security measures should be taken at our key offices and bureaus around Dominica, be it surveillance cameras, log-in books, swiping cards for employees or whatever. I mean, for these ppl to have gotten these “key” stamps, there must have had an inside person. Its time to weed out the bad employees because two wrongs don’t make a right. These kind of ethic (pure slackness) has serious implications, people and that’s no joke.

  41. Paris
    April 14, 2010

    To safeguard the interests of us Dominicans, I think that the government should review the “amnesty” which was allowed to the Haitian nationals living in Dominica as well as those who have applied for citizenship. The bad “Dominican” eggs among us are already creating sufficient problems for us both at home and abroad; we certainly DO NOT NEED to import and embrace some foreign troublemakers under the guise of being nice and sympathic!! We extended our hand to them in their time of need (because we are humans) then they should not try to climb up our arms. Gratefulness should be in order, not helping to put Dominica in the pages of the black books of other countries with which for decades, we have enjoyed diplomatic relations….

  42. April 14, 2010


  43. Deoborah
    April 14, 2010

    The Haitians do not act alone there are many Dominicans who are complicit with them. The Haitians are in most cases desperate while the Dominicans are totally greedy.

    • LawieBawie
      April 14, 2010

      Kuddos to you!! I could not have said it better!

    • April 14, 2010

      I will be looking forwad to see how the PM and his men are going to spin this latest fiasco I also do believe that their are those in high places on the island that are involved in this sham, now we the people of DOMINICA will get an idea of what is going on with it’s PASSPORT and why countries out there are putting VISA restriction on us, it is time that we all start asking questions and stop turning a blind eye to what is going on.

  44. Hardliner
    April 14, 2010

    There in lies the essense of our core problem. Deportation is of fundamental importance citizen or not by whatever means. put them on rafts if we have too with no favor. This forms of trial has to be swift.We have to take action against our new colonizers who escape by vitue of the fact that their gov’t are proping up this former freedomite Labour party.
    It ‘s time to take back our land.Let’s do without all these carrots dangling before our faces we need to protect and keep our independence.Maybe as it was given to us we do not appreciate it.Look we will be fighting for it soon than we anticipate.DFP DLP and the jokers UWP all are responsibe for D/ca’s plight. Time for a different kind of gov’t one which will make prison sentences retroactive to 1979(smile).Let’s clean up ourCountry and politics once and for all.

  45. freetalk
    April 14, 2010


  46. observer
    April 14, 2010

    So you are beginning to understand why all countries want to place Visa restrictions on us? Is not malée we have nuh …. is bad mind!!

    • Typical Dominican
      April 14, 2010

      yes ii……true dat…

    • Anonymous
      April 14, 2010

      Now it is begining to be a little clearer why the UK is considering placing visa restrictions on Dominicans and St Lucians.

  47. I VEX MAN
    April 14, 2010


    • k
      April 14, 2010

      lol lol dont kill me ha ha

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