Kieron Pinard-Byrne attempts to clear air in wake of journalist’s comments

In his radio talk show on Saturday 28, August 2010 Lennox Linton rekindled allegations that surrounded the historical and ill-fated Layou 5-star hotel project.

In doing so he was redundant as the allegations were legally extinguished by a dissolution agreement dated 12 May 2004 between the Government of Dominica and its contracted promoter Grace Tung.

That 2004 agreement dissolved their 1993 agreement for the Layou Hotel Project. All prior political allegations were legally extinguished by the 1993 agreement. I reiterate the realization of the Layou 5-star project was frustrated by political sabotage, construction fraud and a natural disaster.

Mr. Linton also reignited my 2003 claim for libel against him and others. In that connection Mr. Linton’s lamentation that a co-defendant only remains standing in the case under an indemnity or costs agreement between them whilst noteworthy, is not surprising. The nondisclosure of the terms and conditions of that agreement suggests that it is private and confidential.

The BVI case decision from which Mr. Linton quoted emanates from a separate and distinct political corporate mess. In his decision Judge Bannister eschews that mess in his misguided treatment of my evidence. In fact that mess, on which I was not cross-examined, is described in my sworn witness statements and others.

I have been legally advised Judge Bannister’s treatment of my evidence as a witness was unwarranted and is simply wrong. I cannot however provide for media/public consumption the refuting evidence as to do so would be a breach of the professional ethics by which I am bound. As the parties must sooner or later address the mess Judge Bannister’s decision bestowed upon them I must also as a matter of professional ethics reserve any further comment.


Date: August 30, 2010

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  1. Met Yo
    September 1, 2010

    @Jean, Toronto:

    Apparently, you do not understand what “an act of allegiance by your own doing” means. If you did, you would understand the difference between Ron Green’s passport and Skerrit’s passport.

    So I guess you yourself need to go do some reading before saying alot about absolutely nothing.

    Lemme go look for the link to the constitution for you….lol

  2. Jean, Toronto
    September 1, 2010

    @Met Yo:

    Are you people fair and just?

    Item 4 of your writing. Why is Ron Green’s dual citizenship not a problem/not in question and PM Skerrit’s dual citizenship is a problem?
    Why all of a sudden PM Skerrit’s dual citizenship is questioned to the point of challenging him in the Court?
    It is not fair to PM Skerrit. It looks like if the PM is expected to renounce his citizenship and give up his passport or face ousting, then Ron Green should do likewise – renounce his citizenship and give up his passport. It appears that Ron Green is in no better position than the PM.

  3. Met Yo
    September 1, 2010

    @the weather man:

    hahahaha…by the looks of it…you may be looking for your own dosage of diplomatic insults. Lets annalyze your response to me:

    1) I am not challenging any contrary “OPINION”. I am challenging imagination with FACTS. It is a fact, that every single investigation that Lennox did led to the government taking some form of action or correction. It is also a fact that not one of them sued Lennox far less to even win.

    2) Opposition supporters choose to refer to Skerrit as a frenchman to place emphasis on the up coming trial. Although, I personally don’t use that title anymore because the citizenship was denounced in February on this year and took effect in April. You must be wondering how I know that huh? hahaha.

    3) You must now ask yourself why did he and peter run to denounce this year if the allegation at the time of the 2009 election is false? Are you about to put on your thinking cap?

    4) If Ron Green’s US passport was an issue, he would have been challenged by the DLP long long ago, even in 2000 when they only had 11 seats: this would be an easy 12 for them. So this time now, you need to put on your realistic cap.

    5) I will repeat again what the constitution says, it is not a problem to hold another passport. It is a problem when you perform an act of allegience to another country as a adult. If Skerrit had that french passport as a child just like Ron Green, then he would need to denounce in February this year to work out a plan B out of this court mess. The judge knows that, this is why it was sent to trial and not thrown out. The constitution can be found on the government website, go do some reading.

    6) You must not confuse UWP’s court matters with Lennox Linton. Lennox Linton has never been sued and lost. Lennox Linton continues to be vinidicated by the actions of the very same guys you hold dearly to your heart.

    7) It should not take a Chief Justice to explain any law to you my friend. The constitution is written in plain english. You people just need to start reading more and talking less crap.

    So there you have it Weather man. 7 points, just like the 7 villas. Reflect on these and try coming up with a response that the DNO viewers won’t laugh at. The reviews out there by those who don’t comment is that you people talk alot, alot of crap on here under these news items. Please try to raise the bar and change that perception.

    Go do some reading. And its “propaganda” and not “properganda”. Maybe the “annointed one” Lennox should give you some english classes too? LOL…

    Later my boy.

  4. the weather man
    August 31, 2010

    @jOKES: Because when they loose it is always people like you and me who pay Remember when Mamo sued Eddie and got a judgement against them where did they get thje money to satisfy that judge .From theior stupid supporters who donated their scarce resouces to satisfy their stupidity

  5. the weather man
    August 31, 2010

    @Met Yo: This vitriolic speech and insults must stop These political commentators are of the belief that once you hold a contrary opinion to their view you are either Bought, bribed a party hach, a boom boom fly or some other insulting name, Some apologist of the UWP have now reverted to refering to the PM as that French Man, I am yet to see how that enhances their cause. The man is a born Dominican Ron Green is even more a non Dominican remember that he served in the Peace Corp and to do so one has to be a US citizen and swear allegience to the almighty US gov
    It is sacreliigeous to hold a different pont of view from the annointed one. The annointed one knows more law and can interpret the law much better than any sitting Chief Justice. His apologist are constantly asking why not sue him , but then again as in the past when they loose it is always the litte man who pays, because they get on their properganda machine and solicit contributions

  6. Vwey Den
    August 31, 2010

    For all dem years talk rollin on kpb, everybody discrimating on de white man cause it is assumed dat all white man is crook in our country. When all dem come and go on de Layou Project de man stay dere and take all de talk and nonsense. All I checkin is de man letting we peoples know what dat going down, de man professional and for a white man, I find he well brave to stay dere and take all dem attacks. So you do frink Linton go an attack mr. and kpb not goin and fight back den. nah man de way de man hole heself alone telling you he have his head on straight. linton can do one ting, de man can run his mouth plenty plenty, but does really stretch it. And personally i checkin de man brain washing allu cause allu putting de man on a kind of pedistale as if we doh have smart, educated people in Dominica and linton is gods gift to dominica, jamais. One ting eh, I can respect dat white man, cause all how I checkin it all de man ever do is give facts, inform people like me and you what dat going down. Papa, linton digging for info in all crevis it have, and dem is de facts allu hearin from Linton, you real think you can trust dem socalled facts knowing where dey coming out. Well as I checkin it kpb know his ting eh so props to de man!

  7. jOKES
    August 31, 2010

    To all the people asking the brightest question of all time: Why can’t or doesn’t Skerritt take Linton to court?

    The answer is:

    Only the UWP has so much money and time to waste.

    Even the bin bobol money was invested… No money to waste. Sorry…

  8. CuCum
    August 31, 2010

    For all you haters like lennox Linton, If Lennox’s evidence can stand in a Court of Law before an impartial Judge tell him to take such evidence to the IPO.

    I know that “hearsay” evidence cannot stand before a Court of Law. OH probably in Lennox’s Court!! Ha Ha Ha.

  9. Met Yo
    August 31, 2010


    i was about to respond at length. But your name “CuCuM” did all the answering already. Hence, your post is self explanatory. lol

  10. Patriot
    August 31, 2010

    It is mind bubbling to see how naive we Dominicans can be… And he will not rest at trying to deface the integrity or professionalism of KPB. Where ethics and good standing is concerned if you ask me KPB is being sabotaged because he knows between right and wrong and politics is the name of the game, none of these ministers or lawyers are concerned for the ppl of Dominica but only their pockets and Lennox you will see the day KPB wins in court against you!!!!, we’ll see what you say on ur talk show this time. KPB is a Dominican and has given years of his professional services especially in the years of Mamo and those were the best years of Dominica! Good job to KPB who can stand up to Linton!!! At least someone has a mouth to stand up for their rights and not be a lil puppy wagging his tail like Skerrit!!! Justice always prevails and Lennox has what’s coming to him

  11. Carrot
    August 31, 2010

    @CuCuM….CuCuM is a self proffessed illiterate,but unfortunately for you, he seem to have been the one who schooled you,hence your level of ignorancy..Lennox is a genuine Dominican,who is loyal to his country,unlike the French Prime Minister,who presently does not have a character because of all the nefarious activities that he has allegedly involved himself in…They are all in the public domain…Listen to the programmes hosted by Lennox,and you will be a smarter man/woman..I can’t toe the line with you and criticize Lennox..HE IS ONE OF OUR SAVIOURS IN THIS FAILING ISLAND CALLED DOMINICA….

  12. mouth of the south
    August 31, 2010

    i have to admit lennox has surpassed me in being the most intelligent son of the soil dominica has produced lol lets be honest with our selves all mockery n foolishness aside,,,,, is lennox lying? does he lack evidence to back his claims? why don’t skerro sue him for libel like mamo did eddie? why mr byrne got burnt when he heard lennox spoke? why has no one brought lennox to court? finally how come lennox had won his case against the Gov’t of Antigua?


    honestly dominica doh deserve lennox,,,, he jus doin us a favour,,, that guy should be with cnn or bbc international,,,,

  13. CuCuM
    August 30, 2010

    I am not a supporter or friend of Pinard-Byrne. I do not care about what he writes.

    However, Lennox Linton … He is basically the UWP political henchman. Lennox and cucumber is no different. Lennox is to UWP what Cucum is to DLP.

    How can one man attempting to be the brightest individual that Dominica ever produced? This man went to Grammer School … but finds himself with Phd in Economics,Law, Politics, Accounts, Ethics, IT, Business, Finance, Tourism, Business, Medicine, Management etc etc. That school was only fr Lennox Lenton. It closed down after he graduated.

  14. ONE LOVE
    August 30, 2010


    and even has the UNMITIGATED GALL to try to appeal to HIS VICTIMS????


    “I cannot however provide …………………………….. the refuting evidence”

    “In his decision Judge Bannister eschews that mess in his ………….. treatment of my evidence.”

    “I must also as a matter of professional ETHICS reserve any further comment.”


  15. ZERO
    August 30, 2010

    @lakehood The way you write tells a lot about who you are..One of Skerrit’s client who crawl and grovel to him for survival…Independent people like Lennox won’t do that and Skerrit hates that..In fact, he hates anyone who can think independently…He loves you because he has you wrapped around his fingers like a puppet on a string,He can control every movement that you make and you will still kneel to him and tell him thank you ! BE WISE WE ARE IN 2010 SIR/MADAM BE WISE…STOP LIVING IN THAT LAKE,YOU ARE NOT ALLIGATOR!!!

    August 30, 2010

    lennox seems to have earn his masters degree now.he seems to be the smartest man in the carribean but guess what his university has closed down for good. A Man with so much information so much evidence so much ideas on how to run dominica, y cant he form a political party throw skerrit out because is the biggest thief,run for election an get the whole of dominica to support him because he’s d popular new kid on the block an thake dominica to prosperity in one month. why ?put urself up for electionsmy brother well vote for u mr brain

  17. Reaped off
    August 30, 2010

    Is Kieron Pinard-Byrne reminding Dominicans that the DLP Govt. dissolved the agreement for the construction of the 5-Star Layou River Hotel between the Government of Dominica and its contracted promoter Grace Tung in May 2004. What action did Govt. take against Grace Tung and Kieron (auditor and everything else to the project) as far as the millions of dollars they made from selling Dominica’s passports? All that was dissolved too. Govt. tied its hands or their hands were tied at the time and could do nothing to get back our money or to force Kieron and Grace Tung to build the hotel? Were those two persons so close to the DLP Govt., advisers and good friends, that they had to be defended at all costs and therefore Dominica lost everything? What about that famous Dominica ambassador to China David Hsui, who was in BVI court with Felix Chen who wanted his $20,000,000.00 back? Did he fall out with the Govt. too? Questions upon questions, but no answers. Lennox and other concerned Dominicans were and still are being demonised and vilified by their own people for the wrongdoings of those people and for speaking the truth of those dealings. Lennox is not the issue here. The issue is the wrong, irregular things that were done and how Dominicans were fooled.

  18. lakehood
    August 30, 2010

    mr. linton and you are both fake, phony and frauds. none of you have no idea as to whats goin on even within your own lives. further much for the innocent public.

  19. ZERO
    August 30, 2010

    @ RC If you had just half a brain in your vacuous mind you would have already noticed that Lennox is one of the more brillinant guys we have in Dominica.Not as arrogant and stupid like some of our modern day leaders in govt..He tackles matters of national importance,and if you’re smart and not a bought supporter of the Labour Party,or even better, if you are not a footstool of the Labour Party,you would have known that..You need to listen to him to glean a little more knowledge..His investigative journalism has brought back money surreptituously stolen from the state’s coffers back to the treasury,and we are expecting more..$$$$$$$$$$
    Stop following the crowd and stop being a moron, in broad daylight….QUESTION??????????????
    Why do you think Skerrit cannot sue Lennox? Why should a PM allow his name to be in the gutters like this and he is silent? Why do you think Skerrit listenns to every programme hosted by Lennox,but he can’t respond? Why do you think that Lennox will eventually show the whole of Dominica the villas?
    You need to open your eyes and listen to the programmes hosted by Lennox..Sure you would be smarter…
    In what ever court case he has he will triumph….THANKS TO LENNOX’S MOTHER AND FATHER TO HAVE GIVEN DOMINICA SUCH A FINE SON!!!!!!

  20. Ruins
    August 30, 2010

    @Anti-hate: Have you asked Kieron what happen to the 5-star hotel in Layou?. I thought you would be interested for the sake of Dominica and Dominicans. Is Lennox that refuse to build the hotel after all those millions they grabbed from the sales of our passports? Where did those millions of $$$$ go? It was that same Kieron who testified against your PM. Wasn’t he your PM’s adviser some time ago? Shame on you. Only in Dominica Kieron could do those things he did and not be jailed. That man still have guts to talk about Hotel after they failed miserably and fooled my people? He even have people like you still defending him? What material you have in your Cabessa? After the BVI case Govt. claim ‘victory’ and told people that Govt. and Felix Chen would almost immediately start to rebuild that 5-star hotel. When will construction begin? Who fooled the people again? Anti-Hate You need a bath with Glory Cedar. Dominicans know the natural human disasters who sabotaged the Layou river hotel project. They worked in Co. and now enjoying the ill-gotten spoils of the passport sales. Those passports were the property of Dominica that some like you do not care about. Kieron too bold, garcon.

  21. really?????
    August 30, 2010

    Lennox reminds me of Glen Beck of Fox News :) Hate him or love him it just depends on who’s side you are on. But he really obsesses over an issue. He should have that checked out.

  22. Met Yo
    August 30, 2010

    Let me also add that no amount of attacking will stop Mr. Linton.

    He will continue to be vindicated every time the government runs and try to fix what he discover.

    For those who doh know what vindicated means, I know the situation already with allu laybahrats…lol

  23. Met Yo
    August 30, 2010


    It was the same Lennox Linton who spoke of the unpaid land transfer taxes owed to the treasury. Allu had so much to say. Then what happened? The lawyer ran to the media and claim is a mistake and a cheque of over 50 grand was paid to the treasury.

    It was the same Lennox Linton who spoke of the garbage bin transaction bobol, where over 700 grand was stolen. Allu had so much to say. Then what happened? The PM addressed the nation and promised a refund. The refund was paid but was short almost 190 thousand dollars.

    And I can go on and on and on and on….

    Lennox investigate….blind supporters attacking him….then the labour party running to cover or correct what he uncover…

    Yet still allu will continue to attack Lennox because allu choose to remain in denial.

    There is much more to be uncovered and to be corrected by the government.

    Keep listening peeps.

  24. RC
    August 30, 2010

    I do not know why Lennox stillsay he is a journalist.Lennox has exhibited every trait of a consumate politician. It his right soto do.Buthe must stop hidingand say he is a journalist as his practice of the profession – in its wider breath of objectivity, leaves much to be desired.

  25. looking
    August 30, 2010

    Lennox is Brilliant Guy he speaks the truth thats all why do we get upset arent we believers in God dont we pray go to church etc….look at the tremours everyone crying out Lord,Lord

    Well have faith and believe in the truth always Dominicans…

    Lennox will prevail the mans is “A” Graded Proffessional…in his field of work….not spins just the Truth…..dont be afraid for the Good Man…

    Hats off to you Bro…atleast you make us proud to be Dominicans Lennox!

  26. Heartful Dominican
    August 30, 2010

    All of them is talking now
    And we all Knows who is listening now

    Abott and Kaskalo is gonna start the freak show again
    this old white man just come Dominica…

  27. The Nature isle
    August 30, 2010

    Thank God for Lennox!

  28. objective
    August 30, 2010

    I listened. It appears Mr. Linton’s defence of character assassination will be, surprise surprise, more character assassination.

  29. Met Yo
    August 30, 2010


    give it up while its early..this defending business….trust me…let them man handle their business

  30. Anti-hate
    August 30, 2010

    I thought a journalist was supposed to COVER the news, not BE the news.

    I honestly don’t know why Lennox still pretends to be a journalist, he is a UWP henchman …

    I’ve listened to this guy and you can see he is obsessed and he is taking these things really personal…

    I’m not saying he doesn’t have a use to keep the politician’s honest but he should take his proper title…

  31. way papa
    August 30, 2010

    alas lennox!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. SHAIT!!!!!!!
    August 30, 2010

    trust me u guys are NOT ready when repairs to schools is being down t wks before school opens

  33. Met Yo
    August 30, 2010

    It’s good to know that KPB listens to the show. Keep listening sir, there is lots more to come…LOTS MORE…haha

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